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  1. It's based on a Radiant prostitution like event. I need to add a command to stop it.
  2. Thanks, it will help. It sicne now 6 months I can't play anymore...
  3. The variable is blocked. Talk to Malibue to reset it.
  4. I set Anger 60 in Katalia first dialogues. Noted for Kat sword and Gleba clothes ! I'll movie the outpost where is Gleba is on the other side of the river, in place of a troll den. I made a Briarheart armor for both sex. At a time of the story, player, even female, will get her hearth removed. And I plan to rebuild the Briarheart path. No, I don't plan to make the player Brenus's wife.
  5. Ok... still lot of work to do ! I'm redirecting the meshes in order to make the folders more clear. I'm thinking about that question... do this quest before the mod for now. For now, I kust made a small stuff who alow you to warm the forsworns and let them evacuate the place.
  6. How the chopping block works ? It detects any NPC with the appropriate keywords ?
  7. Ah... alias ref problem, I guess... try talking with all the clients. If not, use the debug to relaunch the quest.
  8. not yet... I could ask to Nomkaz if he's ok... but this mod need so lot of fixes...
  9. Here the changes for now. new quest : AFS4SideQuestFrisson. AFS5KoldunFrisson deleted KolduInfestationspell replaced by KoldunSummonDarkYouthSpell KoldunDecapitationSpell script modified Rathi renamed Uurad, new face new quest : AFS5War_Ravena Ravena improved AFS2Skirmish : reduce the sexscene, Yngride and Armin will leave. Yngride is against rape. Styr will not participate. Yngride is no more naked ! AFS1Begin : restrictiona dded to innkeeper dialogue Shaman outfit now have boots AFS2SideQuestYngride : new condition to try to make the forcegreet after afs2Skirmish quest AFS2NewShaman1Vulkos : mention where Phage lives. AFS5War_blindcliff : new quest AFS5War_Karthspire : in progress, will replace AFS3Couple AFS5War_druadach : new quest AFS5War_deepwood : beginned AFS5SideQuestCidhna supressed Some ruins and 2 houses added at old hroldan. Beware of incompatibilities ! AFS2SideQuestRaiders : add a death script to the guard. AFS2SideQuestRaiders : bug fixing, simplifications, 2 new dialogues. Whores wears prisoner clothes. Little brothel is now a slave shack. Whore girls will move to Old Hroldan and build a brothel here. AFS4SideQuestVulkos : replace AFS4KoldunVulkos quest. AFS3Begin : fix Katalia stage30 dialogue AFS3Begin : the girls will run now. Conditions changes. obejctives added for Babdycia at stage 120. Harsdan fort : buttons added inside the cellar AFS3Begin : enlarge the trigger setstage 70 to 80 AFS3SideQuestLastWish : fixed sex scene actor number AFS2SideQuestTroll : Yorik forcegreet package supressed AFS2SideQuestCrodiil : Nera junk weight reduced to 50 AFS3BeginArmin : added a debug dialogue for stage10-20 AFS3BeginArmin : added a debug dialogue to Lill stage 150-160 AFS3WaysTrial : trial of knowledge : punishment (reduce life) added AFS3WaysTrial : troll sex choice setstage 100 fixed to 99 AFS3WaysTrial : fix the faith trial triggers conditions AFS4QBegin : fixed 20-30 and 50-100 I'm blocked in the part 5 of the mod... 3 weeks of failures... I have an idea : adding Fiends as invocable creatures for Hagraven and briarheart. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90096 It sounds cool, but it need Dawnguard. What do you think about that ? I made small quests for 4 redoubts, but I don't have ideas for involving orcs strongholds and other redoubts like Red Eagle or Deep wood ones. I wish to rebuilt the new shaman 2 and shaman ceremony quest : sex will be optionnal, more "dreamy".
  10. yes. If you reload the cell, the scripot doesn't maintain the NPC hanged. It lay on the ground. It's a script prior to Padma's work.
  11. The last version, I guess. Apply the patch if you use radiant prostitution.
  12. I have a package with the required animations. But I need Komotor permission to post it.
  13. They are suppsed to ba hanged... i think it's because they're dead before I hang them by script.
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