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  1. I've been considering it! Getting off-topic, but to save you some trouble, I don't think voiced dialog is a good fit for Sub Lola because I frequently add new lines and modify existing ones. Additionally, some players follow the process that the mod describes to replace "Lola" in dialog with whatever name they want, so then the voiced lines would be wrong. I'm glad that it seems to be working out well for Devious Followers, though.
  2. Version 6.3.11 New: Support for Dark Arena (LE and SE) as an enslavement outcome.
  3. I don't think Sophia works. Followers that are more than just a pretty face, the ones with their own AI, generally will be incompatible. It's been reported that Recorder works with this mod, though her personality isn't really suited for the job.
  4. Well, there are times in the owner's dialog when you're told to do so, though it's not exactly the same thing. Replace the custom collar mesh with your own. It must be a collar that uses slot 45, not a full outfit.
  5. I don't know that, but as a guess, probably no "defeat" mod does, because if you were just in combat you clearly weren't helpless. Listening for DHLP events is more for "peril" mods that will take advantage of a situation that they didn't directly create (you happen to be naked and there's an aroused NPC nearby, so if no other mod has sent DHLP-Suspend, then a rape mod sees an opportunity, sends its own DHLP-Suspend, and starts a rape). On the flip side, defeat mods probably do send DHLP-Suspend when they start a post-combat defeat scene, though again I'm just guessing.
  6. Playing nice is a two-way street. If other mods lock the PC into an animation and don't provide a commonly recognized mechanism for other mods to detect that, then conflicts will occur. As an example, when the owner whips the PC, this mod places the PC in SexLab's SexLabAnimatingFaction, then removes the PC from the faction afterwards. The vast majority of SexLab mods check to see if the PC is having sex before starting an event (and those that don't check really should do so), so this mod warns off other mods to stay away while the whipping is taking place. This mod also checks SexLabAnim
  7. Version 2.0.34 Another small update, but I think that losing a quest or blocking collar at the end of enslavement could be a serious problem, so I'm releasing a fix. This mod should never remove a collar that has the Devious Devices "quest" keyword, and it will only replace a "blocking" collar if you go out of your way to ask for it to be replaced. Fixed: Ending enslavement would remove blocking or quest collars. - If you're wearing a blocking or quest collar, your owner didn't give it to you, so it won't be removed. New: Added handling for "Deviously H
  8. I had previously answered your question, but as a follow-up I was looking at the errors again and I wanted to let you know that one of the messages related to SLTR in your game log suggests that you're using an old version of Devious Devices (older than 4.3). This mod requires at least DD 4.3, or you'll have missing devices for some Sub Lola quests.
  9. Data\Apropos\db\FemaleActor (assuming a female PC). Files FemaleActor_WearTear*.txt
  10. I've always used "wait forever" with NFF and never had any trouble, so hopefully you won't see that problem again.
  11. Well, it is your choice, and if you ask to replace the collar, should you be surprised if that happens? 😀 That said, the mod checks for collars that have the devious device "quest" keyword, though if you want to replace a "blocking" collar, that's your business. For a quest collar, the owner will tell you: "You're wearing a quest item, but I can't tell until I examine it if it's the collar. If I can remove the collar, it will be destroyed. Do you want me to try?" If you say yes, the owner says "Then I will replace it if I can. If not, I'll give you a new colla
  12. That's quite possible. This mod handles hirelings like vanilla Skyrim, adding them to the CurrentHireling faction. If other mods add their own special processing for hiring a hireling, that won't happen.
  13. This mod works with SexLab, but it has no special content for futa (that just doesn't interest me). I answered your question a couple of days ago when you asked on the old discussion, but I can repeat it here. People have reported that a mod that allows devious devices to be enchanted can cause the Strong Hand quest to fail. Mods that add armor rating to devices would probably have a similar problem.
  14. I don't use Babo Dialogue, but SexLab Adventures offers features for crime and assault, with many configurable conditions.
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