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  1. Yes but isn't practical because you have to do a lot of adjustments on the actor Stats like the "Lewd" or "Purity" and even then you just get control over the fast the enjoyment increase or decrease. Also depends of the Animation tags. Adjust the Actors Stats is only recommend for long term effects. For example the "Mias Lair" Mod have a quest to break and make sex addict some NPC'S, that mod have his own system aside for that but in theory if was used the SexLab Actor Stats instead for that, the behavior of the victim on t sex scene cud be looked more realistic will the BETA 9 and even more realistic with future versions. Because right now the SexLab is not taking in consideration the Actor Pain for the moaning sounds but the next version will check if the actor is in pain or pleasure before set the Voice and Expression.
  2. 1. Nop, in the Framework is just natural. The SLSO Mod besides be automatic too, also allow you manually increase the enjoyment pressing a key. W. Yes i keep my SLU+ compatible with the last version available of the SLSO by the date I do my release. That's because in this case the compatibility means that I include on my Scripts all the changes done on the SexLab Scripts by the SLSO, as optional in case the SLSO be detected. Is mostly because my SLU+ don't allow be overwritten by any other Mod so I have to include all the changes done by the rest of the mod author's inside my Scripts.
  3. Not for I know but is good idea include some function to adjust the enjoyment by scripts. Of course you can control the enjoyment of the Actors adjusting his Stats but what you want is not possible right now. Still is good idea, harmless and easy to implement so I will add the function on the next update of SLU+ and the SexLab GitHub version. Already figured out a way compatible even with the SLSO Mod.
  4. SexLab don't have UI and can't show those winget's by his own. The option allow the actor have more than one orgasm on the same Animation if the Actors enjoyment and the Animation type allow it. Is if disabled the Actors will have just one Orgasm and just at the end of the Animation. The SLSO Mod have the same objective but is more advanced and follow his own rules for the multiple Orgasms
  5. Interesting. But remember "SexLab Arousal" is not "SexLab Framework" and my "SexLab Utility Plus" is just about the "SexLab Framework". The SLU+ and the Framework do nothing with the "SexLab Arousal" except when the SLSO is installed. I'm only care about the SexLab Framework files and is supposed that everyone using the SLSO be using his Patch for the SexLab Arousal or a SexLab Arousal already compatible with the SLSO like SLAX. My Tweak for SLA don't include the SLSO patch because I don't play with SLSO
  6. Clearly something is wrong with the Tweak. Is not stranger if take in consideration that each time a new update is released I have to remake all the Tweak almost from 0. For I see happens only with the Rape scenes.
  7. Still is SLSO fault. Don't matter if you change the SLSO version because you still will be using the SLU+ scripts and my Scripts are based on the last version of the SLSO for SE that is the one made for the BETA 9 of the SexLab Framework. The problem is that the author of the SLSO is trying to make his Mod compatible with the BETA 9 without test it because she have problems installing the SexLab Framework BETA 9. So that means that need more time, test and feedback of the users to give it ready. I know the problems on the new SLSO but since I only use it for my test and the author never asked for my help I just waiting for his new version release to copy his changes in the SLSO into my Scripts...
  8. The sex scenes will make the task take longer and you will have to use the "Clean Animations CACHE" option on the SexLab MCM at the end of the task to force the CACHE to noticed the new tags. But the CACHE options is recommended anyway. So not big deal with the Sex scenes. The big deal is with the installation, uninstall or update some Mod because in theory that can force the tast to stop and you will have to remove the SLATE to be able to use it again.
  9. Yes the same option show the updated progress each time you open the page. Track the progress on real time will make it more slow that already is. So I made it to be showed just when you open the page as part of the option name. By the way, in the way is made you can keep playing while is working and even close the game and open it again. Just avoid start sex scenes and install or remove any mod until be completed.
  10. The SexLab Utility Plus is just the Mod I work more but is not required for any of my Tweaks or Patches even if some Tweaks like the one for SLAC can work better or faster if my SLU+ is installed. My public hair BodySlide's are made for my public hair mod that apply the Actors hair color on them and for that the meshes need some specific properties. I bad not remember this one is a stand alone mod and don't require the original. By the way the BodySlide meshes are for Skyrim LE and to be used on SE is better if are converted to SE using the Cathedral Assets. I'm working on a new version for SE and LE with optional 3D Pubic Hair for males that keeps the originals SOS for males and add the Pubic variants instead of replace the originals. The problem is i don't find the way to paint the Males Pubes like I did with the Females.
  11. You log said that you don't follow the instructions of the download page to install the Tweak. Since this is just a Tweak still need the original Mod installed and each SLAC Tweak is made for one specific version of the Mod so you have to download and install that version. By the way the last Tweak is based on the last SE version of the "Aroused Creatures" Mod so you need that version installed. And don't worry if you are playing on LE because the setup of my Tweak detect it and set the required files to convert the SE version to LE. Remember to run FNIS or Nemesis once installed the Tweak. To be clear: the logs said that you don't have the original Mod required for this Tweak.
  12. I made a JSON file one time to let the "SexLab Animation Load" handle it for you. By the way if you are using the "Devious Devices" mod too you better let the ZaZ Animations unregistered because DDi already come with the same Animations and more. I will check if I find the JSON file. But you can try on google because I'm sure that someone else come with the same idea about make a JSON file for that.
  13. I will check the escape radius and se if cand see if is taking the size of the Creature as reference or not. Of course you can adjust the escape radius option Values. In my test the Creatures was in the stables and behind a fence so besides I was only concerned about the CC scenes I don't feel stranger that the follower manage to escape all the time on that situation. I'm also on a new game and right now none of my followers is lewd enough to accept the Creatures approach so they always try to escape.
  14. The Conditional Expression Mod is not related with SexLab and for that reason the Patch is required if the mod is installed. You can find the Mod on Nexus, is for SE and work fine on LE too of course if you extract the BSA file. Conditional Expressions change the Player Expressions based on what the player is doing, and since don't check if the SexLab Animation is played override the SexLab Expressions by mistake if you don't have the Patch.
  15. Remove, save and then re install. That isn't needed if you wait my updated of the Tweak before install the original version. The best is install the original version and my Tweak for that version at the same time.
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