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  1. Cema


    So even the nun that resisted so far did fail ? edit : also where do those runes come from ? which mod ?
  2. I'll definitely switch for the "All is Vain" palette for battles Waaaaaaaaaay better ! More test shots
  3. Sneak peak It did really need a lot of work to build the set and find the good mods to have enough flames everywhere but I think I will be able to start shooting scenes tomorrow. I Hope the npc won't mind a few burns here and there ... 😁
  4. I knew someone would see it ^^ Yeah light management in a ship full of oil is difficult. Let's say some of the kegs are full of water ok ? 😛 Actually I am a huge fan of some french comics on pirates and everytime I look at one of Skyrim ship I can't help but think "THIS IS SO FUCKING WRONG !" Nothing works with Skyrim ships ! I don't know what the dev meeting looked like like when they designed the boats for this game - sooo that's a ship - alright - yeah there is a mast ! - yup ! - so what's
  5. I used "wet function redux" from Loverslab. It just replaces specular map with different level of wetness depending on which number you type between 0 and 10 in the MCM Wyrmstooth is not exactly an outstanding mod. The quest is a bit bland. But the island and the locations blend so well with Skyrim and Solstheim that it's a very nice place to visit !! I will alter the main quest to make it more interesting.
  6. By the way I'd like to thank you for your tutorial on fight scenes and your projectile mod ! Those projectiles will be super useful ! I am learning how to make decapitations shots right now I want a lot of fire effects, explosions, arrows and blood. I think alterative did make some blood overlays for slavetats
  7. John Cleese is such a good actor !
  8. I have been a bit lazy this week but it's out ! Follow up of the 10 previous chapters ... Have a good read !
  9. Thanks ! We need more DCI ! Aventus will be back but way down the line. If I have enough courage to reach ~100 chapters ...
  10. MOAR ! MOOOOOOAR ! !
  11. That's quite the bunch of pictures ! Good work !
  12. Thanks ! Cheers ! lol Well, if I manage to finish t least the first arc (Wyrmstooth) I will probably make a small follower pack with unique dialogues and stuff But there is already a long road before this
  13. Well the only solution I found was giving those characters 100k hitpoints so that they just don't care 🙂
  14. Thanks ! Well I find Khajiits to be one of the most interesting races in Skyrim. A first it looks like the race was created to attract 50 year old single women into gaming but when you read their lore it's quite nice ! 😁
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