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About This File

Technically this isn't a mod, but it is a great resource for your immersive gameplay.


Version 2.0 - Updated map with more locations plus several locations that were given more accurate surrogates. Thanks to CPU for the intersecting maps. Genius idea!

What is this?
In this download you will find an Excel workbook that contains several tabs. These tabs contain the following:

The distance, in miles and kilometers, between the cities and towns of Skyrim.

The number of days it would take to walk from place to place if you were to travel for 8, 12, or 16 hours a day.

Skyrim is clearly meant to be a big place, not a place you could jog the circumference of in one morning. When I looked online for the actual dimensions of Skyrim, the main answer was patently ridiculous - about 14 square miles. There was logic behind the conclusion, but it is clear that Beth just crunched everything down so the game would actually be playable (much as there are only a dozen people in cities that, in reality, would have thousands).

So I looked further, and found that someone had extrapolated the size of the map to real-world proportions and determined that Skyrim is about the size of Poland. That sounded quite reasonable, so I went with it.

I pulled up a map of Poland (which, possibly not coincidentally, is shaped VERY much like Skyrim) and picked the cities and towns that seemed to correspond best with those in Skyrim. For your reference, here is what I chose:


I then looked up the distance from the Polish cities to all of the other Polish cities, changed the names to their Skyrim counterparts, and put them in the handy charts that you will see if you choose to download it.

If there are any people here from Poland who would like to give me what they feel are better cities for any of these (or for any of the other Skyrim places), please let me know. :)

What's New in Version 2.0


  • 1.0 - map
  • 2.0 - expanded and...accurate-ified

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