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  1. Interesting for the falmers raids at surface...
  2. interesting... I'll be able to recover my stuff !
  3. Sure ! I'm building the quests for AFS5Reach3. You and the girls will look for the carmin eagle, in atemp to find his new incarnation. And each girl will face something. I made the stuff for Moira, the stuff for Katalia, now I need to build the quest for Ethrane.... and to conclude the main quest. After, yes, a release, but I not tested the mod.
  4. Shae is no more now. I remaked her, and called her Dreidre. But she'll mate a similar fate... I'm doing the before the last quest... The last quest will be Markarth siege. I'll make a simple version of it, and release the mod for testings. After, I complexify it. More works to do : - the small world (or... maybe moving all the stuff in Skuyrim by modifying the mountain zone at the Loast redoubt ?) - Ravena quest - some quests to make them more compatible with male players.
  5. So, you do'nt create a LE version ? Too bad, you could send me back, so I continue to work on it... Please consider the changes made in the new AFS.
  6. If you can send me details, I'll see what I can do... if i can do something. the LOD of the small world is not perfect, it was the first one i made after all... and I plan to redone all this small world to make it look more like a cave with a forest within. I understand your position about the updates. So, please wait, I'll try to put all the changes I can. The mod actual contant is ok, what I wnat to do are : - finish the last quests - rework some quests to take care of lore and player sex - rework the small world - rework Ravena quest froms sc
  7. I guess you can recover your inventory when you become officialy a citizen of the city. If not, force it to open.
  8. Interesting... what did you done exactly ? As you may know, I'm reworking the mod since one year now. I progress very slowly... You should wait the new verion to make your update.
  9. I was not intended... good new so... Too broken ? I reworked lot of things ! The new version will come soon, but I'll be not able to test it...
  10. you need to find her. She can be in Ibn (the barrack or the inn I guess), Markarth farm (her brother), or windhelm (new gnisis club).
  11. Yep, please make a list... it will be long...
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