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The people of Skyrim can now have their bodies reflect their skills and abilities.


SE Version provided by bved2 is available HERE.



The bodies of the player and supported NPCs will now be changed through NiOverride body morphs, depending on their current skill levels, to reflect their physical capabilties. Each skill has been given a set of morphs that bodies will start to resemble as the relevant skill increases. Your arms will become burly if you train in combat skills, your legs will become thick and toned if you train in stealth skills, and your breasts will swell from training in magical skills.


If enabled, Stuffing and Weight Gain are also possible for players and NPCs. For the player, eating large quantities of food will distend your character's stomach, and will turn into body fat over time. Body weight is lost over time as well at a set rate. For NPCs, they can start with a certain amount of body weight based on their vanilla weight and current level. NPCs with high vanilla weight and low level will be larger than NPCs with low vanilla weight or high level. If you have a mod installed where you can feed NPCs, such as a survival/needs mod, feeding NPCs food will also increase their weight. Vampire players and NPCs won't gain or lose weight and will have a constant 'normal' weight by default.


With SexLab Aroused installed, the bodies of the player and NPCs can also become curvier while aroused.


For NPCs, their bodies will change to reflect their current skills and situation immediately after they are loaded into a cell or after some period of game time. For the player, the their character's body will slowly change over time as their skills, weight, and arousal changes. Selecting the option "Force Morph Update" in the MCM will immediately update the player's body to their current situation.


Compatibility and Customizing

By default, this mod supports armor and bodies based used with UUNP and LE CBBE. So, Male characters, BHUNP and CBBE 3BA are not supported out of the box. However, with 2.0 the mod has been restructured to easily allow other morphs to be integrated by editing and re-compiling the global morph scripts this mod uses.


The global script "BodyBuildersMorphsScript" contains the morph names and corrections used throughout the mod. The other scripts starting with "BodyBuildersMorph..." are the morph presets assigned to the 18 vanilla skills, weight gain, stuffing, and arousal expansion. Change these as you will, then open the Creation Kit, select at the top "Gameplay"->"Papyrus Script Manager", search for "BodyBuildersMorph" then right-click and select "Compile" for the scripts you've edited.


If you've made a conversion for a different morph type, or implemented male morphs, either post them in the support thread or upload them to LoversLab and I'll post a link here.


I also prefer using these mods alongside Body Builders:

Pumping Iron

Shieldmaiden Muscle Slider



For this mod to have any affect, you need to install either RaceMenu or NiOverride, and have morphs built with Bodyslide. Some armor and body mods come with morphs pre-installed. If you see a file ending in ".tri" alongside the "_0.nif" and "_1.nif" files for an armor or body mod, then morphs have already been made. If not, then you will need to re-export the armor or body through BodySlide, making sure the "Build Morphs" box at the bottom left is checked.


By default, the mod only supports UUNP and LE CBBE morphs, so if your body is morphing oddly or isn't changing you're likely using BHUNP or CBBE 3BA, or haven't built morphs for your armor or body.


Once those pre-requisites are met, you can install this mod. Beyond the ones listed above, there shouldn't be any incompatibilities with any other mod. If you installed the mod on a new game, it's recommended to select "Force Morph Update" in the MCM, so your character starts off looking scrawny and slowly bulks up as their skills increase.



If you're using Body Builders version 1.x, you should type into the console "stopquest _BB_Quest", then uninstall the mod and make a clean save before installing versions 2.0 and above.



Before uninstalling the mod, you should disable it through the MCM and select "Reset Player Morphs" in the MCM. If you had NPC morphs enabled and want to reset them, you can use the "Reset NPC Morphs" option in the MCM. If you don't want to do this manually, you can also use NetImmerse Override Cleaner.

Edited by Code Serpent
Adding link to SE version.

What's New in Version 2.0


Rebuilt mod from scratch to be more stable and more customizable. Should now cause less papyrus dumps, and new morphs can be added or changed by editing and recompiling the mod's global scripts.

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