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  1. Heyho, wanted to tell that I tried to port the mod to SSE based on Arthmoors Guide. So once I've tested it and if @toxsickcity is ok with it, I'll either upload it here or just send it to him to publish as download
  2. Mister X

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Nov 15 #2382)

    seems to be compatible with SSE, too:
  3. Mister X

    What do you think about Vortex?

    I can't really tell you the download speed, because I don't have very fast internet, so all managers and browsers download with the full speed my connection is capable to provide. Still, the rest is is annoyingly enough imo. I now uninstalled Vortex and try out MO2 for SSE. Maybe it's just because I'm more familiar with its general setup, but I can work much better with it, from the first few seconds on
  4. Mister X

    SexLab Mod Recommendation

    Ok, so for Romance, there's mainly Amorous Adventures, it's by far the best, simply because of true speech and not just reading subtitles. SL Stories is not as romantic but provides some vanilla stories to follow. Honestly I don't know many more, simplay because my Skyrim is a harsher place, subverted by war SL Stories Devious is an addon, that adds some more kinky stories to the mod. For more BDSM, there is the Devious Devices section: DD Assets, DD Integration and DD Expansion are the three pillars of the framework. Then the two big players are DD Cursed Loot (which is more like Cursed Skyrim by now ^^) and DD Captured Dreams Shop. Both provide smaller events as well as bigger story quests. New and imho absolutely advisable is Laura's Bondage Shop, which is in development and wants to go another way than CD Shop and does this quite well. There also a smaller plugins like DD Device Helpers, Deviously Enslaved Continued or Devious Regulations Fix and others. You may also try and earn some gold with S.L.U.T.S. Redux Being at capitalism, there's Milk Mod Economy, Night Mistress Mansion, or even DD Cursed Loot that provides a whoring functionality. For Slavery, the big player is Sanguines Debauchery Enhanced. Another one is Slaverun Reloaded, which allows you to be a slaver and not just a slave, too. Smaller ones are Deviously Enslaved Continued again, Simple Slavery which mainly provides a platform for other mods to send the player into different slavery scenarios for different situations. Slave Girls provides a passive world overhaul to show other slaves than just your poor Dovahslut. Of course, DD Cursed Loot also is possible again and provides two dominant followers. For more simple world reactions/alterations, Prison Overhaul Patched makes prisons more sexual and humiliating. Whiterun Brothel Ultimate Edition has another humiliating story and some other world actions. Soulgem Oven or Hentai Pregnancy Legendary Edition provide body alterations. Kidnapped Redux either has kidnappers who try to get you or lets you rescue damsels in distress. East Reach House provides a simple BDSM themed player home. Beside those generic, sexy looking follower women there's Alicia Painslut, who is a story on her own. For more, you now definitely have to look around for yourself
  5. Mister X

    SexLab Mod Recommendation

    Well, that depends on what do you want? Romance? Prostitution? Rape? BDSM? Bestiality? Do you want to play a male or a female character (most of the mods rely on or suggest female ^^) First of all, I don't know if it existed back then but the main method to get animations into Skyrim nowadays is the SL Animation Loader (SLAL). Therefor then exist several SLAL animation packs, eg by Leito or FunnyBizness and others. Then there's a new ZaZ Animation Pack v8.0 by t.ara, though I'd suggest to stay with the classic v7.0 by ZAP if the other one isn't an explicit requirement. The basic setup should be, Legend: [optional/depends on taste]; -placeholder-; *only asthetical FNIS BodySlide (for female bodies, either CBBE or UUNP) A male body, I recommend SOS (light if you don't need the rest) [Female Creature bodies, I recommend Better Female creatures] * [Male Creature Bodies, I recommend More Nasty Critters SLAL] SexLab Framework SL Aroused Redux ZaZ Animation Pack v7 SL Animation Loader -SLAL Animation Packs- -SL Plugins- [Devious Devices Assets, Integration, Expansion] [-DD Plugins-] XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (XPMSE) For the plugins you have to look what for what you like. You can go romantic, "capitalistic", misogynous, BDSM themed, ... You can overhaul the prisons, let your character get kidnapped, build up an economic tit milk imperium, prostitute yourself, get bound in straightjackets, seduce Ysolda or Serana ...
  6. Mister X

    What do you think about Vortex?

    So as I didn't mod my SSE yet, once Vortex came up into Beta I just wanted to try it out. I only can compare it to MO1 which I use for my Oldrim and I have to say: I like MO way more. BAD things: I don't know how it compares to NMM, though with Vortex once I get a bigger file to download I can be quite certain that it get's stuck at 99% and I have to restart Vortex to finish the download. Manual mod load order is close to impossible. There's no general level of "importance" so you can't let a mod generally set to "Overwrite all others" and you have to set rules for every single mod conflict separatly (say for BodySlide Output). If you want to create a rule without a conflict, you have to drag and drop a marker from one mod to another, so you first ahve to find these mods. As we have the topic, finding mods is a mess, too, as Vortex isn't able to merge mods properly. As example, if you download two files from one mod on the Nexus, say SFO and its 2k LODS option, these two will appear as TWO mods in your list. Vortex doesn't recognize them as coming from the same mod ID and offers no prompt or option or whatsoever to merge them into one mod. Coming to generic stuff like a Bashed Patch or EBD Output: they aren't cought like in MO so you manually have to pick your generated files from your game's data folder and copy them into a manually generated folder within your Vortex mods collection. GOOD things: The only comfortable thing a came across are the nice implementations of LOOT and FNIS. Yes, if you have FNIS installed you can activate it to automatically run and generate an Output folder for its files.
  7. By the way, a little question: How about a SSE port?
  8. Quite interesting when you come to think about it, that nobody yet recreated the quest as standalone ^^ At least I liked this quest and I can't believe I'm the only one ... I just don't have the time atm to learn modding
  9. As for the voice acting, how about this: And yeah, making the shop a bit bigger would be great! Nothing too overwhelming, maybe just a bed-/private playroom for the two upper stairs (a bed with a pillory and a X-cross in the corner or sth alike), and some more stuff displayed in the main room Just to give it a bit more atmosphere and story to tell
  10. Mister X

    Missing doors into Helgen Keep

    I had to let DynDOLOD do its thing first, but yes, now the doors are back. Thanks!
  11. Mister X

    Downloads section for user profile?

    If you have followed them, look here: https://www.loverslab.com/followed/?type=downloads_file
  12. Mister X

    Missing doors into Helgen Keep

    Yeah, for some reason with this mod I still went with v1.20, as it never showed me an available update, even though the latest version is 1.32 and is up since late July
  13. Mister X

    Missing doors into Helgen Keep

    @Psalam I know, it is ZAP 7 installed @Andy14 @Grey Cloud OK, I have Skyland Forts installed, too. I've updated it to the latest version (which tells, that doors got fixed) and now let's see if it was this mod ...
  14. Heyho, I have a weird problem: in my normal Skyrim game the doors into Helgen Keep are missing. Instead, there seems to be some kind of placeholder, which can't be activated. Does somebody know, which mod could cause this? Here's my mod list and a picture of the problem:
  15. 4.15 is mainly for Oldrim but the related explanation in its description should make it working in SSE, too