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  1. I'm working on a mod, and I need to copy a whole bunch of already made scripts from the hoods in the Devious Devices mods onto other similar hoods (masks) without having to do the whole thing over and over again manually, which is INCREDIBLY time consuming. Btw, I have already made a mod using DDa/DDi/DDx as masters. Is there an easy way to do it in TES5Edit, or the CK? (Preferably TES5Edit.) Sorry I'm not able to explain it properly, since I'm pretty tired as I'm writing this and cannot put it into words properly. Can someone please help?
  2. HyperonicX

    Devious Rubber Masks: Rebirth!

    I like the idea of those, but I won't be adding them into the mod. Besides, I doubt Nokou would let me anyway! XD! ------- Just a quick update for you. I've done absolutely NOTHING as of late. But I will shortly change the masks to hoods instead of gags, because it has been eating away at me for a while now. I do have a few more bodysuits to add while I'm at it. I won't tell you which ones, so you're gonna have to wait in anticipation!
  3. It's an armor addon problem. I've had that problem myself and have reported it in the past, but Kimy didn't rectify the problem, so I've had to make a patch rectifying it, located within a mod of my own creation, for private usage. Fixing the problem is quite easy. I'll explain this step-by-step to make it easier. - Open the Creation Kit, and load DD Expansion .esm file - Once open, locate the ebonite panel gag, and open the _scriptInstance part of it. - Open the armoraddon, and change the location of the panel gag to "devious\expansion\GagEboniteHarnessPanelOpen_art.nif" - Save, onto a new .esp to rectify the problem. Note: This is also possible in TES5Edit, but a tad harder due to having to rectify this problem each update, which is why I prefer to create a patch. Anyway, if you wanna go the TES5Edit way: - Open TES5Edit - Right click and choose "Select none" - Check "Devious Devices Expansion.esm" - Once open, open ArmorAddons and locate "zadx_GagEboniteHarnessPanelAA" and open that. - Under female world model, right click the path and select edit. - A warning will pop up. Select "yes" to make the mofication. - Change the pathway to "devious\expansion\GagEboniteHarnessPanelOpen_art.nif" then click Ok. - Close the program, and allow it to overwrite the mod. - Test in game.
  4. Help with this please? Password and link to the mod is in the link above.
  5. Motivation is a part of it too. For example, I haven't got the motivation to update my mod as of yet. (I'm also searching for new player models, but that's not relevant to the disclaimer.)
  6. Any help with this, please? Password is in the link, next to the actual link.
  7. I liked the screenshot of the spectral devices. They looked great, and very sexy!
  8. HyperonicX

    Melodic's things

    It's working fine now, but at the time of posting, it had been over 5 hours before I could download it.
  9. HyperonicX

    Melodic's things

    Awesome work as usual, but I'm having a problem downloading it. I keep getting this page that says: "Upload still in process." Can you please look into this?
  10. Trying to find out about this gas mask. The armor itself is from here, but the mask itself isn't. Does anyone know, or is it private? EDIT: Scratch that. It is in the mod. Just found out. My bad.
  11. I didn't actually try disabling HDT physics, but I suppose it could've worked. I do have Crash Fixes and still got nothing from it. No, there aren't any new requirements. I've made 100% sure on that. Ran LOOT to make doubly sure. No problems with my skeleton. It was the .dll that was causing the problem. Anyway, thanks for trying. Alas, no. I'm sorry, but the only thing I can think of is to make regular backups and if something like this occurs, just restore from backup and hope it works out.
  12. It's cool. I know you're trying to help me, which I do appreciate. I'm just a tad frustrated, that's all. Anyway, I think I managed to solve the problem. Luckily for me, I backed up skyrim from a week ago, and I copied the entire data/skse folder from my backup to my hard drive then tested it. No CTD at all! I got to the new character screen when starting a new game, which is brilliant because I never got that far before it CTD'd on me as stated earlier. Thanks for your help and support!
  13. No. No numbers of any sort. And I already tracked down the issue. It is htdPhysicsExtension.dll that is causing the problem. I mentioned it in the opening post.