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  1. For a while I thought complex mfg and voices were being put aside, but I've realized from other posts that the PC is supposed to be loaded with _OGal defaults? I'm getting an undefined entry in place of it instead. Any ideas guys? edit: embarrassed af. I must have accidentally deleted the whole OSA folder containing the defaults when making the .gfx
  2. That sounds very possible. I just did a few tests in an empty cell (many of the aethersuite cells) and the alignments were perfect a lot of the time. I tried turning player collision on and off but that did not seem to affect the outcomes of alignments very consistently. I was also not able to find a significant effect with actor starting distance or facing away or towards each other. In general with an empty cell where the NPC cannot collide with the environment I got more accurate alignment results. However even though the alignment is either [very good] or [perfect] I could not find the factor that makes one outcome happen over the other.
  3. With the new version (J) where you go through menus to start the scene I think most of the time there is at least a 5 degree difference. I might be wrong but I think with alignment the NPC moves to the player, so scene orientation is determined by player position instead of something like the calculated midpoint between NPC and player. Edit: I think it's hard to see, but it's not the SOS angle being off. The entire actor body is at different degrees
  4. Has anyone experienced any minor alignment issues? I'm not talking about being way off, but rather like off really minutely. Actors are always aligned the correct distance from each other, but may be off by a few degrees in rotation (if the point of pivot is the spinal cord). Generally I use the handjob or blowjob animations to check the rotational alignment, and it happens really spontaneously. I could load a save, start a scene and have perfect alignment, quit and load the same save and have an alignment that was different. I'll attach a few pics I took a while ago (very off, off, aligned). It looks like the alignment is off but really it's only the Dom's rotation shifting. I only have a few versions of 0sex archived but I think this bug was introduced from 1.8xx and onwards. I couldn't reproduce it in 1.64. The 1.8xx implementation of actor alignment solves the sometimes jittery actors when animation or speedchanging issue though, but I'm not sure how related that is.
  5. Hey CEO thanks for everything you've done for us up until now. I really feel the same way about Bethesda so you have my full support for this decision. It's a shame that we'll never see SEX WHILE SPOONING but I think it's a good thing that modders like you can stand up and say enough is enough when Bethesda are clearly getting greedier by the year. Good luck on your future endeavors!
  6. Sorry if this is somehow a dumb question, but why would a mod like 0Sex be incompatible with Dyndolod?
  7. Hey CEO the new update is just amazing as always I've been messing around with the profile which is really interesting for all purposes but I can't seem to get it to work on specifically the PC after testing for a while I can change the values on the original profile and Camilla's stats update after restarting the game but it doesn't seem show up when I copy the file over for just the player character. I've tried it on Lucan Valerius and it works. persona path for PC points me to meshes\0SP\PC\default
  8. Hey CE0 sorry for not providing a lot of feedback and stuff, but just here to say its amazing to see how much 0SEX has progressed, I think the floating interface is crazy good. Some stuff from testing 1.08 demo 3: Some people talked about the actor freezing stuff, which I found happened a lot more on console spawned npcs than npcs who were originally there already (Lucan vs random soldiers) Alignment is off sometimes (one actor faces the wrong direction, medium sized gap, actor spins around in circles never really stopping). I think the "correct" alignment is slightly off to the right (or left depending on how you look at it), about 2 tankards off. I think there's other stuff but these were more noticeable I guess. Just want to say again that the floaty interface is amazing, pretty sure this is the first mod to have something like this or at least with this level of polish.
  9. I use female facial animation. I did try the modifiers with and without and I didn't see a visible difference. The mod release was before mfg console and I think the author only touched expressions and phonemes. Personally I think the textures are probably fine it's just that using LookDown and Blink pulls the vertices downwards past a limit. Kind of like using 2 mfg phonemes at 100 causing things like splitting mouths.
  10. You did really well with these expression combinations and I never meant to make your job more complicated by designing multiple expression options. I don't think it makes or breaks the mod, but it's just something I noticed. I think it's fine to keep LookDown where it exists already since that's supposed to be integral for future plans (eg. sexdentity) but after testing around it seems that by lowering the BlinkL and BlinkR values the eyes are still shut and look less unnatural. For example, I found BlinkL and BlinkR at 55 to look good with LookDown 90. That way the eyeball position is still preserved.
  11. I forgot about setting weight affecting facegen so yeah I guess that's a no go. I'll get myself updated to the newest version of SoS as the pack I'm currently using only has choices for regular or bodybuilder body. Yeah sorry for not being specific enough. I meant blink as in mfg modifiers 0 and 1. I got it wrong as well it's 90 for LookDown instead of 100. I think it's a facegen thing that I found clipping around the eyes but I feel that it's something that's just more obvious with a modded player character but still exists as a vanilla problem. It's really subtle so I didn't notice the issue at first and I can imagine that some texture choices might make it very hard to notice. I'm very excited for sexdentity though don't get me wrong. I've included before-and-after screens of a default preset nord woman, an old lady and a vanilla female child (I'm fairly sure I don't have any texture replacements or facial modifications or mesh replacements for children): One of the default presets for Skyrim Child Old Lady
  12. So I spent some more time with 0sex using what I think are closest to the defaults (unp-based body, SoS bodybuilder) and noticed that perhaps npc weight is important in aligning the animations as well. The animation that depends on this the most right now is RUB ABS and I found that 50 weight for nordrace scale 1.03 is probably the most aligned value. Standardizing that along with setscales might be a good idea, I guess? Another thing I noticed during one of my tests were that during scenes where the sub has her eyes closed there was also a lookdown mfg modifier. I tested a few mfg combinations and found that enabling the lookdown modifier in combination with higher blink modifier values caused the eyelids to clip into the skin below.. With only blink 90 and no lookdown nothing clips for me, and with lookdown at 100 blink modifiers 55 seem to look the best. Those are subjective values coming from my side though, but I'm just asking if using the lookdown modifier in conjunction with the blink modifiers serve any major purpose.
  13. hey CEOS just dropping by to give thanks to your awesome mod. The transitions make it so much more lifelike and I feel that it is safe to say that sex in Skyrim is beating a good number of porn games in the animation department as well. Some thangs about the mod: Controls were hard to understand at first but became intuitive afterwards I use a unp based body (7b) and solved clipping to the point where it is close to nonexistent by adjusting my char. height in Racemenu (don't think I'll need to do this after setscale stuff is implemented). Lil' request here...Facelight Dark as an addition to regular Facelight? I'll be reading through the entire thread to see what's been said and what I should know. I'm glad I caved in to partial manual installation (long file names) as it was better than what I could've ever imagined.
  14. SUP GUYS I'm back from a long, hard ride with military service (dont ask) and boy do I have catching up to do with everything in Skyrim modding. I've been trying to find all my armors mods with slot52 for my upcoming transition to SoS as Frostfall seems to be updating soontm and was lucky to fix one of the problems with 32. TERA Viridinium - Bombshell BBP caused by the newest Tera Armors pack update. It has something to do with the armor slot settings in the .nif file and how that doesn't match up with the slots in the .esm and for some reason most of the other Tera conversions are unaffected since they don't all have the BSDisemberSkinInstance block...yadedy da...long short story short I stumbled upon why the gloves were invisible and fixed it and here it is. The gauntlet nifs might be the same but just use the main one if you don't use the optional and use the optional if you use the optional. TERA Viridinium - Bombshell BBP gloves fix.7z TERA Viridinium - Optional 7B gloves fix.7z
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