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  1. If anyone who's been having the guard forcegreet loop issue wants to test if it's working in my current version, let me know. I think my copy is properly restored to previous functionality now, so I'll add and fix a couple more things and then do a test run with any volunteers, starting either later today or tomorrow soon. Trying to keep its deployment controlled until I'm pretty sure it's stable. (edited for better approximation of timeframe)
  2. Do you have MME, Beeing Female, EC+ or anything that changes breast over time? Could be that it has a set size it thinks the breasts should be at by default and keeps ensuring they're that size
  3. Was this during the second punishment scene? I think that's the only 'group sex' type thing PW does right now. I think Sexlab Adventures(?) can cause that with the Proximity Rape feature, notably it prevented me from testing my own mod for like a solid 3 minutes yesterday. Though if the NPCs don't stop following that sounds like unintended behaviour
  4. It sucks because I haven't been able to reproduce that issue yet. Regarding that part I've fixed a dialogue topic without a name, removed the forcegreet from the alias and put it into a scene instead, and turned off "Must Complete" in the package flags in hopes that it will no longer do that. (Perhaps, and likely, none of this did anything) Going in now to troubleshoot but the mod is half torn apart from the refactoring right now, will likely take time to see results. Once I get it back to regular functionality, or at least enough to test the guard greets, I think I'll see if anyone who's been having the issues is up to trying out my working copy and seeing if it resolves anything.
  5. Yes That part wasn't meant to be in release, it's unplayable. I think the items are in a chest below the floor of the inn if you enter 'tcl' into the console and go underneath.
  6. Progress Update I've been sporadically refactoring the mod, which isn't to say an update is coming soon - just that it's closer to realization than before. The released version is a mess as far as division of responsibility between scripts; right now I am overhauling it to be comprised of more, smaller, better-defined scripts that communicate with each other almost entirely through mod events. This reduces my compile times, makes further refactoring and expansions easier, and makes it possible for other mods to communicate with PW. The quota system is being revised internally as a part of this, now being extracted into it's own 'quota manager' script, which if managed properly should pave the way to duration quotas and an endless mode. My plan as of now is to continue such overhauls until all of the major scripts are entirely divorced from each other, finish the quota system revisions, and then begin converting anything involving forcegreets into scenes. Forcegreets currently use aliases with the behavior packages for forcegreeting permanently attached to them, with the objective of assigning and unassigning the aliases as necessary. My thought is that by moving the packages into scenes, the packages can be controlled a bit more securely. Thus even if the alias failed to clear, the package would no longer be attached to it. This is my theory at least, time will tell if it proves correct. Essentially, the current state of the project is that I built it before gaining enough exposure to software engineering principles, and now I'll need to do some repairs if I'm going to add any more content without breaking the existing content. Ideally once the current work is completed, it will be equivalent to what it was before, but built upon a better base. I'm getting around to this about once or twice a week, though I think I'm making decent progress refactoring it, and that if it gets up and running again it will have been worth the time to do so.
  7. Would recommend manually applying for now, will be in the next update if or when it someday arrives.
  8. Exclamation mark means missing mesh or texture, likely MNC or whatever you're using for the models needs to be re-installed
  9. .dds files are textures, meaning they packed the files that need to be replaced but not in the right folder path, and MO doesn't know where they're supposed to go. Looking at the original mod it looks like Data/Textures/ERF_Futanari/Argonian or Data/Textures/ERF_Futanari/Khajiit. You can manually move the files into those folders and overwrite them, or pack them up in your own zip that contains that nested set of folders with the files inside so that MO can manage them.
  10. Forgot to make it add the tattoo in SS++ for release, so that's within expectation. If it isn't working in other places I'm not sure why.
  11. Hm no I clear the alias in the begin section of the script (at least for the problematic one). Wasn't evaluating the speaker's package after so maybe that's causing problems.
  12. It would have been a long time before I figured that one out. Do you think that could be allowing the dialogue to play without clearing the package? That's been the most reported bug with this, but even if it isn't the reason it makes it a bit less infuriating to start working on again.
  13. Ah I'd never played either, otherwise I would have looked at how they did it. I've got no idea what they mean right now but they will be helpful for trying to trace what happened.
  14. My best work on it indeed needs to be motivated by interest in the content. It wasn't so much complaints that's de-motivated me, as those were expected. But it did have a lot of actual issues as of release and in the subsequent versions. I had intended to step back from it for a bit after release and then ended up spending a ton of time patching it to prevent as many bugged copy downloads as possible. So perhaps I'm still within the schedule I allotted myself with regard to taking a break afterwards, though I think I'll just not worry about it for now and when the fancy strikes me I'll end up starting another playthrough and end up working on it again. The Bannered Mare subquest was going to have the player serving drinks to the patrons of the inn, which would result in unsolicited advances made and liberties taken upon the player. I got most of the way through it but I felt like it would have been better if there was a way to allow the player to hold the drink tray and walk at the same time (not an option with the normal drink tray animation), or a pitcher or something. So the next step would've been to make a relatively simple animation for it, which I wasn't opposed to, but didn't want to stall release even further for. In theory it was one of my favorite shopkeeper subquests, but I guess that came with the caveat of wanting to do it perfectly. Perhaps if I work on the quest again I'll try animation to that end, and maybe see if BakaFactory would allow me to use horrible harassment for it.
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