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About This File

Ever noticed how when you are whipped, you don't really notice it beyond maybe a minor debuff? Being whipped, realistically, is going to leave more than a mark. This mod is simply to integrate with mods that have whipping scenes and add much stronger reasoning for you to avoid them, while making things a little more immersive.


I have written the mod to impact on game performance as little as possible. As such it does not use OnHit() event to track whippings and instead requires a "Whipping scene" of some sort to play and applies damages after this.


PLEASE NOTE: This mod is currently BETA and only tested by myself. Though it is stable and I have been diligent to avoid any bugs, I haven't been able to test every possibility.


How it Works:

  1. It provides an MCM where you can set to permanently lose any of the following:
    - Health
    - Stamina
    - Magicka

    Where those are lost permanently after each whipping scene. You can also configure a minimum attribute level so you will never go below a certain amount. The lost attribute is randomly selected but weighted to your highest attribute. The mod provides an MCM option to scale the permanent losses with injury level. If you have less than 1 attribute to lose you will lose 0. If you don't have H/M/to lose the amount will be added to debt, to be lost from future gains.

  2. Tracks player injury level which increases from whipping scenes and decreases over time dependent on MCM settings. This injury level is a multiplier for all the effects of the mod and can be used by other mods easily too.
  3. Temporary H/M/losses based on injury level.
  4. You can set in MCM to have damage applied to H/M/S every X seconds. You set the amount you lose at maximum injury level, the amount scales to your injury level so you can have it so you don't lose much at all until you are at a higher injury level. This is done purely with scripting to avoid adding new magic effects. If damage is less than 1, you will not be damaged.
  5. Applies whipping mark tattoos using SlaveTats according to whipping injury level. These will heal over time as your whipping injury level decreases.




Soft Requirements:

  • ZaZAnimationPack (only tested with V8.0 plus but will probably work with earlier, let me know so I can update the description)
  • SlaveRun Reloaded (requires patch "SLVxPLX Patch" in downloads, the patch is for Slaverun Reloaded 3.0 Beta1 03 June 2018). 


Confirmed Functional With Whipping Scenes From:

  • SD+
  • Slaverun Reloaded (REQUIRES PATCH IN DOWNLOADS [SLVxPLX Patch])
  • Submissive Lola: The resubmission 
  • Naked Dungeons (REQUIRES PATCH IN DOWNLOADS [Naked Dungeons 2.0.1 x PLX patch])
  • Let me know if you have a mod that has whipping scenes that does or doesn't work. I want the mod to be compatible with all whipping scenes.


Mods using whipping injury level:

  • Succubus Skill Loss. If you want to lose skill levels on whipping scene end you can use this mod. You don't need to use any of the other features if you don't want, it is very light weight either way.
  • That's all so far.
    [Modders] Let me know if you use PLX_InjuryLevelUpdated mod event in your mod and I will add to the list here.


Upcoming Features:

  1. Another set of tattoos for scars and hopefully improvements to current set.
    Though the current whipping marks will decrease over time, the scars will remain forever...
  2. Immersive notifications.
  3. Immersive NPC comments.
  4. Recovery from sleeping to be added.
  5. UI feature to show current whipping injury level. Not adding this anymore, pointless with the SlaveTats already indicating.
  6. MCM config export/import.



You can use this mods injury level in your mod easily without the need of adding as a dependency.

After a whipping scene and after injury level restoration, this mod sends a mod event called "PLX_InjuryLevelUpdated". 

It includes a float with the current injury level.


You can integrate into your script as below:

RegisterForModEvent("PLX_InjuryLevelUpdated", "OnPLX_InjuryLevelUpdated")

Event OnPLX_InjuryLevelUpdated(string eventName, string strArg, float currentInjuryLevel, Form sender)
	; currentInjuryLevel is a float between 0 and 1 that represents the current whipping injury level.



Please feel free to provide feedback on the design or any issues you find. I am happy to integrate good ideas or changes into the mod. The mod should be compatible with all whipping scenes, if there is a mod that doesn't work - please let me know!



- Tattoo set by crudo

- Weight calculations by Huanrenfeng

- Rest of mod by RMCW

What's New in Version 0.7.2 ALPHA


0.7.2 ALPHA 22-10-2020

  • Added patch and functionality for Naked Dungeons. (Patch required: Naked Dungeons 2.0.1 x PLX patch)


0.7.1 ALPHA 21-10-2020

  • Bug fixes as outlined by MikeTM in thread.


0.7.0 ALPHA 21-10-2020

PLEASE NOTE: This could have bugs, specifically with the temporary loss and debt functionality. I have tested myself and seems to work but it isn't the quickest thing to test. Please let me know if you find any issues. If your stats become incorrectly set due to any bug, use player.setBaseAV to fix and report in the thread.

  • Fixed bug where you could lose stats beyond the minimum.
  • Added temporary loss functionality and MCM options. This is done with scripting, not a spell effect, so it will reduce your base value until you recover from whipping injury.
  • Added h/m/s debt functionality. If you go below the minimum the amount is now stored and will be taken from future h/m/s gains. 
  • Added some utility functions to MCM.
  • Added more statistics to MCM.
  • Added MCM lock. (I don't recommend using this until version 1 is out, in-case you want to change things after an update)
  • Added notifications for perm losses.
  • Updated layout and fixed a few bits of text on MCM.


0.6.2 20-10-2020

  • Fixed a couple of MCM bugs, improved statistics on debug page.


0.6.1 20-10-2020

  • Forgot to add the textures to the download, this is just me adding them.


0.6.0 20-10-2020

  • Added SlaveTats integration. Currently not configurable. This is a set of 40 tattoos provided by crudo that are applied as your injury level increases, and get reduced as your injury level decreases. I plan to add a separate set of scars that are left behind after healing, but I do not have the tattoo set for this yet.
    IMPORTANT: Now requires SlaveTats LINK



0.5.2 18-10-2020

  • Like an idiot, I somehow missed one of the files (PLX_Damage.pex) in 0.5.1. Please update to this version to fix the damage over time feature.
    NOTE: You may need to re-register mod events. You can do this by disabling the mod and re-enabling in the MCM.


0.5.1 17-10-2020

  • Added missing SendModEvent to injury level recovery.


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