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  1. I'm flattered, dood. Put I don't think us prinnies even have genitals, dood.
  2. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    I've got a lot of bug reports re: the mod events that trigger labor not firing properly. I'm testing a major code refactor to work around this. Hopefully it ill be out in the next couple weeks.
  3. MorePrinniesDood

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    New girl. Did i give her too much boobage?
  4. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    The funky thing is impregnation's also a modevent, but nobody's reported that one glitching.
  5. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    So many bugs seem related to the modevent system egg factory uses for handoffs to the labor and lactation subsystems since 2.8. I think I'm going to have to do a rewrite of those subsystems to cut out all the modevent calls.
  6. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    No skeleton mod? You need a skeleton that supports belly scaling like XPMSE.
  7. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    Should be able to just upgrade. (Install new version over old.)
  8. MorePrinniesDood

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Drow's maternity photoshoot.
  9. Since Creation Kit stuff was mentioned, trying to clean up Egg Factory's very old and knotted labor code. "Screenshot" Function LayEggs(int idx) actor victim = victims[idx].getactorref() if(victim) int rate = LaborRates[idx] ObjectReference newegg MiscObject eggitem = eggitems[1] int eggs if(rate == 1) eggs = utility.randomint(1,3) elseif(rate == 0) eggs = utility.randomint(3,7) else eggs = 1 endif if(eggs > EggCountsLeft[idx]) eggs = EggCountsLeft[idx] endif while(eggs > 0) if(victim.is3dloaded()) newegg=victim.PlaceAtMe(eggitem) newegg.MoveToNode(victim,"NPC Pelvis [Pelv]") newegg.SetFactionOwner(PlayerFaction) endif eggs -= 1 EggCountsLeft[idx] = EggCountsLeft[idx] - 1 endwhile float newscale = 1.0 + EggCountsLeft[idx] as float * bellyscalemults[idx] SetNodeScale(victim, "NPC Belly", newscale, true) endif EndFunction
  10. MorePrinniesDood

    Share your Skyrim pregnancies.

    Pardon the bland background here.
  11. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    Latest version has code to try to detect and fix that, please check.
  12. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    Hmm, the current implementation of labor, as an ability/ActiveMagicEffect script is proving very unreliable. I may have to refactor it as something else.
  13. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    Like stuck with the low-budget labor animation but no more eggs are coming out, or?
  14. MorePrinniesDood

    Battlefield 5 Is A Mess

    If I remember the Battlefield franchise correctly, is is not exclusively an infantry simulator, and at least some of the underlined roles above are likely to be player classes.
  15. MorePrinniesDood

    Mod Developers. Why do you do what you do?

    I've seen the game industry; the long crunch times, followed by layoffs. Not the kind of job security I want. So I mod to add stuff I want into games, and share with folks of similar tastes in the community. Simple as that.