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  1. It periodically checks your status, and that you're wearing the collar and any required devices, things like that. It shouldn't be a big load on the game, though.
  2. Heh, I tried to do that when I posted the suggestion, but I can't compile the current version of the mod without getting pages of errors. I'm on an older version of DEC, and since then DEC has added references to scripts from several other mods that I'm not using. I did examine the script in the current version to verify that it has not changed in a way that would cause those lines that I posted to not work. Of course, a proper implementation would have an MCM setting and detection for Horrible Harassment, but for the purpose of demonstration the example will work if you don't care about th
  3. No. Skyrim doesn't allow NPC dialog to be customized. I assume that it's because all dialog in official content is voiced. I'm hoping that we won't lose variable player character dialog in TES6. A lot of male players just can't. If it helps, don't think of a female character as "that's me", think of her as the heroine of a story you're writing, or the lead actress in a movie you're directing. It's often not about that kind of power. Imagine that your guy encounters a lady who's physically weak and perhaps not a great adventurer. But he's infatuated with her
  4. The last update only affected dancing, and added a condition for starting a quest. There's nothing that would make your character follow your follower. As CaptainJ03 (and the mod page) said, this mod works with both versions of Skyrim. Switching to SE is a personal choice, mainly worthwhile if you're having stability or performance problems that you can't resolve. I'm on LE and my game is fast and stable. Anyway, you can use this mod on either version. Mainly this for me, a personality that likes to be in control. For variety, I try something different each g
  5. If anyone does more with this mod (currently up for adoption), I found that integration with SL Horrible Harassment to use its rape struggle event is very easy. I've done this in my own game.
  6. Okay, I've done that for the next update, adding a PlayerOfferedSexToMaster mod event, which includes values for the master actor and a Boolean for whether the offer was accepted.
  7. It's best to place screenshots inside a spoiler/hidden section (highlight them, then click the eye icon on the editor window toolbar), so that other readers don't have to scroll past a long block of pictures. During the 100 Score event, you can ask for a life contract even if you're "kept", as long as you're not being kept permanently. Checking the "Kept Forever" box does not take effect immediately, only the next time your score changes. I'm guessing that you weren't in permanent status at the time, so the option for a life contract as available, but if you don't want a life con
  8. I've made a note to look at sending a mod event when you offer sex to your owner. Various follower mods require that you do so on a regular basis, but they don't talk to each other. Sex with Master is easy to detect, but it can't know that you offered. Initially, the mod event will be useless because nothing listens for it, but if one mod starts doing it, others might eventually do so as well. I had that problem with my old PC. I simply could not get the compiler to work. So frustrating. I had to ask others to fix mod problems for me (Tenri made some nice patches for Treas
  9. Lola, you're going to earn us some septims, doing what you do best between the sheets. Okay. Oh, I want you to find some rare item in a dungeon. Great, let's go! No leaving town until you've finished whoring. You only have 12 more clients, so get busy. (Later) I'm pretty sore, but I serviced those 12 clients. Good job, Lola. What you need now is to run around town in pony gear. But...MMPH! Get moving, Lola. (Later) Good work fetching that package in pony gear, Lola. Okay, now it's adventure time! Not yet. You're going to tell everyone w
  10. Not every chest with the "boss" design (ornate with rounded top) will have what your owner is looking for. Don't pin your hopes on clearing a multi-level dungeon with just a day or two left. Your owner does claim to be looking for something specific, so it fits that sometimes you open a promising-looking chest and it doesn't have what you're seeking. Without prior knowledge of which chests are the right ones, the experience will feel random. But it's actually not. If Skyrim has tagged the chest as a boss chest, then the quest will always succeed when you loot the gol
  11. The other mod is probably doing UnequipAll, which is a bad thing to do to Devious Devices. You'll probably find that you can equip a different collar, but not the one you were previously wearing. If possible, go to an earlier save and avoid that event. If you can't go back, you can probably clear the problem this way: Quick save, for safety. Move everything in your inventory into a container, ignoring quest items, of course, In console: "Player.RemoveAllItems" Take all from the container. I don't think so. This mod's installation is straightfo
  12. Stop right there. If the MCM doesn't appear, the mod isn't working, so don't waste time trying to read the book. A non-appearing MCM is almost always an installation problem, either for that mod or for one of its required mods. Verify that SexLab, SexLab Aroused, Devious Devices, and ZAP are installed and working. If they are, try reinstalling this mod. Clear it out and reinstall fresh. You might also have to reinstall the prerequisites. Obviously, prerequisites should load before this mod. The part about it working with the extension before (presumably Kalmah'
  13. Thank you! You'll have to be more specific. This mod uses standard Devious Devices collars.
  14. Version 2.0.24 A small, but useful update for dancing. New: The MCM has a Dance Duration setting. Changed: Dancing events have been reworked so that they seem to reliably end when they should. Changed: "Time to Relax" is restricted from starting if you're wearing a hobble dress.
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