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Prettier Bandits (BETA)



  • Prettier Female Bandits
  • Prettier Female Warlocks
  • Prettier Vaermina Devotees
  • Prettier Witches and Hags
  • Prettier Female Thalmor
  • Prettier Thieves
  • Prettier Adventurers
  • Prettier Vigilants
  • Prettier Stormcloaks
  • Prettier Forsworn
  • Unique Bosses


Q: Unique Bosses?

Certain leveled NPCs have been converted into Unique actors, had their appearance upgraded and given some additional perks and abilities.  These include:

  • The Imperial Captian at Helgen (so now you've got a cute gal trying to take your head off, yeah... that never happens...)
  • The Caller from Felglow
  • The Necromancer Cult from Wolf Skull Cave attempting to summon Potema, the ritual leader and the four assistants are now all unique with custom appearances
  • Luah al Skaven from Ansilvund is now a unique NPC, I tried to make her MILFy... though I'm not sure what exactly that should look like. 😏
  • Minorne from Ruunvald is now a unique NPC with dusky skin to keep her in line with lore speculation that she may actually be an Ayleid.
  • Keeper Carcette of the Vigilants is now a unique NPC to go along with the entire order getting an overhaul.

Q: What is Prettier Bandits?
This mod updates the appearance of hundreds female actor types, including all bandit encounters, warlocks, witches and hags, Thalmor and randomly encountered adventurers. It is primarily an appearance mod, removing dirt and grime, adding new hair models and generally making your various hostile female NPC encounters a lil easier on the eyes.  However, I do add some additonal combat perks to the WE adventurer NPCs to make them tougher encounters, particularly at higher level.  Also, as of v0.9 the Vigilants of Stendarr got a complete rebuild with all new NPCs.  They are now organized into two Orders, the Wardens and the Crusaders.  Crusaders are like a religious knightly order, they wear armor and have combat skills for melee, they use maces.  The Wardens are more a scholarly priesthood using spells (mainly flame spells, they will often use a fire spell in both hands).  They use vanilla gear, so any gear replacers or Bodyslide adjustments will automatically be applied.  The Vigilants are also the only faction where the guys as well as the gals got an overhaul, I had to rebuild the male NPCs anyway so I figured why not give them a makeover while I was at it.


Q: Does it give NPC any new abilities or make them tougher?
For the most part no, Prettier Bandits was intended to be primarily an appearance mod only. It does increase the level range of encounters witches and hags to be similar to encountered warlocks.  As I mentioned above it also gives the WEAdventurer's some additional combat perks, but nothing out of line with a vanilla lore friendly game (no super powers).  Also, as of v0.9 a select few leveled NPC bosses have been converted into unique Boss NPCs, these were also given additional perks to make them a little bit more of a challenge as well as making them "prettier".


Q:  What body type does it use?

A:  Whatever you have installed, the mod only changes the face and hair of the NPCs, not the body.  So you can use any body type and any gear replacer for that body type and it will work fine with this mod.


Q: Does it add anything new?
Not really, there is no new armor or anything include in this mod. It does add a few new NPC encounters, mostly to the roadside thieves you sometimes encounter, I added two more female dark elves and one female wood elf to the possible encounter types. That's really about it, its an appearance mod.


Q: Does this replace existing bandits or other NPCs?
Yes, in so far as it updates the appearance of existing NPC actors. It does not alter their outfits, gear, etc.  In most cases it simply adds actors to the leveled list, but in the case of the Vigilants they got a complete rebuild.


Q: Why use this mod?
You like eye candy? I made this mod with the intent of supporting Paradise Halls Extension so that captured bandits, warlocks, thalmor, etc. would be nicer looking slaves.  Its since grown beyond that original purpose to simply making random encounters (and now a few unique bosses) look nicer.


Q: Why is the file so large?
Nearly 1,000 sets of face geometry and tint mask sets take a up a lot of space.  The currently zipped file is 1.15 GB.


Q: Will you add prettier guards or other NPCs?
This is in progress.  The current factions included are bandits, warlocks, necromancers, witches, WEAdventurers, WEThieves, Vaermina Devotees, Falmer Servants, Forsworn, Stormcloaks, and the Vigilants of Stendarr as of v0.9.  Hunters, Town Guards, and the Imperial Legions are next to be added.


Q: Is this Smexy Bandits?
No. That was the original form of this project, at this point its abandoned, having been replaced by this project


Q: Can I use your NPCs appearance in my own mod project?

A:  Yes!  Copy in any NPC you like, I won't mind.  If anything I'll be a lil flattered.  I'm hoping in a future version of this mod to include a separate resource .esm that will contain all the appearance templates for people to use as a resource.  So yes, if it would help you populate your mod with better looking NPCs, feel free to borrow and copy from this mod.


Q:  Why are you still using Apachii hair its so old?

A:  Nostalgia, also, I'M OLD 😜   Seriously, I'm tired of it too (too many dependencies for one, and not enough variety second), so one of my goals for the next version (v1.0) is to convert the entire mod over to KS Hairdo's.  At that point Apachii hair will no longer be required or used, I will not maintain two versions of the mod (way too much work).


What's required
Apachii Hair for Females 1.5
Apachii Hair 1.6 Full


Download and install with your favorite mod manager.
Load order is up to you, you can let other things overwrite it or not as you wish.


Removal is simple, just uninstall with your mod organizer.
There are no scripts included in this mod so it shouldn't break anything.


Known Issues:

  • None


To Do List:

  • Hunter faction
  • Town guards
  • Imperial Legiona
  • Dawnguard
  • The Afflicted
  • KS Conversion
  • Documentation
  • New Screen shots (cause the current ones are kinda crappy and badly out of date)


What's Next?

Going forward to v1.0 and officially coming out of beta, I want to add the Hunters, Town Guards and Imperial Legion and possibly the Dawnguard.  The Afflicted may take awhile because I have something special in mind there.  As mentioned above, I'll be converting to KS Hair for the next release as well.  I also want to write up full documentation on exactly what the mod does, how it alters the leveled lists, what it adds, changes to abilities or perks, etc.  This will mainly be for other modders to refer to to help them with compatibility.  I'll also be making a few changes to help make PB more compatible with other mods.  Also, for v1.0 I'll be changing the name of the mod from Prettier Bandits to Prettier Encounters.  This mod hasn't been just about bandits for a very long time and I think the name change better reflects the full scope of what it does.  I'm even looking at doing some custom face sculpts in Racemenu to make the new unique bosses and possibly the WEAdventurers look way better.  I'd like to think they'll be something like Pandorable's NPCs eventually, but it may take me awhile to get that good.  Lastly, for v1.0 I am aiming to do an SE conversion, so the mod will finally be available for both LE and SE Skyrim.   That's going to make v1.0 a pretty big upgrade.


Further down the road, I have some ideas for things I'd like to do with the Forsworn and their body paint, the Afflicted and their disease, and possibly a method that would allow me to add thousands of NPCs to each faction instead of a hundred or so, without increasing the file size.



This mod now has its own Trello Board, I've found this was really helpful to me in keeping me organized and on track.  The board is open to the public so you can check it to see what I'm working on next for the mod.  Link HERE


Mods I Used While Making This Mod

For the eyes I'm using Improved Eyes Skyrim

For skin I started using Navetsea's Skin but have recently switched to Bijin's Skin

For the brows I'm using Hvergelmir's Brows


However, the mod should work with any skin, eye or brow pack you choose.  None of these are included.  It will also work with whatever body type you install, the mod doesn't affect the body, just the face and hair.


Also, I would suggest this mod for the Forsworn, Forsworn Natural


Special Thanks to my Beta Test Team for a LOT of patience and testing.

  • Karlpaws
  • Psalam
  • Valcon767




Loostrok made an SE conversion with my permission available here.


Previous Change Log

  • --- v0.8 ----------------------------------------------------
  • Edited and replaced tint masks (make-up) of all Prettier Bandit NPCs to remove heavy eye make up and improve general appearance.
  • Revised hair colors, made the green and purple tints more subtle.
  • PB hair colors
  • Autumn
  • Black
  • Blond
  • Blue-Black
  • Blue-White
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Green (used by wood elves)
  • Dark Pink (used by some Dunmer)
  • Dark Red
  • Dirty Blond
  • Flame
  • Forest
  • Green-Black (used by wood elves)
  • Honey
  • Light Blond
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Platinum
  • Plum (used mainly by Dunmer and some storm mages)
  • Red
  • Red Black
  • Prettier Bandits are no longer flagged as being unique, PAHE's auto-rename function will again work on them.
  • Updated template system, most Prettier Bandit NPCs now use their own template tree.
  • Updated the form names of all PB actors, templates, outfits and hair colors with the 'PB_' prefix
  • Created new Prettier Bandit outfits for PB NPCs. By default these new outfit packages contain the same types of gear as before, except any headgear such as helmets, hoods or hats have been removed.
  • Bandit Group
  • PB_BanditArmorHeavyBossF
  • PB_BanditArmorHeavyBossNoShieldFOutfit
  • PB_BanditArmorMeleeNoShieldFOutfit
  • PB_BanditArmorMeleeShieldFOutfit
  • PB_BanditArmorMeleeHeavyFOutfit
  • PB_BanditArmorMeleeHeavyNoShieldFOutfit
  • PB_BanditArmorMissileFOutfit
  • PB_BanditMageFOutfit
  • Warlock Group
  • PB_WarlockFOutfit
  • PB_NecroFOutfit
  • Witch Group
  • PB_WitchOutfit
  • Thalmor Group
  • PB_ThalmorSoldierFOutfit
  • PB_ThalmorMageFOutfit
  • WE Thief Group
  • PB_WEThiefOutfit
  • WE Adventurer Group
  • PB_WEBattlemageFOutfit
  • PB_WEBerserkerFOutfit
  • PB_WEBrawlerFOutfit
  • PB_WEMageStaffShieldFOutfit
  • PB_WEPoisonerFOutfit
  • PB_WERangedConjurerOutfit
  • PB_WEWarriorTankFOutfit
  • The PB_WEMageStaffShielfFOutfit now gets leveled enchanted warlock robes (before they were never enchanted)
  • The PB_WEDualPoisoner encounter now actually uses the Poisoner outfit (Bethesda had them using the WarriorTank outfit), I also added light gauntlets to the outfit.
  • The bandit 2H melee actors now have their own appearance package and no longer share one with the 1H melee.
  • The Thalmor encounter lists now have double the number of PB actors, with the top end Thalmor mages going from 1 female mage to now 6 female mages.
  • Updated and added some unused warlocks to the PB warlock boss encounters.
  • Added additional encounters to the WEAdventurer group
  • Rebuilt the appearance of the female orcs in the WEAdventurer group to something more "glam" (well for orcs anyway).
  • Created a leveled encounter table for Old Orc encounter, got tired of it being the same sad guy all the time, now its six different possible guys waiting for a good death. This makes the old orc officially the first male "prettier bandit".
  • Updated various miscellaneous NPC actors used in various encounters
  • A unique female "bandit" used in the soldier deserter's encounter got a PB appearance update
  • Updated the prettier corpses.
  • Karan at the lover's camp near Old Hroldan now has her correct PB appearance and is actually a breton (which according to game lore is what she's supposed to be) instead of a nord.
  • I'm still adjusting who uses the Heavybandit armor outfits, expect that to be updated further in v0.9
  • With this release, the total actors with their own unique appearance is now up to 468!


  • --- v0.7 ----------------------------------------------------
  • Added missing face gen for a few NPCs
  • Added new 12 female Adventurers to the encounter list:
  • 2 Wood elf
  • 2 Breton
  • 4 Redguard
  • 2 Nord
  • 2 Imperial
  • (Provisional) Added more female Thalmor wizards (justicars) to the encounter list. These re-use existing high elf PB appearances so it doesn't add to the file size (low level enounters). This only modifies the top end level 44 "boss" encounters. If this works well and is liked I will look at doing this for top end bandit bosses and warlock bosses as well. To add some more variety to those encounters.


  • --- v0.6 ----------------------------------------------------
  • Removed opposite gender animation flag from Thalmor and bandits missed in 0.5
  • Removed giant naked thief from encounters, replaced with new female dark elf thief.


What's New in Version 0.9 Public Beta


-- v0.9.2 ---------------------------------------------------

  • Removed race edits from the esp to avoid conflicts with some combat animation mods.
  • Fixed voice types for the Necromancer's in Wolf Skull cave so they can speak their lines.
  • Update only includes the esp, as the bsa did not change



 -- v0.9.1 --------------------------------------------------

  • Updated the bsa to include the missing facetints.
  • You do not need the patch if you update to v0.9.1, the patch is only for those using v0.9.


Added a temporary patch file that adds 15 missing facetints.  Download the file and unzip into your data folder or use a mod manager.

I will update the archive soon.


--- v0.9 ----------------------------------------------------

  • Added the Forsworn faction (72 female NPCs)
  • Added the Stormcloaks faction (20 female stormcloaks)
  • Added the Vigilants of Stendarr (180 NPCs, 60 male and 120 female, more races are now included among them)
  • Unique Bosses with custom appearances (Imperial Captain, The Necromancers of Wolf Skull Cave, The Caller, Luah al Skaven, Minorne and Keeper Carcette)
  • Various minor fixes
  • All files now packed in a BSA


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