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Being a Cow Alternate Version 1.9H

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About This File

With 1.9H, utilize caution when installing on a running game with a version below 1.9G (see new features spoiler for 1.9G below)!


This mod is a partial redevelopment of Being a Cow by @skyrimfet to whom we owe the base version and most of the ideas. Some years ago he has stopped working on it and I started making some changes on my own and rewriting most of the base scripts to significantly decrease script load and CTD rate. Since then I added some content - mostly mutations - and cleaned up the quests (thanks to @GuruSR for the milk pump activation code). Also, new meshes have been introduced thanks to @Addywil.


SE conversion thanks to @evilbom.


So, what is this about? Well, its a bovine transformation mod for female characters. It won't work well on non humanoid races and it supports custom races with some attention from your side. It requires MilkMod Economy and starts the transformation around the time when the first milking occurs. There are some small quests to find out about your fate.


Requirements (SE users need to find the corresponding SE mod, unless otherwise stated):





  • @skyrimfet for the original mod and the idea
  • @GuruSR for the milk pump activation code during scenes
  • @Addywil for the awesome ears and udders and whatever else is to come
  • to all those people already quoted in Being a Cow


Optional Files:

  • Beastess_Beast_Sneak_noEsp.7z: Sneak Animations on all fours originally from Beastess mod, just hkx files, no esp needed.



  • The tats are not appearing/partially appearing/body is blue
    • Check your slavetats folder unter data\textures\actors\character\SlaveTats\bac. Even if you don't have SlaveTats installed, that's where the tat textures are located
    • Check data\SKSE\Plugins\nioverride.ini. Enable face tats and make sure you have enough tat slots available on all body parts
  • The quest furniture is not appearing
    • Make sure you have the correct version of ZaZ installed (see above)
  • The Hammerheart quest is starting but then nothing happens / Errors in papyrus.log like "Error: Property Cows not found on bac_actor. Aborting call and returning None stack"
    • You probably have the loose scripts from the original version of BAC still lying around. They are no longer compatible. Remove all files matching patterns bac*.pex, pf_bac*.pex, qf_bac*.pex, and sf_bac*.pex from data\scripts
  • The fur/mutation tats are not appearing/stop appearing
    • You probably have too few slots assigned to overlays in data\SKSE\pluginf\nioverride.ini (LE) or skee64.ini (SE). Make sure you change those settings in the file:
      • section [Overlays] bEnableFaceOverlays to 1 instead of 0
      • section [Overlays/Body] iNumOverlays to 30 instead of 6
      • section [Overlays/Hands] iNumOverlays to 20 instead of 3
      • section [Overlays/Feet] iNumOverlays to 20 instead of 3
      • section [Overlays/Face] iNumOverlays to 20 instead of 3



Install with mod manager of your choice, Do not forget to run BodySlide to (batch) generate all the dynamic meshes.


In BodySlide select your favourite body setting and press "Batch Build"

The right-click in the empty space and select "Select None"

Then tick all the slider sets starting with "bac " and press Build


Edited by botticelli
Voice pack link

What's New in Version 1.9H


  • fixed cure MilkSlave script
  • fixed cow start on Lactacid amount
  • changed level calcuation to a more comprehensive one
  • changed sliders on the udders (needs BodySlide rerun on those at least)
  • relocated Paul from Riverwood to Whiterun stables so he'll no longer run off if no scene runs. Overall scene handling for Paul needs quite some rework though which will come in a later version.
  • remove cows from free attachment factions (bac_feet and bac_hands) when unregistering
  • removed CurvyCow effect when unregistering
  • added new Mootations "CowBack1" followed by "CowBack2" and/or "CowNeck" (without SLIF usage!) with an option in 2nd MCM Mutation Settings to toggle this off at SexLab scene start and on again at end
  • added option to force-feed you the first Blended Lactacid encountered when already a milkmaid on opening of the container
  • added Real Feeding-like effect for Ring of Namira and Werewolf that will count towards HungryCow.
  • introduced new overlay register (will work on newly registered cows, already registered cows will use the old method). Instead of searching for a slot each time an overlay mootation happens and thus stacking the tats in random order, BAC will now reserve a number of overlay slots at cow register trying to get 13 body slots, 4 face slots, and 2 hands and feet slots each. These are then used on overlay mootations in definite ordering so they will stack in the same order every time:
    • Body (lowest to highest slot):
      • Veins
      • Fur
      • Fur supplement (wrist connector)
      • Ass stretch marks
      • Breast stretch marks
      • Belly stretch marks
      • Cellulite #1
      • Cellulite #2
      • Breast bondage marks (punishment)
      • Brandings
      • Ritual Cow paint
      • Dirt
      • Liquids (Untamed Milk and Horny Cow)
    • Face (lowest to highest slot):
      • Fur
      • Cow Nose
      • Brandings
      • Dirt
    • Hands and Feet each (lowest to highest slot):
      • Fur
      • Dirt
  • Due to some mods meddling with other mod's tats and also due to intermediate cow drop out, tats slots may become occupied by other mods thus changing the ordering in an inapproriate manner, e. g. having YPS fashion lipstick in face overlay slot #0 will result in the cow tats covering it. To get around this problem, a new option "Reset Overlay Slots" is available on the MilkMaid View page. With this option, BAC tat slots in one area (i. e. either body, face, feet, or hands) will be reassigned, so e. g. if you ended up with the BAC face tats in slots #2 though #5 you can free up slots #0 and #1 in SlaveTats or with the foreign mods options, then choose this option and BAC will reassign its own face slots to #0 through #3.


  • 1.9G
    • changed quest priority of and auction scene start in bac_capturedcow2, so that package interference with Hammerheart will no longer prevent scene from starting

    • included meshes and textures for @Addywil's new collar and bell

    • CowFace mootations will now save the old preset to be able to restore it on cow exit and also store the current preset from MCM for each cow, so if you change it in MCM for the next cow, it will no longer affect cows who have already been face-transformed.

    • Accumulated milk amount at cow register will be saved and deducted from the level calculation

    • truncated Hammerheart (bac_blacksmith) to being the intro quest only providing the furniture for the work quest and made a new respawning work quest "Paul hard at work" (bac_blacksmith_workloop) for the actual accessory attachment/removal work. This way, Hammerheart doesn't need to be restarted again and again. Also the workloop can be forced via setstage, etc. not impacting other quests.
      Warning! Use this on an existing game with caution. Make sure, quest bac_blacksmith is a) running and b) exactly at stage 20 before upgrading!

    • Added new mootation "AlternatingPelvis" as extension to CowPelvis. Instead of only growing and needing to be handled by Acolyte jenssen, an alternating pelvis will grow until it reaches the max growth from MCM and then shrink again to 0, so it keeps constantly changing.

    • Added a switch to MCM on request to disable OnLocationChange event handling. If you switch this off, npc cows will not update their presets (face mainly) so they will no longer show.


  • 1.9F2
    • To Kill an Empire does no longer require the player cow to wear a chef's hat

    • Optional setting for the pain threshold (= mooing) to be based on percentage of max milk amount as opposed to fixed amount of milk

    • Udders size may optionally affect max milk

    • Transformation sounds can be switched off

    • Swapped thought messages for CowFace1 (nose) and CowFace2 (mouth)

    • cleaned through bac_blacksmith, bac_unowned, and bac_quest_ctr some more in the hope that the furniture issue is now gone

    • needed to move debug page to 2nd menu due to MCM issues

    • new miscellaneous quest to get rid of the curse and/or MilkSlave available after you cleared at least half of your debt. Starts with dialogue from Acolyte Jenssen. Paul will not release you, though. You will need to dedicate other MilkMaids or MilkSlaves to Molag Bal to get a boon (for 3 apiece). The Slave Tats and Eartag will now only mark those cows that have been dedicated. You can of course catch that curse again (and get rid of it again).

    • Grazing quest is now on hold during bac_capturedcow and bac_capturedcow2 to stop it from endlessly trying to get up from a milk pump and back in again.

    • Marginally reduced high heels lift on large and huge shoed and heavy hooves (BodySlide generating necessary)

    • changed crowd collection at the stables from MIscUtil.ScanCellNPCs() to (optionally, if PO3 is available) PO3_SKSEFunctions.FindAllReferencesOfFormType() or old style loop of Game.FindRandomActorFromRef() to prevent CTD in Skyrim VR.

    • BAC will no longer automatically adjust camra position, if Customizable Camera is installed to prevent jumping camera position. If you use CC, you'll have to adjust the cam position in CC manually.


  • 1.9F1
    • changed Degraded dialogue chance: It will now kick in with a base chance of cow phase * 2% and then the old speechcraft check. E. g. with phase 1 you'd have a 2% base chance, with phase 40 an 80% base chance.
    • bailout of that dialogue can now be speeded up with Speechcraft. You can set the percentage of your Speechcraft value (max. 10%) than will raise the chance to get out of the mooing. Each Moo the chance to get out is raised by 1% plus a random part of the the set percentage of your Speechcraft value.
    • optional setting for udders size to effect milk maximum scale (small = +0.5, regular = +1.0, big = +1.5)
    • bugfix in the second semihooves SliderSet
  • 1.9F
    • due to LL size limits this had to be further split up. The main archive does no longer contain the loose files, if you need those, download the additional archive. The SE models for the semi hooves are in the separate BodySlide file
    • created a new SEQ file (translating to Startgame Enabled Quests and *not* Sequence). Hopefully this will help solve the MCM issue on SE.
    • reworked bac_blacksmith Whiterun stables furniture handling to use regular quest aliases instead of local variables. If bac_blacksmith is already running in your save game, it needs to be restarted: in the console do resetquest bac_blacksmith, setstage bac_blacksmith 10, setstage bac_blacksmith 20. If you have issues with the furniture, check sqv bac_blacksmith. If there are aliases pointing to NONE, you need to restart it.
    • changed Diplomatic Immunity Solitude Stables scene so a cow can travel to the Thalmor Embassy with her hooves on and is no longer requires to wear the Party Shoes
    • changed WICommentNaked and WIChangeLocation01 to not trigger with naked cows and made an alternate comment quest bacWICommentCow for cows. The old BAC comments were integrated in this quest and are no longer triggered by script
    • added semi hooves by @Addywil (2 stages) which will change basic cow staging from stage 9 to 16 (don't forget to run BodySlide). The old progess was:
      • 9 - small hooves
      • 10 - fur
      • 11 - small tail
      • 12 - hand hooves
      • 13 - large tail
      • 14 - large hooves
      • 15 - fur
      • 16 - small udders

        New progress will instead be:
      • 9 - semi hooves #1
      • 10 - fur
      • 11 - small tail
      • 12 - semi hooves #2
      • 13 - hand hooves
      • 14 - large tail
      • 15 - small udders
      • 16 - large hooves

        If you install this on an existing character between stage 14 and 16 who already has shoed hooves: The shoes will come back with stage 16
    • added optional Degrading which comes in two flavours:
      • you slowly lose coherence and forget that you are able to speak requiring you to go through a series of Moos until you remember again. The formula is: Degradation = 2 per cow stage + 1 per extra mutation (max. 119) This can be worked against with Speechcraft, but there will always be a minimum 5% chance of this happening. When initiating dialogue, (Speechcraft - Degradation)[max 95] will be checked against a random percentage and if lower will start the extra dialogue
      • (with PO3 only) once every day or so (depending on your metabolism), you'll feel the urge to graze on some herbs by the road or some grocery plants. This is a forced scene which already checks a lot of conditions but is not error prone. E. g. I had Skyrim spawn a dragon on me just after the scene started and when the IsInCombat check had returned negative. There will be one advance warning about 20 seconds before the start and you can go to sneak or start combat or swimming to postpone the scene
    • added immersive transformations as in sounds and thought messages (player only). With NPCs you'll get the sounds but the messages will stay the old debug messages
    • added optional clothes ripping at those mutations that massively increase mass/size like FatCow1/2, CurvyCow, UnevenBreasts1/2, TallCow, ImaginaryPregnancy, and BigUdders. If this happens to an NPC, her default and sleepwear outfits will be set to NONE.
    • exchanged the standard fur tats with the ones provided by @Dr.Lefse (download the tats file)
    • added 2 alternatives to the forced start with first milking. You can have either the old style or one or both of the new options active:
      • Lactacid score. You can configure the "free" amount of lactacid. Any value higher than increases the chance to trigger bovinification. E. g. having 10.0 as free amount, a Lactacid score of 20.0 would give a 10% chance each milking tick to become a cow
      • Blended Lactacid. This is something dropped by bandits and some magic types. It comes as a Misc Object because potions do not offer the possibility to attach a script. If you take this from some dead enemy or out of a chest, you're compelled to try it out. Further instances of this (after becoming a cow) will give 5-15 Lactacid. You can hand this to your followers and they will also eagerly try it out. Just pass only one of these at a time. The script cannot determine stacking.
    • changed UnevenBreasts1 and UnevenBreasts2 mutation to be persistent, i. e. SLIF is no longer allowed to level the breasts again
    • attached the eartag to the branding faction (bac_mark) instead of the bell faction. You get it with bac_mark faction rank greater than 1. If you don't want any brandings but still the eartag, set the fation rank to at least 4.
  • v1.9E1
    • several bug fixes in the new quests mainly disabling some actors and activators until quest start and enabling the quest to start on Forsworn end of Cidhna Mine quest
    • added 2 sliders to the udders: #1 is Nipple Length (default), #2 is called Udders. I would have used Breast, but that one is inverted and I couldn't make OutfitStudio change the Udders size in the right direction. So, the Udders slider is triggered by BAC breast potions but probably not by other mods. You need to re-generate the udders with Bodyslide to get this.
    • Added a second Eartag for slave cows
  • v1.9E
    • ixed end of Captured Cow2 where after the breastfeeding with Paul the regular questline wouldn't start
    • changed Hammerheart to make 10 tries to enable furniture instead of 1
    • moved some legacy slavetats code to external script
    • changed Ritual Cow so that the spontaneous sex scenes with giants should only occur while wearing the paint
    • some minor bug fixes
    • added new hooves thanks to @Addywil - don't forget to run Bodyslide
    • added an eartag to the stage 3 & 4 ears
    • changed spotted cow head fur to actually show spots
    • added 2 new quests, the first of which will start at some random point after a) Being A Cow has started, b) House of Horrors is completed, and c) No one escapes from Cidhna Mine is completed, the second is hidden in the first
  • v1.9D5
    • added mutations from skyrimfet's last unpublished version. These are: Steatopygia, Flat/Sagging Breast (either, or) and Big Nipples

    • added Hungry Ability for fat cows. !Use with caution! The script is unable to detect food quest items. My cow ate the spiced beef before I could deliver it to Voada. If you need to carry things like that, make sure, your cow eats regularly *before* the script kicks in (every game hour for fat cows and every half game hour for fat2 cows)

    • added optional support for PowerOfThree's Papyrus Extender (see optional mods above). With that I can attempt to keep the face texture sets on npc cows with CowHead mutations (still not the morphs, though). It also features a far better randomizer than Bethesda's builtin one.

    • added default max cow phase slider, so may go up until stage 40, also added a randomizer option so that each cow gets her own max stage

    • added a pelvis contraction block toggle to the MilkMaid View page. With this and some matchmaker you can endeavour to make your npc cows a bit more fat bottomed.

    • bugfix for camera only to update on player cow size changes.

    • removed limit of disabled mutations.

    • did some stabilizing changes on the Ritual Cow quest for it to proceed even if unexpected things like dead giants happen

    • removed a rare race condition that would kick in upon loading a save file where the cow is being milked and the levelup kicks in just after loading. In that case the reequip run from the game load would block the levelup halfway through and then respawn itself.

  • v1.9D4

    • BugFix for  both MCM quests. It turns out that with more than one MCM quest active, MCM will no longer fire OnConfigClose events for either. So I had to invent a workaround for that, else all the timed events will no longer take place (extra milk, lactation bursts, etc.) because maintenance mode doesn't get disabled again

    • The Freak Show quest will now spawn its own potion and no longer MME's breast enlargement (the effect is integrated)

    • a new 6th evil quest "Ritual Cow" should now be available per chance from Paul

    • some other small bug fixes

  • v1.9D3

    • BugFix in bac_capturedcow2 quest. Dialogue bailout of slave master does no longer happen
    • Hopefully fixed recurring defecate message. Be still wary! If the first bowels message appears, make a save to have a backup, if this is still an issue
    • Made tail shafts to match cow color
    • Added missing havoc xml files for the tail
    • Made a little dialogue quest with Acolyte Jenssen to remove the excess pelvis growth
    • Made the pelvis growth customizable
    • Moved the mutation specific settings to the 2nd menu, new page "Mutation Settings"


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   12 of 12 members found this review helpful 12 / 12 members

Don't know why they are not more reviews but let me tell you what  has been done to this mod since the original is amazing. If you like milk  and forced transformations along with a variety of other kinks, this mod is one you should check out. Great times, great features and its still being improved by the community and author daily. 

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   8 of 10 members found this review helpful 8 / 10 members

Thanks for your work.


I love this mode.  >_o



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· Edited by Lenore

   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

What I've been able to see of it, is wonderful. It seems terribly complicated to set up, for me at least. But I am excited to see what might come of it in the future! It's maybe one I'll revisit sometime.

This last version (1.9G) stabilized it a bit for me, though still unable to get through the auction.

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   0 of 2 members found this review helpful 0 / 2 members

hello is the 9G compatible for SE? the other files have SE on the names so I'm not sure if 9G is compatible with it... thanks!

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