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  1. Easiest way would be checking SKSE.GetVersion(), it'll return the major version as an int and will be '1' for LE and '2' for SE/VR.
  2. Broken equipping is a load order problem, placing PW before DC/BFT fixes it. I'm currently testing v1.03 and all seems to work side by side. Log spam was from a bug fixed in PW 1.03.
  3. There's a broken condition in the outfit selection. Fixed that yesterday after finding it by accident. I also dumped the rewrite for now. The current code needs detailing, but works as intended for the most part and (atleast) my problems were caused by mod conflicts (see two posts above). There'll be a bugfix release this weekend, patching some stuff that got changed over the last week, including the broken outfits.
  4. Addition to problematic Mods: Devious Regulations fixed 1.3 - after paying and sitting down you do not travel to your destination, must be loaded before DC and BFT More to say - lets all destinations in driver dialogue disappear (including BFTs), must be loaded before DC and BFT Will add those to the OP with next update. Also another recent mod change/update killed DCs device equipping, all DD properties can't be initialized anymore. Haven't found which one by now. Found it: Public Whore 1.0-1.02 - DC stopps equipping devices, in some cases events ar
  5. Your loadorder and your logs look fine, no clue what happenes there. You set the chances, that's it. Chances are relative, so if the average of the sum of all chances is 50%, it's also 50% that nothing happenes at all. Will be changed in the next version.
  6. Reading the reports above I'd say PBs version is a saver bet, on the other hand my current (unedited) version is running long term without any issues on my setup.
  7. Sorry for the absence, but some stuff needed to be sorted, like learning to make mods at all. I made a little Tattoo-Mod to learn basics about Quests and getting them started, so it's time to return to this project. I read about the mod stopping to work, didn't notice that sofar (running the last public version here) but I'm using BFT most of the time, not vanila CS. CarriagesystemScrript is the one from PBs v.25 and untouched, just like the BFT patch. Nothing related to that was changed, so it should still work if it did earlier. Anyways, what I think would be best is
  8. Full outfits are chosen on a strange basis, like as a option for an option. They work, but are applied rather rarely. Anyways, next things to do need a reinstall of the CK and Windows, which will happen after UPS decides to deliver my CPU.
  9. They do not have to add up. And yes, 0.3.1 is broken. It's mentioned just 3 post above yours. I'm currently testing the fixed version.
  10. Yeah, latest version got broken by MO randomly putting stuff to the Overwrite folder, so scripts in the release were mismatched. That should be sorted by now, but needs testing to confirm nothing else got some unwanted features now. If all works, 0.3.1a will come tomorrow, without DD4 fallback though. That's a lot of devices to be edited and thus a lot of potential problems to get added. Will be done, but not for next one.
  11. I guess reinstalling LE & CK is needed. This is not the first thing that got broken after compiling over the last days, luckily the weekend is just around the corner. So, for the moment, stick with 0.3.0 or 0.2.5 please.
  12. small update 0.3.1 - added fallback equipper for DD4 (separate script for now: dd4_pbdc_EquipScript.pex) - added missing carriagesystemscript files - fixed wrong alias on Driver-BondageSexBribe scenario - removed driver from bandit sex scenes The dd4 support is pretty much done, but not fully tested. If you want to give it a try, just replace the script.
  13. Yes, the driver joining is part of an old patch, where he got invited by the boss via dialogue. I'll either re-add the dialogue or make him a spectator again. I'll look into the bribing part. I saw that aswell on occasion, but for me it looked like "Scent of Sex" starting something at the same time. (Edit: Its a bug.) For edit #2, yes, that's the wrong alias mentioned in my last post. It's fixed for a service release, planned for later this evening. Edit: Update comes tomorrow, it's done but did not get enough testing.
  14. Thx for the info, no clue why that one got deleted from both scripts and sources. I'll upload a complete version tomorrow, there's also a misfilled alias in the Driver-Sex scenario that will be fixed along the lines together with readded DD4.x support.
  15. Checked the source code of that KmodCarriageScript patch, should be save to use. The code it links into has not been altered and most likely won't ever need a change at all.
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