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  1. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Weird bug: I equipped an armbinder and as my toon was trying to walk forward, her arms came out of the armbinder into the yoke pose, then immediately moved diagonally backwards as if she had the pet suit on. I dunno what's going on there, but it wasn't like that until I installed the latest version of the DDI/DDX beta.
  2. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices (Assets)

    I doubt it'd break anything, since the meshes and whatnot are being used in Intergration + Expansion.
  3. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices (Assets)

    I think those were the beta ones. They're not supposed to be used ingame. They're just there for Intergration, Expansion, etc. as resources.
  4. HyperonicX

    JRConversions - UUNP HDT

    I believe that Devious Devices and/or Deviously Cursed Loot contains the UUNP conversions. Simply build the meshes there, and copy+paste the meshes into the original zipsuit meshes folder. Links: DD Expansion: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1305-devious-devices-expansion/ DCL: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1216-deviously-cursed-loot-v62-2017-12-15/
  5. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Ah. Sorry, wasn't paying attention.
  6. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Found another weird bug. Equipping the petsuit sometimes causes my characters legs to literally disappear, including the lower half of the petsuit. I have a screenshot showing this.
  7. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Ah. That makes sense. Another thing (bug?) is that when equipped, you have -700 weight making it nigh-impossible to move without switching to first person. Obviously, I can expect some slowdown when equipping it, but it just needs a player movement speed modification without having a -700 weight inventory. Even using the console to add, say 1000, extra carry weight only makes it 0 while you still have some weighted items equipped (like a belt/harness,etc.), thus still preventing movement. But even with the bugs found so far, I'm loving the pet suits! They're giving me plenty of ideas for use within the game, when the bugs have been fully worked out.
  8. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    I'm gonna add that in the scripts there is no key that is used to unlock the pet suits.
  9. HyperonicX

    FT Workshop

    I second that idea! I'd love to see such a thing made!
  10. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/images/112943 Any idea what mod this mask is from? The hairstyle too, please. EDIT: Got an answer from the image creator about the mask, and found the hairstyle myself.
  11. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices - Expansion

    Glad to have helped!
  12. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices - Expansion

    It's a slot issue. The restrictive boots have the same slots as all other boots and the leg cuffs. Fixing it is easy. Use TES5Edit and locate the boots in the ArmorAddon part, remove the slot that uses the leg cuffs (double check to see what slot the leg cuffs use beforehand.) After that, it would be best to locate the meshes and check the slots on there using nidskope.
  13. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Body presets are missing on the objects to be built. I've attached a screenshot showing what I mean.
  14. HyperonicX

    Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    Bug report: The transparent mask with just the eyes showing has the head entirely hidden and has the blindfold effect active while worn. Bug report: The face mask (inc. transparent face mask) has the gag message pop up, but doesn't allow you to try to call for help. This just leads to no dialogue as if you never did tried. Report a la bug (That's French for Bug Report): The transparent items don't build with bodyslide properly.
  15. HyperonicX

    Angeli Devious Expansion Ni Override Patch

    I saw there was a UNP conversion somewhere. I'll have to have a look sometime.