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  1. @Billyy, First, thanks for the new furniture animations. Second, for the past two updates I'm getting this stretching (see SS) with all the new animations. The old ones work fine. This happens across all my saves. Any ideas?
  2. Yes, I've been getting a lot of reports of that happening, tho I cannot duplicate that on my end. I must have shipped SDP with an outdated/uncompiled script. Should be fixed in the next SDP.
  3. No, but if you install it, does POP work better?
  4. Were you waiting or sleeping before this happened? Is it a POP punishment? Try resetting your SL animation registry.
  5. That a fallback mechanism when the race is not recognized.
  6. Oh no, the fireplace was meant as punishment not an execution. Are you waiting, sleeping when this happens? Try resetting your SL animation registry.
  7. Can you enter your final destination while not under arrest? (with POP/SUM installed)
  8. Make sure you are using the latest SUM. If yes, I would need a DDe log with logging enabled. Just enter the actual outfit name, in your case outfit1.
  9. Yes, it seems that I am losing this match, or am I?
  10. That texture is from ZAP. Make sure ZAP is installed correctly.
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