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You ever wonder why there are no rieklings in Skyrim? The riekling Chief in Thirsk Mead Hall says that rieklings live any and everywhere with great bodies of water.. Skyrims next to a great body of water...guess the Nords killed them off too.


Anyway, all this mod does is add some rieklings to a few areas of Skyrim.
I tried to find the most convenient places to put them, while attempting to keep them next to water.


So far there are four locations with rieklings. All hostile


Yngol barrow
Frostflow Lighthouse
Alftand Ruined Tower


I didn't add ambush rieklings because they scare the hell out of me.
Only problem in this is that they don't really make much noise like the rieklings in Solstheim. They still grunt but won't make dying noises or speak lines from their language.
I may add some new areas in the future, and/or create areas from scratch.



What's New in Version 1.2


Added five new locations


•Brinewater Grotto

•Halldir's Cairn

•Purewater Run

•Reachwater Rock

•Sightless Pit


also added more Riekling decor and some chests in those areas