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  1. It's within the yundao_hdt hair pack.
  2. HyperonicX

    Latex Hoods / Gasmask by Carboncats

    Oh my goddess, those are GORGEOUS!!!
  3. Any chance you can get the UUNP download of that? Thanks in advance.
  4. I usually stick it to slot 60, and it's never caused me any problems or conflicts.
  5. HyperonicX

    Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!

    I'd love to be able to add the plugsuits, but without models I'm unable to add them. But I like the devious plugs idea involved with them. I was thinking about doing something to one of the current bodysuits/full suits next update! I prefer things straightforward and simple to use, not convoluted and tricky to master. So I'm gonna stick to NMM.
  6. You are missing the meshes. That's why they're not popping up. Something may have gone wrong during installation.
  7. HyperonicX

    Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!

    I was only outside for about a minute, and it felt like my skin was on fire.
  8. HyperonicX

    Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!

    At the moment, it has been spiking up horrendously, then cooling back down for a bit, then spiking back up. Today is a cool(ish) day, so I'm glad I don't need the air conditioner. I reckon there were animals who died, as well as people due to the nightmare that was Thursday. I spent the entire day inside, save for twice where I checked the mail. First round I felt like I was on fire, second it had cooled down, but still hot.
  9. HyperonicX

    Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!

    It's been over 40ºC down here, and it was the hottest day ever yesterday. My city was in 45+ºC heat! One town got to almost 50ºC! I hate the heat. I prefer the cold, cause at least I can rug up to warm up, but very little cools me down properly.
  10. HyperonicX

    Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!

    I haven't checked the modified .esp files just yet. Been busy with things, and the heat down here in Australia is horrendous!
  11. HyperonicX

    Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!

    Just wanted to mention for future reference, I don't use MO, and don't plan to. From what I've heard, it's pretty complex to set up.
  12. HyperonicX

    Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!

    Only suggestion I can suggest is to uninstall all your mods (I hate this almost as much as you) and delete your meshes folder, and reinstall the mods.
  13. HyperonicX

    Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!

    It is very strange. I just had a looksie at your topic, and that too is strange. There's gotta be something conflicting somewhere. Have you tried running LOOT and/or TES5Edit with all your files to see if there is a conflict somewhere?
  14. HyperonicX

    [Search] Armor from Screenshot.

    That's definitely the one. I've been using/loving this armor since it was first released!