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  1. The tats last forever, unless you have another mod installed that removes or replaces them over time.
  2. Using a Racemenu overlay in addition to SlaveTats is fine. SlaveTats was specifically written to support that, and people do it all the time. I don't know what could be causing your problem, unless you've got the Racemenu body overlay count set to 1 in the config file for some reason (which seems very unlikely).
  3. That looks like you might be missing a dependency.
  4. You want SlaveTats 1.3.0-beta or SlaveTats 1.2.3 (the beta has seen wide use for quite a while now, and doesn't really need the beta tag)
  5. What you would actually want to do is add the Enderal beast factions to the WildingBeastFactions or WildingFactionsTame form list.
  6. Sorry, I don't quite understand what you're asking.
  7. I haven't tried it, but possibly the Hentai Creatures troll summoning spell will work for you.
  8. Reinstall the mod, disable it in the MCM (even if you have to enable it first so that you can disable it), then uninstall it again.
  9. Sorry, if you've got SKEE installed properly, as far as I know it should work with ECE. I don't actually use ECE, though.
  10. Do you have SKEE from RaceMenu installed?
  11. You just described my experience, off and on, all the way back to the beginning. You can actually see it in some of the early SlaveTats screen shots, dating back years and taken on Skyrim LE.
  12. I haven't checked that out yet. Maybe?
  13. It doesn't. There's code in there that ought to make them work, but they simply don't.
  14. To answer the second question, yes, that's where it should be.
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