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  1. For vanilla armors, edit the shortstack preset to your liking in bodyslide. Hold ctrl key while building to drop models in your bodyslide folder, then overwrite the meshes in data/meshes/shortstack/ with them.
  2. You did unzip it first? That said, you may want to try using a mod manager instead of mucking about with the data folder.
  3. You don't see the new races at all when starting a new character?
  4. Working on a major overhaul to how the armor script works. This should let all helmets, circlets, amulets, and rings from mods work properly with the races and improve compatibility with Dual Sheath Redux.
  5. Don't worry, I brought enough to go around.
  6. It's hanging because you're trying to use an Oldrim mod with SSE unconverted. Please ask for support for the SSE versions in the appropriate SSE forum topic.
  7. Is it ok to re-use assets from this mod in other LL-exclusive mods? Got a couple ideas for new races using these assets.
  8. You may want to buy a spellbook of "Midwife's Intuition" at any spell vendor and cast it to show the status of any Egg Factory pregnancies you may have.
  9. A 1060 with 6GB will do you fine at 1920x1080 as long as you don't use the more performance-killing ENB features.
  10. That's a pretty big advantage if you ask me.
  11. And extra minus points for describing a race that looks nothing like my WIP screenshots.
  12. I do kind of like the idea of Sheogorath "blessing" random girls with "extra cheese production".
  13. Out-of-genre green-skinned space babes? Dwemer experiments? Something else? Help me brainstorm here.
  14. Is that the little garden near the smelter in Markarth?
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