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  1. I see what you mean. It just says to get to the administration building. I thought I put something about you might have to go all the way around the mountain or something. I'll look again
  2. I like that idea. I'm not going to add it, though, alas. I do still need to move it a little farther away, though. If you're lucky enough to have an mcm, you can turn off the damage for the whipping, as I recall, and I think you can rebind the rest key?
  3. I don't know anything about BSAs but do NOT overwrite original SS+ with SS++. All previous versions need to be completely eradicated before installing the new version.
  4. If you do not have SD installed, then I'm not sure which mod would be causing that. But it would definitely not be simple slavery since all it does is send you to other mods. XD
  5. Sounds like Sanguine's Debauchery. You'll need to ask in that mod's support thread
  6. The MCM is not completely essential. Useful, certainly, but you don't necessarily need it.
  7. sorry, that wasn't meant to be a rebuke. the missing MCM is an issue that I run into about half the times i try using this mod. I don't know what the issue is - some overwriting conflict with another mod, i suspect.
  8. It's hard to say. Try putting it last in your load order - that seemed to work for the guy two posts above this
  9. Trendil frowned at the warped wood as she finished the knot. Fortune had favored them – as it had not for some sailors of years past – by providing the remains of a ship run aground. There was enough loose wood to construct a boat of sorts. Something between a raft and a coracle, except without the stability of the first or the utility of the second. If you took the worst aspects of each and combined them, you would get something akin to what they had made. She heard footsteps approach from behind and turned as she asked, “Did you find sap?” “Yeah, two of ‘em. ‘Cause that’
  10. thank you. i don't use immerslave and i have SS ++ and the MCM is showing for me (this time). but who knows? XD
  11. That sounds like an issue with whatever mod sent you to SS. Which mod did so?
  12. Yes, that is the one for special edition. Edit: wait, it says slaves of tamriel? Edit again: no it doesn't. Are you in the right support thread? XD Edit #3: if you actually mean Slaves of Tamriel, yes - that's the correct files.
  13. None of that should matter as long as simple slavery is after zaz because that's it's only dependency. I am, alas, out of ideas as well short of reinstalling everything, which of course you don't want to do
  14. Install or update Fus Ro Dah Silent Voice. I spell that different every time I type it
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