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  1. Qapla' !!! (Success...) I disabled all of SL and SL related mods in NMM. Then, I started a New game by using Live Another Life mod. coc riverwood She was there. I added her as a follower. I didn't get any CTD as I got before. I think, the trick was starting from a new game, not from a clean save. I don't understand how you did (please, don't try to explain it to me...), but her schlong isn't solid, and jingles. Great Job...
  2. I use NMM Community Edition. LOOT, FNIS. I have Creature framework too. I disabled it too. It didn't cause any problem. I don't have any extra mods. Just Fixing tools that keep stable the game. I have few animations. I didn't start by selecting "New" Game. I started from a cleaned save that started in the prison cell. If I notice something more, I let you know.
  3. Hi, I tried to test it. I disabled all SexLab, SOS, SL Aroused, and all other mods related to SexLab. I always got CTD. If I keep these mods enabled, I don't get it. I tested it in a new/clean save game. I couldn't understand the reason why. Another thing that I noticed. Kalena's lingerie trembles/stretches when she first leaves Sleeping Giant Inn. Nevertheless, when she appears again in Whiterun, she doesn't have this problem. It's interesting...
  4. How do you plan to attach schlong to femalebody? By using NifScope? Or a Blender kind 3D program? Or Using EvilReFlex' BodySlide Schlong in BodySlide? PS: I hope, you don't think that I merge them... I can't do such a thing...
  5. If you want, you can use UNPB Genderless or Dimonized Genderless bodies instead of. They have only one body. They are the original UNPB/Dimonized, but modified to Genderless. You can find them in the download list. The name of the Files are: Blessed_UNP_Genderless.7z Dimonized_UNP_Genderless.7z You just need femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif files from it.
  6. As I said before, I don't how to use BodySlide or Outfit Studio. SLIM PUSHUPNW3 has "Moved-up Nipples", and "Genderless Part". SLIM PUSHUPNW3_outfit has "Pushed-up Boobs". If you look at them in NifSkope, select them, you can see the differences. So, they're different. You have to use them both. I merged them by using Outfit Studio. I don't know how to create only one body shape by merging two body shapes. I don't know how, nevertheless it works that way. The weirdo thing is just on the body. The other meshes are normal. About changing the slots
  7. There are few questions that I would like to ask... You don't need to answer them right now. It's like "Questions/Answers" part of your version's definition in LL. They might sound really ridiculous, but I'm curious about them. I prefer answers like "Yes/No". Please, do not give me detailed "why or because". It would make me confuse. 1. If I disable or don't install "SOS, SexLab, SexLab Aroused", will it work? 2. If I enable or install "SOS, SexLab, SexLab Aroused", will have any problem, and/or will be compatible? 3. Will it be "femalebody.nif", which
  8. Hi, I tried to change the slots to "Slot 60". Right now, there is no type. However, it doesn't show the body. In my previous attempt of changing the slots, I had "transparent body" problem. Maybe, someone who understands about changing the slots should try this. Nevertheless, by using Genderless female bodies with BodyChange mod, there is no such a problem. Cheers...
  9. I added the new "Earrings" on your new version. I removed the old earrings. The textures and meshes of the new earrings have to be in the correct folders. Kalena Rios_Earrings.7z
  10. Sorry for the latency... Thank you for the detailed explanation why SOS doesn't fully support Kalena. To resolve that problem, if creating a "Custom Race" is necessary, please do it. I would like that. Out of topic... Someone asked me to create "a Transsexual Race". A friend sent me the tutorial. It needs so much work on it. So, I never tried to do it. I checked your version just in CK. Just the scripts, No master files except Skyrim.esm itself. I'm gonna add the new earrings files in it. Then, I'll send you back with the files.
  11. Hi, "All-in-One" is: All of the 3 type of bodies that have "No-Vagina" Female Body Meshes and Textures, are in the "BodyChange" mod's Custom Set folders. So, after you install "BodyChange" mod and add "All-in-One" in the BodyChange's Meshes & Textures folders. I suggest you to use "All-in-One", "BodyChange", and the necessary requirements. Install these files from the List: SOS Textures & Meshes.7z 7461773_All-in-One-BodyChangeFiles.7z And the required files. SexLab, SOS, Schlong for Females, etc... I hope, i
  12. Hi macnchz, I tired similar way to change slots. In the link you sent, there are more details. I might miss importing settings while I've been trying to change the slots. I'll check that topic and try to do that. Thanks for the info. Cheers...
  13. Please, take your time. There is no rush. As I said before, I can't check my messages day by day, or reply to you A.S.A.P.
  14. I don't understand what are you talking about. I think, it's a good thing.
  15. It's interesting. Because, in some of transsexual based mods, you can notice that it's merged of femalebody.nif and floppy schlong .nif. And, the schlong has been there like glued, stable. You really do a big deal.
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