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  1. Hmm, the most simple solution that comes up to my mind: just use different plugs. The more ... distracting a plug is, the more gold you get, when using it. A simple wooden or metal plug can be ignored during a fight, more than a soulgem plug that vibrates whenever you even think of using a spell It could be argued that the humming of a vibrating plug could draw the attention of potential customers on your devices, which is the main target of an advertisement run, right?
  2. Mister X

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Jan 13 #2657)

    True, but now it's there and no need for everyone indivdually to port it for him-/herself
  3. Mister X

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Jan 13 #2657)

    Hey there, I ported ScocLB for SE: Ported Files I couldn't test it, though another guy pointed out it worked for him.
  4. Okay, I thought it to belong to a blindfold as I had the following problem 1) "unequipall" in console 2) Trying to equip any blindfold (eg black ebonite) from my inventory, always the same white leather one gets rendered on my char but not shown in my inventory 3) Trying to equip the random blindfold again it tells me "It's impossible to wear multiple blindfolds" 4) "unequipall" and start again from 1) The only thing that isn't getting unequipped is shown in that picture, that's why I thought it could be part of that problem
  5. Heyho, I've got a problem with an item that is stuck on my character. Details in the picture ... I tried to use the debug unequip option in the DDi MCM and the console commands "unequipitem" and "removeitem", none of it worked. How do I get this thing off again?
  6. Shouldn't it work if I replace the meshes and textures of DCL tentacle parasite with the ones of this living armor? In the end, if the files have the same names, DCL shouldn't get many problems or am I wrong?
  7. Mister X

    SexLab Vanilla Voices

    Just a small question? Is there now a more up-to-date or more "elegant" version existent? You said something about trying to not alter SexLab itself and saving the Voice types... Pretty please? Maybe as Christmas present?
  8. Am I wrong or is that more or less one definition of ? But great to hear of new ideas, the ones you've implemented already all are awesome! The only thing that still bothers me is the amount of money you can earn by the advertisement belt. 100g/day at max may be much in early stages but once you're above a certain level, be it 20 or 30, it's just peanuts. I don't know if it's feasible, but maybe you can try and tie the salary to completed scenarios? So you earn more once you've proven to be the Dovahkiin (eg. completed "Way of the Voice") or get some additional money when you're a master bard (eg completed "Tending the Flames"). This way, it only would be indirectly tied to the level. I think it could be done somehow, as the mod "Guard Dialogue Overhaul" seems to hook up on certain events, too
  9. Mister X

    Guess This Location.

    The official name would be Yngol's Barrow but I count it as correct nevertheless
  10. Mister X

    Guess This Location.

    Im Kloster, das Sankt Gallen heißt, spukt jede Nacht ein Hallengeist ... But where do those ghosts haunt?
  11. Mister X

    Guess This Location.

    Oh, I can do this crap, too! Ich sehe einen Hund graben, das muss doch einen Grund haben! or maybe "Ach Gottchen", sprach der Sohn betroffen, "die Mutter liegt vor'm Thron. Besoffen …"
  12. Mister X

    Guess This Location.

    Ok, I take for me then, that I don't even need to try and understand that thing
  13. Mister X

    Guess This Location.

    As I'm not a native speaker: is this even a valid sentence?!?
  14. One idea for the sneaky binding could be a random encounter with a weird "fan" of the shop who somehow got hand on a bit of this special ore (Thotium it's called, I think?). It could happen similar to the vanilla game encounter with the thief and the hunter ("Here, take this, I get it back later! No time for talking") so he approaches you, gives you the Thotium, its effect takes place and then he sends you to the shop with some reason, maybe "You look like you enjoy this! I got this ore in a little shop near Whiterun, they also sell these devices". For the "bank" feature another idea could be cool, too: maybe if you want to get an item unlocked but you don't have enough money (say 1200g instead of 1500), you just could advertise the job by wearing its chastity belt. So you earn the money like you would normally do with the belt(eg 50g/day), the catch for this, as it's some kind of credit (1500-1200=300g credit): you don't get to choose which belt or plug you get. So instead of earning money by wearing a chosen belt and plug, you discharge(correct word?) the credit you took to unlock by wearing a random belt and plug. In this case 300g credit with 50g/day for advertisment = 6 days with a random belt and plug.
  15. For a basic/core mod "list" I definitely would go with most of Arthmoor's mods, especially the Unofficial Patch an Cutting Room Floor are must haves. Then simply take the Most endorsed Nexus mods as many needed mods already show up there, such as SMIM, Quality World Map, Immersive Citizens, RDO, SFO, Realistic Water 2, SkyUI, ...