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  1. Great work! I love that Isabel is still relevant to the story. Initially I thought her death is just needed to advance Talen's story but I'm always appreciating more vampire characters in your story. (You need to make up for the one that got killed this time...) Btw. what role does Harkon play in this story? Feels like Erinye took his role. What is he doing right now? Or is he on holidays in his summer residence in Cyrodiil?
  2. Wow impressive work! I love the animations!
  3. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, glad to hear a again from you! And with a nice mini story too!
  4. Glad I could help. With tcl mode enabled and "moveto Player" you can also immediately align them perfectly.
  5. Alter Native


    Good job! That sex scene felt a bit random though , but it'll all make sense in the end, I'm sure. 😈
  6. Wow . That got to be your best entry so far. Some of the content felt a bit... irritating, but the production quality more than made up for it! So much work put into it. It's really impressive. From the modern scene to the custom built destroyed village. Just great stuff. The story also finally connected with some elements of the first book. I'm so happy to see Neve again and really like your story decision to have Jenny join the dark site. Cause the dark site always was sexier. Really looking forward to the next entry, very curious to see where this is going an
  7. I personally stopped using sexlab all together. It's not even in my load order right now. I basically use animations made for sexlab as poses. It's maybe a bit more work than just a single sexlab click, but it gives you much better control over the scene, NPC etc. Have a look at the section "How to not use Sexlab".
  8. Great set up and start, looking forward to how the story develops.
  9. Thanks, I knew you'd understand the meaning of the section name. It's one of the rare section where we see her interacting with her boyfriend, general people her former servant Fina, Amelie with a very special relationship and Valentina who's also a vampire and we see how her general tone and behaviour changes between the characters. We'll see... maybe in section 12. I wouldn't call it outplayed, there were just too many lose pieces on the board she had no influence on so thing could have gone wrong very easily and this is exactly what happend. She kind of outplayed Ahta
  10. Love it! He's indeed like this. She'd be open to much more than him. Yeah you definitely have a point. Usually I have the characters story planned ahead several chapters, but I'm seriously considering changing Fina's story. I'm not sure I want to miss her from my story. Maybe there will be a morning after in the next entry You're right and we saw how that ended the last time in the hammerfell story.
  11. Stole the layout from someone... But it's also the least work intensive one, since you already have the banners from the individual mod pages. I think scaling them down to 33% only covering half the page would look better though... Thank you very much! It's just old stuff, but at some point an overview page doesn't hurt. Thanks. Thank you! Yeah she kind of does
  12. Yeah I feel you. Most characters on the nexus are not really suitable for story purposes, as you typically need "normal", "average" girls in stories, which limits the choice quite a bit. I'm using Vivace and Siobhan in my story, but I changed both of them a bit and, as you said, Siobhan is more a side character. But I really like the follower, she's very unique without being overdesigned.
  13. New Blood and Pleasure Story entry released, read it here:
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