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  1. This version ends the stories of the mod itself? 1.0?
  2. I think these 3 women (gang) should actually show up in jail (there is a free cell there) Let's say give the guard a bribe to play with them girls.
  3. In the MCM menu, you should have "start the serpent quest" https://www.loverslab.com/topic/130300-troubles-of-heroine/?do=findComment&comment=3079946
  4. The current version 1.7.4 seems broken for orgy companions. Small orgy with only women, Aela only acts in the first scene Ria and Njada no longer have the scene. Downloading the older version 1.7.3 works fine in all orgy scene.
  5. Ohh, so does that mean there will be no new content for companions in 1.9? SAAD
  6. Huh, what happen with "Sexist Companions: Influential Guests" for plan 1.9?
  7. LE version of this mod has been abandoned?
  8. Hmm, now only strip us and none dialog to her. Old and new save.
  9. So, good sir check this. In english too. https://gfycat.com/lazysilentgoshawk
  10. Blue Palace in Solitude a girl Undresses us once and, she doesn't do it again only come to player. One day waiting or entering and leaving the palace give nothing.
  11. Truth or Dare would suit "College of Winterhold". I don't know if this is possible but of course it's only a suggestion. Would some Hmm party for College of Winterhold? Sex, orgy (we have 2 orgy to FG and TG: D and i think 3 th orgy is too much) etc. (only a suggestion) even a challenge would fit "who does a better blowjob" Maybe instead of adding a follower in MCM Menu, it's better to give the dialogue option "Do you want to join my sexy adventures?" if this is possible . Would use some dialogue for a follower when we choose her to participate in sex "Sex with Nord? Hmm, always" "What? Sex with a horse, are you serious? *sign* Okay but this one time" Alternatively, add for follower question about the idea of having sex with an animal or other race of humans / cat-humans / elves.
  12. I found a problem, so if we have Furniture Sex Framework 0.7 installed, the "orgy in main hall" scene is buggy, Furniture Sex Framework chooses only one chair for everyone for some reason. Unfortunately, a patch would be needed here to avoid such problems. I did not check for orgy in the player's room and in the thieves guild, but probably the problem is similar.
  13. Huh? Did you make this? SLAL remember old json file so you must refresh
  14. Look at "TAG" "type": "Male" and add this line "rotate": 180, "forward": 98
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