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  1. I want to officially apologise for calling that man a shithead I don't like insulting people and I don't want to go to sleep before apologizing So : Sorry for that. Really. But that's unfortunately how thing are on my Windows10 and after asking around a lot for the last 2 weeks, uninstalling windows, drivers and game twice and having still things locked at 4064. Maybe I kept asking the wrong people though.
  2. Yup, that's pretty much why I switched to Special Edition since Thursday. Legendary is a dead end on windows 10. Spent the last 2 days modding the environment and adding the core quest mods like Bruma/AHO Basically the load order looks like this : Skse stuff Core quest mods (Bruma/AHO/Darkend ...) Environment + ENB Armors and clothes retex FNIS Racemenu XPMSSE Bodyslide SOS for SSE Now my goal for the day is to get a working HDT body installed. On Legendary I was very much a sevenbase bo
  3. Yeah it's juste an upgraded RX570, nothing more. I was planning to get an RTX30** this year anyway But in my case it's more like for some reason my windows 10 caps my VRAM at 4064mb and creates ctd because of memory now. It was not the case originally, something strange happened either with the GPU or some windows update. Then since the game was full black I panicked, reverted windows back and ended up re-installing my directx drivers from the windows website. I have a very clean install of roughly 80 mods now, with everything in a propre folder and stored t
  4. Updated with 2 more questions for those who have no fear babysitting me from times to time 😄 Hello there ! I hope it has been a good year for you ! Mine has been quite awful but I suspect it's the case for many (and we all know why ! ) So yeah good bye 2020 and don't come back ! I will get my new rig tomorrow after using the same computer since Skyrim release in 2011. New setup is : i7 9700k + watercooling 16 GB RAM DDR4 3600Mhz MSI RX 570 Armor 8Go 500gb M.2 memory windows 10 64b Graphic card is
  5. Re - installing dx9 and holding my breath
  6. Well, back to a previous version of windows 10. Need to install everything again, drivers and game But I think your hunch was good
  7. You're making a good point here, there was definitely an update yesterday
  8. Damn bad luck I left the computer 5 minutes without the game running (was just on the desktop) and something went wong with DX9 it seems. Just saw some kind of quick message before it vanished away Now my game is black with just the HUD. Basically I can play but with a black screen when the ENB is on. Toggling off the ENB reverts the game to normal If I disable "EnablePostPassShader" in effect the game is back but it's less crisp and something is changed in the colors anyway ... I don't know if I should try uninstalling direct X and instal
  9. Well I know how to put mods in the right order manually in Mo2 so that's ok. I don't even use loot now Maybe it's mandatory but so far 60 mods installed and running fine on SKSE
  10. Thanks mate. I will probably ask you before the end of the week, maybe tomorrow actually 😃 Right now I'm not yet installing armors and stuff I installed 95% of the stuff related to the environment and ENB + HD armors packages like amidianborn Now I'm doing the bodies. SKSE done SKUI done Ragdoll done Racemenu done FNIS done XPMSE done HDT physics done SOS done Male personal textures done Bodyslides done but not mastered yet. Still I understand how to generate a body mesh. that's enough for now I'm
  11. Simply never used it. My skyrim instal was from ... 2014 I think >_< I kept using my old sevenbase HDT body and looking for armors mods compatible with it. Every time i saw UUNP writen somewhere I was like "what is this witchery? It must be some kind of trick to deceive me"
  12. Learning how to use Bodyslide while learning Mod Manager at the same time
  13. Already down to 35 fps 😑 Come one, after upgrading my stuff so much ? Must be something to tweak somewhere
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