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  1. Addicted doesn't make changes of that kind to NPC's/Factions so I can't really say - it will be something in the original SW mod that has broken
  2. Hmmm - not sure about that one, have your tried resetting SL and then re-registering the anims?
  3. I like the idea - care to PM me your code (no point in reinventing it) and I'll look at integration with some MCM sliders for an update
  4. Strange - nothing has changed in the mod and they are visible in my games. Not sure what to suggest other than checking for any conflicting records via xEdit.
  5. That's an oversight on my part when I updated the OP. The Patch to use is version 1.02 and it's on the download page. I've updated the OP - thanks for the heads up.
  6. TBH there is no particular why - just that when I coded it I was thinking Classic Tentacles = EC+ When I next have time to work on FMEA I'll see about adding a toggle for slimes/oozes to be included.
  7. I didn't code this part but AFAIK it isn't reversible in gameplay I don't use it myself in game but I had always assumed that if you set it back to Max 1.0 in the MCM and then used the "Fix Nodes" function it would reset. If this isn't the case I'll look at it next time I am under the hood. That being said - if the scripts controlling pregnancy/inflation are being overwritten by the addons there may be little I can do.
  8. Afraid I have no involvement with the add-ins so don't know how to undo whatever they have done - Sorry. Your best chance is ask in the support thread for the add-ins.
  9. If you are able to get a stripped down version working would you be happy to post it as support pack for DF? I'm also up against anim limits so have the same issue with installing the full packs.
  10. Would require some work to achieve this - I will add it to the list for next time I am working on EC+
  11. That's by design - as things stand FMEA will only impregnate you with Tentacle animations
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