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  1. actually, this version fixed the issue the original has, but it's a bad fix for my plan - the gags actually work. i might need to do some sort of toggle instead.
  2. interesting, thanks. one good thing about this version is that it doesn't have the FNIS conflict.
  3. okay, i was able to get there this time, although it took a couple of restarts. So i'll move to the new version and re-do my escape stuff and then throw the equipment in a chest in the nearby administration building. answers all sorts of questions. I will also advise everyone to save often because this version of SoT is still pretty unstable, imo. i'll keep this current version available as well.
  4. I was going to suggest making the gender thing work no matter who bid on you for Submissive Lola. Then I remembered that 1) you pick your own master for Lola and 2) the auctions are just Bidder 1, Bidder 2, etc, so no gender is even a part of who may or may not be speaking. I'd really be embarrassed right now if I had been involved in either of those build decisions. >.> <.< v.v
  5. the best i've been able to manage for NPC movement is to stick them in ping pong patrols, so i was thinking stick her there then have her move to a marker nearby then just disable her to mimic her walking away. edit: i think i could do an "on...idle" script? something that would kick in when she reached the marker. hmm...it's really been a long time.
  6. oh yeah, so it does. make sure you're high level or prepare to tgm if you do Mia's because there is a fight that is impossible to win if you are below level...i'm not sure. 50, i would think, at least.
  7. ooh, not a huge sack. although i suppose a transfer to a different container would be the same, just use the container ref instead of playerref, yeah? i could, in theory, add another NPC then have her run off and then disable her after a bit.
  8. i downloaded 1.12 and started a new game with it. it is much as i remember. there is no MCM. I was able to get there the first time via Simple Slavery but it did a "toggle floating camera"thing at the point where i was supposed to enter the cell to be processed so i closed the game and reloaded but then i was unable to get back to it via SS ever again. i'll keep looking at it, though
  9. That sounds like it was probably the new version. Last I knew, that version broke something at the beginning and the player was never able to be processed - the mod just stuck there. with you and the guy just staring at each other. So I have used the old version for this. so, no, as i recall, he didn't get that far in this version. it stopped at mealtime, i think. I know nothing about animations but maybe it was just a broken scene. i'll look at the newer version and see if it works and, if not, if it is easily fixable. no promises!
  10. there is an outdoor building for SoT? this is news to me! XD
  11. not sure what you mean by "robbery," If I moved the chest outside, that would require at least some form of building to put it in. a chest with all your stuff just sitting randomly out in the open would be even more of a stretch of believably than happening upon a dead guard. At least he had the possible excuse of taking it for his own or on his way to sell it.
  12. I'm not sure how he set it up to collect your stuff since the box doesn't have a unique name and I see no properties or references for it. But I was able to use it to return the stuff anyway, so big thanks to @HexBolt8 and @Lupine00 for their help. I'll try to think of something more clever than, "due to a staggering coincidence, you find a guard who was killed by wolves who happens to have your stuff." XD
  13. I say that, but I might try to find a cheat way to close the loop on the extra-carricular scenes.
  14. Well, as I said in the description, I'm not planning on developing this (such as adding MCM settings). I just wanted a way to exit. But if people want to pitch in stuff, I'm more than happy to add it. XD
  15. Thanks. Sounds like the hard part is done. Now I need a semi-plausible reason to get it back. XD
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