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  1. Likely need to toggle animobjects when installing fomod. Also make sure SLAL_BillyyAnimobjects.esp or whatever is active. No, my mod doesn't overwrite anything from ABC or whatnot, so they're independent of each other. No need to reinstall ABC, just make sure to update it when new versions come out. Not sure exactly. You using MNC SLAL edition? I think I've randomly experienced oddities like this which I assume has to do with how they get registered now. Eventually... It's on the list. I find them difficult to work with. Sexlab Matchmaker is simplest way to manually start sexings. I believe this happens if you're not using a recent version of XPMSE skeleton.
  2. I think Anub already had a couple and I was a handful of animations in before I realized why it felt so wonky compared to other creatures. I never really thought to bring it up, we already seemed pretty in-the-shit and assumed we were stuck with now and was just one of the many quirks of making lewd animations in Todds domain. This was of course around 3.5 years ago, and I hadn't really done much with boars since so I kind of forgot about it. Hindsight though... yeeeeeeeeep.
  3. I was actually wondering how long it would take for people to bring it up; I guess he's not really a popular mate for most people. Anyway I didn't want to be the one to break the news, but ugggghhh, yeeaaaahhh they don't work with anymore with ABC mesh, and may never again. I've already resigned myself to moving my existing boar animations into the 'Original Animations' pack under a new 'Legacy boars pack'. I'll be working on slowly re-saturating the new ABC boar with animations. Some will be spiritual successors of animations I've currently made, some new. I won't plan on remaking all of them as some poses somewhat awkward. To answer why they are unsalvageable it's because pelvis weighting was changed for naked boar. This was done because the weighting of the boars pelvis was god awful. Although the end user may not have noticed. Rotating and moving the boars pelvis would cause his tail to deform, and even more bizarrely, his entire dick would also shrink. See images below. While it's an extreme rotation example it demonstrates the issue. So basically the boars pelvis was shit, and when Baka was working on the ABC he tweaked it and improved it's functionality. However I guess an unintended consequence of that action was that now many existing boar animations don't align correctly, which could be due with the weighting as well as the boar dick not shrinking anymore. My many attempts to transplant ABC dick + tweaked boar bones were unsuccessful, and ultimately I was going to redo them anyway, so figured I could just start from scratch and save myself the headache even if transplanting was possible. Normally for ABC edits I just import the dick and attach it to skeleton and it's fairly painless, but this would require replacing existing bones, which proved to be a nightmare. Obviously it's a pretty shit situation, but I've decided I'll be supporting the new ABC boar. I was already looking to redo my original boar animations, and I was waiting on ABC to do so. I actually asked Baka to make them specifically as a favour, so it's what I'll be using. I've already been working with the new ABC boar and I'm quite enjoying it. My old boar animations will remain available in legacy boar pack for those who'd rather stick with standard boar so they can use those and whomever other animators made boar animations, which was hopefully not many outside of Anubis and I... Boar shrink dick: The 'equipment' the seeker has all comes from ABC. They're aren't any animobjects or otherwise used for it, so there's nothing from my stuff that would affect them appearing or not in theory. If I had to guess maybe ABC is being over-written by something? Also make sure you have latest. Issue is almost certainly somewhere with ABC.
  4. Ah, no problem it does coincidentally happen sometimes. Either way even the same pose by different animators will come out feeling vastly different for the most part. So I'm sure nobody will have any issue with it. More variety is always good. Ya, I'm not huge on anal either, but I'll sprinkle it in here and there just for 'hole saturation'. A bunch of potential use for them in specific mods that provide effects or whatnot when they're used. Also other gameplay elements such as off the top of my head being in an 'open' chastity belt. I'll also use anal for animations where it's easier to access, such as when female is laying down on stomach, nelsons, or good ol DP. I do use Baka's body as a my reference for anal now (well everything actually, but anal specifically), which makes it a lot easier to aim when using his body. Before I'd just kind of have to guess, then tweak it after testing in-game, but I think at least way-back when the position it was in on the texture could change off bodyslide/vary from texture to texture. Either way didn't feel consistent and it sucked. Hmm, should most of my newer animations require ABC installed? Unless they're repackaged somewhere else too... Either way, indeed Seeker tentacle and leeches arn't an animobject, but part of ABC. Also in theory it's listed on mod page. Some are still usably fine, but quality was lower and it was just easy to blanket grab all of them. They were chosen by being animations I made animating the bones as opposed to rigs, making them harder to work with, and a big bother to try and update with ABC or otherwise like I do all my other animations. So they were removed as they may slowly fade into irrelevance and because they won't ever get changed it seemed like a reasonable way to save bandwidth for everyone as well as decrease file size so I don't hit file-size cap for uploads here and elsewhere.
  5. Previews for the creature animations included in my SLAL Pack. Ash Hopper: Atronach Flame: Atronach Frost: Atronach Storm: Bear: Boar Riekling: Canine: Chaurus: Chaurus Reaper: Chaurus Hunter: Deer: Dragon: Dragon Priest: Draugr: Dwarven Ballista: Dwarven Centurion: Dwarven Sphere: Dwarven Spider: Falmer: Fox: Gargoyle: Giant: Goat: Horker: Horse: Ice Wraith: Mammoth: Rabbit: Riekling: Sabrecat: Seeker: Skeever: Slaughterfish: Spider: Spider Large: Spider Giant: Spriggan: Troll: Werewolf: Vampire Lord:
  6. Previews for the Human animations included in my SLAL Pack Billyy_Human, and Billyy_Furniture. Solo 1p: Pair 2p: Lesbian 2p: Lesbian 3p: Futa 2p: Group 3p: Group 4p: Group 5p: Furniture: Invisible Furniture: Bound/DD: Cuffed: Yoke:
  7. Indeed as MadManGun's said. I had a patreon before but they didn't like my content that was posted here, and we didn't exactly see eye-to-eye on the 'resolution' so to speak. So now I just have the weeb version of patreon being pixiv fanbox. It's fairly similar but less known and more inconvenient for users, but I like it as I'm no longer helping to support patreon and their antics, and as a Japan-based company I feel like I'm far safer from being suddenly ousted from the platform. No real plan to look for any alternatives as all western companies seem to trend the same way over time anyway.
  8. Yes. Just doing my part to make Skyrim as degenerate as possible.
  9. Hello friend, you are correct. These oddities of actors not using correct animation are usually because I've accidentally used wrong animation for an actor (usually from export process where I fail to rename animation from the last export, for I'd export stage 4 but keep the stage 3 name, resulting in both stage 3 and 4 ending up using the same animation. Just some minor oversight you miss when trying to get everything all together. I'll assume in this case what happened is I had randomly decided to tweak the animation slightly and didn't remember to check if it worked. I do this every so often when I'm playing and I notice something that could be fixed/tweaked. Or it's been broken for over a year... Anyway thanks for pointing that out. An easy fix for something so small but would ruin the entire animation for players. I've hopefully included fix in next update, and also I'll slap the animation file in here if someone doesn't want to wait. Just slap it into and overwrite existing file in 'meshes\actors\character\animations\Billyy_CreatureHumanoids'. Oh right, I'm not sure if SE uses different hkx files. Mine ends up being different size but maybe that's just because the mod SE conversion process just also compresses them or something. Either way here's both just in case... LE Garg_B_Behind_A1_S3.hkx SE (remove the 'SE_' from beginning of file. SE_Garg_B_Behind_A1_S3.hkx
  10. Haha, ya that was the main one I had in mind that I actually know exists. Seems pretty cool, maybe one day... Seems somewhat different and outside my expertise of basic sex animations. Not overly interested in trying to take on such a large task either. Hasn't been updated all that recently either.
  11. Technically possible, yes. But for the ill-informed it's quite difficult and quirky. I personally don't have any plans to try and use them alone without a seeker present. If I were going to attempt a solo tentacle animation I'd likely try with some other objects.
  12. I agree it's a pain to realign stuff, but it's also a pain and timely to make animations, and seeing as there isn't too much of a difference between male x female and futa x female aside from alignments I don't really have any plans on making animations for this. Conversions would be more suitable, but going through all my animations and realigning everything... Yaaaaeeh, probably gonna pass on that unless I could retire from the day job or whatnot and had nothing but free time to waste. I really only ever planned on supporting 2 futas for my animations as it was a lacking area. Probably looking for stuff in the 'original' animations file in downloads section.
  13. I’ve probably addressed this before at some point. When someone says ‘force’, I think of janky animations that have poor alignment due to desync from fast, big motions. Better animators may be able to pull it off, but I find mine turn out weird looking. A combination of skill and just animating in Todd's domain perhaps. Also I don’t do more advance stuff like that because it drastically increases the effort per animation stage, and I’m more of a quantity of quality animation. Also I kind of like the rhythmic nature of them. Fellow man of culture. Very nice. Gota have that group debauchery. Still need to do more, and update some of the older ones. One day will also try and get back into the 5p. The experience I had with the 1 I did was so bad that I didn’t want to make another. The onahole thing might just be offensively pink-textured. There were some odd issues with it, and I’m not nif master. Well I don’t know if I’d argue which creature sex is more ‘immersive’ than the other. I’ve addressed this a number of times now. In short, I can make things more rough looking, but generally I don’t do anything non-con. It doesn’t fit my characters, note quite to my taste, more difficult for my feeble animation skills, and generally enjoy animating concensual stuff more as it allows for more stage variety that isn’t necessarily just pinning someone down for 5 stages. Unlikely, whenever I get around to more bound furniture it will be a likely be a different one. Yes. It shouldn’t matter what version you use for it. No real compatibility issues should exist between versions.
  14. Billy, can you help please? How do I get your Giants to nude. I tried loading "Naked Giants, Drautr & Female Dragons SE" By nomkaz after but  to no effect, and I went through your files and his but they are not the same. I'm fairly lame at doing many of these things. Thanks 

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      Sorted, sorry to bother you. 

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