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  1. ther1pper

    Emma -Episode 1-

    Glad to see you are producing stuff again.
  2. Is there is a list for all the poses so far at all?
  3. ther1pper


    I had a suspicion it was her, but holy shit. Great work and happy Halloween!
  4. ther1pper

    Kofman Interview

    1. Thanks for all your work in the past, I still use CBBE and I always love your conversions. 2. Will we get an armor for Stalhrim? 3. Also how are you doing overall this year?
  5. I was not ready for her to burst into flames.
  6. Nice work as usual. Can't wait to see how this potion thing goes. How did you do the magic shield?
  7. Nice to see you back again dude. Also can't wait for the next part.
  8. ther1pper

    Riften Vigilante

    Same, I'd abuse the shit out of superpowers and/or magic.
  9. ther1pper

    Riften Vigilante

    Disarming, Disrobing, both get the job done, one just gives more of a show.
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