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  1. Wrong. SexLabUtil has functions separate from PapyrusUtil and both are required to run the framework. The latest version of both plugins are always included in the latest download of SexLab. You should however still install PapyrusUtil separately and let it overwrite everything, as some other mods (such as simply knock and frostfall) include outdated version of it.
  2. Ugh. Don't talk about Irish bands. You're going to make me want to start listening to Flogging Molly again and I'm way to old for that shit now. Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy's are both basically prime high school for me when it comes to music. Still enjoy them... but they make me think to much about my cringey days. Never heard of The Pogues before though, seem fantastic. EDIT: To late... Listening to Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins on repeat now...
  3. Ugh, don't remind me it's actually been 10 years. Makes me feel way to old x.x
  4. If you want to split hairs... It had more to do with Tōshirō Hitsugaya (the kid captain of 10th) than it did Ichigo Kurosaki. I watched the anime episode up to where it ended in the cliffhanger with him running into where the people running soul society were supposed to be and was mysteriously shocked. I decided I didn't want to wait for the anime to catch up to that cliffhanger and started reading the manga from that point. I ended up joining the scanlation group for the manga (Maximum7) a week later x.x
  5. Monster and Hunter x Hunter have really stuck with me overtime, for very different reasons. Monster is a classic and a masterclass in thriller storytelling. Hunter x Hunter is prime shonen. This is a bad answer, but I'd also say Bleach. But only because this site honestly wouldn't exist without Bleach. I got my start translating stuff when I was in (and eventually ran) a Bleach scanlation group. I never would've been interested in trying to translate Japanese stuff without that experience, so it directly lead to me deciding to try working on translations of the Lo
  6. I'm very late to the party here, but just recently got into Creedence Clearwater Revival... ----- For more modern enjoyments, also really liking Lake Street Dive's recent releases:
  7. Haven't made any updates in awhile. The editor bar does however actively change depending on the resolution of your browser window. That may be what you say.
  8. Perhaps you mean this? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5965
  9. Notifications should be fixed now. It's not retroactive though.
  10. That's something you'd have to ask the author of that mod to do. Whether or not it works isn't really something that's up to SexLab.
  11. While it's preferred you just require the original and create a patch to avoid any possible troubles as @gregathit mentions, it's also understandable that there are scenarios where that isn't reasonable. As long as you've put in an honest effort to contact the original author for permission and it's pretty damn clear that after a week of no reply and them not having logged on for a long time, I don't think anybody is really going to argue against somebody just picking up the abandoned mod for themselves so long as the original author remains credited. However, if the author suddenl
  12. Exactly why I haven't cared much about updating t he messagebox version number. It's pretty much pointless and only relevant in the final release. The SKSE check is the only check that matters. Besides maybe the check for FNIIS existing.
  13. I should note, that while the GitHub version does have many changes over the current beta release, largely thanks to @osmelmc patching in some of their plugins functionality directly into the framework. Some of it is only "temporarily included" due to how the git merges worked out by including everything. Stuff such as the dd/zaz animation filtering and some of the gender handling changes are going to be reverted/removed in the final version.
  14. The current version works fine with 2.0.19. This is a fact, and not up for debate. If you have an issue with current SKSE, it is 100% unquestionably user error. You have something including an outdated version of the plugin, be it SexLabUtil.dll or PapyrusUtil.dll, or some other unrelated outdated plugin that is causing a cascade of errors. This is the truth. This is how fucking dll plugin version checking works. There is no room for error here. It works fine. Fix/update your shit and follow directions if you think SexLabUtil.dll or PapyrusUtil.dll are incompatible. Be
  15. Absolutely no interest myself in a single player GTA5 mod for this kind of thing... I'm actually kind of curious though how much demand there would be for a multiplayer FiveM sex mod adult oriented multiplayer server in GTA5. Is there really not any robust sex mods for FiveM already? I imagine it would be similar to Conan Exiles adult servers in usage (which I've found to be impenetrable in my attempts to check out...) GTA5/FiveM would probably have much more popularity potential for adult RP due to GTA being more accessible than CE... Hmmm...
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