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  1. Added emoticon defaults for :) :( :'( ;) :/ :| :O :D :P
  2. SexLab Framework Development

    Progress Update! I've just got it running and working in Skyrim SE today, just a few things that need fixing. After that's done, I just need to finish up the 1.63 update for both oldrim and se and will be releasing both versions at the same time then.
  3. SexLab Framework Development

    Instead of removing the stages, try just changing the animation event names to all use the same one for that actor. Like this: int a1 = Base.AddPosition(Female, Anal) Base.AddPositionStage(a1, "DoggyStyle_A1_S3", 0) Base.AddPositionStage(a1, "DoggyStyle_A1_S3", 0) Base.AddPositionStage(a1, "DoggyStyle_A1_S3", 0) Base.AddPositionStage(a1, "DoggyStyle_A1_S3", 0) int a2 = Base.AddPosition(Male) Base.AddPositionStage(a2, "DoggyStyle_A2_S3", -104, sos = 3) Base.AddPositionStage(a2, "DoggyStyle_A2_S3", -104, sos = 3) Base.AddPositionStage(a2, "DoggyStyle_A2_S3", -104, sos = 3) Base.AddPositionStage(a2, "DoggyStyle_A2_S3", -104, sos = 3) This change it so the two actors only use their 3rd stage animation for all stages actor only uses "DoggyStyle_A1_S3" and the second actor "DoggyStyle_A2_S3" Depending on the animation you're trying to do it with though, there may be some other complications, depending on how it's defined in FNIS.
  4. SexLab Framework Development

    In any case, next versions limit WILL be at least 750, possibly upwards of 1000. But I make this change begrudgingly, knowing how badly it's going to affect the mod's performance for anybody who makes use of it.
  5. SexLab Framework Development

    I already consider 500 more than enough, increasing it to 750 next version feels like overkill to me. I know there's plenty of animations out now that make filling that number doable, but every animation increase slows the mod down significantly all around... The animation filtering/search at the start of every sex animation is by far the slowest part of SexLab. Everybody asking for more animation slots are essentially asking me to make the mod perform increasingly worse. Animations are already slow to start with 500 animations installed, increasing it even further from 750 feels ridiculous. At a certain point, the number of animations that can be installed is ridiculous and the player is better served by simply being more selective of the animations they install rather than installing everything they can find. But players will always want more, even if it isn't in their best interests... so we'll see what happens going forward...
  6. SexLab Framework Development

    It already has. I set my current dev version to 750 awhile ago at this point. I don't want to give an estimate for 1.63, seeing as I already promised it would happen within a few weeks/months nearly a year ago. But now that the new loverslab forum stuff is mostly finished, sexlab is my next focus and I plan to make 1.63 release at the same time as when I release sexlab for skyrim SE.
  7. Fixed now. Might go strange again for abit over the next hour or so though. It seems to really hate it when I edit the site's template :/
  8. Not sure what you mean, can you give me an example?
  9. https://www.loverslab.com/notifications/options/ check under "Automatically follow content"
  10. Just converted the database from utf8 to utf8mb4. That probably doesn't mean much of anything to most of you, but it does mean you can now include actual emoji characters (rather than the emoticon images) in posts and stuff. 🍆💯🍆💯🍆💯🍆💯
  11. Looks completely fine to me in Firefox 57 and all other browsers.
  12. Unintentional, fixed now.
  13. Added back the full width version of the Carbon theme for those that want it.
  14. I find it useful, but it is annoying that it shows up even if you edit right away, it should have some time to allow for editing without it. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be an option for this anywhere, so I'll just disable entirely for now.