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  1. Due to COVID I spent much more time in modding as before - I am still streamlining things...
  2. SMP is compatible with both, PE only with Oldrim and yes - SMP doesn't support creating connection between two bones (eg. handcuffs) - it does a better job then PE for things that simply hangs - like the steel-ball connected to the piercings, it does not interfere as much with the game frame-rate (no funny flipping effects) and it does a way better job for collision. If you compare PE and SMP based wigs (which contains complex collision and physics) the difference is very very visible.
  3. Simple concern: HDT PE is dead end and Oldrim only, HDT SMP not
  4. Try to convert to HDT SMP - this looks a way better. There is an armor from Coco - an anal plug with a steel ball at a chain. This physics looks amazing - a way more realistic than every HDT PE restraints I ever saw. You might take it as an example. Another SMP plug is here on LL: A tutorial for conversion: https://youtu.be/qdBTSc9YOdE The best thing with HDT SMP is that it is open source - so if you wonder why physics behaves weird, peek into the code...
  5. Nice, I like bondage beds pretty much, unfortunately no SL animation author ever picked it up for a sex scene...
  6. DD stopped using ZAP keywords - so DD will neither recognize ZAP restraints nor ZAP furniture. This can lead to issues if you have mixed framework based mods in your mod-list. ZAP 8 still contains some major DD keywords - so I don't expect issues in this direction.
  7. I really doubt that anything goes better - both are US companies (and not adult-entertainment) - so prudery and bigotry is part of their busyness concept. Cutting off heads and killing masses of people is okay, but woe betide nipples. I am sure that Beth did not like how we turned their RPG into Porno RPG...
  8. This will not gonna happen until a new game comes with similar or better modding capabilities. I personally think that Skyrim was the first and will be the last Game that is completely open to modders (I ignore FO4). Yes - there are others - KCD, Conan - but they are ages behind Skyrim when it comes to quest and behaviour modding.
  9. Well, the slave training quest is back and better than ever - but still needs polishing. MEP is currently very playable if you know the pitfalls and use the cheat menu to skip lockouts. I have no schedule - but when Cyberpunk is released I am busy for some time - might be a good idea to push a new release beforehand.
  10. Slavetats, ZAP and Cumshots only. I recently try other quest mods but none of them have ever satisfied me. Prison Overhaul is the only mod I used a little bit longer but I replaced it with MEP jail quests.
  11. Never noticed it before, quitting the job quest could trigger the payment quest - kill this as well Yes. I switched to SE some months ago - a big update is pending and will only come for SE. No exact schedule yet
  12. The outfits are stored in <skyrimdir>\Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\MariaNPCOutfits Maria undress function only applies to the armor slots for body and calves. Everything else would be much to slow. Armor from DD or ZAP are never undressed.
  13. Papyrus arrays can only hold 128 items - with SKSE you could dynamically increase the size but they become awfully slow. You can use JContainers or StorageUtil without limitations, however - these arrays must be filled manually during runtime. If you want to help modders you need to setup proper keywords because this is the only thing what a modder see. MCM lists are limited as well. So even here you need to rethink the organization of the masses of furnitures.
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