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  1. Do you still have the magic effect from Farengar's part on you? I'll fix that now (Edit: whoops, it is fixed in the downloads already) Have you ran FNIS recently? Do you remember what happened before it failed, or did it just never work? And were you breaking any of the rules? I meant to scrap Hulda's part of the Whiterun quest, it isn't meant to be in the mod right now. So I would recommend reloading out of it and pretending like that dialogue doesn't exist. Could try and track how long was spent maybe like RP does, bu
  2. It's broken I believe. Eventually there'll be an option to have the status carry over, I just took it out because of problems with it for v1 Guild quest interactions are somewhere on the itinerary I just don't know where.
  3. One of the mods prevents food items and potions from appearing while gagged. Could be SLS but idk. For the debug options you have to be standing in the city for them to do anything. They seem to be working, though the MCM might bug without a clean install. As in you're never becoming eligible/not becoming the public whore? You have to report to the thanes in order for progress to show up on the quest journal.
  4. Aldid did the screenshots, I think he said Tea Body Unsure since you got the item notification. Maybe try console commanding it, I don't really have an answer for that one. If they downloaded installed properly then they should say 4/21 (actually every single script for some reason, I'm not sure how that happened). If it doesn't fix anything I'd try just removing every PW file and doing it again or something.
  5. I'll go and mark it as Special Edition compatible. Just didn't want people to download the LE version and install it on SE by mistake but there's potential for confusion either way and arguably less if it's marked as compatible.
  6. There's 1.0.3, sorry it took so long. It should fix the eligibility loop, and the inclusion of Gallows Landing in PW. I temporarily removed thane tracking because I'm lazy and it wasn't cooperating with me - that should fix the log spam.
  7. I've been getting swarmed with consecutive due dates for the last few days but I'll try to get a fix for the eligibility bug, log spam, and duplicate of the Interactive Gallows cell up tonight, as I perceive these to be the most pressing issues with the mod. If I don't finish it tonight then maybe tomorrow morning.
  8. I think the idea was that if your quota time runs out before you finish the quota then it should increase your punishment score by 100, then after another 24 hours of not submitting for punishment, guards of other holds will start looking for you, and then after another 24 hours there's a chance for a bounty hunter wilderness encounter. At least at some point all of those components were working but it looks like there's some fuckery going on with this version that's preventing it from triggering properly. If you don't start in enforced mode you can leave as long as the "can't l
  9. Did the quest journal still say 20/28? Seems like it got desynched from the internal counts but not sure how it would have gotten marked completed then. That's a brilliant idea that I'm astonished I never thought of.
  10. Status Update: I'll eventually have a fix for the more egregious bugs in v1.0.2, but due to previous complete disregard for my academic success, I need to spend a fuckton more time studying right now, so I can't really say when that will be. Until then best to consider this mod "in beta". If you don't run into any issues with it then by all means enjoy it, but just understand that it definitely has a few rather bad bugs in some areas.
  11. Could be possible to add a second slider and a switch between them. I'll ponder the best way to do it in the MCM
  12. The uploaded version wasn't checking the MCM value but it should prevent that in subsequent versions. Probably worth adding, I wanted to add a scenario where NPCs just lie about the PC disobeying to mess with her, and that'd be the place to do it. I used them as a lazy way to trigger certain functions. Trigger 1 was the punishment score but I made that one a permanent feature, and then forgot to hide the rest for release. In that order, they: -Start the generic punishment scene (from saying no to guards and refusing to be declared PW) -Start the heavy to
  13. Oh. It shouldn't do that, though, because that is supposed to be the MCM-exposed variable. Something odd is happening there, I'll have to investigate it.
  14. I must have conditioned the dialogue wrong. Is it there after the quest is completed? Evidently I didn't playtest that quest enough.
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