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  1. Hey @Laura, as so much of your mod relies on dialogues and comments, did you think about using SKVA Synth to actually get voice for it? Yes, it's a SE link, though the tool itself is standalone. The author also recreates the different voice sets for better quality, as well as there's now a batch creation feature since v3. I think it wold be really cool to actually hear the conversation in the shop, as those create very much of the mod's atmosphere Even if they wouldn't sound perfect right at the start, I think it would be much appreciated
  2. What did you do, maybe it can help him: I have double checked the code, normally this shouldn't show up if at least DDf v5 is properly installed. Also, I couldn't reproduce this bug even once Did you use the correct framework variant, the one for Oldrim? Maybe that could be an issue.
  3. Heyho, kurze Frage: wie schaut es denn mit den Ressourcen aus, wenn es fertig ist? Ich weiß, du willst sie nicht in einzelne Teilmods aufteilen, aber wirst du es zulassen, dass andere Mods die Teile einbinden/mitliefern, die sie brauchen, damit man nicht das gesamte Riesenpaket runterladen muss, falls man nicht will? Same in English: Small question: how about the ressources, once the mod is finished? I know, you don't want to split the mod into several smaller packages, but will you allow redistribution of needed parts by other mods? That way, users wouldn't need t
  4. Well, SKVA Synth has a batch synthesis mode since v1.3 which could come in handy. Maybe just let all the dialogue get batch created and only rework those, that are really awful and tackle the rest later, if even needed
  5. Well, which one did you install? v4.x or v5?
  6. Basically it's an interesting idea and could lead to some funny outcomes. But I'd say a simple toggle would be enough, together with a chance slider for the scenario all-together. So, 20% chance/h + a toggle for combat or sth alike.
  7. You're right, the bsas have to be removed, too. And it would achieve that you still can use the DLC as a base without the need of the esp files. At least for me, when I still used Oldrim, I never got to the point that I replaced each and every texture that is covered by the HighRes DLC
  8. Yep, you totally could do that. Alternatively you could unpack the HighRes DLC .bsa files as those plugins are only there to assure that the .bsa files get loaded.
  9. Not quite, the fantasy is more like armor = magically disguised devious device. I took the living armor picture as MCM banner for two reasons: one, it was available as already cut out picture. Two, those "living tentacle monster armors" indeed are the source of the idea, and maybe I try and add one later on. But for now, speaking "lore friendly", this mod adds a curse to pieces of armor, clothing or jewelry, which then can be DD items that LOOK LIKE armor and reveal+lock themselves when trying to wear the item.
  10. Do you plan to change the machine textures, too? Maybe a newer/better alternative to already existing dwemer metal replacers?
  11. Hey, thanks for that, even though this mod wasn't that hard for me to realize. I already knew how to code (even though not on professional level), so the main part was learning the specific quirks of Papyrus and how to glue my scripts into the game with the Creation Kit. I also have an idea for quite a big quest/story mod, however currently I totally lack the time AND the skills to realize it. But if you want to mod yourself, just go ahead! Start with something small, that fits to your skills (for me it was coding) and if you know the basics, go bigger. For your suggestio
  12. On the one side it sounds logical, on the other one not so much: why wouldn't it work for lock shields, but for keys? Those could be changed, too, right? Still, the same algorithm is used to get the key for a device.
  13. What?! For me that sounds ridicolous ^^ The only thing that "kills" graphics cards is overheating and to achieve this you either have to do some advanced overclocking techniques (= letting it pull way too much power) or just remove the cooler. But this is more hardware side. If you're GPU runs stable, no software will "kill" it. They are built to handle that stuff. ENB doesn't change that. Hell, if more stress would kill it faster, rendering machines would have to replace them every half a year ^^
  14. Heyho, I've seen your issue with the lock shields and while it's true, that the framework doesn't provide a function to check them, I've tried to create one based on the functins of the framework: ; Retrieves the shield state for a given inventory device - true, if shield is active Bool Function GetShieldState(Armor iDevice) Bool retval = false ObjectReference tmpORef = PlayerRef.placeAtMe(device, abInitiallyDisabled = true) zadEquipScript tmpZRef = tmpORef as zadEquipScript If (tmpZRef) retval = tmpZRef.CheckLockShield() Else Warn("GetDeviceKey received non DD argument.")
  15. Well, all hypothetically now ... IF you would dismiss her during a quest, where could you find her later on? I've put on the Maiden's Chastity Belt and until it drops off, I can't talk to Nazeem, so I gave her some free time until that happens
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