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  1. SS is not really about promoting other mods, though. It's just a gateway between a defeat or abduction event and an enslavement mod. The handoff should be clean, without needing specific knowledge of how an enslavement mod works. For example, the handoff to Leon is one line: SendModEvent("dcur_TriggerLeonSlavery") There's no embedded knowledge about Leon, his ref ID, his location, or anything else. SS just tells DCL to enslave the player to Leon and DCL takes it from there. DCL knows what to do, because it was designed to kick off enslavement to Leon from outside. If a mod isn't designed for that, it gets messy. From a software design viewpoint, it's bad practice to muck around in the internals of another application. It should provide an interface for that. Trapped in Rubber does not, as far as I can tell from its mod page. I suppose I could add a section to this mod's description page for Enslavement Quests You Might Also Like, though that will spam a mod update notification every time it's edited, which isn't nice.
  2. Probably because it doesn't have a way to start it remotely. I've never played it, but it doesn't look like it was designed with that in mind. Perhaps it's best to just use it outside of SS with its immersive start of finding the dead woman.
  3. Bug Fix Patch A small change to remove some blocking dialog that was conflicting with other blocking dialog. You could get into a situation where you couldn't see what the owner told you to do, and your only option was to keep refusing. This patch supersedes any posted previously. It includes all earlier bug fixes. Submissive Lola Resubmission Patch - 14 July 2020.7z
  4. I uploaded 6.3.1 for LE. The SE version will be uploaded when it's ready.
  5. I tested SD+ (most recent version) 14 times with different SD gender pref settings, SLUTS 4 times, and once for each of the 3 Cidhna outcomes. I don't see a problem. I don't have Raven Beak or DCL, but those should be simple hand-offs, nothing that's changed since the last release. Are you maybe using an old version of SD+? I'll be releasing a version 6.3.1 shortly. It will have the device removal fix for the problem that @kapibar noted. I also put some error checking and a warning pop-up around the lookup of the SD+ gender preference global variable, but unless that's a recent addition to SD+ it shouldn't matter.
  6. Equippable means an item in your inventory that you equip like a hat or ring. Those eyebrows are not equippable so it must be a graphics problem. Thank you for that information. It looks like a last-minute change that I did broke the device keyword check. Gosh, I hate it when I do that. I have that fixed now. I'm not getting a CTD after the auction, though. I'll test a few more scenarios to see if I can find any problem before releasing a new version.
  7. It doesn't matter where the gag came from. This mod is using blocking dialog for the gag, and blocking dialog for various events. Despite the difference in priority, it looks like the gag handling is causing problems. I will look for a solution, or just disable it for now.
  8. What enslavement mod(s) did you have selected? Can you be specific? What exactly didn't get removed?
  9. Perhaps she doesn't. Followers with special behaviors or their own follower systems might not work well with other mods.
  10. Were you wearing a gag at that time? That's "beckon": to signal, summon, or direct by a gesture of the head or hand. It means you should talk to your owner. If you take too long to do that, you could be punished.
  11. You're welcome. @Herowynne is the aptly named hero for doing the conversions. I just upload them.
  12. Bug Fix Patch Fixes problems reported by @fred200 and @coffeeink, including a critical issue with a missing script that broke the Adventuring Slave quest (bringing gold to your owner). If you already have that quest running, just StopQuest vkjBringGold. It's not got to complete correctly without the patch. This patch supersedes the one I posted previously. EDIT: Deleted this patch. Use the newer one here.
  13. Thank you again for the conversion, @Herowynne. I uploaded it to the mod page. For those who use the slave market cell ID SSLV_Market (such as with the COC console command), be aware that is being changed to remove the underscore, which apparently causes the "missing save" problem in SE. In has been changed to SSLVMarket in 6.3 SE. It will be changed in the next LE release, but in 6.3 LE the cell ID still has the underscore. I want to minimize the differences between the LE and SE versions. And it's one less character to type.
  14. Thank you for your testing and feedback! The NPCs in the slave market were never recruitable as followers like that (at least not in SS+). They're for use by SD+ (which does what it needs to do with them), and they otherwise serve as window dressing. For Submissive Lola, I assume that the idea was that you go find a suitable follower, not one in that room. It's just as well; those aren't really great followers. I doubt that the Lola outcome got much use, but you could still role play it in your mind. My intention for "the Resubmission" is to bring your future owner to the slave market, as if he or she just acquired you, and skip the introductions or provide a special one that fits the situation. It would use the contract term that you'd set in Submissive Lola's MCM. None of that exists now, so you're just released as if nothing happened and you're free to ignore the Strong Hand quest forever.
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