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  1. Currently I only banish animations to the 'original' pack if they will never be updated again. This originally just included my old animations I made before rigs so updating them is out of the question as it's be easier to just remake from scratch. This now will also include creature animations that get screwed by ABC updates where they're no longer compatible with naked ABC mesh and I can't salvage them. So this was boars a while back and will be Dwarven Centurions too. Hopefully no other creatures need to banished to 'legacy' options in 'original' pack. So I've not really been sn
  2. Previews for the creature animations included in my SLAL Pack. Ash Hopper: Atronach Flame: Atronach Frost: Atronach Storm: Bear: Boar Riekling: Canine: Chaurus: Chaurus Reaper: Chaurus Hunter: Deer: Dragon: Dragon Priest: Draugr: Dwarven Ballista: Dwarven Centurion: Dwarven Sphere: Dwarven Spider: Falmer: Fox: Gargoyle: Giant: Goat: Horker: Horse: Ice Wraith: Mammoth: Rabbit: Riekling: S
  3. Previews for the Human animations included in my SLAL Pack Billyy_Human, and Billyy_Furniture. Solo 1p: Pair 2p: Lesbian: Futa: Group 3p: Group 4p: Group 5p: Furniture: Invisible Furniture: Bound/DD: Cuffed: Yoke:
  4. Ah, nice to hear I’ve been able to improve your experience too. Especially with those lesbian 3ps. I guess those animations would be comparable to your situational location-specific scenarios. I want more of them but god damn they take a lot of work. You can expect more at some point… slowly… I was under the impression that was the case. Always important to try and stick with what you like to stay motivated. Still it wouldn’t be right for me to not shill it with how ingrained it is in my Skyrim soul; it’s a part of me now. On related note, skeebi Riften location-specific event w
  5. Only need most recent versions of the files to have everything. Won't have any duplicates as long as you're not doubling up on versions. In-game viewer, not sure, but I have preview renders you can find a link to on mod page. Randomizer not sure, in theory sexlab tries to pick a random animation every time it starts. Sexlab tools can let you manually change to desired one. Older animations got moved into the 'Original Animations' pack. It's a separate file download. Those would be in the 'Original Creature Furniture' section of fomod. May
  6. I hath been summoned. Well sort of, I lurk around sometimes, but time spent reading could be spent working on animations. And that goes doubly true for posting! Anyway, I got prodded and figured it was an opportune time to throw my own post in the mix. I’ll try to be brief, them animations don’t make themselves after all. Firstly I’d just like to say while I don’t get to play Skyrim often or at all really recently I’ve quite enjoyed what you’ve done/added on to this here mod. It’s quite the lewd experience I think a lot of people experience were looking for that also doesn’t lock you
  7. Unfortunately I don’t have much to add here. Due to the nature of making SLAL packs, every modders and each creature are all handled pretty uniformly; there’s only 1 way the SLAL generator lets us code them, and usually means it should either work or not without any real in-between. Odd issues of things not animating has become a more recent issue. I’m not sure if it’s SE specifically with issues or perhaps they don’t get converted nicely all the time, or maybe just SE being pickier. My SE install progresses slowly so if it is SE related I hope to perhaps get more of a grip on some of t
  8. Ughh, the previews? They’re just a simple render done from within 3dsmax. I’ve covered this in the past a few times. It basically just comes down to that’s what I like making. They’re more enjoyable and flexible on position to animate, easier than some rape animation showing a struggle, and I don’t really think I can pull it off either. Also while I can behind some ‘rough’ action, I generally don’t like hard rape, and doesn’t fit in with my characters. While gameplay wise more rapey animations may be better, I’d rather stick to making what I find more enjoya
  9. Negative, they kicked me off because I refused to remove beast content from my animation mod here. I'm on Pixiv now though. https://billyy.fanbox.cc
  10. The update is a bit late this month. I've been the 'burn out' meme recently, so fell behind. It should be out this week. Ew awkward. I wonder how long that's been a thing. Maybe since I redid Ash Hopper animations I guess... Anyway in most if not all cases I'm not aware of odd things like this or I'd fix them. I don't really get to see my animations in-game beyond my initial testing. So if I don't catch something initially, chances are it'll remain that way for a long time unless someone pokes me. Anyway thanks, I'll hopefully have that fixed for next update.
  11. Must be thinking of another animation. Maybe Leitos. I ain't dun nuffin.
  12. Well it's not physics, it's hard-animated in with skeleton bones. Anything recentish I've done with anal has used it, and I'll continue to do so. However it can only go so big before kind of distorting so it can't go wide enough to be noticed for some creatures. Old animations are a likely no, as if it's even possible to edit (old animations use skeletons that don't have anus bones) it would be a fairly large time investment for something fairly minor and not everyone uses.
  13. Ya. I've got a couple ideas to try with it, but does seem to be pretty awkward to work with. I was more talking about some larger area web thing to slap female and spider to. But no objects I've found seem to work well. That's also ignoring the fact that it'd be weird to use in-game where you can't really attach it to anything to make it believable. Unless I added the objects it'd attach to as well, but that's just getting crazy considering I already dislike popping up animobjects. ...After writing all that out I think I'll just forget the animobject web idea. One day I'll do more
  14. Oh, not sure about Anubs. Guess I'll try to remember to remove it from my post. Might be able to google for it, but it's possible he removed it. At any rate Nibbles should at least get you functional. Ehh, it's partially the reason. They leave a bad taste in my mouth with their dyfunctionalness. However there's also other minor reasons such as them not really being popular (I'm not a huge fan myself). They arn't enjoyable to animate, in fact I'd say they're annoying. They're also tricky to make positions for. My 'ideas' section for them used to be non-existent, but is som
  15. In my credits I have a link to Nibbles and Anubs guides they've done, which cover all the bases really. Nibbles is more all-around for how to get started, the programs you need etc and how to import actors and export animations. Anubs I believe is more about tips and stuff for making the animations themselves. AnubiSs2167 – Rigs, 3ds Max Guide SirNibbles – 3ds Max Guide
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