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  1. @DSHV Redguard Warrior I have made a few changes because incest is happening - this color indicates the changes/added/removed made Arogant High Elves -Twins
  2. Interesting proposition, however, in my case, I would have other ideas for Venillia NPC.
  3. If you mean Jenassa Download ToH 2.1.1 where this are fixed
  4. Requires Fuz Ro D-oh, Sexlab, SkyUI, ZaZ Animation Pack.
  5. It's quite possible that this mod is what you need unless I'm wrong. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11427 SexLab Confabulation can cointain function what you need.
  6. If my knowledge is correct it is possible to remove "chest" regardless of "vanillia or mod" armor. OsmelMC Mod Tweaks have this what we can to remove (chest, feet, hands etc) in sex scene like foreplay, sex or rape. Its'call bodyparts number: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Skyrim_bodyparts_number https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/9352773-need-script-help-with-unequipping-items/ Maybe this help.
  7. @DSHV NPCs in the underground prison should return to their rooms (enabled NPC beds end up in the wrong room) Sexslave Alessia, after selecting the dialogue "please your prisoner", nothing happens Jenassa: The dialogue where the dog is to fuck her doesn't work at all. (None sex scene) Jordis is fully clothed when she lies down on the ground, which looks weird and this same where Jordis calls out to the werewolf with his cunt while wearing clothes. I don't remember which NPC, but one of the women from the female gang (Aerin quest with Mjoll)
  8. The progress of version 2.1 looks promising. ❤️
  9. You can always finish the functions of version 3.0 (?) Probably related to training your own slave and a few other things. And give own mod priority as the main project. Regardless of your decision, I will be watching the project.
  10. Haven't you thought about taking over the "Slaverun" project? I don't think anyone will blame this since the original author disappeared over two years ago. And as for the proposal of this mod. I am willing to wait for the test version.
  11. Unfortunately, there are no dialogue options. The author would need to patch this mod.
  12. @DSHV Forgive me for spam lately, but I was just inspired. The information I needed! (After quest Shy and Naughty) Animal lover
  13. It is possible that it will not have these features. Without a test, there will be no confirmation of this. Enter the link or name, I will check it myself, unless you want to check.
  14. If it doesn't spoil her tasks, even all the options would be ok. It would only be strange when: Vex: Yes master / Mistress? Do you have a task for me? Vex: Vanillia dialogue
  15. @DSHV Spouse Challenge (Repeatable) Thieves Guild
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