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  1. You didn't say whether you're using basic prostitution or the integration with Radiant Prostitution. It's hard to offer help if you don't say what your situation is. This mod does not trigger rapes. You probably know that, but I want to be clear about it. Again, it's hard to help if you don't say what you're using. The dialog is different for basic vs. RP, and RP has Active and Passive modes. However, inside the city you should be able to solicit for sex. If you don't, there's something messed up in your game or you need to scroll through the list of topic choices with NPCs. You can manually end the quest with StopQuest vkjPimpedBasic.
  2. If you're using the basic version (without Radiant Prostitution), acceptance is partly luck but it's heavily influenced by NPC arousal. People won't buy something they don't want. You can go naked for a while to raise their arousal and try again in a few game hours.
  3. The person you talk to must be a current follower, and the "Player can ask to be enslaved" setting should have been enabled before you read the book. It's enabled by default, so it will be active unless you turned it off.
  4. The mod doesn't add new NPCs, if that's what you're asking. It uses ones already in the game. Unless it changed recently (I haven't updated for a while) the Unique Actors toggle works backwards. If you're only getting approached by guards, change the setting. For me, it has to be off (not checked) for unique actors to approach, but that might have been fixed in the current version.
  5. @Discord12, the mod was updated recently, so I wouldn't consider it abandoned. Speaking of updates, the Dangerous Condition setting has been removed from the MCM (it's still present on the version I have), so my mistake on describing an obsolete setting. Performing bards isn't a mod, I was just referring to bards that are actively performing. Bumping a performing bard starts the action to assault you, but the game pulls the bard back into performing, so the mod can get stuck for a while. You can test if the mod is stuck. If "GetStage slhh" is greater than zero, it's stuck. It will eventually reset on its own, or you can reset the quest in the MCM (and redo your settings). To be clear, you do have to make physical contact with an NPC to trigger an assault. Sprinting works best but even walking should work. Standing still and being walked into by an NPC works too.
  6. As Kalmah said, this feature is from his add-on. Kalmah has graciously stated that players can message him with problems or questions concerning the add-on. You'll be sending your concern to the right person, and other readers won't be confused, reading about things they might not have installed.
  7. The game's implementation of this is messy. It works on individual actor IDs, to check for max training level and to give some trainers different responses. A catch-all topic wouldn't check max training level (at least not nicely, up front), and all the existing trainer topics would have to be disabled so only the one would be available. With its limitations, this mod won't reach a large audience, but players with a bit of editing skill can add custom trainers to their own copy of the mod.
  8. That's a popular area for mods, and Laura has already stated that she has no intention of moving the shop. Since Wartimes is a more recent mod, you might wish to notify that mod's author of the conflict and see if you have any luck there.
  9. The Nov 20 update prevents that situation. Perhaps this occurred before you installed it, or maybe your temple mod strips away the LocTypeDwelling keyword from the Temple of Dibella location. Owners now have the sense not to order a slave to urinate in a "dwelling" (which includes temples, inns, shops, and homes) or in the streets of a city or town. I will add jails to the list of civilized areas where you can ply your trade. Punishment zaps adjust their strength so as not to kill, though perhaps I shouldn't reveal your owner's secret since it motivated you to get out of there quickly. You might look at what slot the pack uses and select a "Heavy Restraint" in the MCM that doesn't conflict. Many (if not most) Skyrim mods with backpacks use slot 47, which is safe because the slot is not used by DD.
  10. Take a look at your MCM setting for "Weight limit for Time to Relax". That's the trigger, when you change to a new area. It won't activate in a dungeon, building, or "habitation", or if you're below level 5. I'm going to change the "habitation" check to city or town.
  11. Yes, players who use extreme timescale settings suffer more from negative effects and benefit more from positive ones regardless of the source. At least with the planned change, the gag duration will be 4 times less than it is now. A gag doesn't shut down the ability to play, but for those who really dislike it, nothing prevents players from using the game's wait function to skip ahead, though doing a lot of that could complicate offering service enough times that day (not likely to be a problem if one's timescale is extremely low). It's only sleeping that will extend the duration, since we can't have Lola napping right through gag time.
  12. That's a SL Survival feature, not from this mod. If you're using SL Survival and you're looking for something it adds, you should be able to get an answer on its support topic.
  13. For the next update I'm looking at cleanup and a few fixes. I'm planning to reduce the duration of the gag punishment from 24 hours down to 6. I don't think the original intent was to be as punishing as it is today, particularly with effects that block food, drink, and potions. Because it is so harsh, I've never added gag punishment to new dialog choices. If it's just 6 hours, gagging can be used more freely, and players can misbehave without risking a crippling punishment. I'll have logic so players can't simply sleep the time away though, so it won't become trivial. If anyone has a counter argument, this is the time to speak up (I'm sure there's a gag joke in there, but it escapes me). I'm also going to be reworking the lightweight non-locking devices that the mod uses. It was a good concept to to try, but it hasn't worked well. To do this, the mod is maintaining private copies of various Devious Devices, which aren't getting updated as DD updates. When players update to DD5, if this mod has DD4 device copies there's the potential that things might not work as well as they should. By using the DD framework, players who delay moving to DD5 will have DD4 devices, and players on DD5 will have the latest & greatest. The main consequence is that the Zaz devices will be going away, though for things like the custom collar you can just drop in Zaz meshes. Except for truly new items, like the blue and pink pony gear colors and the brown leather items, this mod will be better off not maintaining a private collection of devices.
  14. A few things here & there are fine, but yeah it's better to message Kalmah (since he's okay with that) with support issues. Posting updated versions of the extension (and SE conversions) is fine.
  15. They shouldn't be affected. The level requirement just prevents you from getting the perk until you've met the requirement. After that, the game doesn't check that you continue to meet that requirement, so once you have the perk, you keep it.
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