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  1. Excited to play Skyrim VR on Friday!

  2. Currently: Animating in 3DS

  3. Added a new aniamtion, this ime an idle than a staged one called "standing cornertime". It's suppose to be a looping idle that can be used when an actor is placed in a corner to stand after being punished. I made it for use in my spanking mod that I hope to continue work on soon. You can see a full preview on two as normal. The good news is I have done some research and some file cleaning and rig setups that I am all ready to go. I found I was using more bones than required and when getting error messages I wasn;t sure what was going on but I have managed to make sense of it all now. I have also been able to reduce the file size of animations to about 5-15% of what I was normally uploading them at. I have only done this on two animations so far so I am working on testing it with more to make sure they all still work in game. I'll look at putting up a guide if it helps anyone with what I've learned. ^^
  4. I get the same as you @Mamba 101. I can remove and upload it and see it in the upload, and I can see it using View image option in bowser submenu but not on the site itself. I couldn't see if anyone responded to you yet (but I may also be blind) so sorry if this has been addressed.
  5. Yeah it does! It's very straight to the point. I might try and make one myself that looks a bit more natural. Maybe a few so both actors don't do identical moves.
  6. The marriage cermony I can look at if the demand is there. Dressing can be done. Are you wanting something that replaces the default one in Sexlab or maybe is more fluid/natural?
  7. I've had such a good evening. After some playing around, research and logical thinking I've been able to resolve some animating errors I was having which makes me more confident to continue making them again. I might write up a small guide, sourcing my learns from where I have found them in a blog post when the site has been updated.

  8. So I said I was going to try and sort shit out and start animating again. Let's see how long this lasts shall we? My plan is to focus on gay/futa animations and some draugr animations as it seems there are plenty of male/female and other creature amimations. I will redo my older animations ideally with better percision and smoother movements. I also want to try and do some intros and ends, as well as not sticking to the standard 200 frame animation. Leave it with me and we will see what I come up with. EDIT: Full preview on the preview post (#2)
  9. Bit late to the party but I hope the site move goes more smoothly that previous atempts; the new site layout looks good and I enjoyed using it but we all know the handful of issues we had. Fingers crossed!
  10. I swear I'm working on stuff :3

  11. http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3524-sexlab-more-nasty-critters-install-guide/ just stay away from random SLAL Pack Collections like "non sexlab animation pack" and you should be safe. Non-Sexlab Animation Pack (NSAP) is a redundant mod now. Ideally no-one should be using it now and should have shifted to SLAL by now since there are more options in that. It's not even a SLAL pack, it was what was used before SLAL was created. (Plus it wasn't a "random" collection, it was the bridge between Sexlab updates. Just wanted to point that out since I worked hard on that mod )
  12. I would assume so. The requirements is for animations and there should be no hard requirement for NSAP, There are feeding animations and spanking ones in SLAL packs. I haven't looked at the script as I am not at home but I don't believe it should be an issue.