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  1. Just want to know, maybe others too?


    Where to find those Poses? I am using your mod from this page, but those poses won't appear at the picture screen.


    Heres the link to those pictures you've uploaded:



  2. Found them! - Well okay that happened because i use another game language.. lol "There should be no warpaints in the actual Head Overlays tab" Well i have here three tabs. 1. The "Head Tab" with the slider called "warpaints" of course i diddnt use them. 2. The "Makeup Tab" there i diddnt find them even they where showing up, but those did show up because it got applied by another tab or like slavetats applies them without any tab. 3 . And the "Head Overlays" tab, there i found them finally. You said "there should be no war
  3. Hey, many many thanks for this Mod, your work and your time doing this. I was also creating a Horse Race for Skyrim with a Friend, at least we tried since more than 4 Years and diddnt get it all to work. :*( I've downloaded this mod just now and all wich keeps me from really using it is that there are no racemenu head overlay textures for the female equine race. I mean if i choose, let's say the zebra overlay for the body, then my "Zebra" looks weird without stripes on its head, also the neckseam for sure. On the Head Overlay Tab i see two slots, both sow "BD Horse Warpaint
  4. FIX for BP70's Animations cause Game to Crash/CTD / Animations Crash at AAF start. I fixed the Issue where BP70's animations did crash.# I had to take the BP70's animations plugin file below the Ulfberth Patches. Then it worked BUT.. Then many other Animations diddn't work or even show up in AAF. Now i still load the BP70's Animations after Ulfberth's Patch, but i did reinstall Ulfberth's patch and UNCHECK the support vor BP70's animations. So it did install, the patch without support for BP70's animations and then in my plugin List i've loaded th
  5. Ah i remember now! Did take a look when my last post was (before 4 hours) an then i took a look at my visited pages in chrome.. I was downloading the "Miscellanious patch" from the AAF Nexus Page and installed it after all my Mods/AAF/Animations/Skeleton bla bla. This Misc-Patch here from here "https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/31304?tab=files" i installed also after Ulfberth's Patch. Without this AAF Misc-Patch i got CTD's at the BP70's and Atomic Lust Animations as soon as they start to show the animation. The weird thing, as i started a ne
  6. game Crashes, but i did fix it... and then i had some PipBoy-Levelup-Page-CTD's also CTD at Examine Weapons. The fix for the Weapon Examination was reinstall ACKWR or how its called and don't let something overwrite it. The fix for the level up Perk-Page i didd'nt found but after cleaning my savegame with falrims tools it works. And now i have a CTD when starting the animations of BP70 or Atomic Lust, but i fixed this issue. I wanted to reply here but then i had this other issues and simply forget how to fix this here again. lol. Someone does the
  7. And it still crashes at BP70's Animations and Atomic Lust.
  8. AAF doesen't use MCM, where i should Activate this then? I ask because PB70's animations crash and also some animations from Atomic Lust, after i reinstalled my Fallout 4 from scratch and used those updated mods/updates AAF. After starting a scene AAF crashes as soon as i use one of the Atomic Lust and the PB70's animations. So something is missing or this "RSE Strip API Usage" i should give a try but as i said AAF doesen't use a MCM Menu. Help me please to find this.. *sniff* Lol, i was looking since 3 days for a solution and JUST NOW, i found a forum thread telling
  9. Well i had this issue many times, (now again after i reinstalled fallout 4) I did solve it but i did forget how.. and for the Mouth-Mesh clipping through the jaw/cheeks. This every player has, this happens if you make wide mouths with the 1st and second mouth presets. theres is no fix for the mouth mesh bug i known so far. and for the black lips, i solved it yesterday just by sorting my load order, but today it's back again. After uninstalling this "DeLuxe Makeup" mod it was gone for me, but i know i also did solve it with
  10. Hello Peoples, i am sorry i diddn't reply yet, i had to setup my PC 2 times from scratch, install windows, skyrim. etc. So it seems 20K animations or 15K or 18K works with skyrim. But if you have OSA installed, you can't even use more than like.. 10K? or 8K?, then skyrim crashes. (i forgot the amount, sorry) And skyrim itself works with 20K or so, and with OSA installed and having total 10K it crashes... It is like, OSA don't want you use too much aimations at all, but skyrim itself doesen't care about the total amount. So my sugestio
  11. Hello dear Loverslapppers! *slap* Well i have an issue with Bodyslide, it's is not a big problem, i just wan't to know if someone knows if there is a FIX or something for it. My question belongs to some of these "Body-Sliders" in Bodyslide, not the Presets wich you can choose! Many Low Sliders have a fitting wrist size, but some are not as you see, is there a fix somewehre, to get these (non fitting) bodies working? Because the body i want use there has also a (too big wrist size) Or could i fix this anyhow myself? aww help! =^..^=
  12. Thanks very much, and hey, you know, at least you did find out now, that you could use more than 24K Animations. Just install the FNIS XXL + Creatures + Spells. Don't install the standard FNIS! Yuu can find the XXL version on it's Nexus Page. So, as i said i will reinstall some animations now. If i will get another CTD then, i will note down the Animation count and also uninstall the last installed animations, and install others etc.. this takes a while, just to clearify if a higher Animation count get's OSA this CTD for my Skyrim. Maybe it's just one specific Animation Mod wi
  13. I use NMM still, because i know how to work with it. I tried Vortex but it was new to me and got me too much stress, also i tried several times Mod Organizer, it has great Options and also the ability to choose in which folder files get installed. But every file i download or mod, ill open the Zip file and extract the Mod files, then i Re-ZIP them again to make sure all what i need gets installed like i wan't, to prevent mods getting installed incorrect. ? So you see, ill take much time for installing mods.
  14. Peoples it works! NOW with OSA! I remember today i did disable the Steam Overlay ingame. I tried now to make a screenshot, of the game to show you that it works, but then i noticed i can't to da screenshot with F12 key. Then i said "Oh damn, steam Overlay is disabled.." Could it be that te Steam UI conflicts with OSA? I will enable the Steam UI now ingame and we'll see, but it is weird, i always used Steam UI with OSA before... But i need steam UI for streaming the game on steam, i will try some workaround and let yo
  15. Tadda! SKSE Version: chargen.dll Version: ContinueGameNoCrash.dll CPConvert.dll DeviousDevices.dll Fuz Ro D'oh.dll Version: hdtHighHeelNative.dll hdtPhysicsExtensions.dll JContainers.dll Version: LoadGameFix.dll MfgConsole.dll nioverride.dll Version: OneTweak.dll Version: OSA.dll SafetyLoad.dll SchlongsOfSkyrim.dll SetVehicleFixPlugin.dll SexLabUtil.dll Version: SKSE_EnhancedCamera.dll StorageUtil.dll I di
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