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  1. Never noticed it before, quitting the job quest could trigger the payment quest - kill this as well Yes. I switched to SE some months ago - a big update is pending and will only come for SE. No exact schedule yet
  2. The outfits are stored in <skyrimdir>\Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\MariaNPCOutfits Maria undress function only applies to the armor slots for body and calves. Everything else would be much to slow. Armor from DD or ZAP are never undressed.
  3. Papyrus arrays can only hold 128 items - with SKSE you could dynamically increase the size but they become awfully slow. You can use JContainers or StorageUtil without limitations, however - these arrays must be filled manually during runtime. If you want to help modders you need to setup proper keywords because this is the only thing what a modder see. MCM lists are limited as well. So even here you need to rethink the organization of the masses of furnitures.
  4. @Musje has volunteered for it. The challenge is truly epic in view of the masses of elements. I resigned to concentrate on my own mod.
  5. t.ara showed us a lot of breathtaking restraints and furnitures - but by my free time is limited even in this COVID 19 phase. I will likely pick some of the best furnitures and support them in MEP quest - at least those that works in SE and fits to the mid age style of Skyrim.
  6. I will not change the animation selection and you can still decide to ignore my "meta SLAL" packages. It is all about tagging - I need to know which animations takes care about restraints, where the actors were penetrated, where the victim likely never gets an orgasm. For example lots of SLAL blowjob packages let the victim have an orgasm - this is really annoying and immersion breaking.
  7. Unfortunately HR was made for melon breast bombshells. All my (UNP/UUNP) actors looks natural and if I try to compress HR restraints to a realistic body mass the restraints look and feel becomes awful. Things like nipple clamps are floating above the breasts like halos no matter how much I compress them. So even if I like the HR restraints pretty much because they fit so well to the game environment I will never use or support them.
  8. I stand at a crossroads - I have to decide how to use assets from other mods: ZAP 8 is a monster mod with zillions of assets and lots of the furnitures are automatically adding cuffs to actors or select random idles. DD has some decent AA animations for cuffs but it overloads the gameplay with implicit mechanics that I don't want. I think about collecting things I really use and putting own FNIS files and scripts on top of it - you get a dependency to the assets of ZAP and DD but not to their esp files. The reason - in MEP: 1. restraints are controlled by quests it breaks immersion if furnitures swaps or equips restraints on their own and it leads to heavy script workarrounds to take back the control 2. spectators shall react on furnitures it breaks immersion if the furniture selects random idles because I get no feedback about what is really happening in the furniture 3. locking restraints on actors (like DD and ZAP do) provides a poor user experience the player lose control, especially DD impacts the gameplay a lot with its armor swapping and script mechanics. But this locking is an illusion because everybody could open the console and do what they want. You pay for this illusion with a lot of script load and strange visual effects. I don't want to restrict peoples gameplay - they shall have fun and don't fiddle around with the console if things going mad. Restraints have only a minor importance in my mod, I don't want to waste my time with all aspects of restraints management. I would rather like to invest this time in quests and stories. 4. I use an extremely limited amount of assets I don't want to throw thousands of assets into the game and I am unable to keep control over my quests when there are 100 different X-Crosses, 200 poles and 50 different cuffs in the game. 5. Mod collaboration is hard to achieve There is no common accepted framework for factions and keywords. DD decided to drop ZAP keywords and this doubles my efforts in quests and scenes. I have resigned myself to the fact that my mod will always remain an isolated playground. If I need something for my quests I have to do it on my own. So I will likely start with asset isolation in next release OH: I consider doing the same thing with some SLAL packages - since even there is no common sense of animation tagging and that makes it hard for me to select the right animation for a certain quest context. Same probably for SlaveTats...
  9. Everything I made is heavily based on assets made by others for free (sexlab, zap) therefore I would feel uncomfortable to ask for money. New content will be released soon - I re-implemented the slave training part of MEP 1 and progressing really fast because such quests in a controlled single cell context are easy to write.
  10. No. I am still stabilizing what is there. My long term plan is to bring more and more slavery aspects back into the gameplay.
  11. If this really work for every furniture (that I am currently don't believe - because of the fixed offset) it should definitely become part of ZAP - but at the end I think this is a work-around for broken entry animations. A better solution would be to see if the entry animation is broken or something interrupts the animation before it reaches the final stage. One problem could be the timing with offset animations: ZAP restraints are enchanted with an effect which sets the offset animation. There is a condition that should prevent the effect from being active while being in a furniture but in some cases it could happen that the animations overlap - the effect disrupts the furniture entry animation. This is why I remove all ZAP restraints from my NPCs before they enters a furniture - and another reason why I would prefer AA animations for restraints: they don't need scripts and effects...
  12. No sorry. I have no time and no energy to analyse bug reports like this yet. I play MEP twice a week and fix whatever I find. But my setup is very MEP centric: I use only Sexlab and ZAP. I do modding not as a BDSM game publisher or service provider, I do modding just for fun - it is a hobby and I do it for my own pleasure. You don't spend even a single cent for MEP so let me say: If you want to have a bug fixed you have to spend much more effort: Reproduce it in a clean environment without other BDSM mods or mods that changes actor behaviours because I will not sacrifice my valuable free time for the analysis of foreign mods just to check if MEP works in this combination. I am so tired of doing this. Reproduce it with a clean save. Every MEP session I play is always a new game! MEP is intended to be used as a BDSM sandbox and not as a mod in classical manor. Identify your game play history that leads to the issue in a reproducible way - what has happened before the issue occurs. And after that you can collect log files and send them to me and I will take a look into it. The only alternative is to hide MEP behind a pay wall like Patreon and then - after I reach a certain amount of permanent income - I would spend more time for bug fixes. Don't understand me wrong: I am willing to fix bugs - but I am not willing to do your work. A bug report needs a little bit of qualification.
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