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  1. The logs said that you have blocked the oral, vaginal and anal means that some of your equipment have the keywords to block it. Some straightjacket have wrongly assigned the chastity keyword and also the plugs forbid the anal or vaginal. But I have to enhance my filters so send me the full log file (I use programs to help me read the logs and is better for me use the original log file) Also let me know your DDi version.
  2. For I see on your log everything is fine. Just the Aggressor is using the happy or joy expression. Take in consideration that if the expression have the tags Normal and Victim then will be showed on both scenarios and also the function just care about the "Victim, Aggressor and Normal" tags on the expression so the rest of the tags like joy or sad ar mostly cosmetic.
  3. The current furniture filter Is supposed to remove all the invalid furniture Animations if are right tagged and none furniture be founded at less of course that the Animation list be made only of furniture like with the SLEN dialogue for Throne Animations. So send me the Papyrus log to check the issue and fix it.
  4. Check if some of the scripts files of the SexLab Framework is being override by some other Mod, Fix or Patch because the message means that you are using the LE version over SE and since you ensure that is the right version the only explanation I have is that some of the files be replaced by some of the SexLab LE
  5. SexLab don't do that but probably you have some related mod that became active once SexLab is installed.
  6. Good to know. At the end allow me noticed and fix a issue so thank you. By the way what is the command you use.
  7. I just checked the scripts and the problem is on the test function. I forget to update it to also remove the Blur besides the Black. But is not the end of the world because the normal function is working. So go to the MCM and Enable the Blur Fade again and this time start some sex scene with the Player. You can wait until the end of the scene or force the end once you not longer see the Blur and once ended disable the Fade. You can also remove the effects folder located on the SexLab meshes folder if nothing works but the player scene should be enough. I will try to fix that soon a
  8. Some times happen with the test of the MCM. Just test it again, if you try again the same stoked Fade (Blur in your case) will disappear after 5 seconds. Take in consideration that sometimes if you have Mods like Frostfall or Skooma Whore that also have Blur, the Blur of those Mods can applied by chance at the same time as the test of the SexLab Fade and in this case try again the same Fade won't work because is not the SexLab Fade. In those cases just follow the instructions of the corresponding Mod. (Drink Skooma or find hot)
  9. I see now... But is the same answer anyway. The Free Camera of the SexLab can be detected with the default camera state function and the objective is allow only disable the Free Camera if is in Free Camera Mode because when you try to do another thing with the camera different from disable the Free Camera when is enabled the outcome is unwanted. if game.GetCameraState() != 0 Where 0 is free Camera
  10. Since the problem is mostly with male characters I suppose is caused by SOS. I know for sure that SOS include one small script for error treatment and without him the chance of CTD is really high on some PC. Also that script in theory can be affected by the SKSE version update so probably isn't working anymore. Send me the Papyrus log file to know the true.
  11. I'm not sure about those Mods but most of the issues with the SexLab Free Camera are related with Mods trying to change the camera state without check first if the Camera is in Free Mode. The right order is first disable the Free Camera and then change the camera state but almost none Mod check the free Camera before change the camera. The only way I know to fix that is add the condition for Free Camera on the Mods that try to change the camera. I have a fix for something like that but don't remember the Mod because is not one of those I use, so I have to check. Also I
  12. "LimitedStrip" Tag but force the LeadIn strip options so you will have to disable the slot 32 (body) on the LeadIn strip slots. Of course if you have the LeadIn scenes enabled this will be a problem because the actors going to be dressed on all the LeadIn scenes
  13. The new scripts refresh the Animation list on the CACHE every two scenes or function call and that means that you will see the same list at less 2 times if you start the scene the same way. About Foreplay Animations: the real tag is "LeadIn" and many Animations have the "Foreplay" Tag but don't have the "LeadIn" Tag. The Foreplay Tag don't even care at less you being using a Mod to specific search for it. Probably that's the issue. PS: If you change or update the Tags of the Animation is more than possible that the CACHE don't notice it and don't get updated until some
  14. @Nymra the PickByStatus() and of course the PickExpression() functions are the default choice but remember that the original Scripts have few errors about the random besides that if you want to change the expression few times those functions take extra time because have to check all the expressions every time are used. I recommend you to use the sslExpressionSlots from my SLU+ and use the GetByStatus() function because besides the fixes that function return a sslBaseExpression[] Array that needs to be called just one time and once storage in a proper variable can be easily selected
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