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Morphology is an expansion related mod that adds powerful enchantments and potions, with some odd side-effects.



Illicit Ingredients


Several creatures, and all humanoids can now be dissected to obtain powerful ingredients. Currently, Dwarven Automatons, Chaurus, Spiders, Spriggans, Trolls, Skeevers, Hagravens, and Giants can all be harvested. Some of these ingredients can be converted back into normal ingredients at Alchemy Tables. Others can be cooked into odd meals.


To dissect these creatures, all you need is a dagger to get started. Activating corpses while crouched while holding a dagger will allow you harvest hunks of flesh from these creatures and humanoids. To obtain the other ingredients, you will need more tools. Specific embalming tools found in warlock lairs and nordic ruins allow you harvest fluids and organs. The scalpel, pick, and scissors aid with organs, while the screw tool aids with fluids. If you come across a dwarven extractor, that will also help you drain fluids. Whenever you are dissecting a cadaver, you can choose to dissect either flesh, fluids, organs, or all. Selecting only one type of ingredient to harvest reduces the amount of time taken to finish the dissection.


If you obtain a human heart or human flesh, you will have the insight to craft Dissection Tools at a forge, which allow you to harvest most cadavers easily.


Additionally, most flowers, mushrooms, and other flora can be harvested for fresh ingredients that have experimental effects. Crouching while wielding a dagger or carrying dissection tools will allow you to harvest flora for multiple samples.


Warlocks, vampires, and apothecaries may have some of these new ingredients on hand as well.


Experimental Potions


The ingredients from creatures and flora will have beneficial effects similar to those found in vanilla ingredients. However, unlike vanilla effects, these can be stacked without dispelling each other. Multiple resist or fortify potions made of these experimental effects can be active at the same time. The draw-back is the side effects. Each effect changes your body by some amount, relative to the strength of the potion you made. The changes are dormant until you have a night's rest, but will be dramatic afterwards if you overuse them.


Ingredients harvested from humanoids have no pragmatic effects, but can counteract the side effects of the other ingredients.


If the side-effects of your potions are getting out of hand, you can craft Blood Elixirs at an Alchemy Table, which partially restores your original shape.


Unstable Enchantments


Soul gem fragments from Black Soul Gems can be warped at an enchanting table, and used to Destabilize the enchanted armor you find. Activating enchanted armor while carrying at least three of the same kind of warped soul gem will make the enchantment unstable. If you disenchant the item, the unstable enchantment can be applied to any type of equipment. However, the enchantment will slowly alter your body if you wear it for extended periods of time.


The warped soul gem fragments can be combined with a roll of paper to make a Scroll of Restore Form, which will revert some of the effects from unstable enchantments.


Vanilla Effects Plugin


If you don't want to go through the effort of finding and using these enchantments to start changing your character's body, you can download the Vanilla Effects optional plugin. This causes all vanilla armor enchantments and beneficial potions to cause changes.




This mod requires NiOverride or RaceMenu, CBBE RaceMenu Morphs, and Armor and Clothing Models built through Bodyslide with Morphs Enabled.

If you don't know about anything I just said, do some Googling or ask in the forums.


This mod should be compatible with everything else. It just needs a bashed-patch due to some item list edits.


I also recommend you install a mod that makes the morphs actually detrimental to your character. SexLab Disparity is one I can think of.

What's New in Version 1.10


1.1 (11/20/20)

-Depreciated enchanted rings and some creature ingredients so they can no longer be retrieved

-Can now harvest most flora (flowers, mushrooms, bird nests) with a dagger or dissection tools for fresh ingredients with experimental effects

-Dissect prompt now only appears when activating bodies that can be dissected

-Dissect and Harvest prompts now requires you to be holding a dagger rather than having one in your inventory, as the latter is unreliable

-Can now Destabilize most enchanted armor with warped soul gem fragments, making the enchantment unstable

-Unstable enchantments no longer affect npcs (couldn't fix papyrus spam)

-Can now choose what to dissect (Fluids, Flesh, Organs, or All), choosing only one will make the dissection take a shorter amount of time


1.02 (6/1/20)

-Fixed high alchemy skill stopping some ingredients from being harvested

-Warped soul gem fragments can be crafted from vanilla soul gem fragments

-Possibly alleviated some of the papyrus spam from enchantments on NPCs


1.01 (5/24/20)

-Fixed sound bug with some ingredients

-Pickpocket enchantment now causes morphs

-Fixed Scroll of Restore Form

-Fixed Enchanting and Alchemy morphs, so they are no longer exponential

-Warped Soul Gem Fragments can now be crafted from Black Soul Gems

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