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[Mod Release] Karlov Object Poser

Description This mod adds 81 object poses to the game usable via the automatically added rings. All added poses are shown on the reference sheet below. Don't forget to run FNIS before posing.   Version:             1.0  Release date:    07.10.23 Author:             Alter Native Language:             English Dependencies:         Skyrim LE/SE, FNIS   Requirments FNIS for LE FNIS for SE         Installati

[Mod Release LE/SE] Karlov Jewelry Collection

Description This mod adds 10 necklaces and 8 earrings in several different colors to the game as well as horns and other jewelry. Use either the console or the "additem menu mod" to access the outfit.   Version:               2.0  Release date:       19.03.23 Language:           English Dependencies:    Skyrim LE/SE   Download LE Download SE                       Requirement

Story Blog Poll 2022 & Screenshots

Blog Overview     Long time no see, it's time for a new blog update and a poll. The last poll was over three years ago, so I think it's time to listen to the audience (not just the ones that regularly comment here). Initially I had planned to post this before the beginning of chapter 12, but I just couldn't find the time.   As you may have noticed from the last chapter(s) I've been experimenting more with giving

Alter Native

Alter Native in Blood and Pleasure

[Mod Release] Christmas at Karlov v1.1

Description This mod is an adds Christmas decoration to Karlov Manor.  The base version 4.0 of Karlov Manor is required.  Important, this esp needs to be loaded after the main KarlovManor.esp as it has the KarlovManor.esp as dependency, (like a master file).   Version:   1.1 Release date:  19.12.20 Release date v1.1:  17.12.22 Author:   Alter Native Language: English Dependencies:  Skyrim LE/SE, Karlov Manor 4.0       How to get there T

Alter Native

Alter Native in Mod Release

Blog Update #2 Summaries and Index

This entry provides short summaries and a character index of previous chapters of my Skyrim story blog "Of Blood and Pleasure".   Story Overview     Summaries         Characters     Baroness Nora Karlov Age: 407 - Vampire Dialogue Color: White         Short description: She is a nord vampire and the Baroness of a smaller va

Cyber Club 2.0 - Mod Release (LE/SE)

Description This mod adds a small Cyberpunk City with several locations to the game, intended to take screenshots. In detail, there are two nightclubs, one apartment, two screenshot studios, a server room and a city main street.       How to get there The location is only reachable via ingame console. Open your ingame console and type: coc ANCyber or via the poster in Whiterun. Version:   2.0  Release date 2.0:    25.06.22 Release date 1.0:    26.11.20 Aut

Alter Native

Alter Native in Mod Release

Mod Release - Karlov Manor Version 4.0 (LE/SE)

Short Description This mod adds a medium sized vampire castle to Skyrim and various screenshot locations (accessible via the carriage in the court or the location access room). It is located in north west of Solitude.  Even though normal house usage and gameplay is possible, it is intended for taking screenshots.    Version:              4.0 LE/SE Release date:     19.03.22 V4.0 Author:              Alter Native Language:         English Dependencies:  Skyrim LE/SE, Dawn

Alter Native

Alter Native in Karlov Manor

Timeless Suite - Mod Release (LE/SE) Version 3.0

Description This mod adds various screenshot locations to Skyrim. With the latest update a new luxury yacht for you to take screenshots in was added.  Furthermore a larger Venice inspired area, containing: - Bedroom,  - Gallery - Studio - Screenshot Hallways - Timeless Flat     How to get there The location is only reachable via ingame console. Open your ingame console and type: coc ANTimeless   Version:   3.0  Release date:  11.07.21 Author:

Alter Native

Alter Native in Mod Release

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