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FNIS Dragon Vore Killmoves
new killmove animations for dragons (well technically they are not but my scripts are making them work as killmoves)
made by MadMansGun


Conflict Warnings & Notes:


DON'T mix the FNIS version with the old version.


possible conflict with other dragon mods (depending on what they edit), check/fix with xedit if needed.


collision data was edited to disable the camera's "actor too close fade out" effect on the dragon, so this may effect some dead body collision mods, but it's easy to fix in xedit.


possible issues with some FPV camera mods, (they don't seem to like force Third/First person scripts).


i'm finding the MCM a bit reluctant to register on the first startup, i had to enter and exit/unpause before it would show up.


Mod Requirements:

FNIS and the FNIS creature pack.



how to install animations:

just install it like any other FNIS based mod.

mod features:


bite attacks can start vore animations (basically the same animation that was used in my original vore killmove mod).


if the target is naked a feet first "willing vore" animation will be played (assuming the dragon does not shout/bite the target to death first).


depending on the dragon's sex tail attacks can start either anal vore or unbirth animations.

(or you can turn this feature off and only have oral vore)


the dragon gets a health boost when it's digesting someone.


when the player is the victim slightly longer animations are used.


if consumed the player gets to see there fate before death & reload. (it's actually just a mesh being applied as a camera effect to create a "internal view")


there is a chance to recuse devoured npcs (or be recused) if the dragon is killed in time.


stock conditions for getting eaten are:

not blocking and: less than 50% health, or being below level 15, or Armor resistance below 50 (crap fur armor or clothing)

(health, armor, and level conditions are adjustable)


Essential & Protected NPCs can be devoured

(be careful if you enable this feature, you could soft lock your game if a quest npc gets eaten)



Note: the Alt Death Mod support feature is still unfinished, for now it mostly just removes the camera effects when you die or prevents you from dieing. but regardless it will likely not work as intended.


Edited by MadMansGun

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