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Part 7: Into the Lion's Den

The next morning, Jennifer returns to Arnborg's hideout under the mansion... Damn, my head... Ugh, why did I do this? Going out to fuck some faceless strangers, what a horrible idea! Well, at least I turned back into a human when I was sleeping.... I just hope I didn't get any STDs... wait... who is that?     Muscular Vampire: "You little rat, you're gonna tell me what happened here, and you're gonna tell me now!" Arnborg: "What's the big idea, knucklehead? Your go


Hentaiface in Main Story

Mob Trouble (Charley's Story, Chapter 46)

I spent the night on Piper's couch. As shacks go, the Wright place was warm and dry, and it stayed that way even when rain started pounding on the corrugated roof. When morning came, the rain was still pounding down and we took our time enjoying a breakfast of beans and venison sausage along with some half decent coffee.    While we ate, we talked through our options. I'd seen and heard enough the day before to know that Diamond City security wasn't going to help us with searching for

On my skin

This one is collab that I did long time ago with the amazing @JELEMÉ It's short, and have no lines. It is from the time that I was starting doing strories with my sims Hope you all like it    On my skin    


AllRosenrot in Sims Story

Filthy Commonwealth Files: Vol. 3; "Like a Goodneighbor"

Chapter 1 of Volume 3 of my webcomic series, "Filthy Commonwealth Files" (NSFW/Hardcore)   A novice engineer begins her journey to become the 'hero the Commonwealth needs' by scavenging the parts she needs to finish her very first robot companion! Things don't go entirely as planned, however, as she crosses a local thug who doesn't like to be crossed!   For those curious about the entire series up to this point, go to my personal Blogs section to see what you missed! 


DracoInsanity in nsfw

Love me, Fuck me...

I just realize that I forgot to post this one here too. 😅 This one is short, and another one with Elizan Gates and Orion Wolf (love this couple ❤️) So another old one   Love me, fuck me...    


AllRosenrot in Sims Story

Bullet train

> Finally!!! After so many bad movies we watched recently (especially Marvel's) we watched very interesting, funny, entertaining, humorous, and with good acting, effects and dialogues action movie in Tarantino's style - Bullet train. My, we died laughing and weren't bored for even one second. I warmly recommend this movie to you, but since we all have different tastes for movies, I do not and I cannot guarantee you that you would like it as we did.   > The reason I posted this en


Evaloves4 in general

Fourth Estate (Charley's Story, Chapter 45)

"Danny, please, we're friends! Let me in! Nat's waiting for me!"   The woman, wearing a dull red leather coat and a matching hat, seemed to be getting increasingly anxious as she pleaded with the intercom. Before long, it crackled back. "Sorry, Piper, but Mayor McDonough says you can't come in. I think you really got him heated up with that last story."    She let out a little screech then, before blasting back, "Daniel Sullivan, you---"   Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up,


gregaaz in Charley's Story II

High adrenaline

We worked on Saturday. Everything was great. Preliminary calculations say that the summer season was more than successful and that after paying the tax, fixing certain things, repainting rooms, and replacing broken things we are 43% in plus. So, with that money, we can be relaxed if the winter season fails.     We went out on Saturday evening and had a great time dancing and enjoying in various cocktails in the “xxx” club. To my surprise, we had no incident. Some guys ate my Ivy a


Evaloves4 in Diaries

dw's 3D Underarm Hair

Based on some of the pubic hair styles from my previous mod, here are 5 different styles of 3D underarm hair for CBBE 3BA and BHUNP. You can either build them as part of the body mesh itself with the included BodySlide projects, with both regular 3BA & BHUNP and Vaginaless 3BA and Vaginaless BHUNP options, or you can wear them as accessories.     Update 26/09/2022: The built-in underarm hair version of 3BA was broken as of the 1.01 update, 1.02 fixes it   DOWNL


donnerwetter in Mods

Creating Skyrim - In City of Heroes; Gray Pine Goods

Last time, I went through some of the outfits made in City of Heroes for Thradra.  But now it's time to go back into the build itself.   This time, we're visiting Gray Pine Goods.     Gray Pine Goods is owned by Solaf, and his brother, Bolund (who runs the saw mill) also lives there. But instead of me describing Gray Pine Goods, I've grabbed a snippet from The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages.   Upon entry, Bolund will be in the process of leaving (see bugs


Thradra in City of Heroes and Skyrim

Introductions again, Fallout 4 this time.

Hi all.   Well, it was a lot longer than I expected, but hey, at least the introduction is here. Let's get ready for some post apocalypse smut! As I did for Skyrim, I'll introduce my fallout 4 characters. So that nobody is too disappointed, I'll say it right now, it is most probable that you'll only see action from one or two of the 4 that I'll present here. Let's be frank, I don't take that much time to do content so I'd rather concentrate on one character so that the story may o


Lianeline in Introductions

"NIVANFIELD" Chapter 2

"NIVANFIELD" Chapter Two   While filming the highly anticipated sequel in the Resident Evil franchise, movie star Aiden Beck (as Chris Redfield) and television heartthrob Shane Colton (as Piers Nivans) begin a passionate off-screen affair that reflects their characters’ intense on-screen relationship.   Aiden and Shane film the devastating attack by Neo-Umbrella which kills most of their BSAA squad and leaves Chris Redfield injured.  Meanwhile, the actors’ personal relationsh

Pixboy Tales

Pixboy Tales in NIVANFIELD

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