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  1. Thanks for the update! Great work! I love the dedication to this project.
  2. Wow That clickbait thumbnail into those seas of cum... Felt a little bit out of character for Jenna, going from zero to hero there, but I'm also not complaining. Also the second part was great, with some very striking visuals (and the third one as well) Keep it up, great work!
  3. Alter Native

    Secrets that we keep.

    Great work and I agree with what was said in previous comments, top notch effects! Especially the use of different colors for different characters helps a lot with the understanding of those scenes and clearance. Also I love the locations you built.
  4. Thank you! Never imagined people would read those entries several times. There are actually a lot of small hints and references to future entries. For example Damon was already mentioned in chapter 7 long before he appeared on screen. Also half the story of Chapter 9 is already spoiled in an old entry... .
  5. I took them from the Diana vampire mod.
  6. Great shots! I hope we'll see more of her in the future!
  7. Neon City VI by Alter_Native, auf Flickr
  8. Acolyte of Blood by Alter_Native, auf Flickr
  9. Thank you! If you remember the last entry with Hannah we already saw her trying to turn against Nora which she tolerated and gave her another chance. So the idea at this point is that she'd actually give this live a chance and a person like Valentina to connect to certainly wouldn't hurt. There was also chapter 7.10 where he was already hoping for more but Nora declined politely and she probably wasn't specific enough and left some shimmers of hope for him. Thank you very much! Glad you liked the entry.
  10. Thanks! I'll just port it myselves, it's a one click solution for a mod like this. Thanks.
  11. Thanks! The non smooth part was supposed to be happening the previous Hannah entry where she attacked Nora in the Church (C8S6), but I can see how her development seems a bit fast. On the other hand I don't want to dedicate too much screenspace on her story since it's somewhat straight forward right now and I want to focus on other things. Btw. any chance we'll see a new entry on your blog any time soon?
  12. Great work! Love the second half of the story, also the whipping was really well done. Which location is this in? Some kind of castle mod?
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