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  1. Noticing your message here just now Glad to hear and looking forward to it! btw. Loving those suspension cuffs
  2. in Loot Skyui is saying another mod is overwriting Ski_playerloadgamealias.pex says its essential to skyui wondering if you have a solution? or if it don't matter or what?

  3. That's not a surprise, since HSH simply calls the PAHE function to restrain the slave
  4. Should be ok if you have no slaves (PAHE or HSH)!
  5. I just started playing around with this mod, and I really love the idea behind it. I always wanted to have slaves having a unique personality, that changes somewhat based on how you treat them. This fits the bill nicely. My main comment would be to make things more immersive still, by having slaves express their feelings with animations and bits of dialogue. They might every now and then mutter to themselves "I'm starting to like this", or "I need to get out of here", or rub their genitals like NPCs with high Arousal do. The less we have to poll the slaves through the "serious talk" dialogue, the better. Also let them react to punishment in dialogue instead of status messages. I noticed the mod replaces a bunch of HSH / Aysag scripts. Do you have an overview of what is changed? I can keep this in mind when publishing future updates to those mods.
  6. That doesn't sound like a HSH message, must be from some other mod.
  7. That's a weird problem, and those dialogues have not been touched in the last few version of the mod. The HSH quest dialogue is not set to blocking either, so it will not push out other dialogue. I do know that the option to become a thane or buying a house doesn't always appear right away, sometimes you need to poke around a bit before it does. That's an issue in the base game.
  8. This is a script heavy mod. It shouldn't corrupt your saves. However if your game gets loaded down so much that you are getting script exceptions in your log, all bets are off. There are some tweaks to allot more CPU to executing scripts, which will help.
  9. In the context of Aygas, they could go up once a town reaches a certain level of slavery. I kind of like that idea
  10. Odd, I'll have a look. They should actually trigger on all 3 Jarls; with the questline set to optional, you can still go ahead and complete it, or leave it alone as you wish.
  11. You get that option when they are trained to 70 submission.
  12. Also possible, but you'd need like 4 slaves.
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