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  1. I've been testing with 3ba on SE, no issues. It will be a bool flagged incorrectly, test if this is the case on a new game. If you have DD & Toys installed, equip plugs and belts from both and unequip may fix. The dev version I have updated this but I am still bug fixing it in other areas so have no released yet.
  2. Thanks for anyone that has posted suggestions for updates etc, I will be looking at this mod more when I get time.
  3. Reset the hotkeys to something, especially if they are not set. It will be fixed when I upload a new version.
  4. Just a quick update to say that I'm alive and the mod is still being worked on; just been busy past couple months. Probably not with the way I have built, it's quite minimal and not built to support multiple like that. Even so, if someone wanted to take the project as it is and build a mod of a different design to achieve that they are welcome to. Yes, I'll be changing this because it's confusing currently. You need to open up trade with the merchant first (through dialogue) and the dialogue option will then change. The missing notifications I have fixed in my development version, I am not sure if I have published currently, it is not an installation issue though. With the plug issue on the beta equip a plug and remove. This should also be fixed on the next version I upload as I overhauled the way that was done. I've not seen this issue, I'll look into it though; thank you for reporting. Thanks for your patience everyone! Things will be moving along soon 💖
  5. Yeah, I don't know when though, could be a while before I do anything more.
  6. You may need to register animations in SLAL. I didn't have any issue with SL beta 9. Try running the clean up option in SL and then reregistering SL anims in SLAL maybe.
  7. Bug report: 1) When switching actor after first aggressor has climaxed, I have to open console a few times. In other places this is done automatically. This is just when starting another scene where the PC is resisting after the first one. 2) I was trying to test the new riekling consequence but couldn't get a battle fuck! scene to trigger from rieklings. I was testing with knockdown. The player gets knocked down, black screen fade, then gets back up. Rieklings are left non-aggressive to PC but no scenes play.
  8. Same, I tried using tgm and they were attacking during SL anim too. Hero turns up right away.
  9. Thanks very much, was just about to report this issue 😛
  10. Thanks a lot for reporting this. Yes there was an issue with SSE and more FormIDs have required updating. Why this wasn't showing an issue on LE I am not certain. Either way this is 100% fixed for future now. Please see post here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/158921-wcx-whorecrux-sele/?do=findComment&comment=3444337
  11. Great mod, really impressed! Wanted to drop a post with issues I have noticed so far and suggestions I have. I am not sure if problems have already been reported or not. 1) After Battlefuck! ends events, the aggressor at least sometimes will go into a crouch afraid idle animation and ignore and attempt to talk to them. This seems to fix itself though but I am not sure where, it could be on the next event from Battlefuck! or just simply over time, I'd have to test more. Edit: Fixed on new game, not sure what was causing the issue. Actor wasn't running away as they should have been but are on new game. 2) Sometimes when a second aggressor is being chosen after a Battlefuck! event, it will take a very long time before the second aggressor event starts. This is the same with any further aggressors after the first. Opening console a few times sometimes seemed to help speed it along. This may be a related or unrelated issue but at times, I was unable to escape the event and simply had to quit and load. This doesn't always happen and sometimes it has worked perfectly with a queue of 4 aggressors. Edit: I notice that sometimes an animation starts but with no animation selected in SexLab so both actors just stand there, seems to always stick in black screen after that and next participant doesn't join. [Note] Perhaps this has something to do with Apropos2 changing animation stages. Is it safe to change animation stages while Battlefuck! is running one of it's events? Just a thought, I will try running without Apropos and see if the issue still exists. [Extra info] I am running with SexLab Utility + and SLSO (and the patch provided). ---- Suggestions (obv ignore if you don't like the ideas): 1) More possible animations. Once restrained (bound), could an oral animation be chosen for example. 2) Perhaps when there is a queue, there could be a chance of having multiple aggressors at once. i.e. another 1/2/3 people join the event, making escape nearly impossible. 3) DD/Toys/ZAP integration. Again, really great mod concept and is working better than I had expected. Highly recommend to anyone that hasn't tried it. Been testing with the Nightcrawler addon too which also works really well.
  12. Yeah I wouldn't remove mods part way through, it will likely cause issues. Like I say, if a mod is right at the end of your load order you can get away with it sometimes. Normally it will show up problems only after you have been playing for a good while AFTER making the change to your load order so it can be hard to diagnose. The AIO version isn't available for LE so I need to look at that. There is no reason I can't support the AIO version on SE so I will add compatibility for that one too. It's 0.2.0 this coming version, with the idea being that 1.0.0 will be the full feature rich version but development will not be frozen. Just gives you an idea of how much is still to do though 😂
  13. I have updated the beta with a few small fixes, main one was FHU soft dep issues when not installed (fixed).
  14. Yeah it would! I've tried this myself and works fine. I should probably add a bimbo curse trigger to the mod in one of the phase 3 quests I plan to add.
  15. If you are using your own custom JSON file, I have split them into multiple files and the key may have changed also.
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