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  1. Great idea I had an idea of another condition You could run a condition where the follower is not in line of sight of people not in CurrentFollowerFaction. This would allow followers to fap in places that aren't player house but not totally public either, such as inside a rented inn room, behind a building out of sight of others. I know the mod "Cover self - Line of sight" does something like that.
  2. In case anyone wonders, this works no prob in special edition, i even converted it to ESL. I use this mod to change my futa follower's sexlab gender to male and it works great so far.
  3. I used this with my follower. If i don't want Lydia to watch me bone Saadia, i tell Lydia "stay there" downstairs. If i want her to watch, spectactor crowd makes her look on and masterbate With matchmaker i can then have an orgy with the three of them. 😃
  4. Hi, I remember i had a mod installed, that made it so when an NPC couple goes to bed together (that is a vanilla behavior, by the way. In vanilla couples go to bed in the twin bed), When they sleep together, they have sex before going to bed. Like married couples do. It's been a while though and don't remember. Thanks
  5. Since you made an MCM, please consider turning off WI's start-up series of dialog boxes
  6. that's awesome! Looks very ambitious. cuckoldery and cuckquean is one of my favorite things but never seen any1 make content about it
  7. Any chance of a small walkthrought? I walked in, bought membership card, boob increasing potions, fed the potion to an npc, talked to some more npcs but they all had generic non-brothel dialogue. Then i TCL through at night and npcs were sleeping not sexing. ? I am out of ideas.
  8. If anyone cares, blush when aroused: cause and effect: nakedness cannot be checked, when using BakaFactory's sexlab aroused Redux. Error: This function relies upon SexLab Aroused Redux
  9. Very nice i immediately recognized the first and last ladies!
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