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  1. Crash on main menu? Check Requires Fuz Ro D-oh, Sexlab, SkyUI, ZaZ Animation Pack 7.0
  2. The Thieves Guild also requires like the Companions guild: -(It looks weird) They dress up between the scenes like in a companions guild 'Orgy-CumpDump" From the first scene to the last they should stay naked. Undress - Sex - Dress Up - Undress - Sex - Dress Up etc.
  3. I think I found the answer. It looks like I didn't go through the triger box to let my character comment on "fucking reckling".
  4. For now work nice but idk when i come to cave where is Cock Worshiper all atack me Is my heroine too sexy that they are jealous of her?
  5. hah, this not work. No dialog to ask him again.
  6. Hi, I have a problem. I killed Nazim and Burd got some copper coins, it's a suggestion to fuck Tarak. I have no option to drink with him again (For the scene with a bed). And the scene from Burd is the same every day. (I need more time etc.)
  7. Sex with Kush is possible on 0 karma. After talking to him and come to the door, our character comments on his suggestions and at this point we can come back to him and accept his suggestions.
  8. Forsworn are on the ground near the Markarth gate.
  9. A few posts ago, Narcolepsy, mentioned an NPC who could stay as Cum Dump. Make follower as Cump dung for Thief guild. Edit: The post where he mentioned this possible function:
  10. Hah, i prefer her with long hair :3 And thanks.
  11. What is the mod version? In rxkx22 mod I only saw Aela with long hair.
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