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  1. This mod doesn't have any integrations with Devious Framework. I've never installed or played Devious Framework so I can't really comment.
  2. Thanks for the response. If you've used them both together then that's reassuring. SLS adds a LOT of debuffs to attributes/skills, and Requiem makes balance changes to NPC attributes. I was wondering how badly this would screw up Requiem's delicate gameplay balancing. I'm OK if it's hardcore difficulty, I just don't want it to become impossible to progress or have gameplay mechanics become permanently unusable lol. Do you have any tips for using Requiem with other loverslab mods? I'd hate to get a few hours into a game and then realize that there's an incompatibility th
  3. Does anyone have experience using Sexlab Survival together with Requiem? Are there any features of either mod that need to be changed or turned off for compatibility? Any special patches or plugin edits that need to be made? Obviously there needs to be a patch made for conflciting edits to containers and levelled lists. Is it recommended not to use both mods together?
  4. She won't aggro immediately. You need to enter the arena area to make her turn hostile, which might take a few seconds. You can speed it up by attacking her, that will make her turn hostile.
  5. Do you know Submissive Lola well enough to say whether Bruiser would be a good Owner character for that mod?
  6. When I use the SLS option to autostart Slaverun I get an issue where Ralof and Hadvar will idle around in the Helgen courtyard. When I go o Helgen quickly enough I actually see them walking out of the Helgen cave to the courtyard. I'm using Live Another Life so they are supposed to be lying on the ground in the Helgen underground cave, they're not supposed to leave unless I am with them. My usual procedure is to use LAL to place me in a tavern somewhere, then to autostart Slaverun with SLS, then to run to Helgen and speak to Ralof. I do this because I want to play as if I did the vanilla intro
  7. I just checked it in TES5Edit for the latest SS++ (6.3.9) and it was fine. Anyway, if you find bugs I will respond quickly to fix them. The patch can be safely updated to a newer version, if need be, since it only affects NPCs and not anything scripted. A particularly useful feature of my SS++ patch is that it improves the SD+ masters that SS++ sends you to. They are edited to be in line with other vanilla followers that have the same class.
  8. My patch is for the latest version of SS++, not SS+. I usually check to see if my patches are still compatible with the latest versions, although I might forget to do it sometimes lol. I made the necessary edits to adjust for differences between SS+ and SS++. I'm not actually sure wht would happen if you used the patch with SS+, maybe there would be bugs since it's actualy for SS++. I just realised that my patches are titled for SS+ rather than SS++. That is misleading, since they're for SS++ actually.
  9. The reason I have so many patches in each download file is because you are usually only supposed to pick one. The description on the main modpage will tell you what each plugin does and that will help you pick which ones to use. You don't need to use both the Modular and the non-Modular versions of "Vanilla NPCs now Slavers". In fact, you don't really need either of them if you don't also use the seperate mod "Deviously Enslaved Continued". They add the Zaz slaver faction to NPCs, but currently "Deviously Enslaved Continued" is the only mod that uses it. There's an upcoming patch f
  10. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? YOU MUST TELL ME HOW Funny story; I spent many, many hours making edits by hand in TES5Edit before I learned that it was possible to make mass-edits. Imagine making the same edit to hundreds of NPCs, without knowing that you could just make a single edit to all of them at once. So not knowing how to filter the current active plugin in the CK isn't even the dumbest thing about my modding LOL.
  11. Not 100% sure what is happening, but I thought I should check that you're using the CK properly to export facegen for your NPCs. You need to make a minimal profile in MO2, disable all other mods except the ones you are making facegen for. Especially disable graphics mods, those will create bugs.
  12. There is a long-standing bug with Wrye Bash that I haven't been able to fully resolve. The Bashed Patch makes changes to my Beauty patches that revert some of the edits, the consequence is that HSG NPCs are turned into foxes ingame. I don't know how to make Wrye properly handle my patches, so I added the tags to prevent users from merging my patches into their Bashed Patch. From the readme there, it seems like I probably used the wrong tag, but as long as it prevents anyone from merging my patches into the Bashed Patch then it's doing what I intended. Make sure you never merge my B
  13. if it's a startup CTD then that should be relatively quick and easy to bugfix. just load different versions of the individual modules rather than the AIO, and eventually you will identify where the incompatibility is. then post here with the results.
  14. Thanks for pointing this out. I looked back through all my files and I find that the 10.000000 height originates in the hydra slavegirls main plugin. It is also present in the HSG replacer plugin by legume that you can find on the Devious Framework modpage. I must have copied it into my patches without noticing. How did you get a plugin for HSG that didn't have the error? Did you change it yourself or did you manage to get a copy of the HGS plugin that didn't have the error? it owuld be helpful for me to know, so I can confirm where the error first originated. A long time ago I con
  15. I've stopped using this mod a while ago, since it still had some CTD issues that I couldn't resolve. Some NPC spawns would just crash the game, and it would repeat with every reload. I also felt that the extra NPCs in towns were unneccessary, and there are better mods for adding enemies. The Populated AIOs make a lot of edits to exterior worldspaces and those might be causing CTDs if they conflict with other mods, it did for me sometimes. The Populated mods should work the same way for both male/female NPCs. To test compatibility with PAHE, I'd suggest that you load up
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