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Have you ever wanted to hide in barrels like a sneaky bastard? Of course you do. You're here ain't ya?


Well this mod doesn't do that. But it does do the next best thing. Whenever you activate a large container while sneaking you have the option to hide thus turning you invisible at least until you move again... or murder someone or steal all their belongings.


The mod isn't perfect. This is merely a proof of concept. People will still know it is you if they bump into you so try to stay out of the way. The reason for making this mod is because all the other mods doing similar things have furniture animations which breaks you out of stealth mode which is bad when you are trying to sneak.


Should be SE compatible in theory but I haven't tested it out.


Let me know if there is a way to make it more efficient.

Edited by Darkpig

What's New in Version 1.0.2


Changed the condition to GetMovementDirection as that is better at tracking movement than the IsMoving condition. Previously it only tracked when you moved forward but now it tracks all directions. That means you can no longer moonwalk past an entire bandit camp while invisible.

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