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  1. Hey, ja, die Talismane können derzeit überall auftauchen. Ich konnte in letzter Zeit nicht viel an der Mod arbeiten, aber ich habe zumindest die Mechanik der Talismane dahingehend erweitert, dass sie nicht mehr in Truhen auftauchen sollten, die dem Spieler gehören. Wobei "gehören" in dem Fall relativ weit ausgelegt ist: auch Truhen die einer Fraktion gehören, bei der der Spieler Mitglied ist, sind jetzt tabu. Außerdem kann jetzt auch Talisman mehr in einer Truhe erscheinen, in der bereits ein Talisman liegt. yes, the charms can show up anywhere at the moment. I haven't been able to do much work on the mod lately, but I've at least expanded the mechanics of the charms so that they should no longer appear in chests that belong to the player. Where "belong" in this case is interpreted relatively broadly: even chests that belong to a faction of which the player is a member are now off limits. Also, charms can now appear in a chest that already contains a charm. Der Rest ist aber interessant. Normalerweise, wenn "Nur wenn gefesselt" ausgewählt ist, sollten sie auch nur auftauchen, wenn man auch wirklich gefesselt ist. Natürlich bleiben Talismane, die bereits verteilt wurden, trotzdem erstmal in der Truhe wenn du sie schließt. Und was die Chance angeht: Hast du "Chance von Erregung beeinflusst" ausgewählt? Dann kann nämlich ein Glücksbringer auch dann erscheinen, wenn die Grundchance dafür auf Null gesetzt wurde. Die wirklich genutzte Chance für alle Events kannst du immer auf der Seite "Debug" im MCM sehen. But the rest is interesting. Normally, if "Only find them if tied" is selected, they should only appear when you are actually tied up. Of course, charms that have already been distributed will still remain in the chest when you close it. And regarding the chance: Did you select "Chance affected by arousal"? Then a lucky charm can appear even if the basic chance for it is set to zero. You can always see the actual used chance for all events on the "Debug" page in the MCM. Im Zweifel könnte ein Papyrus Log helfen. Wenn du Logging im Spiel aktivierst, wird meine Mod automatisch Debug Nachrichten schreiben. Vielleicht hilft das ja. If in doubt, a Papyrus log might help. If you enable logging in the game, my mod will automatically write debug messages. Maybe that will help.
  2. Huh? What drama did I miss? I know about OStim, but are people trying to convert others to OStim or SexLab?
  3. Well, you can't use Steam anymore to start the game, as it still will know about the update and tries to download it. It won't be a problem if you click the Steam button though, it just will try to download anything and fail for that game. But your mod management tool should be able to start Skyrim with or without SKSE with no problem.
  4. I assume you're on Windows: then find the file [Steam]\steamapps\appmanifest_489830.acf Right-click on it: Properties >> Read-Only Voila, Steam will throw an error when it tries to update Steam the next time. If you want to enable updates again, just remove the read-only flag. This method has the advantage, that you can't update by accident and every other Steam game still will update with no problem.
  5. What I instantly can tell: Deviously Enchanted Chests (DEC) is not needed when you use Deviously Cursed Loot (DCUR). They both do the same thing, in fact DEC is based upon DCUR code and acts like a "DCUR Lite". Other mods, which could be called redundant because of DCUR, are Deviously Helpless, Sexlab Dangerously Nude and Dangerous Nights. DCUR provides these features, too, and can even merge them, so you only will be attacked, if multiple options are given (eg only when you're nude at night). Of course you always could disable those features within DCUR, but why bother installing another mod that provides exactly the same one, then? TBH, DCUR has grown so big and feature reach, you definitely should check its MCM and look for features that other mods provide, too. DCUR has a rape defeat feature, prostitution, rape when helpless and more. On the other hand, it became such a monstrosity of script heavy functions that in some situations it can slow down your game pretty hard, especially with other mods beside it. Besides that I don't see any major conflict or redundancy, but I don't use all of your mods and as such can't be sure what features are provided by each of them. The best thing to do: always read the description of each mod you install. Normally they tell about incompatbilities and/or their features and then try to find conflicts or redundancies like the above ones. Slaverun Reloaded is known to be quite unstable. I don't say you definitely should get rid of the mod when you enjoy it, but you should be aware that bugs/crashes may and probably will happen. For everything else, you just have to keep in mind that EVERY DD mod will affect each other mod to some degree. There's hardly any mod that totally ignores DD items, but they all handle them differently. Some may deactivate some features until you're not bound anymore, some will try to remove items where it's possible, some will react totally different. BTW, I shamelessly use this to advertise my little mod Devious Mimic Clothes, that expands the Loot Curse of DCUR to worn pieces of armor ^^
  6. I really don't know why the Steam console didn't work, but with the DepotDownloader it worked. Weird... Thanks for the hint!
  7. Quite simple: you only see the file header when opening the plugin with xEdit. Here's an example of another mod I've packed for faster loading:
  8. Steam console output Is there something wrong or did Bethesda just remove that manifest? Or, another option: I've set my local mainfest file of the game to read-only, so Steam isn't able to update if I accidentally click the button. I'll try that then... EDIT: ... Nope, didn't work, removed the read-only flag and restarted Steam afterwards, still no success
  9. Heyho, small question: if I use the feature of Steam to check the current installation (for missing or corrupted files), does this only do so based on the installed version or does it try to update the game during the process? Or as for SSE: I did not update to AE yet, so it's game v 1.5.97 - if I want to check that installation for errors, does it do so only for v1.5.97 or is that "old" version considered an error and would it update to v 1.6.xx aka AE?
  10. Well, one still could hope ^^ But yeah, would be to good to be real ... While I still don't understand why they coupled that in the first place, do you think this might happen for Starfield or TES 6?
  11. Well, I have 3 Discord accounts. One with my main email, one I need for the university and one with my porn/spam mail. I only use the browser in incognito mode to log into my porn Discord, as such I simply can stay logged into my main account in the dektop program and use the normal browser mode for my university login ^^
  12. While I certainly do hope that Bethesda got their around around that, it most probably still won't be the case that script execution now is independent from frame count, is it? Does somebody have info to that?
  13. Hey, my mod my be niche but it's definitely out of Beta! TBH, I don't know why DMC should affect the Thotium quest. All those items are tagged as Devious Devices and as such my mod won't do anything (besides testing for validity) when they get equipped, it only triggers for normal armor. Could you maybe activate Papyrus logging and apply a bug report with that log for the scenario and the DMC version in the DMC thread, please? Maybe it helps.
  14. I changed debugging to be directly coupled to general Papyrus logging. As that should stay disabled for a normal playthrough and only be enabled when searching for errors, that's the advice I'll give you. Within your Skyrim.ini look for those lines and set them to zero, if they aren't: [Papyrus] bEnableLogging=0 bEnableProfiling=0 bEnableTrace=0 bLoadDebugInformation=0
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