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  1. Apropos 2 provides commentary during animations; can be set to first, second, or third person pov.
  2. Would anyone be up to converting Vilja's dresses to revealing/zap enhanced versions, similar to Chronotrigger77's 'Remodeled Armor CBBE HDT'? When I tried editing textures, her body is part of the dress mesh so there were holes in game. Not sure if there's an easy way to convert a mesh from clothes+body to clothes over body, with individual meshes to make transparent or even zap/delete from finished outfit. Thanks!
  3. Getting a weird glow texture at random times, when unequipping/equipping armor. It's not always blue; have seen it as red and purple as well. I'm using Apropos2 with SlaveTats installed but poking through those mods, am not finding this texture file. Anyone recognize it or know what mod might include something like this? Thanks!
  4. Anyone have a preset that is close to Paisly Follower? Is there a way to create a bodyslide preset from the femalebody_0/1.nif and skeleton_female.nif files?
  5. Getting better. MO2: I moved Skyrim Immersive Creatures mod above MNC v12RC8 on the left column. Schlong is now at waist height when SexLab kicks in (Hentai Creatures MNCv12 summon, train collared actor).
  6. I don't have BakaFactory but I do have All-In-One HDT Animated Pussy. I'll try putting that after XP32 Max Skeleton Extended 4.51. I didn't realize critters would be affected by those. Thanks!
  7. Here's a weird creature in LE issue. Troll schlongs seem to attach at weird places on the body and move around as the body moves. I've done a full new install, following the install instructions and pdf file. Only seems to happen with trolls.
  8. Is there a way to set trigger points in Skyrim for Skinnydipping mod (PC takes of clothes when swimming), before you get to a place? Currently, your PC has to be at a location and then you can set a skinnydipping point. I would like to preset a bunch of points in skyrim (via creation kit?) so I don't have to drop out of game each time. Thanks!
  9. Weird thing. I make changes in RaceMenu (showracemenu), save character, using same name and for a few seconds the skin and hair color changes are there and then they reset to initial character creation setting. I'm using CBBE / XP32 Max Skel Extended / FairSkin Complexion and Apachii / KS Hairdos. I've reinstalled FairSkin, messed around with Texture Blender and it keeps changing.
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