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  1. I should note, that while the GitHub version does have many changes over the current beta release, largely thanks to @osmelmc patching in some of their plugins functionality directly into the framework. Some of it is only "temporarily included" due to how the git merges worked out by including everything. Stuff such as the dd/zaz animation filtering and some of the gender handling changes are going to be reverted/removed in the final version.
  2. The current version works fine with 2.0.19. This is a fact, and not up for debate. If you have an issue with current SKSE, it is 100% unquestionably user error. You have something including an outdated version of the plugin, be it SexLabUtil.dll or PapyrusUtil.dll, or some other unrelated outdated plugin that is causing a cascade of errors. This is the truth. This is how fucking dll plugin version checking works. There is no room for error here. It works fine. Fix/update your shit and follow directions if you think SexLabUtil.dll or PapyrusUtil.dll are incompatible. Be
  3. Absolutely no interest myself in a single player GTA5 mod for this kind of thing... I'm actually kind of curious though how much demand there would be for a multiplayer FiveM sex mod adult oriented multiplayer server in GTA5. Is there really not any robust sex mods for FiveM already? I imagine it would be similar to Conan Exiles adult servers in usage (which I've found to be impenetrable in my attempts to check out...) GTA5/FiveM would probably have much more popularity potential for adult RP due to GTA being more accessible than CE... Hmmm...
  4. It seems to me like it would be great. If we were using it 5 years ago. It's way to late to add such complicated functionality. People aren't conditioned to deal with it. In a similar vain... I'd love to add a strict tagging system like f95 has... But we feel way past being able to deal with that.
  5. So... The answer/question system seems to have been utterly useless in the Skyrim section so far. NOBODY upvotes answers and very few users have bothered to mark a reply as the solution. Guess I should remove it now then? Anybody here that wants to defend it before I do...?
  6. the code that was disabled in the repo was the new hook system I mentioned, as I decided to not continue with it.
  7. I don't think I've ever given any sort of indication that I can remember that this is the case... I've talked about possibly adding a new synchronous hook system that would allow mods to delay the start/continuation of an animation until their hooks finish running, rather than running asynchronously through modevents like the current hook system. But I've never said I'd be removing the current hook system as a result. I've since reversed on this idea however, as it's a lot of work to add and I haven't heard much support for the idea. More importantly, maintaining backw
  8. That's what I want to find out by running it for a week. I'm stupidly optimistic that users will figure it out enough to make it worthwhile... I have very little control over how search works. This is basically all the options I can change related to it:
  9. I really don't like how it separates pinned threads while setup this way... The pinned threads should be viewed as separate instead of being subject to the same question/answer system... I have no control over that however.
  10. Nothing in your load order seems SexLab related. The last few lines in your log certainly aren't related to sexlab framework. If you're crashing at "random" my first guess would probably be mesh related. Would also help to know whether you're talking about SE or LE.
  11. That 100% seems to me like something that would solve it self eventually with usage... It's pointless now, sure, because the functionality hasn't been used for more than a couple hours... Eventually a question that is heavily asked would rise to the top, presumably, and prevent it from pointlessly being asked again.
  12. Currently testing a change of the technical support categories by changing them "question" categories. This is currently only being tested in the Skyrim tech support sections: https://www.loverslab.com/forum/50-technical-support-sexlab-framework/ https://www.loverslab.com/forum/39-skyrim-technical-support/ https://www.loverslab.com/forum/73-technical-support-skyrim-special-edition/ With this setting, there are a few key changes: The user who posts a thread/question can mark an answer as "best answer" and it'll be pinned to the top of the thread as the
  13. You can configure it here: https://www.loverslab.com/settings/links/
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