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  1. I am a very big fan. Would you, in a future update (I understand this would probably take some time), consider making a version that allows for easy access to the textures for color changing purposes? I have an older version and I painstakingly tried to adjust the dwarven textures to be a bluish color but didn't understand stuff and it ended up a failure for me (I didn't want to change the in game textures for regular dwarven stuff. My goal was to give my player character a more "alien robot" feel.)
  2. Thank you. Though it may be some time now before I get to try. But I appreciate it and will try when my work load lightens.
  3. They work very well. Two of the masks slightly block my character's eyes but I don't think that's something you would need to fix. If you tell me how I can lower the masks slightly myself maybe. They seem to fit perfectly in your pictures so I think it is on my end somehow.
  4. Two of the Black Leather chest piece options (C and D if I remember correctly) are missing some textures. Parts that should be black (and are for other similar pieces) are bright purple.
  5. Love this, but I am getting some slight clipping,
  6. I will have to test. But the file is mostly completed so not sure where to find a vanilla scene to test with unless there is one that can be repeated. I will test Zaz when time permits. Sadly tonight may be my last time to test anything on my end, so if I'm unable to post more by tonight I likely won't be doing much on here for a while. EDIT: Zaz force AI seems to work. At the very least I can't move my character and they stand completely still. I am still able to see the HUD though, which in vanilla scenes that was usually not the case in my experience. But I could not
  7. For one of my files the player character when captured never starts crawling. Or rather the animation works, but I retain complete control of the character and they never autocrawl to any location, although one is marked as a destination. Fast forward puts me in front of the device but I still have full control and the character is never placed on the device. Tested in multiple locations to make sure it wasn't just broken navmesh. Going to try restarting my game because that worked last time I encountered this issue, but this time my load order and everything is correct so i don't know why thi
  8. What do you mean? The other outfit parts? Or the markings? Or the body? The body is regular old CBBE plus the pretty faces mod and DINT HDT hairs. Too many outfits to name tbh. But going from memory: Leah Llith Jewelry Shadow666's conversion of PeroPeroGomaEgypt CBBE, Shadow 666's conversion of BisPackage CBBE HDT BODYSLIDE Expanded Jewelry crafting And of course this mod. For the markings I used the community overlays packs on Nexus and I edited the Egyptian one to be a Slavetat for easy use. For the Location I used https://www.nexusmods.c
  9. Very cool. Is it safe to just update mid game in this case?
  10. I do remember. It does not save the check boxes for mask, legs, arm bindings. It always has the default. It also does not save "friendly blacksmiths". My initial export didn't work at all I think because I changed the name of the file in the MCM and the import doesn't give an option to select named files. So that was probably why my first export/import didn't work at all. Yes. The main quests were done. I tried talking to every town member, activating the mine, and even destroying it. Nothing set the quest off. From the point where the bounty is d
  11. For me I installed 4.0 and then installed 4.1 as a separate mod overwriting 4.0. It won't take up any additional space in mod organizer the way things work as I understand it and everything is working for me. I think 4.1 can't stand alone, but I don't know if a merge would work either because you might get conflicting duplicates rather than a proper merge or overwrite. I don't know. But the setup I have is working mostly.
  12. Well not all of them. But things seem to have improved otherwise. CTD is less common but still more common than prior to chain beast install. But things are playable now so that's good. The add custom race is still blacked out except for the spell for the NPC. I saw that the caged quest was still a WIP so I'm assuming the soft lock I've been dealing with in that quest is a known issue. But one of the quests related to the mine in Dawnstar doesn't seem to trigger, and there is a huge delay on quest updating in the bounty collecting quest (which i also understand
  13. Experiencing a new glitch. The mod is only fully functional with one of my files so far. The option to add the player race in my other files is blacked out and won't let me click to add them (same race as all my files, succubus lite. It worked for one file and not the others.) When my character is supposed to be chained and enter the crawling phase on those files it also just skips right to post punishment and just equips some devices and leaves it at that. I double checked the settings and made sure the player and their gender was a valid target. I tried the self-test and being captured prop
  14. Good to know. I'm going to try it a few times myself to see how things go, time permitting.
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