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  1. If I've made somebody else enjoy Modest Mouse, my job in life is done. There's something to love in pretty much any of their albums.
  2. The same place everything else is in my life. Lost beneath a crushing wave of depression and anxiety that keeps me from wanting to do basically anything. We're approaching the 10 year anniversary of LL in a few months though. That'll likely (I hope) be sufficient motivator for me to pull myself out of this rut long enough to get shit done.
  3. Currently reliving my high school music days.
  4. It's a simple point of fact that if you need a bigger file size than what the site currently allows for avatars, than you need to do one of the following: NOT make it a fucking .bmp, cause, I mean... seriously? NOT make it an animated gif, they are annoying and not allowed. NOT use some 1080p or 800x600 picture, or whatever huge full size. Avatars are tiny for gods sake, why would you try to upload something so big? If it's appropriately sized but still to big to upload, then run it through an optimizer like TinyPNG But the bottom line is there is a significant difference between uploading screenshots and uploading avatars. They serve very different purposes and thus have their own specific limitations.
  5. @fishburger67 30 seconds is the timeout length a thread will wait for the actor aliases to report that their reset is done and AnimationEnd can be sent. So I'd start by looking in sslActorAlias's ResetActor() function for possible culprits. Though nothing has significantly changed in them as far as I'm aware. In my test just now it seemed to work just fine: In your logs, are you getting the SyncDone() line like above and removing it in your example? That line may tell you something as well. If that lines missing entirely than something is probably up with the thread scripts rather than the actoralias script. I'd start by commenting out non-critical parts of the ResetActor() function though and seeing if that fixes it for you. Stuff like the stat recording, UnStrip(), and hdt/nio heel stuff. Also make sure you don't have a menu or console open during the ending, that may pause some functions used somewhere. If still no luck than start commenting out critical parts of the function to narrow it down more. Just make sure the last line (Thread.SyncEventDone(kResetActor)) atleast remains.
  6. I've put a lot of thought over the years into maybe trying to create a separate adult game. Mainly as a means to teach myself proper game dev work. Ultimately though I agree with a lot of people here, the rest of Skyrim is what gives SL life, it would be a hollow experience in a vacuum. So, for me at least, it would need a fundamental idea behind it that's fun beyond just simple sex. It's something I'd like to still do ultimately though. I've played pretty much every adult game under the sun these days though, and certainly have my thoughts for what such a game should be. But, shit's complicated., and I'm bad at big projects. If I had a partner to help develop it with, maybe I'd give it a go...
  7. SexLab DOES NOT AND NEVER HAS provided spells to initiate sex. If you're talking about the debug spells, those are for debug/development purposes ONLY. You should never have been using them to begin with. They are only provided as a simple means to trigger testing scenarios via the sslEffectDebug script for either myself or mod creators to use and modify as necessary. Which character is the "male" and which the "female" is entirely up to the mod starting the animations and the default setup for the debug spells is usually female = caster and male = target. Assuming it's setup as a simple QuickStart() call, as it usually is in releases of the framework. If you want a simple mod to start animations where it properly slots the characters into their gender roles, use the SexLab Matchmaker addon plugin. If I'm wrong about your use of the debug spells... then double check the sexlab mcm settings, there is an option for which gender your PC should be treated as, make sure it's correct.
  8. Why am I still frustrated by this being a problem, 6 years later? Load orders are 95% of the time completely useless. Who doesn't know to run LOOT at this point? I want to scream in agony everytime I see somebody ask for a load order. PROVIDE. YOUR. DEBUG. LOG.
  9. Curious what DDG is rating this all on? I can't find any DDG tools in my quick/lazy searches to find any tool to see what the breakdown of the resulting rating is. So no idea what I need to fix to make it a higher rating... --- Google Analytics has ALWAYS been a part of LL. I've had an analytics code installed on the site since the beginning, mostly for my own curiosity. Google on login, (recaptcha) only came about in the last few years because the site started to be constantly attacked by bots trying to brute force random peoples logins. ReCaptcha was simply the easiest/fastest solution to this problem. If I could make the site Google free, I would. But the simple fact is that Google's solution to analytics and captcha logins remains as the obvious solutions to current needs.
  10. LL is like.... Or rather, actually is... The reason I'm evasive when somebody asks me what I do for a living. (I just tell people I'm a programmer and run/make websites as a freelancer.) A constant source for my depression... as I never feel like I do enough for the site and should be more active considering my position. Something I'm proud to have built, but nobody I actually know will ever know me for it.
  11. Sexlab itself would never make such a popup. I don't think any sexlab error creates a popup. So one of your sexlab plugins are installed incorrectly. Disable all sexlab plugins (other then sexlab.esm) and re-enable them one by one until the popups start happening again so you know which it is.
  12. Just edit the bool UseStrapons in sslSystemConfig (accessible via SexLab.Config.UseStrapons) to false whenever you want to start a scene. Then reset it back to whatever the user had it set to after your scene ends.
  13. The FNIS SFX and SexLab SFX are pretty functionally different. I don't see how this would be a con against SL's implementation. A stage lasting for a certain number of seconds before forcing itself to the next stage? It's been included for a long time, more than the other stuff mentioned. So wouldn't be surprised if it's included in SLAL among everything else. Single files for each animation ensures there is no overlap. And I'd argue it's less of a hassle to look for a single file to alter than it is to open one massive file and find to find the one animation you might want to alter. Plus having multiple animations in a single file would be more error prone. One error in a single animation will prevent all animations in that single file from registering - Not so with SexLab's implementation. --- All SLAL has going for it IMO is legacy of use and the python generator. If I were to make the web based JSON & FNIS generator I mentioned for sexlab's json loader, I really just don't get why people would continue to use SLAL, except for the fact that it has the legacy advantage. SLAL's legacy advantage is large, however. Which is why I'm unlikely to make the generator for sexlab's version unless I were to get the promise of use from a couple prominent SL animators.
  14. Stage specific SFX, Timer, and Cum settings, plus categorical registrations (animations in the same category setting show up next to each other in the animations menu). And yes, custom sounds for SFX can be used as you described, so long as the formID resolves to a sound descriptor in the esp. Those are all features that have been available to mods loading animations via the original method of papyrus scripting for a long while now, SLAL is just really out of date when it comes to animation options. Each file is a single animation, as the filename is used as the animation's registry name.
  15. The game.getplayer() isn't none, the SexLab property is. The error is saying your trying to call QuickStart() on a none object, not with a none object. You need to either fill the SexLab property on the script from the creationkit (just like you need to for playerref) or fill it in the script first by calling SexLab = SexLabUtil.GetAPI()
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