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  1. Was fiddling about with OSA and OSEX last night and was impressed and inspired by the use of facial expressions in animations. I am assuming thought that this will be through XML coding instead of direct animating in 3DS but I might take a deep dive just to see. Definitely want to get back into animating more. I'll take a read of their guide to get back up to speed.

  2. OSA | Skyrim Ascendancy Engine

    Does anyone have the profile.xml template? It seems to have been removed from the main download. EDIT: Found it in an old download. All is good.
  3. THIS MOD IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. ALL INFORMATION BELOW IS STILL IN PLANNING AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. THERE IS NO DOWNLOAD AT THIS TIME. So I have been wanting to do a spanking mod for Skyrim for quite some time now. I thought of different ideas of how to implement such a subject without it breaking realism too much. Some were possible and some weren't but I am still looking at ways to add more content where I can. This page is mostly planning but will also serve as the mod description when it goes up for beta. As I continue to plan this out and update this page I am happy to hear comments and suggestions. Obviously, we can see what can and cannot be added. There are some limitations which I am trying to work around and the more testing and trialing that I do, the more I might be able to crack it. As I go I hope to be able to show progress shot and information as well as updates on what I plan to do next. Let's see what I can do with this. I should also point out that regardless to the screenshots and textures used this is not a gay mod. It will be open to all users of different game set-up and preferences. Mod description and support information. Status, change log and history: Screenshots and textures: Potential Ideas: Progress Report: Change Log: -
  4. I actually bought Skyrim on the PS4 so I could complete the game (and get the trophies cause I'm a manwhore for them). 750 hours count on steam for playing and modding and I think I only did about a quarter of the main story and the highest level being 28. It was kinda of strange though running through Bleak Falls Barrow and not getting boned by every Draugr on the way through. :tongue:

    1. vvalentour


         I actually just completed the main story for the first time and the Dragon born quest line now to do Dawnguard right XD

  5. Sexlab Adventures

    Finally got this to load and work! (Had to do a bit of a back track through saves and change order if adding patches). Works like a charm.
  6. I'm still getting my head around it. Sadly I don't think it works for us who like M/M as when I set up a custom one, my males had the same expression instead of the two I defined. I'm going to play around with it more at somepoint as I'm work on a video project and I need to use MFG for different expressions.
  7. Sexlab Adventures

    Sadly, even with 0.62b I am still facing the same issue. Set it before POP 3.41, CTD. Set it after, no MCM menu load (it seems the script just never starts). It may be something else in ym load order as I am not using DDI and my ZaZ is 7.0. I might try another time but I think three hours of moving and installing and and cleaning won;t work. I'll just need to play it on a new fresh install.
  8. Sexlab Adventures

    Where as this mod sounds pretty cool, I am unable to get it to load. If I load it before xazPrisonOverhaulPatched.ESP , I get a CTD. If I load it after, the MCM just never appears. But I'm assuming it's me since everyone else is loading fune. Guess I need to start another new game, ahha. I believe it has something to do with Prison overhaul as I did manage to see the SL Adventures MCM when I loaded it with PO uninstalled.
  9. It is currently on hiatus I still got things I need to premake for it.
  10. Excited to play Skyrim VR on Friday!

  11. Currently: Animating in 3DS

  12. Added a new aniamtion, this ime an idle than a staged one called "standing cornertime". It's suppose to be a looping idle that can be used when an actor is placed in a corner to stand after being punished. I made it for use in my spanking mod that I hope to continue work on soon. You can see a full preview on two as normal. The good news is I have done some research and some file cleaning and rig setups that I am all ready to go. I found I was using more bones than required and when getting error messages I wasn;t sure what was going on but I have managed to make sense of it all now. I have also been able to reduce the file size of animations to about 5-15% of what I was normally uploading them at. I have only done this on two animations so far so I am working on testing it with more to make sure they all still work in game. I'll look at putting up a guide if it helps anyone with what I've learned. ^^
  13. I get the same as you @Mamba 101. I can remove and upload it and see it in the upload, and I can see it using View image option in bowser submenu but not on the site itself. I couldn't see if anyone responded to you yet (but I may also be blind) so sorry if this has been addressed.
  14. I've had such a good evening. After some playing around, research and logical thinking I've been able to resolve some animating errors I was having which makes me more confident to continue making them again. I might write up a small guide, sourcing my learns from where I have found them in a blog post when the site has been updated.