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  1. Hello, I have a strange bug. Basically I just got Uthgerd the Unbroken as a follower. When I tried to use the "You could dress better" option from "Ultimate Follower Overhaul", she vanished for a second and then returned. Now thats where the fun starts. She had a different hair style, with a bright pink color and her face textures were more round then usual. So what I tried was to reload a previous savegame, but she still had this changes. After closing the game and restarting, ahe looked normal. But when I did the same option again, she turned back to her pink hairstile and round face. Does anyone know, how to solve this? Reinstalling the mod would be a good start, but I'm curious if there is another option. Also I haven't tried it with other female followers, but with 2 male and when I did this action, nothing changed.
  2. ledo4ek

    [HDT SMP] Hair pack

    Hair Work for HDT SMP. For work you need mod HDT SMP (2016.07.08). How add Hair: 1. (open console and write help HDT(all name hair begin HDT SMP, then player.additem ID) 2. Download add item menu(http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64905/?) and add hair. Version history: If don't work collision: 1. If instal HDT PE and HDT SMP(for body you use HDT PE)> download this(Config.rar) and place in hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs! (CBBE body) for unp need change name in body or config. 2. If install only HDT SMP(for body you use HDT SMP) > need open cbbe-tbbp.xml and add this Preview: HDT SMP HAIR.part1.rar HDT SMP HAIR.part2.rar
  3. Hi! What is the name of this hairstyle or can you share the link to download it? (if it is not private)
  4. View File REQUESTS/SUGGESTIONS: I have recieved several messages from people asking for specific armors/outfits, so I'm adding this section so people can stop messaging me. Do it in the comments instead: I am open to suggestions, but I make no promises. Fulfilling requests is dependent on how easy it will be for me to do it, how much free time I have, and my interest in your suggestion. Another consideration is a developer's/publisher's rights and whether they will object to me porting things. CD Projekt is an example of a developer that is friendly towards other people (tastefully) using their assets. Don't even bother asking me for something from Overwatch. If you have a request, try to find a source before asking me. XPS/XNA models (easiest to do), Blender models, DOA5 mods, MMD models (hardest to do), etc. are all suitable sources that I can use to port something to skyrim. Deviantart is a great source for these, but not everyone is willing to let me port stuff they've ripped, and I will respect their wishes if they say no. Lastly, let me reiterate that I MAKE NO PROMISES. If I don't want to do it, asking me ten times in a pm and offering me money won't change anything. I don't have/want a patreon. I do this for fun. WHY: I've been messing around with Skyrim for a long time, and I've built up quite a bunch of stuff I figure I should share. So I'll be keeping all of my mods here from now on. I do conversions from other games, so here you'll find hairs, outfits, and armours I've ported over to Skyrim. I'll add more as I get around to packaging it all up and making sure it's worthy to share. WHAT: ARMOR - 1) High Society UUNP HDT from DOALR Heel Sound 1.5 required. Property of Tecmo/Team Ninja Original Port by Rolance https://rolance.deviantart.com/ 2) Two UUNP HDT from Drakenguard 3 Property of Access Games/Square-Enix 3) Ranger Set 1 UUNP HDT from Black Desert Online Property of Kakao/Pearl Abyss Original port by Riz on Npatch.ru Reuploaded by Bringess https://bringess.deviantart.com/ 4) Berserker UUNP HDT from Black Desert Online Property of Kakao/Pearl Abyss Original port by Riz on Npatch.ru Reuploaded by Bringess https://bringess.deviantart.com/ 5) Ryuko Matoi UUNP HDT costume from Kill la Kill Costume originally created by Huchi001 https://huchi001.deviantart.com/ for use in DOA5 Note: the suspenders clip through the boobs on higher weight body types (like the Manga body) so I've made them a separate add-on that you can wear or not. 6) Four UUNP HDT from Drakenguard 3 Property of Access Games/Square-Enix 7) Ryuko Matoi School UUNP HDT costume from Kill la Kill Costume originally created by Huchi001 https://huchi001.deviantart.com/ for use in DOA5 8) Seashell Bikini UUNP HDT from DOA Property of Tecmo/Team Ninja (Just something quick I already had lying around. I think this one hasn't been done yet, but I could be wrong.) 9) Marie Rose costume by Tamiki Wakaki UUNP HDT from DOA5LR Property of Tecmo/Team Ninja Original Port by Rolance From wikipedia: Tamiki Wakaki (若木 民喜 Wakaki Tamiki, born May 9, 1972 in Ikeda, Osaka[1]) is a Japanese manga artist and graduate of Kyoto University, notable for his manga series, The World God Only Knows. HAIR - 1) Xiaoyu's hair from Tekken 7 (Nini on patreon has been showing this one off in his screenshots and not sharing so I figured I would beat him to the punch.) Property of BANDAI NAMCO Original Port by Rolance https://rolance.deviantart.com/ POSSIBLE UPCOMING: 1) Here's what I'm planning next. Let me know in the comments which I should do first. DOA5 Marie Rose Costume 27 Falcom Mashup Lightning 'Romance' Suit Heroes of Incredible Tales - Anika Kiryuin Satsuki DOA5LR Leifang - Rave MOD Black Desert Online 2) More hair on hold while I fix nifskope issues DO NOT REUPLOAD/REDISTRIBUTE TO OTHER SITES WITHOUT CHANGING THE MODEL IN SOME WAY AND CREDITING THE ORIGINAL UPLOADERS (LISTED ABOVE) Fixes/Updates: 2018-02-03 Uploaded Tamiki Wakaki costume from DOA5LR 2018-02-01 Uploaded Seashell Bikini 2018-01-29 Fixed Ryuko Matoi's school download 2018-01-28 Uploaded Ryuko Matoi's school outfit 2018-01-23 Added Four from Drakenguard 3 2018-01-21 Added Ryuko Matoi costume 2018-01-20 Added BDO Berserker set 2018-01-15 Added BDO Ranger Set Added esp to Drakenguard Two (woops) Submitter rhino_4 Submitted 01/14/2018 Category Models & Textures Requires Heel Sound 1.5, HDT Special Edition Compatible No  
  5. View File Immersive Hair Growth and Styling ( = Yolie’s Devious & Immersive Fashion v. 5.4.1) This is a mod adding several "fashion" features. You need to apply these features in an immersive way, such as: visiting the hairdresser to get a hair cut, perm or hair dye getting your ears pierced before being able to wear earrings apply nail polish from nail polish bottles finger by finger, toe by toe use lipstick and eye shadow, which will wear off over time high heel training (with normal heels and devious boots) armpit/pubic hair growth and hair shaving These features may cause addiction, arousal and have other special side effects. (everything can be enabled/disabled in the MCM menu) More features are continuously being added. This mod is made for human female player characters (preferably CBBE body), though many features will work on non-humans, or male characters as well. Direct link to download page Version 5.4.1 (Immersive Hair Styling) Head hair will slowly grow over 19 stages, from bald to ankle length. At default speed, you need to wait for 1-3 in-game months before you reach the next hair length stage. At each hair length stage, a different selection of hairstyles becomes available. About 820 hair styles from "KS Hairdo's" and some other hair mods are preconfigured (you still need to install the original hair mods though). There are different kinds of hairstyles: Default hairstyles: -- This is what you see when the mod starts, or when your hair grows. There is exactly one per length stage, typically a vanilla or KS Hairdo. These are applied once your hair grows to a longer stage. Default hairstyles are preconfigured as straight hairstyles. You can also define custom hairstyles as default hairstyles (which may for example be curly); see section below on "how to configure...". Standard hairstyles: -- This is what you get when you use "Shampoo". A selection of (straight) hairstyles. If you currently have the default hairstyle or another standard hairstyle, you may style your hair yourself to any standard (or the default) hairstyle at any time. A hairdresser can help you as well. Permed hairstyles: Special curly hairstyles. May only be applied by hairdresser. If permed, you can no longer style your hair to a standard style. You need to wait for a (configurable) amount of days, until you can perm your hair again or ask the hairdresser to remove your perm, or (optional) get your permed hair cut away. Braids: May be applied by yourself using "Elastic Hairband", if you hair is long enough, and you have a default/standard hair style. May be removed at any time by yourself. Ponytails: works exactly the same as braids. Pinned-up hair counts as ponytail. Buzzed nape: A special set of hairstyles, only available for neck and shoulder length. May only be applied by a hairdresser. May not be styled by yourself. To remove a “buzzed nape”, you need to let your hair grow to armpit length, or ask the hairdresser to cut it to ear length (or shorter). Mohawk: May only be applied by a hairdresser. May not be styled by yourself. Will require constant shaving of your head sides. Only way to remove a mohawk is to get your head completely shaved. May cause a fashion debuff (see Fashion Addiction below). Upon mod initialization, you may choose your natural hair color, which is then permanent. Later you can get a hair dye from a hairdresser, which will fade or grow out over time (can be configured in MCM). Player needs to sit down for a hair makeover or a professional manicure session; once you have chosen your style, you have about 25 seconds to find a chair, or you need to start over again. Hairdressers and fashion vendors can be found in most major cities of Skyrim. The following items can be purchased from any hairdresser (all have unlimited uses): Shampoo: A must have! Used to style your default or standard hair to another standard hairstyle. Has no effect on other hairstyles (though you can wash your hair with it). Elastic Hair Band: A must have! Used to style your hair as a ponytail or a braid. Brush: Used to revert a standard/braided/ponytail hairstyle to the default hairstyle. Has no effect on other hairstyles (though you can comb/brush your hair with it). Shaving Knife and Shaving Cream: Can be used to shave your head. Works only, if you have "long stubbles" or shorter hair; otherwise you need to find a hairdresser. Hairstyle Catalog: Used to preview any hairstyle and color for 5 seconds. Mirror: Get information about your current hair status, piercing status, makeup status, and fashion addiction / body hair status. Any hairdresser will also inform you about your status upon demand. Some items are for debugging/testing, and can be obtained via console: Generally, this mod assumes that you have natural straight (or slightly wavy hair). If you prefer naturally curled hair, you may set up your own set of custom hairstyles. When choosing a hair makeover, make sure that corresponding hairstyles are available. By default, short hair cannot be braided or made into a ponytail. Permed hair is not available for very short hair lengths. Compatible with all 3rd party hairstyle mods! This mod comes with about 820 preconfigured hairstyles (you will still need to install these hair mods to access these styles): - KS Hairdos (about 550 styles of all lengths and kinds, but no narrow mohawks; this is a strongly recommended add-on to this mod) - ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5 (about 100 styles, among them a few narrow mohawks of length stages 4,5,6) - ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full (42 styles) - KS Hairdos - HDT Physics (about 75 styles with hdt) - Lovely Hairstyles (about 25 styles, among them a few broad mohawks and buzzed nape cuts) - Merida Hair with physics (2 long perm hair styles with hdt) About 30 vanilla Skyrim hairstyles are also included. How to configure alternate default styles other 3rd party hairstyle mods: Check out here on how to make hair styling work for vampires. ---- OTHER FEATURES ---- ​(everything can be enabled/disabled in the MCM menu) IMMERSIVE PIERCING SYSTEM HIGH HEEL TRAINING -- High Heel Compatibility: PUBIC AND ARMPIT HAIR GROWTH ​ IMMERSIVE NAIL POLISH SYSTEM LIPSTICK & EYESHADOW FASHION ADDICTION GENDER CHANGE ------------------------------------------------------- REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL VERSIONS (without them the mod won't run at all) SKSE SkyUI Fuz Ro D-oh PapyrusUtil REQUIREMENTS FOR FULL VERSION ONLY HDT HighHeels System - For the no HDT versions, HDT HighHeels is not required; NIOverride Heels will still work Sexlab - For the LITE versions, Sexlab is not required. Devious Devices Assets+Integration - For the LITE versions, DD is not required. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED ADD-ONS (without them a lot of features won't show up) For the PIERCING, the MAKEUP (lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish) and PUBIC HAIR system: SlaveTats 1.1.1 For the HAIR: KS Hairdos (preconfigured hair styles) OPTIONAL ADD ONS (NOT REQUIRED) For more convenient menus: UIExtensions, making it easier to choose hair length, hair color, hair style, eyeshadow or professional nail polish color For the ARMPIT HAIR: The "Armpits - Slavetats" conversion from Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair For the PIERCING system: to add more earlobe studs, install Facial Piercings and/or Litheria Armor Pack 202 For more jewelry, it is recommended to use earring/piercing mods like: Immersive Jewelry , Test HDT Earrings, KS Jewelry, or HN66s Earrings ​For the PUBIC HAIR: SoS and SoS Pubic Hair for Females ​For the NAIL POLISH system, the following add-on mods will provide hand meshes for some additional colors: - Kaw's Claws: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5910/? (adds nail polish colors: aqua, black, blue, bright red, dark red, gold, green, pink, purple, silver) - HN66s Hands and Nails http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57083/? (adds nail polish colors: french white, grey tips, zebra red, blood red, dark blue, dark green) - HN66 Mage Nails http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/27668/? (adds nail extensions in the colors: French white, black, blue, gold, green, red; these extensions can only be applied by a professional manicurist) If you don't install these files, pubic hair and nail polish will still show as SlaveTats. So these mods are not required. If needed, turn off the "Use This Mod's Nail Meshes" in MCM to make the fingernail SlaveTats show correctly. For the arousal effects of FASHION ADDICTION: Sexlab Aroused Redux For the HAIR: Hair styles from the following hair mods are preconfigured:KS Hairdos - HDT Physics, Lovely Hairstyles, Merida Hair with physics, ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5, ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full WHICH FILES TO INSTALL - Choose the version with the highest version number fitting best your current installation (in parentheses are the required masters) - "LITE" versions do not require DD or Sexlab. - The Sound&Texture Pack is required for all versions. It is compatible with lower and higher versions of this mod. - This mod was created for CBBE. In the download section a patch is available for UUNP - Optional: In the subdirectory SKSE\Plugins\ypsFashion you will find the hair configuration. You may replace the file ypsHairDefault.json with the version that fits you best (KS HAIR and/or KS HDT HAIR installed). NIOVERRIDE LAYERS (VERY IMPORTANT!) If you are using SlaveTats: To be on the safe side for this mod, open the file Data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini with an editor and set iNumOverlays=12 for Face, =5 for Body, =3 for Hands, =3 for Feet. On top of that, add the values needed for other mods. Furthermore, you need to set bEnableFaceOverlays=1 More in depth explanation: UPDATING FROM A PREVIOUS VERSION Upgrading from any non-alpha previous version to 5.2 or higher should be ok. TO GET STARTED UNINSTALLING THE MOD COMPATIBILITY ISSUES AND DEBUGGING FOR MODDERS Several functions of this mod can be called by a initiating a ModEvent. A few StorageUtil variables are available as well. See the code examples below. Feel free to contact me if you need further functions. For details, please look here. Suggestions by other modders are very welcome. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER This mod just provides a framework to add immersion when wearing earrings, piercings and other fashion items. It does not contain any artwork (shapes, meshes, textures...). Credit for the artwork goes to the creators of all these wonderful jewelry mods. Credit for the barefoot meshes goes to xinafay. Thanks to Kaw from the Nexus for providing the finger nail meshes. Thanks to weird letting me use part of the code of SlaveTats Event Bridge. Thanks to pchs for having the wonderful idea of growing pubic hair. Thanks to Mambo for the Pubic Hair Alternatives; variants of some of his textures were used for this mod. Thanks to jb64 for the non HDT patches. Thanks to dePog for the armpit hair textures from Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair. Thanks to nokturnihs for the UUNP body piercing textures. Thanks to Skyrimll for very important hints, mod event suggestions and bug fixes. Thanks to gnaddelwarz for providing an import/export script. Thanks to nisa9022 for fixing issues with werewolves and barefoot meshes. Thanks to Kakabishan for his wonderful Barber resources, included in the texture pack. ​Thanks to countless LL community members for suggestions and bug reports. LEGAL STUFF You are welcome to do a translation, but you need to post it here on LL. (This includes Russian and Chinese translations ) --------------- Any problems, please post here. HAVE FUN!!! --------------- Update log: v. 5.4.1 - added mod events to change pubic and armpit hair status - support for UIExtensions added (when choosing hair length, hair color, hair style, eyeshadow or professional nail polish color) - now showing time differences in the format day/hour/minute - mohawk may now cause fashion debuff (intensity can be configured in MCM, default = 5) - will no longer show hair init window for male characters - males may now also use nail polish (though it will cause invisible hands on most bodies, use at your own risk) - fixed erroneous message showing a fashion addiction decrease v. 5.4.0 - fixed nail polish dry time - fixed a small MCM error v. 5.4 - applying eyeshadow has been fixed: simply use the new item "eyeshadow applicator brush", available from vendors - SlaveTat updates are now spread over time (lipstick, eyeshadow, body hair growth, nail polish); this will reduce long lockout times - added MCM option to prevent SlaveTat updates during battle - removed professional manicure packages (a few are left for decoration); color for professional manicure will now be chosen in a dialog box (much like hairstyles) - mirror will now show more details about your status - can remove all YPS tattoos from player in MCM menu (= mod uninstall option) - SlaveTat lock default MCM value is now ON again - player will now stay dressed when pubic hair grows - ticker Interval option in MCM is now working correctly - choosing of body/head hair upon mod start is now working correctly - added some hair styles to "KS Hairdos - HDT.esp.json", and made some rearrangements to comply with "KS Hairdo's.esp.json" - added Hair Default configuration files for KS Hairdos and/or KS HDT Hair - added MCM sliders for fashion addiction increase/decrease intensity, and for fashion arousal intensity - added MCM slider for high heels untraining speed - when trying to equip Apachii hair, will now also check whether Apachii mod is installed - when getting or changing body piercings the mod will now check whether you have an item in the body slot equipped, and will not longer check ClothingBody and ArmorCuirass keywords - permanent piercing perks are now hidden, you can check your status in the mirror (this won't change currently existing perks) Older updates: Submitter emily1673 Submitted 01/15/2016 Category Other Requires SKSE, SkyUI, Fuz Ro D-oh, Papyrusutil Special Edition Compatible
  6. Hello, everyone. So I've been working on a standalone follower and got permission from realclone to use the blonde "tiantian" hairstyle in it. I've set up the XML to be standalone and the textures are edited in nifskope, but in game, the wig shows up as black/brown. I didn't use the default mesh (tian), but the "tianw" one. So I don't understand. I've messaged them about it, but there may have been some difficulty with understanding for them since I'm 99% sure we aren't both native English speakers. Oh, well. Can anyone tell me what could be wrong? Here's the link to the mod by the way. If someone can tell me how to get it to look correctly on a STANDALONE follower mod (without just using AddItemMenu and sticking it on), that would be amazing and I'll give a shout out to you (without a direct link to LoversLab, of course), on the Nexus on my mod page. :) I'd... Give cookies, but unfortunately cannot send any. :[ Thank you very much! (^_^) Here is the hair mod in question. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88416
  7. This is my edited .xmls for Vagina, breast, butt, belly, legs, hairs, earrings... physics and collisions. Instructions (Trepleen body/vagina): - Install XP32 2.x skeleton, SKSE 1.7.x, TBBP compatible animations, Bodyslide 2.x, Caliente CBBEv3 body, SOS and Sexlab. Please, refer to the original mod support topic for installing instructions. - Install and run FNIS. Go Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users, run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe, "Skeleton arm fix" checkbox selected, update FNIS Behavior. - Unzip and copy the contents of "Trepleen HDT CBBE body + Vagina + XPMSE Collision XML.rar" to your game "Data" folder. - Create a SLFC body with bodyslide, mark the box "wall" at the top of the sliders, move the sliders to your tastes, create the body. Alternatively you can use the default meshes included (femalebody_1/2.nif). If you or one of your followers have a custom race you will have to replace her body with this one, also replace her skeleton with XP32. - Go ingame and equip HDT havok Object (open the console and type player.equipitem xx00A0A0 where xx belongs to the mod load order; equipitem xx00A0A0 for a targeted NPC). - Test in Sexlab (You will have to play with the SOS position until you get something good). 14/04/15 UPDATE: - Fixed a small gap between body and feet, I had to redo the weights at feet, matching leg "rearCalf". I have included the feet meshes in the .zip, you should have them. - Slight reduction of the vagina wide opening, increased the smoothness of the collision with SOS. - Enabled male hand collisions. - Tweaked the belly physics and collisions, trying to increase the response to SOS. - Increased the collision between female butt and male pelvis. 26/03/15 UPDATE: - Modified collision values for SOS (hdtm.xml), now the interaction between vagina and SOS is much better. - Changes to the textures and mesh texture properties with a direct impact in the lightning of the vagina, removed the glow. 25/02/15 UPDATE: -Tweaks to the vagina .xml, I tried to increase the stability and performance. 04/02/15 UPDATE: -Small fix for belly, preventing it from moving out of control. 18/01/15 UPDATE: -Body tweaks Cleaned and improved weights on breasts, cross weights removed, lightened weights (no more sunken breasts) Belly improved weights, lightened weights (fixed inward problem while running) Removed the inner wall covering genitals. Added weights to FrontThigh L/R, RearThigh L/R and RearCalf L/R, brings the legs to life. -Vagina tweaks Weighted clitorial region so it collide with SOS, I have tweaked also the wide opening of labia making it more closer to SOS. I have added weights to VaginaBack and VaginaDeep, so now the rear vagina is growing in deep and width during penetration . -Tweaks to the physics in breasts and belly I wanted to break with the limit of vertical movement, right now the breast can move in all directions while running, giving a realistic look, breasts can move differently each. -Bodyslide version Adding manually the NiStringExtradata is no longer needed, bodyslide automatically generates it. There is a checkbox you have to pay attention in the sliders window: "Wall", you need to chech this box to remove the wall covering the genitals in the Trepleen version. This "wall" is no longer needed and interfere with the vagina animation. I'm just impresed on what can be achieved in this game, its amazing. GIF (46mb size): 08/01/15 UPDATE: Changed Vagina BSLightingShaderProperty in mesh to give a more natural look. 04/01/15 UPDATE: Fixed inward belly, improved belly collisions with SOS. 02/01/15 UPDATE: Changed the values for initial position in constrains to compensate the inward vagina problem. 31/12/14 UPDATE: Vagina collision compatible with XPMSE v2.33 Happy new year!!! 29/12/14 UPDATE: - The living vagina is here This is a CBBE HDT version with a vagina weighted only to 2 bones (NPC L SLFCVagina02, NPC R SLFCVagina02), it is the "trepleen" CBBE HDT body, and it is based in XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended 2.06 (I have added the vagina bones to the male skeleton, otherwhise you will get the fps bug). This .xml is at a very alpha state so expect a lot of bugs. Some sexlab animations works fine, others no so much. You will have to correct the SOS position some times. 15/11/14 UPDATE: - Optimized .XML to work with XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended v2.14 (latest). Click the link for more info about the new version and compatible bodies. Tested ok with my old UNPB TBBP, Lady Body TBBP, HDT CBBE, Demonica TBBP and Citrus body. - Added "BB's Hair Physics Project" with edited .XMLs, it adds 2 female hair styles with physics. Endorse if you like it. 15/09/14 UPDATE: -New edit to "HDT All In One 14.28 version". I have added weapon rigidbodies and constrains. This is for the vanilla default weapon possition. For Dual Sheath Redux + XP32 skeleton 1.93ar50 and my custom .xml: HDT Equipment v.0.2a - Craftable Weapon Sling version 0.2a. (you must equip player/npc with the correct sling, in this case "dual back scabbard" (xx00331b). 13/09/14 UPDATE: -Added Fuse00 Female Hairstyles with Physics (5 Hairstyles) with eddited .xml. I have changed collision groups, "angular damping", "linear damping", "Time Factor" and "mass(Kg)", hair was moving too agressive. Credit to the original autor: Fuse00. Original mod is required, then overwrite with my file: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57179/? (Endorse if you like it) 29/08/14 UPDATE: - Added MarieRose HDT Hair with eddited .xml. I have done some changes: Removed the plastic look, changed ribbon color and texture, more definition on hair, more color, reflections, less specular strength and glossiness, changed shader properties. Credit to the original autor: MortredL from 3DM (if Im right...) 13/07/14 UPDATE: - New improved .xmls: Idle1 (Normal, MoreBounce, LessBounce, NoBelly) Idle2 (Normal, MoreBounce, LessBounce, NoBelly) (Idle1 normal is inside HDT All In One 14.28 version (Edit 5).rar, you need to install this file first, when you download other .xml version, for example "MoreBounce", remember to rename the .xml to hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml and replace) I am very happy with the result, new updates are quite unlikely -New video showing Idle1 and Idle2, walking and dancing (walking in "Morebounce" version) http://youtu.be/4mcK6iKxuaI 13/06/14 UPDATE: - B3lisario Equipable SOS can collide with female body, so it can be used as an animated strapon with full physics and collisions for female/female sex. Install original mod and replace genital meshes with the uploaded here. (for Equipable SOS user guide refer to original mod topic please) 11/06/14 UPDATE: - New .xmls with less bounce and no Belly specialized to Red3113 idle1 and idle2 anim. 10/06/14 UPDATE: - New .xml adapted to red3113 idle anim no.2 Do not install if you use idle anim no.1 09/06/14 UPDATE: - Numenume hairstyles HDT added (3 hairstyles). Edited .xml to fit better in 14.28 .dll version. 08/06/14 UPDATE: - DOA (Christie) Hair HDT 14.28 edit (autor unknown). The file contains 4 hair types, only Christie have physics. 03/06/14 UPDATE: - Reduced SOS capsule radius, reduced belly capsule radius and friction. (Now belly/butt works better with bigger SOS, at least in my HDT CBBE Bodyslide meshes). - Changes to breast collision have been made, now both hands collide while going down. 29/05/14 UPDATE: - New video showing tbbp armor working with Havok. - New .gifs (heavy size) - Edits to fine tune collisions between SOS and Breasts (see the .gif) 27/05/14 UPDATE: - Edits to Merida's Hair trying to reduce jitter/wildly movement. (Make sure "Ambient Oclusion" in your graphic card drivers or ENB is activated, keep your framerate above 25-30fps) - Edits to hdtm.xml and hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml about collisions between SOS-Butt-Belly-Breasts 25/05/14 UPDATE: - All files updated to be 14.28 compatible (last version) - Added HDT Hoop Earrings (Thanks to jacques00, original autor) 12/05/14 UPDATE: - .xml no belly bounce/collisions version - .xml reduced breast/belly bounce version 15-04-14 UPDATE: - New .xml file with enabled collissions between male genitals and female breast*/butt - Tweaked belly distortions to increase displacement in/out while penetration. - Tweaked breast bounce to not loose breast shape while running. -Added MaleHands_0, MaleHands_1 with the required "NiStringExtraData" modification -GIFs added showing butt and belly distortions while penetration. *Removed in favor of bounce quality and quality collision with hands. (if you dont have collision effect: equip male actor with HDT Havok Object, equipitem xx00a0a0) 07-04-14 UPDATE: - New video showing belly bounce - New .xml file with increased belly bounce 06-04-14 UPDATE: - Belly support with bounce and collisions with hands and male genitals. - Updated Meridas hair to version 2. - Updated Earrings to collide with neck Credit and thanks to all HDT autors like Yoo, clp2011, B3lisario, blabba, Groovtama, Vioxsis, jancicc, jacques00, Monsto Brukes, of course XP32 and HydrogensaysHDT and some many others...credit as well for Trepleen for his HDT Body and vagina. Permisions obtained from clp2011 (HDT All in One), Yoo (Meridas Hair), jacques00 (HDT Hoop Earrings), Vioxsis (HDT Earrings), jancicc (Numenume HDT hair), B3lisario (Equipable SOS), Fuse00(Female Hairstyles with physics). Thanks to "powerhorst" for help on 14.28 adaptation You will have to excuse my bad english Demo video: http://youtu.be/NordGL6_OiY http://youtu.be/fFEZrE9Mp_k http://youtu.be/Rdd0OkGCVIA Gifs: HDT Earrings 14.28 version(edit by daie).rar XP32 Ponytail 14.28 version (edit 2 by Daie).rar HDT Hoop Earrings 14.28 (edit by daie).rar Merida Hair 14.28 version (edit 2 by Daie).rar DOAChristieHairHDT v14.28 (Edit by Daie).rar NumenumeHairHDTv14.28 (Edit by Daie).rar EQUIPABLE_SOS_B3lisario_HDTMLinked.rar MarieRoseHDT(edit by Daie).rar HDT Female Hairstyles v1.1 (.xml edit by daie).rar BB's Hair Physics Project 1.21 (edit by Daie).rar Trepleen-Daie HDT CBBE body + Vagina2.4 + XPMSE v2.50 Collision XML.rar
  8. Can somebody please add HDT to hairstyle from ApachiiSkyHair https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10168?tab=description Hairstyle is called ApachiiHairELF87_BigBoobs. I would really appreciate it ^^ Or If somebody have a link to a good tutorial for noob how to add HDT to hair, I would still be grateful. ^^
  9. hey guys! are there any good looking dread hair pack or any other pack that contain dreads maybe hdt wigs?
  10. Harley Quinn Hair View File I made the Harley Quinn hair from Sims 4 ported by COCO as a part of his/her latest armor into a standalone hair. Available for female humans and elves. Credit to COCO for his port of the hair, kalilies for some resources. Submitter HusbandoTech Submitted 07/08/2018 Category Models & Textures Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  11. HusbandoTech

    Harley Quinn Hair

    Version 1.1


    I made the Harley Quinn hair from Sims 4 ported by COCO as a part of his/her latest armor into a standalone hair. Available for female humans and elves. Credit to COCO for his port of the hair, kalilies for some resources.
  12. Need help in identifying the hair mods. Both mod and hair name. For the second picture, the right one please? Thanks
  13. Khajiit Conversions View File This is a sort of side project where I'm making some armor/accessories usable by khajiits when I can acquire permissions. I tooled these out for my own personal usage but I would like to give something back to the modding community, even if its just some shoddy adjusting. This is my first mod so something is bound to go wrong, just let me know if I screwed up and make backup-copies of any files! I Tried to make a separate entry for the beast races in CK but I'm lame and lazy and probably didn't reference the meshes correctly for the humans races so the positioning will likely be off for humans! You will need the originals for the textures and just overwrite with my files(After you back-up!) Hair 'Converted': Bad Kid, Cavallo, Fawn, Footprint, Minzy, Soledad, Toyger, Tsugumi, Wanda I'll be adding to this bit by bit, so stick around! Piercings 'Converted': All Female Khajiit Meshes Tongues 'Converted': All Female tongues Credit to: KS Hairdos by Kalilies and Stealthic-- https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68311/ Facial Piercings by regnbagar https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35056 Htongues by Halofarm http://mod.dysintropi.me/htongues/ Ghost of Skyrim SAC clothes by RomeoZero https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72870/ IF ANY FILES ARE WRONGFULLY POSTED, CONTACT ME AND I WILL TAKE THEM DOWN ASAP Submitter MurderMitten Submitted 02/14/2018 Category Models & Textures Requires Facial Piercings by regnbagar, KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic, Htongues by Halofarm, Ghost of Skyrim SAC clothes Special Edition Compatible  
  14. The creator of this screenshot told me a hairstyle could be found in ApachiiSkyHair https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10168 But I am unable to find it in the images section or in game. I have attached images of the desired hairstyle. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. Exactly what title says i want mod that would replace every and each female npc that exists(or just adds hair to all npcs hair that is not vanilla) NO BOTOX THIS MOD DOESNT WORK FOR ME
  16. Overused title. jk. What hair mod is this hairstyle from (the babe on the right)?
  17. View File Another one of my personal remedies in modding. This adds the hairs from JackGa's latest TurndownX Race. This file is COMPLETELY standalone (it doesn't require the Turndown Race) Some hairs are already familiar since its included in some major hairpacks out there, so you'll see duplicates. Most of these hairs are ports from Sims and other games. Some have ridiculous shine on them and others are not colorable. Some have borked meshes, inconsistent textures and whatnot. I removed the elf ear versions of the hairs coz probably at this age of Skyrim modding anyone can make an elf out of anything (and they were kinda redundant anyway). All of these hairs are female only (gawd I wished there were suddenly more male hairstyles). At least it has some Drakengard 3 hair and that ever popular 7:3 bangs hair that almost every japanese girl has (lol see the majority of hairstyle here that I'm talking about). Credit goes to Jackga and the source of those hairdos. Submitter HusbandoTech Submitted 04/06/2018 Category Models & Textures Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  18. Hello, I'm trying to convert hairs into skyrim and the issue I run into is the textures not showing up correctly, As an example the hair should be reddish in the first pic and white in the second picture, but the hairs aren't rendering those colors correctly and has some weird lighting thing going on. I don't know if it's something I'm missing or need to change in nifskope in order to do fix this problem. I'm hoping anyone out there is kind enough to help me with this problem~ This is my first attempt at converting hairs so please be a bit specific if you guys are able to help
  19. cleavagesweat

    Hair Packs

    what hair packs does everyone use? I know of the 3 major ones: KS HairDos SG Hairs Appachii Is there any others that are worth checking out?
  20. Help! I'm trying to look for this hair but I can't find it anywhere.
  21. does anyone know if there is any hairs that look like gaige's from borderlands (or any of her other hairs)?
  22. hello, i am looking for LeahLillith Blossom hair by missparaply because i cant download hair from her website it said nothing found messege , pls help , thank you .
  23. Anyone know where/how to get this, I have the mesh of the original but its shiny as hell and none of the shiny 'fixes' fix it, this re-colour looks like its more normal but all links lead to the same non existent page. e.g. http://missparaply.com/antomollie.html Looking at the level above there are several hairs, not this one and seeing it looks like its been recategorised, if you follow the current files links it leads to a new structure... http://missparaply.com/hair/insertrandomfilenameshere.html Cant just view an index list or anything and guessing is getting me nowhere, if its even there at all. If anyone has a working current link I'd be obliged, and at that, its not like it was pay content, it was free so, if push comes to shove if anyone has it could they bung it on dropbox or drive or something? This is driving me potty.
  24. jijox91230

    Help with JH npc85

    Hello guys , first of all sorry for my bad english it's not my native langage. Recently i installed JH npc85 with all it's requirement (KS hairdo's ,KS hairdo's renewal, SG hairpack 268, SG eyebrows) but i have a problem. When in game i noticed that some npc has purple skin under their hair and i don't know how to fix this , i tried many things but none worked. If anyone has a solution it would be great to hear it French : Salut à tous J'ai récemment installé le mod JH npc85 avec tous ses prérequis (KS hairdo's , KS hairdo's renewal, SG hairpack 268, SG eyebrows etc...) Mais j'ai un problème. En jeu j'ai remarqué que certains npc avaient la peau violette sous les cheveux et je ne sais pas comment régler ça, j'ai essayé pleins de choses mais aucunes n'a fonctionné. Si quelqu'un a une solution ce serait super de l'entendre