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Hello and welcome!

A lot of years I tried to figure out the best graphical improvement for Skyrim in form of a suiting ENB-setting.

I have tried a lot of ENB´s and often enough,

I deleted them again and played with the vanilla graphics again.

There has been never a suiting ENB, which was entirely working for me and

so I began to create my own settings for an ENB, which is now a lot of month

unchanged on my system, and which is quite the best, what I can offer and

share with you.


This ENB tries to give you the PURE PICTURE of the game

and is by default not coming with unsharpen filters or DOF.

This functions can be switched on if wanted and if you like to use them.

The standard-setting is ULTRA-SHARP - from close items to the far distance.




The Overall Installation way is MANUALLY only !!!

DO NOT INSTALL this mod with a MOD-MANAGER !!!!









Please safe your existing folders like: "OLD configuration" (create a folder in the SKYRIM-Folder which contains the whole loose files there around!)

and then exchange your setup with my data-files.


SKYRIM FOLDER: put the files of the COMMON - SKYRIM - FOLDER into the suiting Folder into your game: SKYRIM (FOLDER)

OWN DOCUMENTS - MY GAMES - SKYRIM : rename your old INI-file with a suiting name and put this new ini-file into your folder where the "SkyrimPrefs.ini" is standing.









What else is interesting/supporting this ENB:


CLIMATES OF TAMRIEL (suiting for ENBs)  - should be used with this ENB





Remove Interior Fog V.2  (not necessary)

Revamped Exterieur Fog  (not necessary)


And all other mods, which you like to use for improving the landscape.



Imaginator - for trimming some different parameters of your choice   (is not neccessary)


Water-mods - should not be necessary with this ENB...it´s "crawling the most" out of it....the Setting for the water is "clear-water" so far I remember.




Enjoy to see a little more (exactly) than before;-))



-rain should be working correctly

-during rain, everything becomes "wet"

-interieur is depending on the time and on the weather

-night and day can be also depend on the weather and the location....

-it is possible, that some locations become VERY dark, others not - if you like to change that, you have to EDIT the weather, not the common settings !!!



p.s. all the suiting names for ENB´s still in use: so I choosed "SUPER"-what-else:-)

p.s. it´s possible that this mod is not suiting to your taste - anyway is the pic ingame more better than on the pics-series !




What's New in Version 3.0


This version has been changed to have more light in the night.

It´s closer to the vanilla lightning and it uses very less power becase most effects have been switched off.

Besides it is creating FINE details in distance and in the near as usually.


Manual installation ONLY:

Unzip and exchange the enbseries and enbini - files inside of your skyrim-folder with the new ones.


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