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  1. An SE version should work the same - but it's not my conversion (Still using LE myself) so I can't say if anything has broken in the process.
  2. Interesting - Addicted has a detection mechanism that picks up these events and should not call the guards if you are being forced. Nobody else is reporting this as an issue (please do if you are reading this and it's a problem!) so I would l suggest it would be useful to see a log from your game when this sequence of events happens. That might enable us to identify the issue you are having.
  3. So - I have good news & bad news. This assumes everything is working as it should - I can't guarantee this with the SSE edition. Good News - The hatchlings will grow if they are not killed - this takes weeks and they need to be in a location with decent food supplies (things the PC can eat) Bad News - they are not friendly and if they get big enough they will start attacking locals and impregating females Result: Chaurageddon
  4. RND - MCM Option "Shrines Cure Disease"
  5. Yep - that was the issue. I must admit I hadn't spotted that DFC contained a copy of_sta_spankutil.psc or that STA now needs to overwrite it - thanks for the advice. 🙂
  6. STA V4.0 Not sure if this is an issue but thought I better report. I was recompiling STA scripts with some debug in to sort out an issue I was having (unrelated and now resolved). Attempting this I found that _sta_mcm.psc fails to compile due to missing properties on _sta_spankutil.psc: Float Property BumpSpankVibeChance = 33.3 Auto Hidden Float Property BumpSpankStaggerChance = 65.0 Auto Hidden These were present in V3.9 I added them back for the purposes of testing my issue and everything seemed fine.
  7. OK so if counting as zero ingredients known then you actually want iUnknownEffects = 4 - if I get a minute I'll take a look I suspect the best way to handle this in the full patch is to have a minimum overall failure chance slider for herbalism.
  8. There is a solution to this bug - check the arrest dialogue formId 0002A37F in xEdit: The dialogue conditions have an erroneous Sex = male condition on the female branch. Fix that and the bug is well and truly squished - unfortunately a number of mods that play with that dialogue forward the original error.
  9. If I understand your request you don't want it to be zero - that's what gets returned once you know all 4 effects. My guess is you would want it to be 1?
  10. I find it is possible to get out of addiction if forced drugging is disabled and addiction rate is set to slow. I agree that symptoms are harsh but equally you can remove them entirely with just a little Skooma - after all just one more won't hurt....
  11. “We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!” 😉 God I'm old..... *sigh*
  12. FMEA Version 1.46 released Added: Parasitic Intruders will now use the EC+ infection if SL Parasites is not installed Added: Parasitic Intruder infections can be toggled on/off in the MCM Added: Maximum Duration Slider for the Unstable Enchanter effect
  13. Happy for anyone to contribute as they want - you guys certainly have far more knowledge around these things than I do - I'm just an amateur script monkey. If you do make changes though please continue the native SLIF support even if you don't use it as many do.
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