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Too many babes

I wondered why I've never completed anything of Fallout 4 and discovered the answer is too many babes. I create a character and get them so far in the game, then create another and another. I did a count and discovered its not far off a hundred. That doesn't include games that have been scrapped for some reason. Now if they were real? What a harem.   Below is the latest, fresh from the vault.  


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Fighting about Halloween

Our children loves morning and evening teeth brushing with us. Since we have only one washbasin in the bathroom, we let boys do it first for they are faster. We need more time since there are three of us. (“Sure you do” as my Prince would say sarcastically). Anyhow, our boys roar like Hulk after brushing the teeth making various faces which Mikey really loves to do, while we, girls, make smiles and different poses in the front of the mirror. Precious always wants us to “fix her face” as she hear


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Honoring your parents

> My wife and I had very distant and broken relationship with our parents 5 years ago. Hers was even worst than mine. She didn't speak with them at all and if she had to she was always rude and her talk was filled with swears and insults especially toward her mother. My relationship with my mother was waaay better than with my father although I also kept her on distance and was rude to her. She was true angel and she still is. She was always kind and good to me and when she discovered that my


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Diary of Mine Guide

Introduction So you decided to jump into Diary of Mine to spice things up in your PAHE game? Great! As you may have seen already, this mod is pretty complex, and adds a lot of new mechanics. I'll break them down here for you and do my best to give you the information you need to have a quick start to emotionally impactful slavery!   What's it Do? So simply put, Diary of Mine or 'DoM' is an expansion to the Paradise Halls Extended mod or 'PAHE.' The main feature of DoM is th


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The PAHE Basics

Description This entry is to describe some of the basic functions of Paradise Halls and how you should use it and really what it does at its core. If you are a long time user of the mod you can probably head over to the other entry "The Diary of Mine Guide" or keep reading if you want to maybe learn something new! Otherwise, this guide is meant for newbies to the Skyrim slavery game, so if you find yourself wanting to understand the mod better, then this is a good place to start.   


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Working on a Futanari Follower of my own character !

Futanari Follower of my own character Some screens    This is my first attempt to do it    I am making a learning curve on how to make my first follower Mod , It is a difficult path for me as I never done nothing even similar  But will give it a go as soon I get the handle of the all procedure that is needed to make one .   Leaving you some screens of the Character that I saved Sculp and Body Morphs and face so far ... Give me your Opinion o


Bullfye in Futa

Who the fuck gives a shit about your past?! (I know I don't)

> One among many things that thrilled me about my Prince when we started dating was what he told me when I wanted to tell him about my past for I didn't want to hide anything from him and that he wouldn't be surprised, better, shocked when he finds out about me. He said: "Princess, I do not care what you did before we met, unless you want to tell me to lighten your soul. But, as for me, I love you as you are and your past is completely irrelevant to me." And he mean it. As we advanced in our


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Heidi Banks

Meet Heidi Banks💋 Career: Doctor  Zodiac: Gemini Likes: Gardening                            Dislikes: Most Men                                                                                      A true leader of the pack, she enjoys making men drool then turning them down all while teaching younger, less experienced, woman that they CAN DO IT TOO and showing them how.         Why? Well, because she can, silly!  


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TRX - Male SOS Addon

Due to a lot of requests i starting work on TRX - Male SOS Addon.   Model base   1. Body - SOS body 2. Shlong - TRX - Futanari addon model.   Project road map   1. Creating male body BS Project (WIP)   2. Creating mesh compability pathch for SOS and body meshes (WIP)   3. Transfering morphs (WIP)   4. Skinning (WIP)   5. Textures adaptation (WIP)   If you want you can support this project on Patreon  


m4mk203 in TRX - Male SOS addon

Arrogant female security guard

While I was at the work in Saturday, our parents taught the children the last 5 letters of our alphabet. They didn’t forget 25 letters they learned earlier. We are very proud of them. When I arrived home after the work, we had lunch, played with our children and I took a nap with them in our bedroom. My Prince and Ivy went jogging. They had “extra” energy to spend even after wild sex. They stopped by “our café” and had juice. Antonio called them and hearing their location, he said he is coming w


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So this is how to start a blog, then.

Preamble-But-Hopefully-Not-Ramble   I decided to start this blog to pursue potentially creating a mod.  Over the course of the past few months I've been playing a tremendous amount of Fallout 4.  I'd never played it before, but in May decided it was time to figure out what mods I wanted to use and get to it.  I used the beginner's guide linked in my signature to get started, and have kept the core texture updates and many of the quality of life updates but there were a few I skipped or


Marg597 in 'Mmhmm' Means Eat

Main Hall

Here are some screenshots of the main hall I'm working on as of right now. Due to time issues the progress isn't very far and I'm still not finished with it, I will still have to add more details. Like food on the tables and maybe a small bar area but nothing is final on that. As progress is made I will update these screens with more up to date ones.   My idea is to have this room be the main entrance, this is where the slavers will receive guests for auctions and the like.


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Sexy Chainsaw-Fucking Bubba Won't Leave My Brain

The more time passes that I am not at least decent at modding my Sims 4 game, the more pent up tension I'm gonna feel from this, I just know it... and I can't do a thing about it outside of Sims because I'm living with my mom and having to share a bed with her until we can get me moved into my own place. Sucks.   What also seems kind of sucky was that the other night, someone told me that my Texas Chainsaw Massacre main OC was probably in vain. I have only seen the original film plus a

I've Been Up All Night Again...

I am having some issues now with creating my own CC for Sims 4 from the bottom up... I tried using a tutorial to create furniture and got this monstrosity that won't obey anything I want it to do in Blender. This is difficult. If anyone knows how to fix my issues with the shading not being able to be change/adjusted or with the wrapping, here is the file. chair base2.blend   If someone would take a look and tell me exactly what I need to do, that would be great.

PAHE 8.0.2 Recent test results Fellglow camp bugs

Hello!   In this post i conclude recent findings about PAHE 8.0.2, i advice strongly to other players consider this if using pahe based mods.   Very sort version of the story: Based on recent tests selling PAHE slaves in fellglow slave camp tigger metric tons of papyrus log warnings.  I not a programer i dont know how damaging this bugs i discovered.  This may or may not effect other functions of PAHE and PAHE based mods.    its known to me killing sl
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