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  1. Afraid I don't use SE so don't have a conversion. If someone makes reliable conversions of the patch and addon I'm happy to host them on the OP.
  2. Yep, happy to take a look. Apologies - TBH I just forgot. Obviously there are a lot of different container types so I guess the question is how to balance interesting with workable - don't want to end up with a mass of mcm chances to configure. I think male corpse > Female and Strongbox > Chest > Others makes sense though.
  3. I should point out that what I'm planning is a simple MCM interface to allow this. You can already add additional container types to the mod by adding them to the "dt_additional" formlist in the containers.json file. If anyone wants to add the containers from Enderal (or any other content mod) to the list and post the updated json here I'll add it as an optional file to the downloads.
  4. Not sure what happened to that, If I get time to make the changes I want it will be come easier for people to customise which containers are trapped and add containers from other mods so that should help.
  5. My next planned upgrade is to make this possible 🙂
  6. I think SL Survival has forced drugging functionality as well - it isn't SWA
  7. Or - use a modevent and return the result via StorageUtil ?
  8. Forced drugging is a feature of the main SW mod - it can disabled in the MCM
  9. I'm no IT professional so I kinda make it up as I go along - The state change means I don't have to register for any updates or handle any other triggers so it works for my simple brain. I'm sure your method will be as good/better but in the end if they both work well I guess which anyone uses doesn't really matter 🙂
  10. In that scenario I have used one line of code in the Busy OnRemovItemEvent to store the Form (or item if needed) in a StorageUtil Formlist- then process the rest of the list at leisure. This works fine even with large item number removeall events as the event processing overhead for FormlistAdd is so low.
  11. I've recently made use of OnItemAdded with no filter I have had to use it several times for various reasons - the safe way I do this is just to use a "Busy" state - handles removeallitems or transferallitems without dumping stacks and deals with player item movements via menus just fine...
  12. Ah - then unfortunately there will be complications.
  13. Needs a link for lazy people Link - clickable by anyone, lazy or not! 🙂 @Monoman1 Quick question - is there currently a way to add a script created static container to the Stash theft system, I'm thinking would be a nice touch if abandoned backpacks got looted if they were left in busy locations....
  14. For anyone using Backpack Containers with SLS I have just updated the BC patch. What's New in Version 2.0 Released Just now Equipping a new Backpack whilst your original pack is on the ground will convert the old pack into a static container Equipping a new pack triggers a warning message pop up asking the player to confirm the pack change - can be toggled off in the MCM If you go back to your "old" backpack and empty it the backpack will be removed from the world and added to your inventory
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