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  1. There should be a closet near to your position which contains a "MariasOutfitWhore" object.
  2. Unequip and re-equip the outfit: The body part gets an enchantment that NPCs can recognize that you wear this certain type of outfit. You must use outfitmanager or an object "MariasOutfitWhore" which is a placeholder for a whore outfit. So don't forget - the implication is that the outfit needs to have a body part.
  3. Empty your inventory, I thinks this is the scene trigger if I remember correctly
  4. Or kneeling if you try to talk with your master
  5. On all fours pose, but you have to be very close to your master (kiss my feet)
  6. You can customize it via outfit manager and many parameters (bufs and debufs, skin color) in the main config json file. There is one reserved outfit name which is automatically equipped in succubus form. It feels pretty much like vampirism or lycanthropy in terms of game play. I didn't integrate other succubus mods because I want something lightweight and I need to have control over it in almost every MEP quest.
  7. Yeah maybe but you missed the point - why should I support stuff behind a paywall with my free mod? Sexlab is free, ZAP is free. Pamatronic is building a business on free content - this is his choice and I respect that. But you can't build free content on top of affordable content, that just doesn't make any sense at all. I concentrate more on my prison scenarios than on interfacing PA.
  8. As I mentioned - maybe I retry later - but I will definitely not pay to adapt MEP to PA paid content - if I adapt something, than only free stuff - MEP is free.
  9. I took a look onto this mod since the description sounds promising, I went to whiterun and attacked a guard. I spent 3 days in jail and only one whipping event has occurred. That was so fucking boring that I instantly removed the mod. Maybe I retry later. I would appreciate mod collaboration but I expect a dense atmosphere of pain, humiliation and submission. But I added a function to suppress my own prisoner quest if I recognize PO or PA, so the people can decide.
  10. Der Banditenring packt den SPieler in dunPrinsonerFaction
  11. Well, it depends also if they still remain with Steam DRM or take over Microsoft DRM - if they take over MS DRM almost anything gets broken - no ENB, SKSE, FNIS, XPMSE skeleton - something else I forgot? And if they really re-compile the main binaries, at least SKSE gets very likely broken. But I believe this is just old wine in new bottles.
  12. Definitely Vortex It is actively maintained A modded game can be started without Vortex The Game starts much faster when it is heavily modded Manual conflict manager is pretty strong and detects inconsistencies The plugin manager provides a lot of useful information (for modders and nerds)
  13. No, I update the SSE version only and there is no way to port it down to LE - sorry for confusion. One main reason for so much failing scenes and quests was the overload of the engine which is much stronger in SSE
  14. Regarding the new locations - I might do the conversion - when ZAP 9 is released and I am finished with the vampire quest line. I spent more efforts into the auction to make it immersive and the current Slave Trainer quest line has far more content than the old one. Especially I do no longer spawn guests and customers but use the citizens instead. Therefore it is now really relevant in which city the auction/training hall is located. With the AI changes this has a severe impact on gameplay because now the citizens remember that they saw you in auction and training and reacts on you. The Simple Slavery auction is far to limited for my taste, that's the reason why I decided to catch the Simple Slavery events if Simple Slavery is not installed - so you can be forced into MEP gameplay by other MODs.
  15. Status update: sex in public - it is notified by NPCs now, some are simply watching, some are insulting, kids are running away - some of them are calling a guard, some females are calling a guard, some guards demands free sex for ignoring the crime, some are demanding money, others arrest you town pimps - if you earn too much money you will get their attention and they demanding a high cut. You can try to escape. A town pimp never leave his town. You can leave the town before you get their attention and after a while the rate of money you can earn is reset. But once a town pimp had become you town pimp he will probably call a head hunter if you leave the town without paying the cut. If you are very successful he might decide to take you over completely (become your personal pimp) or catch and sell you to a brothel. head hunting - if you try to escape from a pimp or for other several crimes a head hunter is now called. He might kill you or send you to slave auction I will likely release it soon although the vampire quest line is unfinished - but the new features are very important for a dense and immersive gaming experience.
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