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  1. Easiest tech support I've done all week Congrats on figuring it out.
  2. The cache does not store any data about what tattoos you have on your own or any other character. It only stores what tattoos are available and where they should appear in the menu. So, to answer the question you actually asked, no, it does not and should not refresh on new game. However, it is also not related to the weird behavior you're seeing. Skyrim does not fully unload the old game when you load a new one. It sounds like your NetImmerse data tree is getting reused when you load, which I admit is a surprise to me even so. Still, it's always a good idea to quit the game entirely before loading a save, so my advice is to try that.
  3. I would love to see an SOS schlong made out of the combined thong3 and futa cups 2 models. There are far too few SOS compatible strapons out there, and your models are amazing.
  4. Especially since there's already a way to turn off the notification.
  5. That is, I can just run the CK LE and Compile the scripts of the mod? Upd: started recompilation and this error appears. int db = JDB.root() Is this from Jcontainers? I have it. That's a problem with JContainers. If you have it, you should check that you have the most recent version. Why in the world does Diary of Mine overwrite SlaveTats.pex?
  6. Delphi is still kicking, huh? That brings back memories. Since you're obviously not nefarious, you should probably check your system, in case the file was infected because your computer is infected.
  7. It's quite possible that the makeup tats you're trying to use were designed for UNP and use different texture coordinates that the modern CBBE bodies. If the CBBE tattoos you're trying to use have the black color built in to them, you would not be able to change the color. Tats need to use a specific fill color to allow color changing.
  8. 1.3.7 has only been released for SE so far (compiling it for LE should work, but I only have the SE toolkit available anymore). What you're seeing there is the same as what others who have tried to use 1.3.7 on LE without recompiling have seen. The problem you're seeing on 1.3.6 is mysterious. I'm afraid I don't have an explanation for that.
  9. Slave Tats isn't, but the positioning of a tattoo depends on the UV coordinates of the body mesh, so tats designed for, say, CBBE won't work too well on UNP, and may be very distorted on SAM. No reason you can't find tats that were made for SAM though.
  10. That's not supposed to happen. Slave Tats tries to avoid messing with overlays added by other sources.
  11. Once SlaveTats has added an overlay through NiOverride, it doesn't do anything involving that overlay until and unless you tell it to remove or replace the tattoo. It's all down to the overlay logic in the game engine and NiOverride. So, I can tell you what I've seen in the past and what turned out to be a solution, but I can't just fix it for you. I'm sorry.
  12. Thank you for testing. Would you be able to compile the SlaveTatsMCMMenu.psc and SlaveTats.psc files and try substituting the resulting .pex files for your 1.3.6 versions? Remember to back up the 1.3.6 pex files first, so you can revert them when you're done with the test.
  13. No, they do not disappear after time, unless you're using an add-on mod such as Fade Tattoos. If the tattoos are still listed in the MCM, they should still be visible on the body. There are things that can interfere with it, but they all come down to something weird in your load order. Some clothing items hide a character's real body behind a fake one, for example. Some combinations of mods can make it so skin overlays are only visible from certain distances or angles. Or at least, that's what I recall. I haven't seen anything like that since upgrading to SE.
  14. Honestly, I don't see a better way to do it right now. Next version coming soon, with the unlimited slots user interface, the cache stored in the data directory instead of the game root, and source code that ought to compile unmodified for both SE and LE.
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