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  1. Any chance to add the tab function back to the post text editor? (used to be next to bullet point tab) Or is there any way to tab now, without counting spaces?
  2. It shouldn't as SDP only hooks into master's sleep package.
  3. You mean in game? It can get tricky aligning the doors properly. You'll be better off in CK - just drag and drop, then just snap the doors in place.
  4. Probably a LO issue then. Try moving DDe after all your other DD mods.
  5. They are compatible, I just forgot to include an updated .json with the new SDP.
  6. There shouldn't be any issues with SE (or so I've been told). I've added the LE to the version number to denote the dev platform and to eliminate confusion.
  7. Type this in console, SetStage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1 Then wait 2 hours in game.
  8. Are you on SE? If so, no idea. They work fine in LE.
  9. You can get the CD 4.16 patch here,
  10. You could just unequip the specific items you don't like and equip the ones you do (either as a custom outfit, or directly from the library).
  11. It is. You can disable it in the SUM MCM.
  12. A bug. Should be fixed in the next SUM. For now you can disable the night eye in the SUM MCM.
  13. Yup, bug is confirmed, it will be squashed for the next SUM.
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