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  1. Does anybody know where to find this hairstyle? I've google searched, but got no answers.
  2. Alas, no. I'm sure there are tutorials somewhere here on LL. Even if there aren't, I'm sure there is one somewhere on the net.
  3. Girly type gloves??

    Gorgeous gloves, especially the wrist ruffle. I too would like to see something like those in a mod.
  4. It's not that hard once you figure it out. One idea in the Creation Kit is to use another armor as a base and go from there. I still do this, and I've gotten pretty good at using the CK.
  5. Separating it is easy to do in Nifskope. All you do is remove everything save the collar, change the collar's slot under BSDismemberment and in the CK, create a new armor with that as however you want, like in the amulet slot, or even a different slot entirely. (I personally have it as a Devious Device collar (in a private mod of mine) cause it looks good and sexy.)
  6. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    I tried signing up myself, and was told to wait until I got an email confirming my attempt. I never got an email back.
  7. In the Bound Queen quest, Jullius Tallus is unkillable. The only way to get his key is to pickpocket him, but the quest description says to either steal or kill him to get his key, but the kill option is not possible. Even using the console to remove essential from him does nothing, even using the kill command afterwards only causes him to kneel over in pain. This has been happening for quite a few versions. I've been having a look in TES5Edit, and he is classified as Unique, but that doesn't institute him as being unkillable. Is there a fix for this and/or can this be fixed for the next version?
  8. [SOLVED] Weapon and Armor?

    I think it is too! Thanks!
  9. https://rd.nexusmods.com/skyrim/images/690201 Does anybody know where to find this trident and is there a UUNP or UNPB version of this Glass Armor?
  10. Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    I found that changing cell locations helps. I've got Lydia in one of those and at first she had that bug, but when I went elsewhere the glitch disappeared. (I think.)
  11. I had no idea it worked that way. I generally assumed that FOMOD files were to be used on NMM directly. Thanks.
  12. Does anybody have a non-FOMOD version of this mod, because I got one of those tracelog errors when trying to activate it via NMM. Thanks in advance!
  13. Trapped in Rubber (updated 2015-08-02)

    I figured I'll give it a try, cause why not? I could use a laugh, and a way to help you get some (slight) extra revenue. And getting rewarded for helping you is a big plus too! XD!
  14. That's the kind of mentality I like. Spreading your creations to the world so they can enjoy it too!