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  1. The problem I see here is, that color codes that work for me, may be unnaturally bright on your side or the other way around. As there are addons to change the base colors and tones of the hair mods, lighting mods, ENB and also the settings of your monitor, which all can affect the observable color of a certain color code Additionally, what I prefer as "natural" red hair, may not be same as yours. Normally I go more for a darker tint, say more like red wine than copper, which not everybody may like. I only can give you the tip to try and use all three color sliders to get your deserved result.
  2. BTW, why don't you like physics? I don't ask for a version of it, I'm just curious
  3. How bloody hard is it to think for one second? This mod was updated January 25, 2015 the last time. Skyrim SE was published in 2016. I'm sure you get to the right conclusion ... What I want to say with that: stay polite. Thanks, I just remembered that mod and wanted to try it out, too. Funny enough that it still works in general, it is quite old
  4. Maybe using the big, fat, green button that says "Download this file" on the right hand side of each and every download description?
  5. You totally misunderstood my point 😅 If you downloaded the files in my post: they already got converted by me. You won't need to do anything. That's why I've sent you to the "glitched texture fix" a few posts above. It seems like the original textures got saved in a way, that some PCs just can't handle them correctly. That's not my fault and nothing I could change, as I only converted the original textures to SE with the Cathedral tool. For me, my texture conversions work like a charm and I have no clue in texture creation, so I'm not able to do anything else.
  6. Ah, now I get it. Well, that's really a shame, I hope a future version can overcome this somehow. At least there's already the CTD fix. But even then, 16k seems to be quite a lot, as @Illana stated. I for myself use quite a few plugins that add animations, SLAL and other SL stuff as well as changing animations, yet: "14307 animations for 62 mods successfully included (character)" as FNIS tells me. So ~1.5k animations space And as long as one doesn't add poser mods, I think this even should be one of the higher numbers.
  7. I meant Cathedral Assets Optimizer, a tool to convert Oldrim data (eg textures) to Skyrim SE.
  8. What do you mean? I don't want to replace Sexlab with DAR, I want DAR to complement my Sexlab setup with conditional sexy/erotic/porn idles or animations. A rubbing animation at a certain arousal level, seducing idles of wenches in taverns, a cock rubbing animation for bandits when a nude female runs by, stuff like that, if possible. Think of Conditional Idles, just for an adult gameplay setup So no 16k animations for DAR, just a handful to a few dozen, depending on how much ideas are feasible and get realized The main bunch of animations, including all sex stuff, still will be handled by Sexlab. Or did I get something wrong? If you think of the general CTD with too many animations: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31146
  9. It's nothing I could change, I just took the textures as given and sent them through Cathedral. For me, they do display properly, so maybe try that fix
  10. Heyho, I've stumbled upon this mod: Dynamic Animation Replacer and it looks as it provides some nice possibilities for this community. Eg EVG Conditional Idles provides a modesty animation when being naked. So, is someone skilled in getting those hex codes that seem to be needed? As there could be some nice packages: - play different sexy idle animations based on the level of arousal (Aroused Sexy Idles with a new technique and no .esp file) - maybe there's a possibility to play frightened animations for NPCs when the PC is getting raped? - let women who wear special outfits (eg wench outfits) play more seducing idles - enslaved people could have a more submissive animation setup/idle and I'm sure there are even more possibilities
  11. Hey, I know this one can be quite hard as there is only this one image, but could you try to create a RaceMenu preset for the face and hair of Anne Harlow from Anoo 1800? The hat isn't needed, armor will change ingame anyways
  12. OH YES 🤩 So, even though you do point out that it will take some time, I already have to ask: will this become a SLAL pack at some point? 😍
  13. This, as those two also support Skyrim SE. As you've used MO 1, I'd suggest to stick with it and go for MO 2
  14. This definitely sounds interesting, is there still free space?
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