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Lost Magic Mod


What is Lost Magic? Well, in a sense it is exactly that. But, to be a bit more descriptive, Lost Magic makes Magicka and its' powers a forgotten knowledge in Skyrim. You can still find Spell Tomes, and buy them, however, they will be more rare. But, you can now make your own spell tomes and scrolls. All of the scroll recipes have been re-written to make a bit more sense, and lend a better sense of immersion as they won't be available from anywhere and everywhere. If you see what someone such as Colette, or Belethor, or Farengar, and merchants of those types have for sale, you might find that their inventory is much more limited now.


Crafting scrolls and Spell Tomes now requires Magic Pages. You can either find these magic pages, craft them, buy them at times, or salvage spell tomes youve already read and have a copy of, or a scroll you wont use. There are a few different types of these magic pages. Blood, Arcane, Fire, Ice and Lightning. Obviously some of them can expect to be used for making certain things. Pages of Blood will be used for most Restoration spells and some summoning spells depending on the creature. Arcane Pages would be used for spells or scrolls such as Invisibility, or Banish Daedra.


Since magic is now a rare thing, spell power has been ramped up slightly for viability as well. Two NPC's have been added to the game, one of which you discover early on in the game, carrying a note that explains some things in a cryptic way and leads you to the next NPC that can serve as a source of buying a few pages now and then. The second NPC has been jailed by a Jarl as she specializes in destruction magic. This NPC will also serve as the epicenter for quests as I design updates and more content for this mod.


All of those random books you find, can now also be salvaged into materials used for crafting spell tomes and scrolls. There are also an additional 2 perks available in the enchanting tree which will give you both the ability to salvage, and create scrolls/spell tomes. 3 points are needed to obtain them as Arcane Salvaging has 2 steps to it, while Spell-Smithing has 1. Each of these also increases enchantment power of NEW enchantments by 20% (hence the strengthened spells for items).




Skyrim + All DLC's




Shortlist (Description in a Nutshell)


Salvageable Scrolls / Spell Tomes

2 Additional Enchanting Perks

Added skill related NPC's (Partially to get people started)

Adjusted spell tome and scroll drop rate as loot

Adjusted spell tome / scroll probability in vendors

Adjusted casted spell potency

Adjusted Enchantment potency


Known Conflicts:


Environmental mods that alter the landscape around Helgen

! Does work with Project Rain Forest


What's New in Version 1.0


Optional version, uses vanilla hair styles so ApachiiSkyHair is not required.

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