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  1. *claps*Great work! Absolutely great from start to finish.
  2. Dude, fucking great work. The Shogorath thing at the end, I loved it.
  3. You're making centaurs now, goddamn that's amazing.
  4. Those eyes look really good, what mod are they from?
  5. Damn, this is really good.
  6. Oh...............wait are you just asking for the pictures?
  7. Um.......I think you responded to the wrong person.
  8. I somehow missed this, reading it now, great work!
  9. No problem, I actually forgot I made that. I need to get back into the groove of making stuff too myself.
  10. Should be interesting see how you do the ship fight, I look forward to it.
  11. Okay I need to learn how to do the mutilation stuff, that looks sick as fuck! Great work by the way.
  12. I love the first 2 throwing shots in the bonus, they would have worked for the main story. Great work as usual, was an awesome war scene.
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