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  1. No modding for me this week end... I di'nt found any motivation. My goal is to rebuild the small world now...
  2. I guess there is a mod for that on nexus. And there is some outfits. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/100610
  3. Nomkaz made a version, if I remember correctly.
  4. Hum... I like the bride scenario... two forsworns womena keeped as hostage, you accept to deal with it in peacr (deepwood is the home of Styr, a bloodthirsty forsworn you met in AFS), negociate, escort the bride and find her a good husband, in exchange of trade agreement and fealty toward the deep wood redoubt (or Druadach redoubt) forsworns... a garantee of peace for a weak stronghold. I'll create a new daughter, it's more safe than using the vanilla one. Dusknik yal will be keeped for Ravena quest. I agree... but it's difficult to avoid any conflict ! And it will be worse when I'll move on TID.
  5. I think you can choose, but I'm not sure...
  6. I see... so, I'll follow your advice, and stay focus on the forsworns. I wish to use a orc stronghold only for a side quest, no npc killed... but I didn't found a good idea yet.
  7. Yes, that's the stronghold. An nice oufit... for a cruel shaman like Phage. Not an imperial officer like Iane Sybel... or it's Iane who will become jarl. And she's not a wizard.
  8. If you want to make all the pitfights male, the simplest is to change them into the CK.
  9. Argh... remaking of NMM was on schedule, but not now... I'll see what I can do for now about this point. Anyway, does anybody have idea about a new Mansion style, Solitude (it will be placec where the kinky inn mod is) ? Also, I plan to add a mansion for each major hold... the red button will be transfered to Windhelm or Whiterun, AFS will be soft requirement for the Mansion nearby Markarth (it will be dwemer style, of course). Also, where I could place a secret dirty brothel in woindhelm (nords exploiting dark elfs girls, you'll free them... and recruit one or two for your own) ?
  10. Any idea about the orcs stronghold in the reach ? except the one used in Ravena quest...
  11. I'm writing the final main quest, AFS5Reach4 ! The update will be truly released in october (before haloween), but I could make a prerelease early.
  12. Do you have an idea for a 'jarl' outfit, for forsworns ? If I want to set Iane Sybel jarl of the reach (except Markarth city state, etc... like previously discussed), she'll need to wear an appeling outfit.
  13. Maybe... For the pitfights, if you're free, the only npc you need is Irellen. Maybe there is an error in the objective alias. If you're slave, only Liskit can give you jobs, randomly chosen. But it's the orc champion who will give you the fight instructions and you'll also need to report to her.
  14. Liskit is a argonian woman. You can find her in the slaves part. Doors are locked with key, but you can access by passing though the arena.
  15. There is no quest like that in AFS. I didn't used any stronghold, except for Ravena quest, which implies... Ravena. And AFS don't use any restrains or devious devices, even zaz ones. I think your asking is related to devious cidhna.
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