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  1. Thank you. I will give it a try when time allows.
  2. My efforts at backporting have rarely worked out. But I'm fine waiting. I don't get to play much lately anyway so I'm in no rush.
  3. Ok. I still have a manual copy of an old version so I can hold off until a CBBE update (if you choose to do one).
  4. I see there's a new update but don't see any mention of CBBE in the downloads. Is CBBE no longer supported or am I just being totally blind?
  5. EDIT: Found the problem Mod. Babo Animations (or in the load order above "SLAL animationsBakaFactory" is listed in MO2 under the load number "FE: 000" for some reason rather than its real number, which pushed everything else up 1 in the actual load order but makes the number in MO2 look down 1 number. WTF did this happen? I've had this mod for months if not a full year and this never happened.
  6. So this is only happening for one mod atm. I have a bat file setup for Sacrosanct. In my load order Sacrosanct is "E0" but for some reason when I launch the game it moves up one to "E1", so the bat file doesn't work. Close the game, back to "DF." This has never happened to me before and I can't figure it out. It's also E1 in LOOT but not in MO. It's like there's an invisible mod that only LOOT and the game detect but MO does not. Has anyone heard of this before? Load Order (You'll notice various merges. They've never caused this before either.
  7. It's just an armor but if you know how to, you can apply the DD traits to it via TesEdit.
  8. I'm getting a neck seam when it is equipped. It might be better to make this an item equipped to a different slot and the body can be either the default body or other outfits. That way no neck seem plus the ability to mix and match with your other outfits.
  9. I knew you would do this one and have been patiently waiting. ^-^
  10. I figured out what was causing the endless evictions in some of my files. It was Estrus Chaurus mod. It has an option where if the character is infested cities don't want to accept them (although the feature never denied me anything) for some reason even without any of my files having an infested character, sexlab survival seem to consider it a reason to evict them. Offchance I used the "cure infections MCM" option and 24 game hrs most (not all) evictions were lifted. However it was still glitchy as it lifted evictions even for characters without a property license when I did this.
  11. So does this not work with Devious Devices 5.0? The mod won't start and tells me I need 4.0 or 4.1.
  12. Agreed on both ends. For one, I typically play with tgm because it allows certain powers to be used without recharge (even if the powers are supposed to have no recharge at all, without tgm there is always a few seconds delay.) But another reason to make it an option is that some mods allow the character to take physical damage to their model (bruises and cuts) and having god mode on for those scenes might interfere with it. In addition your mod seems to also extend to orgasms from regular devious devices as well, so using God mode then requires me to not have your mod
  13. tgm=toggle god mode. Ok. Going to test the crawl feature next chance I get. For some reason one of the items doesn't appear when equipped. One of the heel items just makes my feet invisible. I made sure I built everything in bodyslide.
  14. This mod is fun and really cool. My only concerns are- I can't disable certain features. I can reduce the odds of transforming gear but can't turn it off. Every orgasm turns of tgm if I have it on. Nothing seems to activate the crawl feature. Which devises do that? Or is that still WIP?
  15. I didn't know where or how to find the sqv thing. If it was a console command it did not work. If it was in the MCM or a data folder outside the game I did not find it. Some odd things I noticed in the stats and info page: 1. It says I am not a thane in any hold. I am a thane in more than half (if not all) holds. I didn't do the civil war so exception for holds that require the civil war to occur like Windhelm. It also says I am evicted in white run and windhelm, but not evicted in solitude. Which cannot be further from the truth. I can access whiterun and windhelm home
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