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  1. Good job! Quite a lot of sex . Just as a suggestion, maybe focus more on a single sex scene, but have a lot more detail of that scene. But it's your story .
  2. Thank you very much, glad you like it!
  3. Thank you! We also saw some of her transformation in chapter 7 Section 10. It's playing of the vampire mist trope to make her a bit different from the usual bat like demon like appearance of for example Nora. Thank you very much! You're right! And I think you also called out the bluff a couple of entries ago already. Yes it's part of her vampire lord appearance kinda misty creepy. That's just a believe amongst vampires. Basically some vampires grow horns while others don't. So drawing connections to Molag Bal makes sense in the vampire world view. Yes They can regrow everything as long as their heart is still intact and they are not dead in any other way (such as burning or bleeding to death). Good to hear from you again. Yeah, whenever she is wearing white things get bloody as this is the best color to show blood on clothes^^. Thank you! And you are right that was exactly the intention. Thank you very much Devianna! We don't have an omniscient narrator and we are mostly seeing things through Nora's and Thomas' eyes sometimes you just know that something is discussed, but you don't know what. What was discussed between them was not meant to be understood by Thomas or Nora. The whole situation is complicated cause everyone (Nora, Thomas, Lenora, Vasil) bares some responsibility in what happened. With Lenora and Vasil instigating and starting everything for personal gain and Thomas and Nora executing the murder in the end. However Nora was also the one that called on the Duchess and told her what was going on. In the end, without her Lenora would have been successful with her plan. So that certainly works in her favor. Thomas on the other hand bares much more responsibility. The Duchess and Queen Isabella knew something was going on and they previously sent Thomas to murder Lenora to prevent the murder and the events that happened in this chapter. (Section 3, the flashback) He failed and lied to the queen about his failure and chose to help Lenora instead. (The only way for him to not be killed in that situation)... So in the end it comes down to how you judge the responsibly of everyone and how you judge the mitigating circumstances of Nora calling on the Duchess and telling her the truth. In the end she knew the Truth already when coming to the castle she just couldn't prove it. Thank you very much! Thank you! We'll we're not done with the fallout of the murder, so who knows...
  4. Thank you very much! The next lesbian scene will be in Chapter 11 Section 3 and also a bit in section 5. Thank you very much! It was Czech but just google translate czech. I found it too hard to come up with my own language so I just chose a language I assumed few people would speak and that sounds somewhat European. She is/was far higher in the vampire society ladder than Nora. Her plan was ok, she just assumed people were following the same principles she does. Thanks, I also don't like the original Harkon I was trying to give him a bit more color in this chapter. Yes it was intentional. Since we are following the story mostly through Nora's eyes it makes sense that she doesn't understand things that are not meant for her to be understood. Harkon and the Duchess clearly switched languages in order to not be understood and talk amongst themselves. Thank you very much!
  5. Yeah I like her too she's created by my friend Marmotte. Also you might like this one (last spoiler)
  6. Blog Overview Short Summary of the previous entries Previous entries of this chapter Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 Section 7 My blog overview page provides summaries of previous chapters, backgrounds and characters summaries. More Nora on my Twitter and Flickr Chapter 10 Section 8 - Tribunal
  7. Alter Native

    Déjà fait.

    Great work! A bit shorter than usual, but I like the details you put in every scene/ screenshot, both in writing and in scene arrangement.
  8. Sorry no idea, the other objects of the mod seem to show up just fine. Make sure everything is installed correctly.
  9. Thank you! The animations are from halo's poser.
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