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  1. It was intended... the odea is to make the sisters of dibella more active in blessing people. The vent is an adaptation of radiant prostitution, so there is no 0/1 condition...
  2. Good idea... it will make the thing more easier to move. I prefered Brynholf because he's the theif guild leader, but if he's blocked by something else (vanilla quest...), that's a probkem. I tried to solve it by using a copy; of him. Ah. So, she's blocked when she try to date the orc chief ?
  3. Dagoth Leelvu ? Tow options ; the secretarty of the temple, and the slave auction house owner. In any case, talk to the person.
  4. By talking to her. She's owns the slaves auction house.
  5. I can't do nothing about Anims bugs. I just call them by a sexlab script, by entering the right keyword and actors. Other glitchs... well, I'm busy, so I don't plan to update my mods in nearby future...
  6. interesting bug... the scene beginned, right ?
  7. I tried to design my exe mod... the idea was simple : - player need to be arrested from serious crime (violent > 2000 fr example) - followers are arrested too - if player is not arrested and in city, execution of random prisonner occur (2 per day max) - some side quests will lead to execution I'm looking for help Or tips to built that, based on Bad end mod I think (it's the closest)
  8. Doran Derleth is in his farm near Markarth, or at Windhelm. The small world and his multiple entries make the quest makers irrelevant...
  9. Some mods contains some nice tattoos to use. But I wish to limit AFS dependencies. The mod is already so huge...
  10. Tzark is the gloomreach boss, I think. If he's dead, it can cause a problem...
  11. kahedec ? please refresh my mind about her, it's a time now I did't played the mod.
  12. A new SQS is needed, for sure. For me, it works... better. There is still lot of work to do. The main story is near end now (I made the negociation quest, imperial side, as a simple multichoice dialogue line. It will trigger several modifications when the forsworns will take Markarth). Ravana quest needs a redone : female player only, and it will stop at the entry of Hag Rock redoubt... to be continued by a torture sceance in Phage's hands.
  13. No level requirement, but the mod fights can be quite hard, specially during the trials. The mod is in modification. No more roverwood beginning now, it's in Old Hroldan. The mod is now restricted to the Reach. As work to do, I need to do the negociation quest, and the Taking of Markarth. More stuff will be needed (reworking Ravana quest, improving the hidden vale, moving the outpost, some side quests to add some variety in the campaign).
  14. You'll need to deal with the several followers systems... and, if it's nedded, to sell as slaves the followers too. I don't think we have some mods which can manage slaves NPCs from another mod... Yes, some skyrims mods are dating now... it's why I'm back on mines... with a true lack of motivation (Total war warhammer 2 🤑)
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