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  1. That would require a patch, but it's not too difficult to make. Just very tedious. The only thing that is needed is to add Ikaros Androids as a master, then on each armoraddon, select the Ikaros race as another race, and then save the patch. While it is simple, it will take a fair amount of time to do.
  2. I believe it's this one: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/107998
  3. A few things you definitely need to do. Your .esp file is in the Meshes folder. You need to make a Data folder and place it in there for it to work properly. You also need to make it all a structure like this: Data/Meshes/[Your mod name here] or Data/Textures/[Your mod name here] So, you put your Meshes and Textures folder in the Data folder. Not only will this will help differentiate your mods' meshes/textures from everyone else's, but it is a standard when it comes to modding.
  4. First, make sure the armor addon in the reference part is your pony mask. Second, in the scripts, there should be a DeviceInventory and DeviceRendered. Make sure the DeviceInventory is your _Inventory part, and the DeviceRendered is your _Rendered/_scriptInstance part. That should make it pop up properly.
  5. I've had a little look at the mod, and so far what you've done in the the CK is a bit of a mess. You're on the right track, but at the same time you're off by a fair bit. Now, while I could easily fix it myself, it wouldn't hurt to give you an idea of what you need to do for the future. If you want a proper functioning hood/mask, I suggest you start with taking a look at the hoods in the DD mods themselves. You'll see there are 2 parts to each hood/mask: A "_Inventory" and "_scriptInstance"/"_Rendered" part. (Earlier versions used "scriptInstance", while later additions used the revised "_Rendered" ID) Start with the scriptInstance/Rendered part first. This is where you have the armoraddon, as well as particular keywords needed for the mod to recognize the items as such. You'll also notice that there is no weight/armor/name to these. That is normal. When making/modifying this part, make sure they are blank. On the Inventory part, you'll see the scripts addition, but there is no armoraddon. This is normal. It is also the part you see in-game. As for the scripts, the only ones you need to modify are the inventory and scriptInstance parts. These are needed to enable the items to actually show up in the game. As for the other parts, it will take some time to learn how it all goes, but once you start putting the pieces together, creating DD items is actually pretty easy. Now, my trick to make things so much easier I suggest you edit an already made hood and make some modifications there. Start with modifying the IDs, then take one step at a time. It's really quite easy, since most of it is already done for you.
  6. Looking for this mod. https://tre-maga.com/17614 It has the DL link and password there. Thanks in advance.
  7. How about trying these ones? They are similar, but hopefully the hooves/locks look better. If not, then no harm done. Dude_GagTexPinkdds.dds
  8. Actually, I found that you already have colour matched it. The pony gags and pony gloves use the same .dds file.
  9. Yeah, those hoods are awesome, but the whole outfit idea on the mannequin was what gave me ideas. And when, during the tour, Elvira mentioned that the boots and plug forced the wearer into that pony animation, that's when I decided to start messing around with the idea in my current playthrough. I've been messing around and found a similar set up that works for me, including the hoods. This also includes some pony gloves I found a while back, which I retextured to match the set. This replaced the mittens. I believe it was duderino who made them.
  10. I'm looking for a mod that shows follower ID's, item ID's and what mod it has come from when selected after opening the console. I used to have it, but I can't remember which mod it was. Can anybody help?
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