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  1. View File First I would like to clarify that I did not make this mod, all the credits goes to the original author (and the armor authors wherever he got it from) Ahm, So i was stumbling upon the Chinese mod site 3dm and I came across this gem And by far I have seen, this is the Lewdest vanilla armor replacer yet, and I loved it So I decided to upload it onto MEGA and....nothing more to say now is there? The armors are from various collections by the author's words, he made bust changes and more revealing The .zip file holds two esp, one is the replacer and the other is craftable standalone I've translated the replacer one but the craftable one is only half translated (only armors are in english) (gimme some time ill get it done) Requirements: -Skyrim whole pack (duh) -Maximum Skeleton extended -HDT physics -HDT high heels system The screenshots shown are the Shrouded, Thieves Guild and the Nocturnal Armor For more screenshots go to the original post: http://bbs.3dmgame.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=5252329&page=1#pid168314415 Man I really liked this replacer but as a CBBE user its really sucks for me, maybe if I hope hard enough someone would actually made it all into CBBE (plz ignore this) Submitter whitecode Submitted 01/11/2017 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  2. View File This is a 24+25 piece female-only replacer for the Immersive Armors mod by HothTrooper44. It replaces the following armors: Set 1: Crimson Archer Dragon Knight + Arctic, Red variants Barbarian Primitive Barbarian Brigand Harness Troll Hunter Cave Troll Hunter Dragonhide Robes Dragonbone Ebonsteel Dragonscale Ebony Einherjar Dark Einherjar Light Einherjar Dark Plate Einherjar Light Plate Hunter Mercenary Ranger Seadog Snow Bear Stormcloak Hero Nord Mail Hauberk Set 2: Falkreath Bosmer Bosmer Engraved Bosmer Metal Wild Hunt Wild Hunt Light Warchief Warchief Heavy Samurai Glacial Crystal Ringmail Redguard Knight Imperial Hero Highwayman Daedric Lord Dwarven Battlemage Boiled Chitin Vvardenfell Glass Ebony Mage Witchplate Vagabond Vagabond Dusk Vagabond Crimson Nord Mail Shirt This comes with an .esp patch sourced from Telamont's IA Bodyslide conversion that extends it so that both Troll Hunter armors have unique female variants. Note: - There might be some clipping with IA's gauntlets and boots if your preset's proportions are too crazy. - When you generate armors in Bodyslide you'll see that there's a clipping option for most armors. Make sure to check it, helps a lot. - Weighting might be wonky on some skirts and loincloths, but that's mostly a vanilla issue. - Armors are really skimpy Full credits go to HothTrooper44 and his associates who contributed to the base mod, ChronoTrigger77 and the Remodeled Armors set, Shockyy, nisetanaka and the Bikini Armors set, GomaPeroPero and his Vanilla Standalone sets, Tiwa44 and his UNP Minidresses and Spice Gear Collections, Edhildil and his various vanilla sets, Crosscrusade and his Sexy Armors set for the assets used in making these conversions. You should also use Telamont's conversions ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80167/? ) to compliment the sets that this doesn't replace. Submitter meme supreme Submitted 02/16/2017 Category Armor & Clothing Requires http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/19733/? Special Edition Compatible  
  3. I've trying to find a mod that replaces all clothing, armor and outfits into skimpoy variations for females for both the base game and dlc. But I can get half or most of the outfits to be skimpy. Is there a mod I'm missing or one that may be conflicting? 0 0 FalloutNV.esm 1 1 DeadMoney.esm 2 2 HonestHearts.esm 3 3 OldWorldBlues.esm 4 4 LonesomeRoad.esm 5 5 GunRunnersArsenal.esm 6 6 ClassicPack.esm 7 7 MercenaryPack.esm 8 8 TribalPack.esm 9 9 CaravanPack.esm 10 a NVEC Complete + NVCE.esm 11 b Sexout.esm 12 c SexoutSlavery.esm 13 d SexoutCommonResources.esm 14 e SexoutSoliciting.esm 15 f SexoutPregnancyV3.esm 16 10 SexoutOffSpring.esm 17 11 Maternity Pack Overkill.esp 18 12 Fertile Breeder.esp 19 13 CoitoErgoSum.esm 20 14 SexoutStore.esm 21 15 Cannabis.esm 22 16 Project Nevada - Core.esm 23 17 Project Nevada - Equipment.esm 24 18 Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp 25 19 Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp 26 1a wsex.esm 27 1b SexoutAnimManagement.esp 28 1c SexoutPosNew.esp 29 1d SmallerTalk.esp 30 1e WEATHER RUDY ENB.esp 31 1f FetishLingerieSetNV.esp 32 20 HyperNurseOutfitForNV.esp 33 21 FetishFishnetNV.esp 34 22 Armor by Race w Undies.esp 35 23 wsexInnuendoNPCs.esp 36 24 OCD-Cass outfits.esp 37 25 VulpineRace.esp 38 26 M37Ithaca.esp 39 27 SR556.esp BunnySuit-FNV.esp 40 28 LaraCroftArmor.esp 41 29 DEagle.esp 42 2a B92FS.esp 43 2b Uzi.esp 44 2c L96.esp 45 2d ReconLaserWeapons.esp 46 2e UnlimitedCompanions.esp 47 2f PerkEveryLevel.esp 48 30 Sprint Mod.esp 49 31 VulpineRace-Companions.esp 50 32 VulpineNPCs.esp 51 33 Roberts_NewVegas.esp 52 34 EVE FNV - ALL DLC.esp 53 35 wsexInnuendoAnims.esp 54 36 Animated Prostitution.esp GhostConversionNVRevamp.esp 55 37 SexoutSoliciting-DLC.esp 56 38 RaiderChains.esp 57 39 SexoutSex.esp 58 3a wsex-DSI.esp 59 3b PittGalStatsFix.esp 60 3c SexoutSpunk.esp 61 3d RemoveWorkstationNeeds.esp 62 3e The Mod Configuration Menu.esp jodragongirl.esp 63 3f NVRefugee Outfits.esp 64 40 SexoutSexAssault.esp Mantis07Reflex - Realism.esp 65 41 Mantis07Reflex.esp VegasChokers.esp st.esp Ghost Variants Safe.esp Ghost Variants Adjutant.esp Ghost Variants.esp MantisZeroSuit_ForNV.esp
  4. View File NOTE!!! Make sure the 3 included ESPs are checked and placed last in load order. Requires latest Bodyslide 2.7+. INVISIBLE ARMOR or floating head problems, read the install instructions. Please read UNINSTALL instructions if you had previously installed v1.0. Download Filenames: TrX Armor Replacer Vanilla v1.3 (listed as Mirror) TrX Armor Replacer DLCs v1.2 (listed as Similar Files) Updates: TrX Armor Replacer Vanilla Patch v1.3a (fixes some incorrect names and Savior Hide ground mesh. Install after Vanilla v1.3) Optional: TrX Sloot Armor Stand Alone Bodyslide Preset - CBBE Sloot Body Note: This will break immersion. Some of the armors in this mod have higher polygons and may affect performance on low end machines when many NPCs are wearing them in your area. Doing this project I realized how many mistakes I made in my previous armor packs. Those are full of nif problems. I promise this pack is much better quality. That's all thanks to the the folks on here that have replied to my quetions. Thanks guys! New Updates 8/26/2015. See details below. ✦ What is this? ✦ Vanilla/Dragonborn/Dawnguard armor replacer with some of the more popular armors and clothing created by the talented modding community. Many of the armors have been retextured. Quite a few are mash-ups for a fresh, never seen look. Made for CBBE HDT body with Bodyslide files. I have included the Bodyslide body presets seen in the screenshots; TrX Sloot Body and TrX Sloot Body Gear. TrX Sloot Body has enlarged nipples for nude body. Use this to build your HDT CBBE Body. TrX Sloot Body Gear has reduced nipple size to eliminate armor clipping. Use this to batch build armor and clothing. If anyone wants to convert to UNPB or other body types, please feel free and send me a link. Please let me know if anything looks out of place. Also I could use some help in the bug list below if anyone can figure them out. ✦ Get It Now!!✦ Three chests in game labeled TrX Loot Chest. Console command 'help trx'. A list of chests will appear with ###### in front. Console command 'player.placeatme ######' ✦ Requirements ✦ HDTPhysics Extensions XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS (select Groovtama during install) Caliente'sBeautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- BodySlide2 and Outfit Studio ✦ Installation ✦ Install all files listed in DOWNLOAD section. Place ESPs at bottom of load order. For step-by-step install guide, please see Chronotrigger77 RemodeledArmor for CBBE but install this mod in place of his. Once everything is installed, you need to build your HDT body in Bodyslide. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LATEST BODYSLIDE 2.7. 1) Start Bodyslide. 2) In Outfit/Body drop down menu, select CBBE HDT. In Preset drop down menu, choose a body or play with sliders to make your own. Click Build. 3) In search box Outfit Filter, type TRX. 4) Click Batch Build. ✦ Updates ✦ 9/8/2015 TrX Armor Replacer Vanilla v1.3 (See below for pics) Fixes invisible head bug for hoods. Adds more color variety to some clothes. Adds a few BnS HDT armors. Changes Savior Hide to BnS armor. Adds BnS HDT armors for high level mage content. To get in game, Console Help "TrX Easter Egg Chest". Player.Placeatme ####### ✦ Uninstall Instructions✦ V1.0 used the default mesh names so when you build via Bodyslide, the original meshes were overwritten. In order to revert closer to vanilla state, install another armor replacer such as Chronotrigger77 RemodeledArmor for CBBE. Batch build to overwrite default meshes, then install TrX Armor Replacer and batch build TrX armors. You only need to do this if you installed v1.0. Any versions after uses unique mesh names and IDs. If you are upgrading, follow above. Then overwrite all files and batch build TrX armors. ✦ Bugs ✦ Here's a list of bugs I'm working on. - Danica Purespring and other NPCs that used to wear hoods are missing their hair. I can't figure out why. Any help would be appreciated. ✦ Credits & Permissions ✦ This has been a huge project taking a couple months. It started out as just a few armor replacements using Tera armors but became much more comprehensive. I ended up replacing variants of armors as well because I enjoy seeing a variety of terrific armors from the modding community. After two months, I'm fairly burned out and decided to release this. There's still a few armor variants I want to replace with different models but for now they are re-colors. Many thanks to the people below for their excellent work. If I missed your name below, I apologize and do please let me know. nsk13 EnMasse Entertainment asianboy345 Frigus yurica gatti2012 esmm40 calyps xinafay Aradia jmenaru s666 nausicaa36 zotman12 DanielTDrea Insanity fox tiwa44 KURESE zzjay golgappa nakrulz Severus616 newermind43 TomPomMax Alunder betterbecause mxwqtkl TrX Armor Replacer v1.3 Screenshots TrX Armor Replacer v1.2 Screenshots Submitter samisme74 Submitted 08/17/2015 Category Armor & Clothing Requires See Requirement List in description Special Edition Compatible  
  5. View File FYI: The link for the latest version is listed as open?id=0B6XsUZF2ix4veFRMRFFLOXBFazA on the LL downloader and is hosted on google drives, if it doesn't work for some reason, the link is also in a post below. Here's 6 19! sexy 1080p fallout 4 SFM loops to replace that boring old Main Menu. I think I've included pretty much every 1080p FO4 SFM I could find (well, at least the ones that were competently animated) but as always if anyone has links to more just post them in the support thread and I will gladly update this to include them. Installation: It's an NMM installer, so throw it in your mod manager of choice and select the loop you want for your menu. Manually, you just have to pick the loop you want and put it in Data/Videos. Old Description: So here's a small thing I whipped up out of boredom an hour or so ago, It's a replacer for the Main Menu that uses an SFM loop by Xentho II, injecting a bit more sexiness to that irritating 5 second freeze you get while the Creation Club news loads after your fifth crash of the day. I made this mostly because I liked the idea of this replacer, but due to the source video being sub-1080p it was distractingly low quality on my screen, so I went hunting for FO4 SFM webm's and this was the best I could find. Figured I'd release it just since there seems to only be two other sexy menu replacers out there. Installation: It should install fine with NMM, otherwise you can just extract the 7z in the main game directory (you might want to back up the original). If anyone has any other 1080p Fallout-themed sexy videos they would like converted, suggest them and post a link and I'll see what I can do. Submitter oblivionwithdongs Submitted 10/16/2017 Category Sexual Content Requires  
  6. View File A remake of the textures currently included in SexLab, They are made from real photos so if you are a stickler for authenticity you can take "cumfort" in knowing that cum has at least at some point or another behaved in this way, well, pattern wise at least. Att. If you are having issues with the face textures not working in SlaveTats check out this post by Schemendrick Comes in two versions: v1.0 - Icecream Edition. As coined by Dagren v1.2+ - Real Edition. Things to keep in mind: MUST READ! (Apply mostly to v1.0) Since they were made on a formula for personal use results may vary depending your setup, some minor tweaks have been made to make them a bit more universal but these are minor, as a result they may be hard to see or look dark/grey under certain light conditions particular on very pale-skinned characters, this is not a glitch, I tried to strike a balance between real and cartoon so that they would not look out of place in the world of Skyrim, the benefit of this is that they won't stand out/glow in the dark as much. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Requirements: SexLab Framework v1.61 or newer. SlaveTats (Optional) Installation: Mod-managers: Install like you would any other mod. Mod-organizer is of cause recommended. Manual: Dibella save you. Backup your current SexLab textures found in :data\textures\sexlab Drop the folder into your data folder and click "YES" to overwrite. Info to modders and tweakers: If you decide that they are too subtle for your taste/setup, they are easy to adjust, simply brighten them up a bit, I would not recommend touching the alpha channel unless you know what you're doing. And remember to keep back-ups. Version 1.2 is not tweaking friendly. Optional Facials: See Screenshots Found in the optional folder. Remember these are designed for the face only and as a result will look extreme/bad on the body. You will have to manually rename and replace with the main textures; Example: rename Facial1 > Oral1 and move it into the main folder, remember to keep backups. SlaveTats version: Works like any other pack for SlaveTats, I recommend only picking one layer as one style contains all of the patterns found in the one before it, Again depending on your setup they may look dark or grey, so I highly suggest tweaking the colour in Racemenu to best suit your game. Problems & Support: The textures were made using a CBBE UV-map as a guide and I honestly have no idea how they look on UNP-based bodies. I doubt it will be a problem but if things go completely bananas I could be encouraged to make a UNP version. Full disclaimer I know only basics about 3D modelling/painting and next to nothing about the fine details of it, I rely mostly on 2D experience and trial and error to get things working so the support I can offer outside of that is somewhat limited. Future plans: A "real" version more in line with the facials. - Done 100% Dedicated face textures (not currently supported by SexLab) for screen archery. - Done 100% Possible full on dipped like a candle bukkake texture as an optional replacer for the full 2nd layer. In Progress 20% Possible port to Slave Tats. - Done 100% More extreme bukkake full 2nd layer. - On Hold 50% Q&A: Q: Why is there not more/bigger patches on the face? A: Because Sexlab uses the same textures for both the body and the face, so making one texture that looks optimal size-wise for both is next to impossible. Q: Will you release the assets used to make these? A: Unlikely, copyright and in some cases privacy issues would come into play, two headaches I don't want, I have enough of those already. Q: Are any of those assets your own "contributions"? A: Let's leave that one a mystery, more fun to keep your guessing, well for me at least. Q: Why such a long description of a simple texture replacer? A: I don't know, maybe I'm just completely mad. Permissions: You are free to use and or include the textures anywhere you like, no need to ask, but link and credit are of course appreciated. Same with any tweaks you make. Credits: Ashal - Sexlab and LoversLab which btw you can support via patreon - hint hint wink wink. murfk - SlaveTats Jessica(my GF) - For taking it in good spirit when told that all of those cumshot pictures were indeed for research. Submitter Vacaliga Submitted 06/13/2016 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab Framework 1.61+. Slavetats (optional) Special Edition Compatible  
  7. So I recently experimented with Nexus Manager profiles in order to make a character that looks like Widowmaker without having the texture mods affect my 1st character & the NPCs in that save & it worked great. Now I'm looking for mods that allow me to look like 2B from Nier Automata or even A2 if possible. I already have the outfits for 2B & A2 from this mod: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3986-nier-automata-armor-english/ so I'm now looking for texture mods &/or a preset that looks the most like her with or without clothes. To anyone who wants to know what texture mods I have currently or is interested in the Widowmaker mod I mentioned, go to this link: https://old.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/81879/? I have all the mods required for the Widowmaker preset (excluding the non-HDT version of KS Hairdos & SG Female Texture Renewal). If anyone knows of a 2B or A2 preset that uses the same texture mods as the Widowmaker preset or if there's a preset that uses different texture mods, please shoot me a link as I have had no luck searching for it myself. Also another request: I found this mod for Nier Automata weapons https://www.loverslab.com/topic/92276-skyrim-tes-v-nier-automata-weapons/?tab=comments#comment-2123002 but the link to the mod itself leads to a Chinese site that doesn't let me download the weapon files without an account on their site. After making one, the site still doesn't let me download the mod using the method OP told me to download it. If there's anyone who can re-host the weapon mod on someplace like here, Mega or just send it to me directly through shit like Google Drive, I'd appreciate it.
  8. View File [Description] Replaces the corpses raiders use as a warning outside and around their base of operations with naked versions. Female uses the base CBBE shape and EVB female body. Male uses both the cut and uncut flaccid EVB. If you want to replace them like they're found in the vanilla nifs (male/female), then in "Meshes\SetDressing\Raider" you will find "RaiderDismemberedBodyXX.nif". 01 - Female 02 - Male 03 - Female 04 - Male 05 - Male 06 - Female 07 - Male 08 - Female Install one and then drop the corresponding opposite sex to replace them as listed above, or in any other order you like. Added a patch for Raider Themed Workshop. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11244/? Open the .7z and choose either male or female and drop the data folder in to the fallout 4 folder to replace the ones Raider Themed Workshop added. Added a Patch for Butcher Meat Rack. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17154/? Like with the above patch, open the .7z and navigate to your choice and drop the data folder in to your fallout 4 folder to replace the ones Butcher Meat Rack adds. [Required] For female you need to have CBBE installed. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6935/? And for Enhanced Vanilla Bodies installed. (male or female respectively) http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7059/? [Known Bugs] I've noticed while testing that some of the vanilla still show in game. I'm not sure if its due them being cached? or if there are some more hiding in the .Ba2 waiting to be replaced. [Credits] Caliente for the CBBE female body mesh. Leito86 for the EVB male/female body meshes. Submitter Vioxsis Submitted 07/28/2016 Category Models & Textures Requires  
  9. View File Allows you to choose between 9 different green pictures from shadbase.com All of the pictures are shadman's property, I don't take credit for any of his work. Installation: Just drop the zip into Nexus mod manager or another tool that can install fomods (you can install it without tools but you have to find the paths yourself) If you find any bugs or missing images contact me. Submitter MissKatie Submitted 12/13/2016 Category Models & Textures Requires Nexus mod manager or similar  
  10. Leyenda Skin

    View File Leyenda Skin 3.0 Leyenda Skin is compatible with all CBBE, SeveNBase, UNP, UNPB and Unified UNP based bodies. Improvements on 3.0 CBBE: Vagina redone Realistic anus Pink brighter nipples Dark brown nipples Bikini tanlines Pubic hair styles: shaved, pin-stripe, the short cut, leaf, landing strip mirrored, landing strip wide, muff and muff fuller Covered all human races Added five levels of muscles Added three levels of gloss Added face improvements from Fair Skin Complexion Includes 32 skin texture variations on 2K and 4K for each file with a total of 288 variations CBBE versions available for download: Leyenda Skin 3.0 CBBE Curvy (Moles) Leyenda Skin 3.0 CBBE Curvy (No Moles) Leyenda Skin 3.0 CBBE Curvy (Pubic Tattoo) Leyenda Skin 3.0 CBBE Slim (Moles) Leyenda Skin 3.0 CBBE Slim (No Moles) Leyenda Skin 3.0 CBBE Slim (Pubic Tattoo) Leyenda Skin 3.0 CBBE Flat (Moles) Leyenda Skin 3.0 CBBE Flat (No Moles) Leyenda Skin 3.0 CBBE Flat (Pubic Tattoo) Variation list for CBBE: Improvements on 2.0 UNP SeveNBase: Added vagina redone Added realistic anus Small areola redone Added brighter nipples as optional Added pubic hair (shaved with tanlines, shaved, pin-stripe, leaf, landing strip and muff Covered all human races Includes 24 skin texture variations on 2K and 4K for each file with a total of 216 variations UNP and SeveNBase versions available for download: Leyenda Skin 2.0 UNP SeveNBase (Moles) Leyenda Skin 2.0 UNP SeveNBase (No Moles) Leyenda Skin 2.0 UNP SeveNBase (Pubic Tattoo) Leyenda Skin 2.0 UNP SeveNBase Skinny (Moles) Leyenda Skin 2.0 UNP SeveNBase Skinny (No Moles) Leyenda Skin 2.0 UNP SeveNBase Skinny (Pubic Tattoo) Leyenda Skin 2.0 UNP SeveNBase Flat (Moles) Leyenda Skin 2.0 UNP SeveNBase Flat (No Moles) Leyenda Skin 2.0 UNP SeveNBase Flat (Pubic Tattoo) Variation list for UNP SeveNBase: Hope you like, Have a nice day! ...and feel free to upload your own images!! MY OTHER FILES: Jennifer Leyenda Body REQUIREMENTS: You need one of these body meshes or any body 7B or UNP based Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- SeveNBase a custom FemaleBodyReplacer DIMONIZED UNP female body UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT INSTALLATION: Use Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer. MANUAL INSTALLATION: Drag files into: Skyrim/Data/ ---------------------------------------------------- CREDITS Fair Skin Complexion - HHaleyy Rutah Tattoo Pack - Rutah Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K - regenbot03 Body Options - SvarogNL ---------------------------------------------------- Submitter HeroedeLeyenda Submitted 02/14/2016 Category Models & Textures Requires CBBE, SeveNBase or UNP based body meshes Special Edition Compatible
  11. View File Tera Elin Race Skyrim Legendary Edition Skyrim Special Edition Version http://www.loverslab.com/topic/71987-update-march-07-2017skyrim-se-tera-elin-race/ [ LORE ]____________________ http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/races/elin/ Building corporeal forms around tiny fragments of her own divine being, the goddess Elinu created the Elins. Their physical appearance reflected the youngest daughter of Arun's naive wish for beauty and peace. Their queen governs both the Elins and the Poporis, with whom they share a history and a mission. The queen and her forces have proven their wisdom and diplomatic prowess in peace, and their tactical and fighting prowess in war. The Elins have one driving goal: if it’s not good for nature, stop it. Older and wiser than they appear, they join with forces of nature and mortal races to sweep their enemies from the battlefield. Their speech is often dark, forthright, and otherworldly, and their sense of humor can border on vicious. Other races find the Elins' manner and behavior off-putting. [ ABOUT ]____________________ [ UPDATES ]____________________ [ FILES ]____________________ RECOMMENDED MODS These mods are not required, but I recommend them because they provide enhancements and/or fixes when playing as an Elin. REQUIRED MODS None. The Elins do not require additional mods to be playable If you are using RaceMenu, Enhanced Character Edit, with or without Dual-Sheath Redux, then XPMS Extended (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25971-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended/) is required. For XPMS Extended, you will need to pre-install the required files before installing XPMS Extended. [ MAIN ]____________________ Elin Race Main Pachages Description: Adds the Elin as a playable race. The Color-Match Edition contains the main files + Elin ears and tails that changes color to match the color you give to the Elin hair. File: 2016Jan29_MAIN_ElinRace_v2.7z File: 2016Jan29_MAIN_ElinRace_ColorMatchEdition_v2.7z [ UPDATE ]____________________ ELIN VOICE PACK COMPLETE version 2 Description: Upgrades the Elin voice pack that is included with both main packages. The upgrade adds additional voices for dragon shouts from Dawnguard and Dragonborn. File: OPTION_ElinRace_Voice_Complete_v2-20170222.7z [ OPTIONS ]____________________ ELIN IDLE and TERA ANIMATIONS REDONE Description: Adds the Elin idle animation and select (Castanic) combat and non-combat animations used only by the Elins. REQUIRED MODS FNIS v6.3 or newer (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624/?). File: OPTION_ANIMATION_TeraElin_v2_0-20170720.7z INSTALLATION ELIN ALL-IN-ONE HAIR PACKS Description: All-in-One (AIO) hair packs contain some of the mor popular Skyrim hair packs such as, Apachii and hairs by zzJay. The AIO, HDT hair pack contains hairs with physics and animation. REQUIRED MODS HDT Physics Extension (files are included with the Elin race main packages; a separate installation of HDT-PE is not necessary). File: Elin-mods-mega-links-update-2016Nov15.txt ELIN CBBE and UNP CUSTOM BODY REPLACERS + TEXTURE PACKS Description: The body replacer pack provides 2 type of bodies for CBBE or UNP, flat-chest and curvy, along with 3 texture options. The separate texture packs provides additional texture options for CBBE or UNP. Body Replacer File: 2015Nov13_Option_NewElinBodies_BBP_TBBP_v3.7z Extra Textures File: 2013Oct30_Option_CBBE_NewBody_TexturePack_v2.7z File: 2013Oct30_Option_UNP_NewBody_TexturePack_v2.7z ELIN CONVERTED OUTFITS Description: One mod is the ported Elin maid outfit, the other mod contains some of the Skyrim armors converted to the Tera Elin body. NOTE #1: The maid outfit and the converted Skyrim armors are for the default Elin body. The Elin body is a port from the Tera game so it's neither CBBE nor UUNP/UNP and cannot use CBBE or UNP textures. NOTE #2: The converted armors contain only the cuirass or body armor. You still need to use the original Skyrim boots and gloves. REQUIRED MODS The Tera Elin body which is installed with the main race files. File: Armor_TeraBody_ElinMaidCostume.7z File: Armor_TeraBody_ConvertedVanillaSets.7z ELIN CONVERTED OUTFITS - ALTERNATIVE UNDERWEAR REPLACER Description: Thanks to Skyramiel, this replaces the converted underwear set with a topless version. Download: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20121-2016sep07-redonereuploaded-part-2-elin-mage-followers-tera-elin-race/?p=1682818 ELIN NPC and ENEMIES COMPLETE Description: Replaces certain essential and generic NPCs. Adds new, generic NPCs to Whiterun and Winterhold College. Replaces some enemies and adds additional enemies to the leveled list. Thanks to TDA, the Elin mage instructor at the Arcanaum will demonstrate elemental magic without inflicting harm and aggro'ing followers. REQUIRED MODS Hearthfires DLC (for the Falkreath housecarl replacer option). File: Elin-mods-mega-links-update-2016Nov15.txt INSTALLATION ELIN FOLLOWERS SISTER MI YA and YI KA Description: They can be found in Whiterun at the Drunken Huntsman Inn. They use the Tera Elin body. File: 2016Sep06_FOLLOWERS_MiYa_and_YiKa_v2.0r.7z INSTALLATION ELIN MAGES Description: Firelin, Icelin, and Thundelin, three elemental mages, can be found in the Arcanaeum at the Mage's College of Winterhold. They use the Tera Elin body. File: 2016Sep07_FOLLOWERS_ElinMageFollowers_v1_Redone.7z INSTALLATION [ MISCELLANEOUS ]____________________ BODYSLIDE ELIN PRESETS + OUTFIT STUDIO CONVERSION TEMPLATES Description: CBBE and UUNP/UNP Flat-chest and Curvy Elin presets for bodyslide. Simple conversion templates to convert armors to the Elin body presets. REQUIRED MODS Bodyslide 2 and Outfit Studio. (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?) Elin CBBE and UNP Custom Body Replacers File: 2015Nov22_ElinBodyPresets_and_ConversionTemplates_for_ElinRace1-6.7z INSTALLATION ELIN NPC and FOLLOWER CREATION KIT FIX Description: Contains HDT and non-HDT ears/tail sets and low and high resolution tintmasks. File: 2015Dec12_MODDERS_ElinNPC_Creation_Fix_Kit_v2.7z INSTALLATION [ ADDITIONAL ELIN MODS ]____________________ Nana - Tera Elin Race 2 Follower by srx910142 http://www.loverslab.com/topic/82728-nana-tera-elin-race-2-follower/ Replace Monsters with Elins by Ithildin (uploade by Whitecode) Replaces certain monsters (ex. Atronachs, Dremoras, Spriggans, Dwemer Constructs, etc.) with Elin versions. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/76222-replace-monsters-with-elin-race/ Elin Custom Voice Followers by Mud Submitter PsychoMachina Submitted 08/08/2013 Category Races Requires Special Edition Compatible
  12. [DOA5LR] Honoka UHLOD Remix

    Mega DL Spent a while editing every single one of Honoka's costumes to fit the UHLOD body Saafrats, and here they are. Her entire wardrobe, all 25 outfits, minus Renne's outfit(since that apparently doesn't like being tampered with) refitted to the UHLOD body, with a piece of clothing(and every pair of panties) missing here and there to spice things up a bit. TMC/TMCL files with edited --P files(except --P files for the vanilla outfits) are included as well! Using a custom texture that's Saafrat's, with Palmer's nipples and a bit of light pubes around her vagina There may be some clipping here or there, but if anything major seems off that I managed to miss let me know! Else, enjoy!
  13. Hey folks. I want to get some armor retextures for UUNP, but all of them seem to break immersion for me. I'm looking for something that's more unique, but doesn't break immersion. I'm okay with something that's like, "Oh, my breast is hanging out of my forsworn armor," but all I seem to find is, "Watch me go to battle in my underwear with my nipples hanging out under my chestplate." Any suggestions?
  14. I am currently using Shinshi armor for female npc and SOS revealing armor for male npc. The problem I'm having is certain clothes like priest robes are being forced to use one mods design canceling the other. So if SOS is lower in load order, the female priests revert to vanilla outfits and if Shinshi is used, the males use vanilla outfits. I've checked the file names and for a few outfits, armor, there is no _f to make manual changes for male/female. I tried making my bash patch distinguish the files, but without luck. Those few outfits are outside of my ability to resolve, as each mod uses the same name and lookup process. Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this? Merging the esp's gave same results.
  15. View File A simple sound FX replacement for the oral and sex sounds for SexLab. Universal Sex SFX The universal sex SFX, sounds good with almost everything. Universal Sex SFX (Louder) Louder variant of the universal sex SFX, sounds good with almost everything. Thrusting Sex SFX Thrusting sex SFX, sounds good with thrusting animations only. Try adjusting the SFX delay to match the animations. Thrusting Sex SFX (Louder) Louder variant of the thrusting sex SFX, sounds good with thrusting animations only. Try adjusting the SFX delay to match the animations. Universal Oral SFX The universal oral SFX, sounds good with almost everything. Mature Oral SFX Sounds are based on a more mature character. Works with semi-aggressive or aggressive oral animations. Younger Oral SFX Oral sounds of a younger female performing fellatio. It's for aggressive oral animations. Installation Preferably install with a mod manager or remember to backup if you do it manually! Credits Thank you very much to eric23123 for uploading some very sexy wet sfx, really helps with the sex sounds! Most definitely props to CGi for making this awesome installer for us! We really appreciate what you've done for us, thank you! How to Use Select preferred delay in SexLab framework voice and SFX menu. Choose your desired delay, it can be adjusted during intercourse, the adjustments set in after the next or previous stage animations. See if you can match the animation movements to the sex sfx. Changelog: Fixed Thrusting SFX Submitter sunspotz Submitted 10/28/2013 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab Framework 1.57 Special Edition Compatible  
  16. Is there a mod that replaces the female characters with beauty, but uses the body that you hare using? IE- Bijin
  17. LessLewdLily

    View File This is my Dr Lily Shen replacer with exposed chest but with some clothes. Because it's hot in engineering but not, take of your trousers off hot? This was done by following Moomany's example and also stealing his Barebaremod body for the breasts. check out his fully exposed lewd lily mod on Loverslab, Adult Gaming, Xcom2 Mod Index' See the config file IsLilyLessLewd.ini to change her body between Moomany's nude shaven smooth body and my Less Lewd, Moomany's version has a pubic hair style too. It seems that mods effecting same archetypes mess each other up even if one is disabled, This shouldn't mess with anything but I recommend on having one Lily mod in the SteamApps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods directory. -Thanks to Moomany -jdm222 Submitter jdm222 Submitted 12/30/2016 Category Misc Requires Nothing  
  18. View File ADD THIS FILE TO THE NMM OR JUST USE THIS LINK FROM NM (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/86816/?) This is a very slightly edited version of the Dwarven bikini made by Nisetanaka it replaces the bikini E from the TAWOBA (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83383/?) Full credit to Nisetanaka as they provided the textures and meshes to there own mod as listed above if you want the edited and the non edited version download Nises Dwarven Bikini Armour Replacer (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76214/?) Also please check out the Tumblrs of both mine and Nisetanaka https://sindrigosa.tumblr.com/ https://nisetanaka.tumblr.com/ Submitter Sindrigosa Submitted 09/25/2017 Category Armor & Clothing Requires https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83383/? Special Edition Compatible  
  19. View File First this mod is created for the Demonica [Lilith] race, if you don't use this race, this mod isn't for you...if you don' t convert it yourself. Requirements Demonica [Lilith] 1.6.1 Recommendation aMidianBorn Book of Silence Cultist HD Retexture Temple Priest Robes HD Retexture EotW Mage Equipment Overhaul (sadly removed from nexus but the internet never forget anything ) Ancient Falmer Armor HD retext and redone Psijic Robes Retexture UltraHD - Stormcloak and City Guards (if you use this make sure to overwrite the Boots and gloves with the one in the seperate folder) And of course Biaru's [DEM] Vanilla, contins many armors that I did not have in this replacer. Description Since I used this race it bother me that I was not able to use my crappy vanilla armors/clothes. So I started to convert some form tiwa44's Collections and remodel some by myself. Maybe there are some people that like to have vanilla armors from time to time, so I share my work here. If this is not your cup of tea, don't drink it! Every File contains its own esp file (for those who want just one or two items) and a seperate esp (ESP FILE x.x) were everything replaced/add for Demonica. Only use the seperate esps OR the full version esp! Note that I'll make edited unplayable armors playable, they maybe can only be obtained via console command. Here the list for now: College Boots both versions Nocturnal's Clothes Hat and Robe Greybeard's Robe, Hat and Shoes Version 1.0: Ancient Falmer Armor Dragonbone Armor Dragonscale Armor Ebony Armor (with extra craftable helmet!) Elven Armor (two different skirt versions) Fur Armor Jester's Outfit Leather Armor Mage Robes (Archmage, Journeyman, Apprentice) - version 1.1 with Apprentice Hoods Version 1.0.1: fixed reported weight bug for fur and leather armor Version 1.1: Dunmer Outfit Ragged Outfits (no Ragged Cap | Roughspun Tunic is not edited only the 2 versions of Ragged Trousers) Tavern Clothes Version 1.2: Imperial Armors Miraak's Outfit Nocturnal's Clothes Version 1.3: Greybeard's Outfit Dark Brotherhood Armor and Robes (no Hand Wraps) Version 1.4: Wolf Armor Version 1.5: Blacksmith Outfit General Tulius Armor Savior's Hide Version 1.6: Forsworn Armor Scaled Armor Vampire Armors Version 1.7: fine Clothes (with all it's variations for instance the Party clothes) Robes (everything that is based on this mesh, for instance vamira robes, necromancer robes etc.) Version 1.8: Telvanni Robes Dawnguard Armors Version 1.9: I will add single esp files for each Outfit from time to time, every file that did not start with DEM in the name contins a esp file. (atm all v1.9 outfits + Ancient Falmer, Blacksmith, Dark Brotherhood, Dragonbone, Dragonscale, Ebony and Magerobes) Cultist Robe Miner Clothes Nordic Carved Armor (2 versions) Temple Robe Thalmor Robe Ancient Nord Armor + Helmet of Yngol (there are 3 different armor versions one for the Ancient Nord Armor, one for Ahzidal's Armor and one for a unused Dawnguard Hunter Armor only in one container in some testing hall cell however here are the codes: xx0050c5 Boots, xx0050c6 Cuirass, xx0050x7 Gauntlets (xx = Dawnguard DLC) Version 2.0: single esp support for Dunmer Outfit, Forsworn, Nocturnal and Greybeard (merged), Wolf Armor, Savior's Hide (merged in Daedric Artifacts) Barkeeper and Chef Outfit Daedric Artifacts (Ebony Mail, Masque of Clavicus Vile, Savior's Hide Falmer Armors heavy and light versions Psiijic Robe Wedding Dress Version 2.1: fixed textures of Penitus Oculatus Armor single esp support for: Elven Armor, Imperial Armors+Tulius (merged) and Tavern Clothes Bonemold Armors (with a seperate craftable open Helmet variant) Merchant Clothes (also the hat wich is not on the pics) Steel Armor Stormcloak, Guard Armors and Imperial full Helmet Yarl and Emperor Clothes Known Issues or Bugs maybe incompatible with mods that edit the vanilla armors, that are used by this mod. ebony helmet is not replaced (vanilla version disable the head) I add a craftable version of my new helmet. Credits Krista for creating Demonica [Lilith] tiwa44 for creating UNP Minidresses Collection & UNP Spice Gear Collection Licensing/Legal Do whatever you want, as long as you give credits, and don't sell it of course! Submitter avebrave Submitted 09/19/2015 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Demonica [Lilith] 1.6.1 Special Edition Compatible  
  20. View File So I occasionally use an older MO profile on which I play a tall strong demoness futa with a giant ERF Horsecock :> When cum-distorting bellies of people unlucky enough to fight her, the modest spurt sound was kind of a let-down and didn't really fit in with people being pumped with buckets of demon cum. So I created this simple little mod from various sound effects I gathered on the webs and I am quite pleased with it and think it's good enough to show and share. !!!Installation!!! People have been saying MO will install this just fine, so you actually won't have to install the sounds manually. So there's that. Replaces the 2 standard sounds with longer, kinda brutal sounds. Hope you like it! Submitter Lifty Submitted 06/21/2016 Category Sex Effects Requires SexLab 1.60+ Special Edition Compatible  
  21. Hey, I found this image on a tumblr post from BlazingSai, looking for the name of the replacer of the orcish armour. Any help is appreciated. Blazingsais tumblr: http://blazingsai.tumblr.com/
  22. Hello, I'm looking for a good replacer of Vanilla armors with HDT and bodyslide support. I tried this mod and still use it right now : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29827/? But when my character or any female NPC wear these armors or outfit, they don't have the body shape of my Bodyslide's preset... and don't have the belly physics too. So my question is the following : Is there any Skimpy replacer for vanilla armors, for CBBE with HDT and Bodyslide support in order to have the same body shape as my preset and to be able to have Belly physics. Hope you understood me, Thanks in advance, sorry for my poor English.
  23. Hello. I'm roleplaying as a non-dragonborn thalmor mage, whose objective is (well, in short) to accompany the dragonborn. Vilja is my follower of choice for this role due to how extensive the mod is and how many features she has. The problem is; she's a Nord, and I'm not too much into betraying friends (so spying on the dragonborn as a thalmor doesn't appeal to me). I could easily do this with NPC Visual Transfer Tool or Alternate Actors, but the latter doesn't work (the game freezes when trying to change to Vilja, maybe because of her custom race), and the former seems to be ineffective. I know NPC Visual Transfer works, since I have used it on the past, but I didn't have Requiem and Vilja's Requiem patch, which may or may not change her look back to default despite having her appearance changed to, for example, Minerva's. I'd be thankful if someone could replace her looks to an acceptable looking elf females and send the file to me (which should be compatible with Requiem and the patch), or explain how can I do that myself. Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.
  24. View File This is a "Transform Package" for the PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest Mod. !!!!!!!! Works only with PSQ 2.17 !!!!!!!! Stop sending me PMs if it is not working, all what you need to know stands here! DESCRIPTION: This package is a collection of different mods. I changed shader, textures and properties to match and work for the PSQ mod. USED MODS: Alduins Wings (75% version) Animated Dragon Wings TDN Equipable Horns (daedric horns) HDT Tails Wearable (Alduin tail) Tribal Body Tattoos SOS Horse Penis for Females and Males No mod from above is needed for this pack! REQUIREMENTS: PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest HDT Physics Extensions INSTALLATION: Best way to install the pack is a mod manager like the "NEXUS Mod Manager" or copy the "Data" folder from the "PSQ Transform Package.zip" in your Skyrim directory. (The same with the "PSQ Transform Package - Horse Penis Addon.zip" if you want the horse penis. Activate the "PSQ ERF Horse Penis.esp") (The same with the "PSQ Transform Package - Animated Wings.zip" if you want the animated wings. Activate the "PSQ ERF Animated Wings.esp") MISC: Qwerty89983nr2 made a new similar pack for PSQ 3.2, you can find it there: "PSQ Transformpackage for PlayerSuccubusQuest 3.2" IMPORTANT: Copy your Body meshes and textures in the... Meshes\PSQ\Orgbody\ Textures\PSQ\Orgbody\ ...dictionary to match you armors and standard body!! You find your files at Textures\Actors\Character\Female\ Meshes\actors\character\Character Assets\ List of the OrgBody Files: Or download the "PSQ Copy OrgBody Files Script.zip" and use the "copy OrgBody files.bat" in your data dictionary *NEW The Package is CBBE, but you can use UNP or other bodies without problems as standard body!! (censored nipples for youtube.) New video of the full pack with plugins: Submitter EvilReFlex Submitted 05/10/2015 Category Other Requires Read the "REQUIREMENTS" and "IMPORTANT" Special Edition Compatible
  25. Well, I keep that short, new version is done, most problems solved and ready to share =). I leave in an hour and just wanted to keep timeline so here is the update. A fast peak to the mesh in game and the new version Malebody_For_Bodyslide2_And_Outfitstudio_V2.7z Just a quick side note, I'm sorry for the slider mess but the first few are what most ppls are interested in, just ignore the rest if you don't want to control every atom on the body... Watch out for odd looking body regions when you over do it with the sliders and be aware of the fact that the sliders can have values above 100% and lower than 0% when you insert them by hand. So try a few things. Oh, and the "adaption mess" with the SOS_0 and SOS_1 and Weight slider (-.-) have been merged into one weight slider at the top. So this one should stay 0 on the small body and 100 on the big one and nothing else. MfG MaleBody for Bodyslider and Outfitstudio.7z Malebody_For_Bodyslide2_And_Outfitstudio_V2.7z