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Part 7

Mallaury : YEEEEEEEEEEEES !!     Jake : Salut ! Ça a l’air bien !   Mallaury : Salut, Jake ! Oh oui! Je viens d’avoir un rôle avec une actrice montante de notre compagnie, je suis tellement excitée !     Jake : génial ! Je suis vraiment content pour vous, vous le méritez vraiment !     Mallaury : Merci ! Et toi? Comment allez-vous?     Jake : Well... I offered to show the director a video I'd made but


nytil in The sims 4

The Lord and His Exotic (Slave) Dancer - Part 1

S : "O My Lord, I am just an ordinary dancer, a slave. Please don't be kind to me" A : "You're more than that Sabrina" S : "Then, I'll trust my body in your care" A : "To my bed, now"                                                                


RubyMeh in ....

Hell's Stripclub Issue 3

Tonight is ladies night at Hell Stripclub. Ladies dancing for other ladies.   Joanne was bartending this time, what a sexy gal.   The girls were welcoming the new janitor since Sunny went to College to finish her studies       The Stripclub is ready to welcome Halloween.       Gemma was dancing for the ladies.     Also Ane was poledancing, taking a break from tending the bar


Fernanditwo1 in Entries

North or South (Charley's Story, Chapter 89)

I'd spent June of 2288 on what was increasingly feeling like a wild goose chase. First we'd gone to Cambridge looking for an MRI machine, but that had turned into a protracted expedition that looked like it was going to take Susan Cain and her team weeks before they got any results. Then I'd met the Brotherhood of Steel's leadership and hammered out what I hoped would be a framework for coexistence... maybe. I knew that this was an important accomplishment, but I still felt very ambivalent about

New CC jeans F21 Brand

I decided to launch a brand inside the game called F21 for Fernanditwo1. So , the next CC clothing entries will have my new branding, first I'm gonna release a collection of simple jeans on friday. Watch the video.       F21 video.mp4


Fernanditwo1 in CC creations

Fun and funny Saturday

Unlike my Prince, I love to receive gifts whether there is an occasion for gifting or not. So, my Fran, who is in charge of organizing my birthday party made the list of the gifts people planned to buy for me so that there wouldn’t be doubled or tripled gifts. My luvs asked me what would I like for my birthday. I had no heart telling them I wanted a very expensive light blue silk long dress, the shoes, and the purse I saw in one catalog. They already repaying a lot of money for the credit to Dad


Evaloves4 in Diaries

SexLab P+ Tagging Guide

Overloading Tags ... remind me that I still have to do this   Officially Recognized Tags The following represents a list of officially recognized tags. It is expected that animators use as many of these tags as possible for tagging their stages and authors are requested to make use of these tags when looking for animations. These tags are much faster to process and also allow author  and animator to work together more easily. Next to official tags, there are also unoffic


Scrab in SexLab

The Angry Wife and The Succubus

Nazeem's wife, Ahlam, was mad that her husband was, and I quote, "too busy kissing the jarl's backside" to give her the love she wanted. So I offered to give her some love. Surprisingly, she accepted my offer. We went to my home in Whiterun and I fulfilled her wish, while improving my succubus powers further. We agreed to meet again sometime in the future.🖤                      


DeadJester226 in Succubus

Fallout 4 Data Reference: Who's Where and Doing What - Summer 2288

The purpose of this file is to give a quick summary of where all the major characters are at and what they're doing as of the end of Chapter 88.   Charley's Pre-war Family Charley has decided to seek out the Railroad as part of her plan to locate Brian Virgil. Before she begins with that mission, however, she needs to return to Kendall Hospital to check in with Dr. Cain and to take possession of Kellogg's implant. Codsworth is living in Sanctuary, helping maintain the ne


gregaaz in Fallout 4 Reference Series

Succubus Vs. Sexy Bandits

I was on the side mission where you find Amren's family sword. I killed the other bandits by drinking their blood with my vampire abilities. The more... sexy female bandits, however. That's where my succubus powers came into play. 🖤                        


DeadJester226 in Succubus

A Look Into The Past

This one's just a collection of some pics from my old Nexus profile. I did add my watermark to them, but they're still the same otherwise.   This is the very first screenshot I ever took.   This is a vampire character I made. She was a "Daughter of Coldharbour", which means that... well. If you know Elder Scrolls lore, then you already know.   This is my High Elf that I hardly played as.   Here's a bunch of screenshots of my Uchiha charac


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