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  1. Odds are there's some tiny thing off in the json file. Try running it through https://jsonlint.com/
  2. It didn't seem to be working for me, but I tracked the problem down to the fact that I wasn't marked as the victim in Sexlab; it was just returning null when the victim was requested in the FuckEmUp event handler. SLFTU relies on the Sexlab victim identity to decide when to apply the damage effect, so it was never being applied. Fixed for myself by replacing: If victim == Game.getPlayer() && Game.getPlayer().HasMagicEffect(SLFTU_SRA) == true with: If actorList.find(Game.getPlayer()) >= 0 && Game.getPlayer().HasMagicEffect(SLFTU_SRA) == true in slftu_main.psc and recompiling. That does change the criterion for applying the effect though. This way, any sex you participate in counts. A more correct solution is probably to go through all of the dialog options to make sure they correctly set the third parameter of StartSex (the victim) to Game.getPlayer()
  3. That's the image mipmap, with completely different things in different levels. Not a normal thing to do, but kind of cool
  4. That's easy but it's not what I want. I have no objection to you patching it or soliciting a patch from somebody else, though.
  5. You need one or more spriggan animations installed.
  6. Sounds like the faction changes didn't get reversed. Did you uncheck the MCM checkbox before you disabled the mod? If not, maybe re-enable the mod, and then check and uncheck the box before disabling it again.
  7. If you've got the latest JContainers SE, then you're using the same version I am (it hasn't been updated since November last year). JContainers LE hasn't been updated since 2016. Whatever's tripping the two of you up, it's not a simple version incompatibility.
  8. Problems like that are always something wrong with the setup on your computer. Files in the wrong place, corrupted files, bad configuration... there's a lot of possibilities, but none of them are things I can fix.
  9. If you're using the SE version, click the "add/remove" button in the setup page of the MCM
  10. Hot dog! Thank you.
  11. Yeah. The beta turned out to be fine.
  12. It's SE only, but it also doesn't have any new features. The only difference is that the SE version has a workaround for the SE problem that slowed it down so badly. Edit: Oh, and I removed the hair and body weight editing, which worked poorly.
  13. It's meant to be a cost/benefit and somewhat balanced. In my head it's not a blessing of the gods, it's a way of life.
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