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  1. Cema

    The Cat in the Hat

    Where do those cuum texture come from?
  2. Good old Mai ! One of the very best blog around for quite some time !
  3. Hello there ! The current story is on hold even though I'd like very much to continue it but with my new job I tend to come back home only on sundays. So I was thinking of offering you some different content that I can make quickly in the meantime. I have this comic in french and I thought about translating it since it's crazy expensive in english. (it's possible you already know an easy way to get it in english ... in this case ... this post will be pointless 😃 Basicaly it's porn adventures in a medieval world. There is several female characters. I'm just giving you the first adventure of one of them here. If you like it I will try to translate one every weekend as long as I can't go forward with my story. It takes me 2 hours at most (while a normal gallery is more like 20 hours) Enjoy ! Cheers !
  4. I gave it a shot 5 minutes ago. No pose, nothing special. I only play on legendary. Her eyes are a bit low res compared to the rest. Anyway that's her for sure
  5. Cema


    So even the nun that resisted so far did fail ? edit : also where do those runes come from ? which mod ?
  6. I'll definitely switch for the "All is Vain" palette for battles Waaaaaaaaaay better ! More test shots
  7. Sneak peak It did really need a lot of work to build the set and find the good mods to have enough flames everywhere but I think I will be able to start shooting scenes tomorrow. I Hope the npc won't mind a few burns here and there ... 😁
  8. I knew someone would see it ^^ Yeah light management in a ship full of oil is difficult. Let's say some of the kegs are full of water ok ? 😛 Actually I am a huge fan of some french comics on pirates and everytime I look at one of Skyrim ship I can't help but think "THIS IS SO FUCKING WRONG !" Nothing works with Skyrim ships ! I don't know what the dev meeting looked like like when they designed the boats for this game - sooo that's a ship - alright - yeah there is a mast ! - yup ! - so what's inside ? - uuhh ... cupboards ... potatoes ... leeks - beds - yeah beds ! beds everywhere ! - and leeks ! lots of leeks ! There is not even an ingame model of unfurled sails. Not even hammocks fo the sailors. Those guys had NO CLUE at all !
  9. I used "wet function redux" from Loverslab. It just replaces specular map with different level of wetness depending on which number you type between 0 and 10 in the MCM Wyrmstooth is not exactly an outstanding mod. The quest is a bit bland. But the island and the locations blend so well with Skyrim and Solstheim that it's a very nice place to visit !! I will alter the main quest to make it more interesting.
  10. By the way I'd like to thank you for your tutorial on fight scenes and your projectile mod ! Those projectiles will be super useful ! I am learning how to make decapitations shots right now I want a lot of fire effects, explosions, arrows and blood. I think alterative did make some blood overlays for slavetats
  11. John Cleese is such a good actor !
  12. I have been a bit lazy this week but it's out ! Follow up of the 10 previous chapters ... Have a good read ! As usuals, comments are more than welcome ! I tried to make the Wyrmstooth original characters a bit less bland, especially the female cast ! Actually I did spend lots of time deciding on their look because we will see them again and again in Wyrmstooth ! Also I have some good news and some bad news. I've got a new job starting in 10 days. Which is nice considering I lost my job 8 months ago. But new job also means much less time for Skyrim ! I will try to get the next chapter out as soon as I can but there is a chance you will have to wait quite a bit ! (maybe a month !) Still, I have some solid hope that I will be able to maintain a 2 chapter per month when I will have all my stuff with me in the place where I will move. After the next chapter I will probably do a blog post with character sheets and a summary of the story so far.
  13. Thanks ! We need more DCI ! Aventus will be back but way down the line. If I have enough courage to reach ~100 chapters ...
  14. MOAR ! MOOOOOOAR ! !
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