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  1. Done. I'll do an update soon... I hope on the lasts !
  2. I sucks to code mcm. I'll need help here. 3 : I add this to the list.
  3. What is the content, technically ? For example, a mod with just the npc walking away and be disabled until the job end hour is coming already exist, it's called All careers... the main point of adult careers for me are events ; like what you can get in AEP pornography, you can follow your sim in the photostudio, in the porn ceremony award, etc.... In brief, seing it acting. Sacrificial hoe it up, the prostitution part isn't working at all (the sim just "dance" and that's all). The pole dance stuff works fine.
  4. how it works precisely ? I used a sim to choose this path, by hiring her on the career AEP pronography, and creating the channel on adultworks. I made her career progress to hardore pornstar... and the only events I can play are making erotic photos... There is more content ? If yes, how I could unlock it ?
  5. Hi I have a project for the living of my sims familly : running a brothel/striclub, but at home. The idea is simple : a Manor, splitted in two parts : the house part, and the nightclub part. The all in Windenburg style. How I could build it to make functionnal ? I saw how to use doors restrictions, but I never suceed to make the lots people posted here plenty functionnal... (for exaple, I bought the crazy horse brothel... and only strippers were available). What I need to know ? Thanks in advance
  6. I can't help you, i never use skyrim SE... Did you run FNIS ? also ask to sombody skilled in mod conversions for animations conversions. If not, maybe there is something to do with zaz (the last version contains dance spots, I used them for Dark Arena).
  7. You need to ask to Komotor himself. He's on discord.
  8. I dindn't know, I started to test the sims 4 with wickedwis stuff just few years ago. Thanks for telling me, I'll delete that mod. Anything else I need to know (spcially about the LL mods like Wickedwims, Nesa, etc...)
  9. still have problems woith the camjob. I don't also think Nesa wicked jobs works. Hoe it up also provides no work options...
  10. ok, but how it works ? The sims just og to work and that's all ? Or you can follow the sim at work and see the sim... works, actually ?
  11. Testing lot of mods including this one on the sims 4 (I know, shame on me).... I have plenty of questions due to the troubles I'm meeting. - activities : for example, the wicked camgirl job don't work at all. - buying a strip club : ok, i can place pole dance spots, hire dancers.... but not work inside myself or hire a related sim (I created a familly of 3 sims girls). And how I can set the whores ? The strip club( velvet) have two beds... the Simsterdam even more... but no events at all. - what is the content of the adult themed jobs ? for now, the sims just go to work,
  12. Tyrin gthe sims 4 (I know....) I installed some clubs lie, yours... but they never appears in the lots availble... Same for the usine factory, simsterdam, etc... What I mess ?
  13. The most recent recent version have the spawing spot of Ehtrane and cie moved. You never saw them coming ? (they're coming from your back)
  14. I'll try this in a custom dialogue line... I didn't find the appropriate vanilla quest containing the dialogue getoffersservicesnow
  15. With mods, how it works ?
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