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  1. Well, if the stockings are a problem then I can make an alternate masterlist with the stockings removed. Shouldn't take long, it's an easy edit, 5 minutes at most. Let me know if you want an edited LC masterlist with the stockings removed. And if there are any stockings you want left in, or anything else removed, also let me know. Is it only stockings that are a problem? For example, are the legs on the full-body outfits fitted correctly (like the one in the thesteve812's pic Sofia is wearing)?
  2. Is COSIO incompatible with Luxury Collection? I used COSIO for a while and I didn't notice any particular problems, except that my preset was so large it caused clipping problems. What was going wrong for you? Some items in the Luxury Collection I didn't include because there seemed to be armor slot issues, they would be auto-unqeuipped when other LC items were worn.
  3. I've added non-DDs to female beggars, citizens, merchants, nobles, pilgrims and refugees. Non-combatant civilians only. I only added body items, there are no gags, blindfolds or armbinders. This is just a quick patch, if you want the full effect you will have to use the main mod. Thsi needs the non-DD masterlist, get it from the non-DD patch here or on the DD-non-DD patches page. If I update the masterlist, it is safe to update in your game. Same as before, if you want the outfit changes to take effect, wait indoors somewhere with no Hell Edition NPCs for 10 days to force a cell reset. Populated Skyrim HELL EDITION - No Tavern Clothes - non-DDs - Plugin Replacer - 08_07_2020.7z
  4. if I misunderstood your question, then by definition that means the mistake was on my side lol. It'd be possible to make a Hell Edition non-DD patch, but it'd be a very low priority for me since the non-DD stuff will take up so much of my time, sorry. It'd also be half-measures, because most of the other kinky features wouldn't be implemented. Maybe, if I can do it in less than 10 minutes. No promises.
  5. Some hydra slavegirls use the tavern wench outfit so I changed it to be DDs. Here's a modified version of the file you are using. I have removed the edits to tavern clothes. Now some hydra slavegirls wil be wearing tavern clothes, but so will all the tavern wenches. To be honest I had never really considered that anyoe would want the tavern clothes left unchanged. I was clearly wrong about that, sorry. If you are using Immersive Wenches to provide tavern wenches then I recommend the Luxury Collection patches. They also change tavern clothes so if you load them after the HSG patch then it will fix the problem for you. Hydra Slavegirls Patch for Devious Devices.esp
  6. Uh oh. it sounds like you have completely misinterpreted me, and maybe I didn't explain myself well enough? The Hell Edition is a completely seperate version of Populated Skyrim. The patches for my version won't work with it. The Hell Edition won't have any of the features of this one, it won't have DDs or non-DDs. The AIO non-DD patch won't work for Hell Edition, neither will the No-Bikini replacer or the unlevelled patch. If you use the Hell Edition, don't use anything else from this mod with it. Just use Hell Edition plus the replacer plugin I uploaded a few posts ago.
  7. Ok, here you go. It just replaces the tavern clothes for labourers with miners clothes. You don't need to delete the original plugin. Just load this afterwards and let it overwrite, it's a plugin replacer. Outfits won't change automatically, they require a cell reset before they update. This takes 10 days by default. Go somewhere indoors where no labourer NPCs will wander in, then wait for 11+ days. Populated Skyrim HELL EDITION - No Tavern Clothes - Plugin Replacer - 08_07_2020.7z
  8. Yes, it requires both plugins. The masterlist is just a copy of the same file that is available in the other DD/non-DD patches page. I switched to the masterlist system because in the near future I'm going to be trying to convert DDs into scriptless non-DDs. Adding them manually into over a dozen slightly different patches would be intensely tedious. It's simpler/faster for me to put all the resources and levelled lists into a central plugin and then just have seperate patches to call on those resources/LLs. However there are fucking hundreds of DD items that need converting to non-DDs and I might take a long time to do it, or only convert some items or just get frustrated and avoid doing it... Yes, I know it's an inconvenience to add an extra plugin to requirements, but it's a necessity to reduce my workload and prevent myself from burning out. I do all this by hand, no automation. The original DD version of the AIO and my other DD patches may or not be safe on your game, and if there are problems they might only be minor. But I can't promise major CTD and savegame breaking won't happen. Since I can't guarantee appropriate safety for the base mod then I feel like I should offer a patch to guarantee that the script overload problem won't happen. You are welcome to stay with DDs if you choose. If you want to still use the DDs rather than non-DDs, then go ahead, just be reponsible for your own game and understand the possibility that you might get scripting problems resulting in long-term problems creeping into your game. Other scripts won't get a chance to run properly when the scripting engine is overloaded with DD scripts. Use a savegame cleaner to check the health of your savegame and clean it where necessary. You can use fallrimtools, check the number of active scripts and suspended stacks. Then use the options in the cleaning menu. When/if I complete the DD item conversions to non-DD then I'll probably make altered versions of these populated mods to integrate non-DDs so that a patch won't be necessary anymore. You can safely merge the non-DD patches together as long as you keep the masterlists unmerged.
  9. Ok, it's a hell-ishly large download so I'll do it as some point over the next few days.
  10. Does anyone know what could be causing this error? It happens shortly after I put the PC into DFC slavery. There are other reports of the same DDi error message for different keywords, but they were due to overwrites of DDi. My version of DDi is not being overwritten by anything. I think it's got something to do with the punishing iron slave boots that are equipped during DFC slavery. Error shown in pic in spoilers below-
  11. Populated Skyrim Hell Edition has scripts to run the MCM stuff, and removing scripts midgame has the potential to create problems. if you insist on doing it, then make sure to use a savegame cleaner after you remove Hell Edition but before you install the AIO. I think fallrimtools might be able to clean your save, if not then you can probably find a tool to do it for you on google search. Better NPC Support for Devious Devices had some issues recently but the author claims they are mostly fixed now. I don't know if that's true so I'm not sure if I can recommend it yet. But if the author has fixed the past problems, then yes this is a really good mod to use if you are putting DDs on NPCs.
  12. Well OK, but if you want it fixed then let me know. there will be at least one in each major city.
  13. Oh, I know the problem. The Immersive Wenches and Hydra Slave Girls patches change the default tavern outfit to use DD devices. This usually isn't a problem since almost no other mod makes males wear tavern clothes. Except this one. When males wear DD items, there are no meshes for them so they go invisible below the neck. It never occured to me that someone would use those patches with Populated Hell Edition. My mistake lol. I've already had to fix this issue for my own version of Populated. It's a simple fix. Either change the labourer clothes or remove the edit to tavern clothes. it's not safe for you to switch versions of the Populated mod midgame, and my AIO patch won't work on Hell Edition. Don't try using the AIO patch with Hell Edition! I assume you want to keep the tavern clothes edit so that wenches will continue to wear DD items. That's all fine, i can work with that. So we need to edit labouers in the Hell Edition instead. So the simplest way to fix this is as follows. In your next post here, upload the plugin you are using for Populated Hell Edition. I can manually make the edit to swicth labourers to use farm clothes rather than tavern clothes. Then I will upload the patched file, and you can use it to overwrite the original plugin. I won't download the plugin is I can avoid it, it's a multi gigabyte download so it's faster if you just upload your file to me. Also, it's cool that you are using Sofia. I remember her well. Do me a favour, next time she gets drunk, give her a few hits with a cane and then lock her in some DDs for me, will ya lol. She totally deserves it. That's what I love about Sofia, she's got a big mouth so she always deserves it lol.
  14. Is this with using the ones in the HSG DD patches? I noticed that the elbowbinders tend to clip a little, but I assumed that was because of my bodyslide preset, which is quite big and clips a lot (also clips with armbinders). Maybe I was wrong and there's a problem with elbowbinders in general.
  15. LOL each of her breasts is bigger than her shoulder width. If she wants to ever stand up straight she'd need be immersed in water to support her weight, like a dinosaur. I make the NPC breasts a manageable size because I want the PC to have noticeably larger breasts than any other. In a BDSM playground like this, the PC needs a reason to stand out and be special, and being given an especially loud voice by a dragon god just isn't impressive enough. I've never heard of the film you mentioned but on the subject of sexploitation I remember watching Russ Meyer's Supervixens (1975) and laughing uproariously throughout the whole thing. I don't hope to ever understand the arcane details of bodyslide and HDT, I'm just glad to stick to something that works and doesn't need fixing.
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