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Cleotraptah's Inception

I decided to delve into making a unique PC as all of my males use SOS, all of the females (including followers) use BHUNP & as you can imagine, it gets stale looking similar to the NPCs. Granted; by giving ALL NPCs the same body type; all the BHUNP clothes fit great but at a cost of variety. Thus; a custom character was the next logical step to spice up my Skyrim...   My WIP character is themed after Cleopatra (as in the ancient Pharaoh) but with muscles too; beauty & brawn - B


Sucsino in Futa

What do you want to see next in DFC?

Pick as many options as you like, but it counts less if you pick more things.   Currently a few voices on the forum tend to set the direction for development. What do people think is most important to do next?   You might want to look at the Roadmap for more detail on what these different things could look like.   The feature for letting followers push deals more aggressively is a "done deal", no point voting on that.


Lupine00 in Devious Followers

SLAL_Billyy_Human Previews

Previews for the Human animations included in my SLAL Pack Billyy_Human, and Billyy_Furniture.   Solo 1p: Pair 2p: Lesbian: Futa: Group 3p: Group 4p: Group 5p: Furniture: Invisible Furniture: Bound/DD: Cuffed: Yoke:  


Billyy in Animations

Billyy Creature Animation Previews

Previews for the creature animations included in my SLAL Pack. Ash Hopper: Atronach Flame: Atronach Frost: Atronach Storm: Bear: Boar Riekling: Canine: Chaurus: Chaurus Reaper: Chaurus Hunter: Deer: Dragon: Dragon Priest: Draugr: Dwarven Ballista: Dwarven Centurion: Dwarven Sphere: Dwarven Spider: Falmer: Fox: Gargoyle: Giant: Goat:


Billyy in Animations


Hello there !   The current story is on hold even though I'd like very much to continue it but with my new job I tend to come back home only on sundays.   So I was thinking of offering you some different content that I can make quickly in the meantime. I have this comic in french and I thought about translating it since it's crazy expensive in english. (it's possible you already know an easy way to get it in english ... in this case ... this post will be pointless 😃  


Cema in Skyrim

The Mods I Use In Skyrim LE/SE Series 6+

10. Stockings and High Heels Collections  LE/SE     9damao LE Link: http://www.9dmdamaomod.net/thread-6233-1-1.html 9damao SE Link: http://www.9dmdamaomod.net/thread-95684-1-5.html     Guy driver Stockings and High Heels Collection LE FOMOD Guy driver Stockings and High Heels Collection SE FOMOD ported by Milk set                   for Skyrim LE FOMOD 佬司机MOD第19弹B 袜子新脚模版 论坛版V2.2

Ma Ri

Ma Ri in Skyrim LE/SE Mods

Freedom Restored? (Monilee's Adventure, Part 21)

Auryen Morellus looked positively giddy as he took the jade warrior off of Monilee's hands.    "You've found it? Oh, you have! Excellent. Yes, I have just the place for this. Thank you, here's your reward."   Handing over a small purse of coin, the Altmer added, "What about the other relics? Any luck?"   Monilee shook her head apologetically, "I'm afraid not. We've run into some... complications." She had gotten better at speaking through the metal contraption Noctu


gregaaz in Test Reports

I wish ...

Mikey’s second birthday was yesterday. When he woke up, he called his daddy asking if he can come to our bedroom. When he was permitted, he ran and jumped on our bed asking him: “Is my happy birthday now, dad?” We laughed and showered him with kisses. (Mikey always puts ‘happy’ and ‘birthday’ together because he heard singing and saying ‘happy birthday’. To him birthday doesn’t go without happy). We said it is and that we will celebrate it later since all of us are going to the work. He couldn’t


EvalovesEP in Diaries

Chapter 5: Trapped In The Rain

Wanting to move on from the heartbreak, Dianne found herself in the mystical land of El Selvadorada. As she explored the ancient lands that she used to read about in her books, things happened that made her realize that it was indeed, a vacation to remember.    


chase021 in Erotica

"Military DILF" Chapter 3

"Military DILF" Chapter Three   Nate Hawthorne and Kevin Caffrey finally meet at the gym, while TJ secures a Grindr hookup in the sauna.   Let me know what you think of the series and characters. Leave a comment below.   For updates and upcoming projects, follow me on Twitter.  Become a Patreon to download HD files w/o watermarks.   Pixboy_Military DILF_03-LL.mp4

Pixboy Tales

Pixboy Tales in Military DILF

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