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  1. Hi there i saw your post from November 13 2020 where you had the interest in doing a mod like a slaverun lite .. i had some ideas in that regard ... im a big fan from devious framework (that doesnt work really with sse) and from mods like deviously enslaved in combination with the slave girls mod hydragogons slave girls. I see people like slaver or bounty hunter roaming the streets from skyrim just walking from point a to point b ...


    What i would like to see something like the wandering alchemist or an adventurer type of slaver who could take you down if you are available for capture. naked in binds etc ... or if you are longer than 2 or 3 seconds on a point ... rather than using a leash concept i would try a somewhat different approach like a bimbo collar or a mindcontrolling collar that could subdue your concience and over time reduce your willpower to a point where you no longer can resist the calls from your slaver.


    In the Devious framework you hat the option to resist the slaver and he could yank you around but thats not really elegant in my mind. I would rather use a whip or a shocking device (perhaps integrated in the colar) to be used to break your will to fight you there. and the "mind controlling collar" could do the rest and subdue your charakter and could let the ai take over your walking or activating perhaps a door if needed.

    There was a mod that tried to capture and enslave your follower. SD+ does this right now. The thing is i would like it if it were possible to dismiss a follower in this capture scenario and than capture this follower to as a separate entity to sell him to a different npc as an excample.


    If you than could get free at some point as a player and the follower got sold you could try to free him or get recaptured by failure.


    The training as a slave to be? ... i dunno some sex scenes whipping and what i would like would be a slave branding like the one in the submissive lola expansion.


    Just some thoughts that i had for your minislaverun mod ... If you like my idea your welcome

  2. I'll add this in the objectives. Yes, Ehtrane is in the hidden vale, and Moira is lurking near a hagreven den, so they need time to make the journey.
  3. I wosh to make a remod of this mod too. Like Thief, more focused on the story, less battles. With Mankara as the main foe, and a end like the call of cthulhu : you and her, on a cliff, with a decision to make... including the awake of the deity... The lack is the scenario... i have some pieces, that's all.
  4. It's a consuequence of the rebuilkt Ravena quest was never finished my aqqh, i need to rebuilt it from scrath. The mod is stable until the shamanceremony quest.
  5. Usually, it's better to have an agreement with the mod original author before taking it as your own. About ressources and old mods, don't hesitate to ask : some people could have it in a corner of a hard drive...
  6. foe devious devices, I means. For example, just before placing a gag...
  7. by the way, do you know if there is a code line to force the player to open mouth ?
  8. I know, the mod is in rebuilding (i wished to give it a better end : the conquest of Markarth). Thanks for playing it and reporting the bugs.
  9. Ok, you convinced me, I'l find something else (better) for this trial... a puzzle ? classical fight you can win only by magic ?
  10. the trigger is supposed to launch the nes stage : a ghost will appear and try to kill you. Find her heart.
  11. It's just a small requirement... i guess. TID needs a truly rework from the base. Two years now I want to do it, but i failed everytime due to the city complexity... but now I found a plan (Luftahraan city : the mod is canceled, so no problem do create a city inspired by that plan).
  12. I hope to make it better ! same with FTD, I'll play here there be monsters, the call of cthulhu. I already have an idea about Insmouth... About NMM, my ideas are : - female focused. - a rework of Axia, to make her more "mistress". A dinerri elf maybe... vampire of course, she's not the Mistress of the Night for nothing. - Mansion relocated near Solitude, where the kinky inn (a SE mod) is. - Mansion turned into Solitude building style. - a prologue, where you'll mess with the night mistres, and you'll be convinced to repay by working in the Mansion.
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