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  1. For you Whovians: Breezehome and Relative Dimensions in Skyrim (SSE port)
  2. What's your ENB preset? I think that's the default enblensmask.png that is supposed to be replaced by the ENB preset in use.
  3. Try setting scaling method to "racemenu" in MCM. NIO belly scaling doesn't work with CBBE SSE bodies.
  4. Yeah, with some of the changes in the last version, I changed what the NIO keys were called, but forgot to update that page to match.
  5. I'm not clever enough to leave that as an option, I'm afraid. The closest this mod gives is that ability to wake up in Helgen's ruins once it's all over.
  6. I might have left some open doorways by accident, will check. Thank you for report.
  7. Another update is out with numerous fixes and tweaks, and another way for add-ons to add stuff to the mod.
  8. Looking into issues with civil war stalling after "The Jagged Crown". Ok, problem with my local install, loose files from an old version of LAL. Do let me know if you hit that issue.
  9. I blame work for the delay, but the new release is out now. This will keep the quest from showing up in a newly loaded game. If you've already got it in journal, use the console command above to clear it.
  10. Looks at how Orc's berserk is handled in creation kit. You can apply perks permanently with abilities or temporarily with spell effects.
  11. Check your load order. You probably have something else editing MQ101 active. Alt start mods need to be at the very bottom. And failing that, check your data/scripts/ folder for any loose files starting with "qf_mq101_" and remove them.
  12. You'll want to remove existing curses, save, unload egg factory, save again, then install new version on that second save.
  13. Try 'setstage XASAltStart 101' And I should have that fixed in a new release later today.
  14. Bugthesda's archive tool skipped a file in the BSA. I've re-uploaded with this included.
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