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  1. Always disable their Ai (tai) via console. That should freeze them in place. Also disable the collisions via tcl (very important) that also helps in them not moving. I usually shoot all scenes with collisions disabled and use "moveto player" to move NPCs around. Besides that it's just a lot of patience. Thank you very much! Glad you liked it.
  2. Oh wow, another great entry! I always love the Asian tone/style in your stories, which make them really stand out from the rest of our stories! Keep up the great work!
  3. Thank you! As long as you don't have crashes large crowds are not that big of a problem. Honestly the reason the sex scene takes place in a separate room is so that I don't have to pose the crowds during that time. Otherwise, I'd have to set them up again when doing the sex scene. Thank you! I think this is the only time I followed @WANOBI12 cum Photoshop tutorial and I was pretty happy with the results, even though the whole thing is quite a lot of work and using the slavetats only version already yields pretty good results. Not perfect, but good enough for the little work it takes to apply them. Yeah I understand. See the comment I made towards Collygon, also during the breaking is not that easy to do in a screenshot, maybe a comic works better for that. Thanks! Yes, keep it coming, I think you're onto something here!
  4. So maybe I'm now forgetting things, but I don't think I introduced the bracelet beforehand. The poison get's introduced and discussed first with Thomas in Chapter 9 Section 4, the assassination gets introduced in Chapter 9 Section 5 and I don't think I ever mention a bracelet there... but I could be wrong too, I wrote this chapter a year ago and knew the whole time that the bracelet would contain the poison.
  5. Thanks! Thank you very much! The Hammerfell costumes are probably my favorite part about this flashback. Thank you! So if you didn't understand it, then 99 % of people didn't understand it either... The idea was that she is preparing the assassination by poisoning them beforehand (The poison stops the self healing of vampires). In order to do so they need to drink it, probably together with some blood to not notice it. Now, since the poison is top secret and very few people besides the Queen and the Duchess know about it, the Duchess only gives it to Nora shortly before the assassination. So the poison =(curse of Bal) was in the fake ruby of the bracelet that she broke in front of Ahtar's father and his sons in order to poison the blood. Now if this is the story, the question is how do you present it in an interesting way. Just telling the plan in the beginning and seeing the flawless execution afterwards didn't seem that interesting, that's why I decided to let her act first and fill in the gaps afterwards with the quick dialogue between the Duchess and Nora... but maybe this was too much... not sure. Thank you very much! I actually did the past two entries fairly recently and this entry is a bit older, but yes this blog has come far since I started in 2016.
  6. Sorry for the very late response... I thought I had already replied to your comment ... Thank you very much for the very in depth feedback you provided, this is exactly what I needed. I'm working on version 3.0 right now and I have already fixed some of the problems you reported on so thank you very much. I can not promise a new version before Christmas, I don't want to put myself under pressure in my hobby, there's enough of that already in my job. But I am working on a new version with new areas and improved existing ones. Thanks for the suggestion, I see what I can do, my idea was always that you wouldn't store many of your valuables in your house, but I can see how this is a standard for Skyrim player homes. Thank you very much!
  7. Thank you very much for the nice comment! Glad you like it. Also thanks for the suggestions, I'm always looking for new resources to build new content or improve existing one. I like the texture collection you linked, I may use one of the marble textures. Thank you very much for the suggestion! If you are willing to share your ported collection I'm more than happy to have a look at it! Your help/suggestions are very much appreciated. I'm not sure about this one cause the point of a replacer is to replace all instances of an object and customize the game to your liking and that includes mod additions like mine. It would be in the responsibility of the creator to make sure the replacer remains compatible with all possible uses of the object. Yes, I'm more and more replacing runspect's work with other/new models. Thanks for the hint. Thanks for the bug report, it shows up fine on LE, but I'll give it another check. At some point I planned to have a playable Nexus version, however that involves more work than initially thought and I prefer to spend that work creating new content. Never say never, but I'm not working towards a nexus player house version right now. That said, the mod can be used as a player house without problems. The chests don't re spawn and all the crafting stations are available. So feel free to move in. Thank you very much!
  8. Blog Overview Short Summary of the previous entries All previous entries of chapter 9 can be found bellow Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 My blog overview page provides summaries of previous chapters, backgrounds and characters summaries. Chapter 9 Section 7 - Patricide I
  9. Thanks! Thanks, honestly I didn't expect anyone to do actual gameplay with this outfit I thought more of it being a screenshot prop, but I'll probably get an update out this weekend. 🤔I don't think that will happen from side, but I'll post it here if someone makes a conversion.
  10. Revelation by Alter_Native, auf Flickr
  11. Thanks! Thank you very much! Thanks for your comment, you are right I didn't think about this at all. I was assuming people would mostly take screenshots with it and won't use it for actual gameplay. You can easily change those small details in TES V Edit yourself, but I may put out an updated version of the mod fixing those problems, not sure yet.
  12. Description This mod adds the divinity dress in 6 different colors to the game as well as armbands and an additional back clothing piece in six colors. Use either the console or the "additem menu mod" to access the outfit. Version: 1.0 Release date: 10.10.20 Language: English Dependencies: Skyrim LE/SE Download Divinity Dress LE/SE Requirements XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by XP32 (XPMSE) AddItemMenu Credits: Original work by Daz Originals, Nikisatez, Shox-Design Tinaa Slobodnik, Lord Inquisitor and Jorine for testing and providing feedback Have fun! Alter Native
  13. Oh finally after waiting for almost a year . I didn't realize how much I missed Taeyva's face. Great job with this new entry, very interesting and insightful character development with this flashback. Also some NSFW content in your stories (a bit at least) . Also I prefer to work of a story entry buffer too, it's just more comfortable to sit on a pile of content you can release at will. (I do think a small short summary would have made things easier to understand. I know it's annoying to do and everything came back eventually but a year is a long time and people forget things...)
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