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  1. Regarding Devious Devices 5 I've been talking about requiring DD5 for many months. I'd intended for the second digit in the version number (e,g., 2.0.43) to increment when the mod requires DD5, but we're up to version 43 and that still hasn't happened. I've been holding off until DD5 matures. When DD 5.2 officially releases (it's currently in beta), that will be the point. 5.2 offers some nice new things, and it will come in a 20% smaller download. Other major mods, such as Laura's Bondage Shop, already require DD5. I want to do things here that make use of DD5's improved speed & efficiency. One of the items on my to-do list is an optional basic device unlock system. Your owner has been taking your keys, so it's fitting to use them on a clumsy or unlucky slave who needs help.
  2. If you have trouble with the Road Trip event starting when it shouldn't, you can kill it with "StopQuest vkjRoadTrip". I've tried to test it well, but I might have missed some conditions.
  3. Version 2.0.43 New: Spank That Nazeem - If Nazeem is nearby, you can complain to your owner about him. 12 hour cooldown. - This lowers your relationship rank with Nazeem by 1, but never below -1. - It raises raises your relationship rank with his wife Ahlam by 1, but never above 1. New: Road Trip (forced S.L.U.T.S. runs) - Works with SLUTS Redux or Resume (refresh the MCM Mod Integration page). Females only. - This event is initially turned off. Change the cooldown to enable it. - Triggers in Skyrim hold capitals except Winterhold and Dawnstar, when score is 50+. - Will not trigger if you're a Devious Followers debt slave. - You'll have 24 hours to start the SLUTS run, but you're not allowed to leave the hold until you do. - To please your owner, you just have to start the run, but there's a *major* score penalty if you fail to do that. - When the event begins: You won't have to offer service or sex. However, your owner might still demand sex. You'll be released from the Adventuring Slave quest. If the Tomb Raider quest is running, the timer will reset to give you 7 days. - New events will not trigger while you're pulling a cart. - Plan ahead. Give your owner things to carry for you for the trip back to the escrow chest. - Be smart. Turn off this event if another mod is making you stay in town for days or has you locked in a quest outfit. NOTE: SLUTS will unequip your collar when you finish the delivery. SLTR will warn you (without penalty) and equip your MCM collar selection. If you *don't* want that default collar, you must quickly reequip the collar that you want. Changed: The first notification for not wearing a required item is now only a warning. Changed: "Run, Lola, Run" won't start if you have less than 20 gold. Fixed: Fixes for enslavement from Devious Followers. - The Strong Hand quest will be stopped if it is running. - The town collar should be visible in inventory (only for new enslavements, not active ones).
  4. They're part of the scanning, but what I'm saying is that the SLAX UpdateClothedArousal function is currently empty, a work in progress. SLAX sees the keywords all right, but right now it doesn't update arousal based on them.
  5. I don't believe that arousal handling for sexy clothing is hooked up yet (it was a newly added feature). Try the same thing with both characters naked, and arousal should increase.
  6. Of course, since you still have to serve out the contract, nothing prevents you from raising the score above 50 to unlock more events, but presumably you want to be forced to get the score that high. When we were discussing how to make all this work, I had encouraged Lupine to not let the target score get above 50, because progress slows above that point and we were looking at this as a temporary penance, not intended to be too difficult. However, a player setting to make that harder seems reasonable, if Lupine is agreeable to that. Just keep in mind that the arrangement -is- temporary (by design, you can't remain as a SLTR slave when the contract time set by DFC ends), and the special event for 100 score is disabled if the enslavement is from DFC, so it would be best to leave reaching the very highest scores to true submissives (those who weren't forced into it due to debt).
  7. I really don't recommend having SS+ and SS++ both installed at the same time, even temporarily, but overwriting should work (depending on what your mod manager expects when updating a mod). After updating, you might try doing a save and then reloading to see if that clears up the problems.
  8. Technically it's SLTR that is deliberately disabling the setting when enslavement from DFC begins. It's to remove the temptation to cheat yourself an early release from enslavement. That's the import/export settings file. The "kept below" value is intentionally not imported when the setting is disabled, mainly to prevent accidentally resetting locked settings if the player innocently does an import, but secondarily to prevent a backdoor cheat via editing and importing the settings. If you haven't yet, you could request that feature in DFC, since it's DFC that sets the target submission score. For now, I suggest using SLTR's other settings to make the experience harder. Decrease "Submission growth rate" and/or increase "Submission decrease rate". Use "Submission daily decay" so that you lose ground every day. You can make the process very difficult, simulating an owner who's unhappy with you and hard to please. That's really the purpose of those settings, to simulate different owner personalities or moods.
  9. I've already sent Lupine a message about the collar object that gets passed to SLTR, requesting a change to make that work well. The next SLTR update with the temporary fix will come very soon (work on the new content is done, I "only" have to test it). I haven't built that part. The boots & mitts are passed to SLTR, but it doesn't do anything with them. I got bogged down trying to figure out when it would be safe to use them and when to remove them without conflicting with other events, so I set that aside and never got back to it.
  10. Work is progressing for the next update. It will have a new Road Trip event (a forced freight hauling run) if SLUTS Redux or Resume are installed. There's also a new mystery event, "STN".
  11. If it's the gray-face bug, that's due to missing facegen data (which is in the BSA file). You might check that you don't still have loose facegen files from an older version. If the face is black, you might be pushing the limit of your video board. In theory, you shouldn't have any trouble updating from Plus to Plus Plus. This is just a continuation of the older versions, not radically different. I did change the editor ID (not the Form ID) of the slave market cell to accommodate a quirk of SE, but unless you're loading a save from that cell it shouldn't make a difference.
  12. It's looking for keywords in BaboSexLabAroused.esm. If you don't have it installed, the dialog topics in this mod that use those keywords as conditions won't trigger. That works out okay, since without that other mod your worn items wouldn't have those keywords.
  13. The problem and its possible root cause were already identified last week. It's not. As I've explained before, those log records are simply information messages from DFC as it checks for the existence of SLTR by testing for the presence of the quest vkjReturnToDFC. DFC doesn't want to enslave the player via SLTR if SLTR isn't installed.
  14. Have you checked the MCM settings for allowed NPC levels for approach?
  15. Be sure that you're using the most recent of this mod. Sometimes simply reinstalling a mod can clear up problems. Check that you do not have remnants lying around from an older version, or any loose scripts that were not supplied by this download. Also check that you do not have anything installed to "patch", "fix", or otherwise alter this mod (exception: voice packages and the Open Cities patch are okay). Reinstalling the enslavement mods that aren't being detected can help. If you happen to be using fairly old versions of these mods, updating is a good idea.
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