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  1. No Futa... OK than that is not a problem with the cumshot mod. One idea is: try to first activate the "non Combat Arousal" function and see what happen. My hope is that the mod first activates the peeing (even if it already peeining) and than deactivates it. Maybe that works.
  2. If you are wondering how the floppy penis looks during the sex animation... for some it is too floppy, for others it looks very good. Have a look: FloppyGiantAll.mp4 FloppySexAll.mp4
  3. Oh! I will have a look if that would be technically possible for me (and of course if that would be OK)...
  4. To be honest, i do not know. But I will have a look at it! ... oh! This post made me to a "senior member" ha, ha 🙂
  5. Thank you very much! I am already experimenting with peeing for men... unfortenately that is not so easy. The "simple" ZaZ peeing animation for men does only works for one arousal level. If the penis is down it is still peeing above 🙂 So i think here we need all the hard work that @Erstam put into his great "Cumshot" mod. You have to calculate the position of the penis tip for the peeing... That is (currently) beyond my capability 🙂
  6. Interesting, thank you for the hint. Just looking to the description... it should just work wiht my Dancing Penis mod already. My mod changes the arousal for the charachters, so if a certain level is reached the "Dripping when aroused" mod should start... That would mean: you can deactivate the peeing function in my "Dancing Penis" mod and use the "Dripping when aroused" mod instead. That would be a nice alternative. I will check that 🙂 EDIT: i checked the mod (and i remember checking it some month ago). You can use the "Dripping when aroused" mod just in parallel with the "Dancing Penis" mod. The Dancing Penis mod will update the characters arousal level (e.g. via the "non Combat Arousal" function) and the "Dripping" mod will start its effects once a certain level is reached. You can also use my peeing function together with the dripping/squirt function. What i can not do is: i can not trigger the "orgasm squirt" trough my mod (i tried it already). And i do not know if that would be possible outside of a SL animation... So you only get the dripping on the arousal level during combat or the normal scenes and the orgasmsquirt during SL animations. So, have fun trying it out! Regarding your question "Does the orgasm function of "On Death or Kill" also affect normal female play or just futas?": Not the "orgasm on dying" function, but the "females pee on death" function does work. If a normal female is dying or killing someone she will start peeing or squirting (no futa needed). And even if there is no futa and place and also no peeing configured my mod will update the females arousal level, see "Dripping mod" description above. In summary: For females you will get no orgasm (this starts the cumshot for males) but you can get the peeing/squirting for plain females on death, kill or with the "non Combat Arousal" function. ... and for futas you can activate the cumshot AND the peeing :-).
  7. Hi, with version 1.2 there are also settings for the balls ow 🙂
  8. Thank you for the information and thank you very much for the nice feedback!
  9. Yes, that would be nice! But i do not know if such kind of settings can be switched on/off...
  10. Hi, this can happen if you use the peeing together with the cumshot mod. Have a look to ny hint: - If you use the cumshot on death function together with the peeing on death function for futas it could be that the peeing does not stop. In this case you must increase the "waiting before getting full limp value. If that does not work increase the "waiting before getting full hard" value also. This issue is an interaction with the cumshot mod. The cumshot must finish before the peeing finish (at the end of the cumshot the cumshot mod equip the pee automatically). If you increase the wait values the peeing last longer than the cumshot. And of course it should be possible to turn the peeing function off. See MCM "non Combat Arousal". if you have still the issue we have to look in more detail... 😉
  11. DP_WalkTroughTown.mp4 Just a walk through the town... but of course some idiots trying to flirt 🙂 The problem is, she can't hide her arousal!
  12. Yes, ... but we come closer 🙂 SurverXSMP.mp4
  13. Yes, the "Dancing Penis" spell only effects NPC's and creatures. But have a look at the "non Combat Arousal" function. This can be set for the PC also ("activate non combat arousal on Player"). This mod has no impact on the penis physics. And yes, i use separat penis physics settings:
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