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  1. Thank you very much! Thanks again, I really happy with how things turned out for this entry. 😲You actually speak/ understand Arabic? The Arabic texts were written rally sloppy and butchered afterwards by google translate, so don't expect too much. I also had to replace all the special signs of the latin alphabet version of arabic that google was giving me, cause the font I was using for my stories didn't support them. Thank you very much! There'll be much more Hammerfell content coming soon.
  2. Thanks. What you are suggesting sounds really complicated to do as a regular Skyrim mod and sounds more like a visual novel. Where you would play Nora. A regular quest mod would of course be doable but is just a lot of work I wouldn't be willing to put into such a project.
  3. I think it's this image: I'm not 100 % sure if this is Jordis, but I think so, definitely one of the Bijin NPCs... might also be an old version of Bijin, I took that screenshot mid 2016. What do you mean with a mod? There's my Karlov Manor mod, if that's what you are interested in.
  4. Thank you very much for this long comment Tirloque! Much appreciate all the praise and there will be more Hammerfell for the Rest of the chapter. So far we've just heard of the Sehats, owning half the city. Maybe we'll see them as well . As discussed frequently, I'm not going to add any kind of onomatopoeia to my story for aesthetic reasons, even though I acknowledge that it helps with understand. Same goes for comic effects (I should maybe do a little bit...) The rest of the "comic" layout is just a way for me to get vertical shots in my story. Besides that, I sometimes need to show a couple of things in separate screenshots that are all not worth a full screenshot so these smaller shots go well with the vertical ones and get half a page or so... But the whole things was editied at the same time, there's just less need for the comic style in the second half . @Malicia She was actually very nice and not meany at all by trying to help the men in the bag outfits by defending them (and herself) against the dogs. Yeah, somebody had to be the victim... But in Chapter 4 Section 8 we already saw her as a vampire noble on the party... I guess it's karma now that she a vampire thrall now.... I just need to take good looking random NPCs, as it's just to much work to create all NPCs from scratch, especially if you want good looking ones.
  5. Great set! I like that you post enough screenshots to have a bit of context(a bit of a progression in them, sort of a "mini story" instead of just random shots.
  6. Thanks! I know it looks somewhat similar to wonder women, but I was mostly inspired by some of the Conan Exiles armors. And yes, she needs to be careful in that city, and I'm sure she will be 😈.
  7. Welcome to the blog section here, great sets as already mentioned
  8. Thank you very much! The city is from the mod "World of Rudra" and not created by myself. However it looks very different in that mod and I added a lot of stuff to the bazaar, especially all NPCs. To answer your question, yes there will be a new update within the next 2-3 month adding several locations I was building for chapter 11 (unreleased so far), with the highlight being an Italian Renaissance villa. Thank you very much!
  9. Thank you very much! Yeah, I agree, deserts are actually quite difficult, mostly because there are/ there might be very few shelters for the night. Food is probably less of an issue (at least in my world) as they can survive weeks without food. On the other hand, that's what makes it so appealing in having a hidden vampire desert city/trading center in the middle of the desert, well protected by natural barriers like a desert or desert sand storms. The idea was that the city is of course ruled by vampires (compared to "normal" cities). However there are still free humans living in that city. I believe you would still need those to run such a place. However they would all in one way or the other depend/cooperate with the vampires.
  10. New entry of my story Blog "Of Blood and Pleasure" Check it out!
  11. Blog Overview Short Summary of the previous entries All previous entries of this chapter can be found bellow Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4 Section 5 Section 6 My blog overview page provides summaries of previous chapters, backgrounds and characters summaries. Of Blood and Pleasure on Flickr Twitter Chapter 8 Section 7 - Blood and Sand This blog also recently made it to 200 followers, so thanks for everybody's support, likes and comments over the last three years.
  12. Eden (4) by Alter_Native, auf Flickr Eden (1) by Alter_Native, auf Flickr
  13. I personally use Mudbox + various drip stencils. Collygon is creating wound,- and I think a couple of splatter effects especially for storytelling so you might not even need to do this yourselves. However I'm not sure when that pack is going to release.
  14. Thanks! It's more like she had a really painful dentist visit. But I think I have some soap textures somewhere...
  15. Thanks! It's mostly vampire themed, but I think Collygon is working on some more blood and wound effects as well. Thank you Devianna! Thanks
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