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  1. Were passwords invalidated or something within the past year or so? Cause it told me mine was wrong and & had to reset it.
  2. Has anyone edited the vanilla FO4 body skeleton yet? Ideally one that adjusts what the 3 fitness triangles do, or even eliminates the triangle all together. I hate making a perfect body in BodySlide only for the triangles to make it look horrible if it's not dead centered. Back when the game first came out BUSTY was already editing what the triangle did. It's completely changed into something else now, but surely someone else picked up working on the triangles since...
  3. Yeah, he gave me permission and all the files too but I was too lazy to do it. My home connection is only 1Mbit upload so it'd take forever to upload that much stuff lol.
  4. I've played both. Sims 3 wins without even a glimmer of competition. Sims 4 just sucks. Just take a look at this article: http://www.gamebreaker.tv/featured/89-features-missing-from-the-sims-4-that-will-piss-you-off/ And that, is just the tip of the iceberg right there. You'll find way more content for Sims 3 as well. It's had a much longer time for the modding community to do their magic.
  5. Looks like your norm or spec map for the hand textures are wrong. Almost like they're intended for ghouls or something. Go to Data\textures\Actors\Character\BaseHumanFemale and delete anything with "hands" in the name. Then re-install the textures from CBBE.
  6. Dude don't just use my raw assets! Of course it will look like crap! It also "triggers" (lol tumblr) my fear of theft. So patience! I'm working on it, and it will look awesome. Oh sorry i won't send any files. Do you wan't a documentation on how the perk tree is built? (Just eager to help i guess) I'm curious how you managed to do the perk tree. Go ahead and share how to do it, if you don't mind.
  7. That is Piper. The newspaper girl. "All journalists used to dress like this before the war? Seriously?"
  8. Charming High Heels for Skyrim has some set up for CBBE with meshes that might be easier to work with. I just chopped it at the ankle with an alpha. There are sheer, and net style available as well. Still tweaking the mesh placement, all done in BodySlide. Poison019.JPG You could probably do the opposite of that - mask out the CBBE feet instead, and leave the ones in the heels. Might work. Have you tried it?
  9. With the way textures work, you can't really make tanlines work with other CBBE textures. You'd have to choose your favorite texture set and then add tanlines as the texture that adds them would replace the other. Adding tanlines to any texture is fairly easy. Just paint the bra & panty marks you want (or whatever) in a white brush and then set the layer to overlay at about 20-30% opacity. I'd recommend using the UV as a guideline though because it can make getting perfectly round or perfectly straight lines that connect really easy.
  10. For me it wasn't the polycount that made UNP/7B better, it was the shape. "That gets close" Thats the thing, I want the real 7B shape, as a long time,exclusive 7B user I know exactly how 7B looks. The CBBE preset(or any other) is somewhat close but it just feels like it's "fat" rather than "fit and thick". If someone manages to make an exact 7B replica with all it's "details" that makes the body(it's not just about making the thighs big or the boobs bigger and done) with FO4 CBBE, then I'm all in. Yeah, I get where you're coming from. CBBE doesn't really have muscle slid
  11. What's the process going to be like to convert our bodyslide presets for armors & clothes to have working dismemberment? Will it be something as easy as just opening it back up in OS & saving, or will we have to redo all the sliders? For that matter... is there some (relatively easy) method of manually adding it in the meantime?
  12. I... kind of totally forgot about this. Let me take a look at it. Here: CBBE Innies - stocking th fn.7z That seems to be what you were going for, from your screenshots above.
  13. Here's a pretty in-depth tutorial on how to use Outfit Studio: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/55523-cbbe-outfit-studio-conversions-for-bodyslide/ For Skyrim stuff see this:
  14. Here's a link to bigc's thread on Nexus which everyone should be able to see now: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/3625875-vault-girl-mod-development-thread/?p=32735990&do=findComment&comment=32735990 I think OP and bigc are probably in contact now, and they can work out how they want to work together (if they do).
  15. You can't find it here because bigc decided not to post here anymore but he's working on it and well into it by this point - he could use help too. So you might consider teaming up. Here's a link to the thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/55369--/ Your best bet would be to send him a PM on Nexus - http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/user/4077875-bigcman123/ Your animation looks really good by the way. You're talented.
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