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  1. My current thinking is that if the items are specified in a Quest then it should be possible to modify those items as a patch plugin. However, if the items are specified inside a script then it'd be necessary to edit the script inside the CK and then recompile it as a patch. I've never edited scripts before but I'd expect it to be theoretically possible, however it's more complicated than editing plugins (and the CK is horrible). I've identified some references in a Quest in "paradise_halls_SLExtension.esp" to some Zaz items. Are you using this plugin? I'm looking at the Zaz items to find and references between PAHE Quests and Zaz items, then maybe I can find something to patch. However the Quest in "paradise_halls_SLExtension.esp" doesn't reference the items you mentioned, but entirely different ones. You mentioned the ragged robes, zbf Collar Black, zbf Ankle Iron HDT. Is it only these items that are used, and is it the exact same outfit every time? Any random variation? Those particular items don't have references to the PAHE quests, which implies that they are assigned by script and not by Quest. Perhaps you can PM the author of PAHE and ask him what method he uses to assign the worn items to slaves, and what methods he would recommend to alter the items? I'll look into it more tomorrow, it's late here.
  2. If PAHE/AYGAS doesn't use Outfits in it's plugin then it won't be possible to use my levelled lists to make a patch to apply non-DDs to the NPCs. But there is another option. You could use this mod- https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99211 Potentially you could use it to apply a non-DD outfit to NPCs after you enslave them with PAHE/AYGAS. Perhaps you could also direct it to use a non-DD Outfit from my patches so that you can still use the levelled lists in my non-DD Masterlists?
  3. It's very easy to change outfits and setup levelled lists for NPCs, as long as the mod has Outfits assigned to NPCs. The main problem is that it can be very tedious, and the tiers of levelled lists can be complex. I had to spend a lot of time copy-pasting, it's very important to learn all the automation tools (I use zEdit for some of it's features like more convenient drag-and-drop). However if you're willing to learn how to use xEdit then it will be an invaluable tool for Skyrim modding and making your own custom patches. There are no good guides avalable. I can tell you from experience that the best way to learn is to choose a mod that does something that interests you and then open it in xEdit and read/experiment with it until you have discovered all it's secrets. I've made the switch to SSE and the patches are available in this thread. I can't work on LE anymore since I nuked my install. I won't risk any more changes to my SSE install stuff now with the AE clusterfuck. I also can't do testing for LE, only SSE. Essentially, my patches work by setting up levelled lists to randomly choose DD/non-DD items, and these are patched over an Outfit set that an NPC is assigned to wear. Very simple in concept. I've already done the work of setting up the levelled lists. You just need to paste the correct levelled list from the non-DD Masterlist plugin into the correct outfit for the NPC. The relevant sections of my patches can be found in xEdit under the subheadings for 'Levelled Items' and 'Outfits'. You will also want to examine the Outfits for whatever mod you want to patch. In order for all that to work, you need to have a mod that works by applying outfits to NPCs. I've examined AYGAS in xEdit and I can't see any Outfits in the plugin that I can apply non-DDs to, so it won't work to patch AYGAS directly. Do AYGAS slaves get an outfit applied to them from PAHE? What do PAHE and AYGAS slaves wear when enslaved or handled by those mods? You will need to test it by opening them in the console, examining their items, and then finding an outfit that the mods apply to them. Once the outfit is identified, they can be patched. The point is, there needs to be an outfit set identified so that it can be patched to use non-DD items instead of the default. I'd be happy to go into more detail about the exact details of the patching process, but I can't make LE patches directly since the SSE tools aren't compatible with LE. I'd also be happy to provide what support I can so that you can make more patches.
  4. Here it is. Note that this won't change the bodyshape for any of the outfits from the Yuriana mod. As far as I know there are no bodyslide files for the clothing in Yuriana mod. This will only change Yuriana's naked body to use your default bodyshape for all female NPCs, and it will only work for CBBE. If you want to make Yuriana use clothes shaped to your own bodyslide preset then you will have to dress her in custom outfits and not the ones from Yuriana mod. Yuriana Uses Default Body.esp
  5. I didn't upload the main Yuriana patch because it edited only a single NPC to use the TEWOBA bikinis. The rest of the female NPCs already wear bikinis. There were also some custom edits to give Yuriana wenches the ability to start NPC vs NPC prostitution scenes from the mod Radiant Prostitution. It didn't seem important but you can have it if you want it. There is another patch you might like, it makes the rescuable captured wenches from the Immersive Wenches questline wear the bondage gear from Yuriana mod. There is an official patch to do this, but it's actually bugged and has some edits I didn't want, so I made my own bugfree version. I also edited the rescuable Immersive Wenches to become protected because the bandits kept killing them when I used frenzy spells. It's not uploaded with this post because I deleted it already, but I can remake that patch for you if you like and upload it in another post. There's another patch to make all the capturable enemy wenches from Yuriana mod become protected, so they won't die unless you intend them to. This makes it much easier to rescue/enslave them now because your followers won't kill them. My own personal version edits Yuriana NPCs to use the default female body rather than the one packed with the mod, but I deleted that part because I assumed you wouldn't want it. I can put that edit back in if you like. Bikini Armors for Yuriana.esp Captured Immersive Wenches Use Yuriana Bondage.esp Yuriana Wenches Protected.esp
  6. Yeah, I found the same problem. When I made the post for the SSE version I hadn't realised what an impact voicepacks would have on loading times. My modlist is currently 158 GB and the loading time is around 3-3.5 minutes to get from starting via SKSE to the main menu. It used to load in under 2 minutes before I installed the voicepacks. So I think packing the loose files into a .bsa archive is a very good idea. So thanks for the tip, I hope others find it helpful.
  7. Can we find out what preset you used in the screenshots, please?
  8. Do you know that there's a difference between the BaseID and the RefID for NPCs? RefID of these refers to the specific instance that the NPC is spawned, and the BaseID refers to the NPC itself. The console should tell you both the BaseID and the RefID for any NPC. If you want to find more information about an NPC you need to use the BaseID number, which is 000BB2C0 for Synda Llanith You can also get both BaseID and RefID from uesp.net or xEdit- https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Synda_Llanith Let's hope you don't need to do that lol. Just try the BaseID.
  9. I use the 'resetinventory' command. Maybe you will see different results if you use that command instead?
  10. This is interesting. Thanks for sharing. I agree that your papyrus log identifies a clear problem, the NPC shouldn't be equipped with such a wide range of devices. However it's not clear to me if this is either the cause, or instead the effect, of script overload. I also find that the non-DD version does not have the problem with mixed colours of items, that seems to be fixed in the non-DD patch. The Non-DD patches use the same 'Use All' flags as the DD patches. So I'm still skeptical that the DD colour mixing problem is due to improper flags for levelled lists. My current understanding is that the mixed colours of devices are because of script overload causing the DD scripts to rerun several times. I operated from the assumption that the 'Use All' flag would NOT be extended to subsequent levelled lists, that each levelled list would use ONLY their own flags. So does that mean that, when levelled lists are arranged in a tier system, the flag in a levelled list will always override the flags in subsequent levelled lists? I can't find anything in the wiki about it. Do you have any sources that you can quote or link for me, please? If you're right about the 'Use All' flag then I don't know how to fix it. There's also the problem that there doesn't seem to be any alternative flags for levelled lists that I can try using. If the 'Use All' flag doesn't work properly for a tiered system of levelled lists then I don't know what other technique I could use to distribute outfits with the correct randomization. Do you recommend any good ways to test out your hypothesis so we could more clearly identify the cause? If it is within my abilities to fix the script overload then I will rework the mod and release a new version. Aere you using this mod?- Last time I tried this mod it multiplied the number of scripts that were run on NPCs who wear DDs and made the script overload problem much worse.
  11. A good set of MCM screenshots is sexier than any pics of ingame content LMAO. I'm only half-joking. If you've been doing Skyrim modding for any length of time then your true passion is for the modding, the game itself is just a base for modding. My theory is that the brain of a typical LL modder responds to game setup stuff as if it was a foreplay ritual. Sort of like how the experience of just browsing and downloading porn becomes an addictive ritual prior to any sexual activity.
  12. The "NDUN - All Corsec Fixes 05_10_2020" one. It merges all my NDUN edits into one patch and is for LE. Also here's the SSE version in case anyone needs it, it is in ESL format. It should- 1. Prevent NDUN civilian rape quest from ever starting sex scenes. You should still set civilian rape chance to above zero (or combat defeat won't work). I set it to 1%. 2. Allow NDUN combat defeat to work without also allowing civilian rape quest to ever start sex scenes. 3. NDUN Naked harmlessness to work for most vanilla game NPCs. Note that I'm willing to support further patches, for example if anyone wants NDUN harmlessness added to NPC factions from other mods. However, I can probably only support SSE since I nuked my LE install and SSE plugins aren't backward compatible with LE. It may or not be possible to use xEdit to turn an SSE patch into an LE patch, I can't do it for you, but I can show you how to do it yourself. NDUN - All Corsec Fixes - SSE 23_10_2021.7z NDUN - All Corsec Fixes 05_10_2020.7z
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