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  1. Make your you're not playing SSE, or some conversion work will be needed. Make sure you're on an absolutely fresh save. And make sure you have latest version of the mod.
  2. If you're not using a mod manager, the bsa and esp go in skyrim/data/, and the esp must be activated in the Skyrim launcher.
  3. If you're using the HDT hairdos in the KS pack, you may need an updated HDT XML for boob physics to work right. It's the optional download file here.
  4. Egg Factory is a soft dependency, if you don't have it installed, the egg books shouldn't show up.
  5. Sounds like a mod conflict with another alternate start mod.
  6. They're packed inside the BSA file, make sure that is installed alongside the ESP.
  7. As I expand the starting options in 'Books of Dibella', I'm looking to include a chance that whatever the PC did before the start of the game might have left a bun in her oven. How can I send a 'Male actor X came inside you' event to SL compatible mods in Papyrus?
  8. Currently planning a couple prostitution-themed starts, as well as looking into SGO and EC+ integration to fill out that middle shelf.
  9. I've uploaded a new version to correct that bug. However, the fix requires SKSE. I assume everyone on LL has that by now.
  10. Ah, I'm counting on the OnRaceSwitchComplete event to fire when racemenu closes. Except it never does if you accept the default Nord race.
  11. You are starting a new game, and not playing a child race? None of the books should spawn if you pick a child race from the initial race menu. I
  12. Books of Dibella I've only got the "one night stand" book on the shelf

  13. There is one NIF in the BSA that will likely need to be unpacked and converted for SSE. No, and no plans. Also, if you played the earlier "Sexy Starting Options" mod, you may notice one more change: Many of the starting quests have proper objectives now instead of completing themselves after a few seconds.
  14. Not going to let a simple thing like Creation Kit crashing every time I try to add dialogue keep me down. This mod supersedes my earlier "Sexy Starting Options" mod, with a new way to pick your start. Simply take a book that suits you from the bookshelf next to the Mara statue in Live Another Life's starting room.
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