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    The Sims 4 , League of Legends , K-Pop :3
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    23 yo

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  1. Love it Gyaru sim thanks:)

    1. Mervejuana


      you're welcome! ❤️ I am glad you like it!

  2. Hi and another idea how about tchicc BiMBO ?? ofcours if you want☺️


    1. Mervejuana


      I love the bimbo style, I will. I'm not at home right now, it will be ready in a few days! ❤️

    2. chris005


      Wow nice thank you 🥰

  3. Hi i have idea for new sims ofcours if you want.

    I was thinking about GYARU culture Tchicc Female or shemale or maby both ?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. chris005


      relly sorry for my english not good with writing but speek its ok :)

    3. chris005


      Shemale sim no colthes it's ok ofcours for me :) 

    4. chris005


      There are very few clothes for shemale sim.

      Can't help right 

  4. Like i said before love yours work 

    Can you do Black Tchicc Futa Sim ??

     Ofcours if you wanna and have time.😊

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. chris005


      Nice love this new sim thank you but what a Penis mod you use ??

    3. Mervejuana


      I don't use any penis mods. I select from the clothing category and turn off the automatic undressing during sex, that's it!

    4. Mervejuana
  5. Hello, I really like what you do as a fan of Ginger sims, please keep it up love from Turkey

    1. Mervejuana


      Thank you soo much! ❣️

    2. AYICIQ


      Ur welcome  💙

  6. I really love your asian sims :( , You should make more Idols, i feel in love with the first two ❤️ 
    Regards From Mexico 😘 

    1. Mervejuana


      Oh you are so kind! Really thank you so much. I will do more! ~ ❤️

  7. Don't worry, my native language is not English. You're also very good! I hope you like the new sim! ~
  8. Hello,she is exclusive sim from my patreon account but I have a lot of characters that look like her. you can download one of them! ~
  9. I don't know exactly, it may be what you said. I hope so! Thank you for your answer. 🙏
  10. Yes, I know it is ridiculous, but my connection on the forum is a bit slow, I don't go around the forum much except uploading sims and messages. I have noticed this title and what has been written yet, I have not ignored it. I am glad that the spam update issue was resolved because I was tired of it. I apologize again and again for the inconvenience. English is not my native language, sorry for my mistakes.
  11. I wrote it on my own topic, I would like to write here with your permission.~~ Hello. I've just seen the talk and warnings about this topic. Sorry about spam, the "reason" I started doing this is because every time I make a new upload,"someone" updates their different topics over and over. and Sometimes I made little updates because I had too many Sims. I'm sorry about this. You can be sure that it will not be repeated. You are right in what you say. But I am not the one who started this. I just persisted. Sorry for the late reply. Sorry again & again.
  12. Hey! There is a file named "obscurus nose presets 2m" in Vlad's mods file. I think there are 3 of the same file. Delete all "obscurus nose presets 2m" files except the one "obscurus nose presets 2m_UPD" If you don't have the "obscurus nose preset 2m_UPD" file, you can download it here. obscurus_nose_presets_2m_UPD.package It is important to delete the old nose presets files and download it, otherwise your Vlad will appear as black in the game. Hope u enjoy! ~
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