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A lightweight, no-sex-required Pregnancy and egg-laying mod.




I do not know how this new generation of cursed eggs spread so quickly after we were finally able to declare the last all safely sealed.


Your quick work in developing a remedy for them was astonishing. The sisters have been producing as much as possible and distributing them to the other temples of the divines. I hope we can produce enough to keep up with demand. Farengar in Whiterun tells me he's developed an enchantment to protect against curses such as this, let us hope it will also help in this.


When you can next take your leave of Falkreath, be certain to come to the temple to receive Dibella's blessing for all you've done.


By the grace of Dibella, Anwen.


Adds several cursed eggs to the game, spawned where you might expect eggs, or carried by bandits, awaiting a fertile woman to curse. Pick one up, and you'll be cursed to lay some sort of egg until you use an uncurse potion to break the curse.


In a hurry? Mix Ale and Raw Rabbit Legs at a cookpot to create a Pregnancy Draught which will greatly speed up the progress of your current pregnancy.


Want to ward yourself against the curse? Find and wear a Ring of the Barren.


NetImmerse Override, Racemenu, or Sexlab Inflation Framework
A skeleton with Belly node such as XMPS
A body with support for belly node scaling


Mod compatibility notes:

If you are using Flora Respawn Fix, load Egg Factory after it in your load order and allow it to overwrite nest records.

What's New in Version 3.6


    3.6 release:
        Pregnancies are overall slightly shorter.
        Sliders related to x percent of a pregnancy will work closer to expected now.
        Belly scaling is now auto-adjusted for the races from Shortstack Pack.
        Pregnancy limit config option added.
            Set to 0 to effectively disable the mod.
            Set to 2 or higher to have more than one pregnancy at once. Recommend using with SLIF additive scaling.
        Experimental support for Extensible Alternate Start.

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