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  1. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    3.3 fixes it, but has not been ported to SSE yet best I can tell.
  2. Even without mods, just the first word of "Fus Ro Dah!" Will kill flying flying harvestables and drop them to the ground for stationary pickup.
  3. MorePrinniesDood

    Share your Skyrim pregnancies.

    I keep coming back to bunnies.
  4. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    So here's my development goals right now: Racemenu scaling option - needed for CBBE SSE. SLIF scaling option - no more waiting for patches to play with other SLIF mods. Better birth animations. Retexture the dragon egg to look less like a scaled-up chicken egg. The first two are mostly coding things I can do myself. I'm talking to someone about animations. Does anyone want to offer texture work for the last?
  5. MorePrinniesDood

    Fertility Mode

    Do you mind if I steal chunks of your source code to get more scaling options for Egg Factory?
  6. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    You are trying to use 3.3, Egg Factory for SSE is still at 3.0. Either way, you'll have better luck in the SSE forum.
  7. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    You appear to be trying to use Egg Factory for Oldrim on SSE. Whether that's your only problem, I can't say.
  8. MorePrinniesDood

    Dibella's Blessings - Naked Gameplay

    Fixed to the description matches the current version of the mod.
  9. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    I'm looking at adding other scaling methods (racemenu) in the next update, will check if i can add SLIF easily as well.
  10. MorePrinniesDood

    Dibella's Blessings - Naked Gameplay

    If you're getting that, get to somewhere where being naked is reasonably safe, save, uninstall mod, make a save without the mod, reinstall mod.
  11. MorePrinniesDood

    Dibella's Blessings - Naked Gameplay

    1.4 Update is out and adds smithing, alchemy, and empowered magic blessings.
  12. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    Update 3.3 is out and throws out a lot of fiddly mod events and legacy labor code that didn't work well with NPCs. The impregnate, uncurse, and rapid growth trigger mod events remain unchanged. Other changes: * Moaning during rapid growth has returned. * The skip early stages slider has changed, and will cause rapid growth up to the desired % anytime you are below it. * Amniotic fluid drip no longer visible in inventory. (Thanks hylysi.)
  13. MorePrinniesDood


    It really feels to me like the RTX was designed and priced for the crypto market. When that crashed, Nvidia's PR folks tried to polish the turd by trotting out raytracing.
  14. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    Given that I'm hopeless with 3d animation and FNIS, I'd appreciate your assistance.
  15. MorePrinniesDood

    Egg Factory

    Thanks, will do.