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  1. Good to hear. How well does Recorder work as a dominant follower? I've never used her, but my impression is that she's kind of in awe of you, which is a strange fit if she's making you do humiliating things. Maybe she got disillusioned after seeing what you're really like?
  2. I will check to be sure that the mod blocks new events from starting at that point. I probably overlooked this case. Thank you for the bug report. It works that way so that if you don't plan to submit to that follower, you don't have "I want to tell you something unusual" in your follower's dialog all the time and it's one less quest active. Thanks for noting this. I'll fix it. You're stuck with it until you get a new owner, or you can remove it with "Player.RemoveSpell xx050DD8". Regarding contracts, the mod doesn't at this time remember whether you ever had one. It just sees that the current time is zero. I understand what you're saying, but even if you had a contract in the past, if you managed to get the time to zero then you won the struggle with your owner, and there should be a benefit to escaping the contract. That point leads to a new feature I'm working on, gold for contract time. As an incentive, if you are not in a contract and not being kept (i.e., you could end enslavement at any time), you'll be able to ask your owner for financial help (a configurable amount of gold) in exchange for a contract of a certain duration. This can provide an immersive way for you to get a contract if you don't have one, or even to become a slave to start with (an alternate start to Strong Hand). It's a way for not particularly submissive (or merely curious) characters to become a slave -- temporarily of course -- and get stuck in the arrangement if you're using the feature to add days to the contract when punished. Or, it could be a way to get quick cash to pay a Devious Follower (if you don't think that's cheating).
  3. Not any time soon. I can imagine some technical challenges. Also, although I can see some advantage to randomness, that's not the best fit for this mod. A normal enslavement is usually short term. You do whatever you must to escape or end it, and it's over. A random selection is fine for that. This mod can be used for a short period, but it works best with a long-lasting relationship with a dominant follower. For 100+ hours of play you might want to choose exactly the right dom for your character.
  4. No, at least not in the way I'm interpreting "initialize" for a mod. Select an auction buyer in advance. I was asking a question about your problem, as you had stated it: "When I select my buyer it's fine. Only when I don't have a buyer selected does it seem to do nothing." You didn't have a buyer selected. All the mod can do in that situation is to start the Strong Hand quest for you. Then it's up to you to recruit a follower, and then ask that follower about something unusual. Without a follower, there's no dialog to ask about something unusual (which then leads to your asking for a strong hand to guide you).
  5. Simply Knock is a required mod, as in your game won't launch without it. SL Survival has to modify Simply Knock dialog to do what it does, so Simply Knock is in Survival's list of parent mods. You might take a careful look at whatever problems you had with Simply Knock and see if you can resolve them. If it's a conflicting mod, maybe you can do without that other mod.
  6. Just a note on trying to use extremely close distances (e.g., 1 foot), SL Pheromones had a problem with its catch distance because the collision boxes for some creatures are are so large, the pursuer could never close the distance enough. With SL Survival it would only be humanoid actors, but if the distance calculation is from the center point of each actor, 1 foot (whatever that translates into as Skyrim distance units) might be impossible.
  7. That's probably what happened. The prostitution quest won't start unless you're in a location with the City or Capital keyword.
  8. Did you recruit that NPC as a follower first? As it says in the MCM help, "Any current follower can become your master or mistress, your "'owner'".
  9. Update This patch requires version 1.0 to have already been installed. Previous updates for 1.0 are included in this update. You don't need earlier updates. Submissive Lola Resubmission Patch - 16 Sept 2020.7z Updates for the Fashion Slave event in Solitude: If you lose your Solitude fashion outfit, you can now ask your owner for a replacement. The "No fashion requirement at night" toggle has been replaced with a drop-down "Solitude fashion slave". - The drop-down has 3 options: Always, Daytime, and Never. Default is Daytime. - Even with "Always", the separate "Suspend fashion rules while working" option lets you skip the fashion gear while soliciting. If the quest is currently active in your game, setting the dropdown to Never will NOT stop it. Leave Solitude and return and if you want to stop immediately. Please give this event a chance. MrEsturk put a lot of work into it. The dresses are unattractive but maybe that's the point for slave fashion, having to wear something uncomfortable and unattractive. Perhaps think of it as having to do something that you don't like, because you're a slave.
  10. That's the idea. But we don't want the player stuck wearing the plug indefinitely. It would probably require a difficulty setting to control frequency of random events, which would be in addition to a squeeze from punishment events. There could also be a maximum time, after which your owner tires of the game and deflates the plug for you. The concept needs more thought, but unlike most devious devices a plug doesn't restrict your ability to play the game, so it could be a good addition, and possibility for trying to avoid bump events and gain an early release could make it interesting.
  11. Good to know. Yes there'd be some kind of choice. It's just a desire now, not even an idea.
  12. Same thing except you're now dumped at the old outdoor slave market location behind Riften. It's a shorter walk for the anti-slavery group. It's basically catch & release with no enslavement mods selected. That cell still has the "Slavemarket" ID, so "coc slavemarket" will take you right there. I've sometimes used that for testing other things.
  13. It should, everywhere. If you find a case where footwear is not allowed, let me know. I had to keep the "completely naked" wording though to distinguish it from simply not wearing body slot clothing. MrEsturk did the piercings event and the vibration trolling. It's a great feature. I simply added the forced orgasm event to offer a little variety to the other events. There are no plug events yet. I'd like to do something fun with the pony tail plug. I've also been thinking about inflatables. Naturally a spanking or whipping would come with an extra squeeze from the owner. The nice thing is that they don't lock; you just need time and no accidents. Those plugs might be difficult to get free from though, so it might need a toggle. Plugs with new & different effects could be fun too. Thank you!
  14. SS+ wasn't broken but it was not as reliable as it could have been. There were a lot of complaints in the old discussion about it just not starting. There were two versions, one for DFW and one without. It's not that DFW was removed, it's that I only moved forward with the non-DFW version, to have just one stable version. Most players don't distinguish between DFW and a mod that uses it. As far as they're concerned, it's not a DFW problem if their game has problems, it's that mod's problem, so fix it. Now. DFW offered some nice things, when they actually worked, but it wasn't worth buying into the problems that went with it. So, this version of SS doesn't use those features, but players can move smoothly from abduction or combat defeat to auction to enslavement.
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