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  1. Anyone else have issues with the Frost Atronach disappearing on start of sexing, and then usually staying invisible afterwards. I got asked this question and I tested out my own games. My animation testing install doesn't have this issue. but my playing 'heavy modded' one does. Even using old versions of my packs and of ABC before frosty atronachs got touched. So was just wondering if issue is more wide-spread or if maybe it's related to some other mod somehow.
  2. Heh, turns out it wasn't. I was using v11. Just tried v12 and it seemingly didn't have that issue replacing animobject names. I was given all the tools to succeed but I didn't use them. Thanks, that'll save some headaches in the future I'm sure.
  3. I'll throw the FutaAll tag into the release pipeline to have included in my SLAL for them fewt animations. As strictly just an animator I don't really have opinions on tags as I don't understand what the end users/mod authors necessarily want/need.
  4. Sorry, after fiddling with it for a while I believe I’ve figured it out. Turns out I forgot SLAnimGenerate doesn’t seem to generate a new fnis file with the correct animobject name when you try and change its name in in the source slal json file. So the animation was still using the old animobject path for the XCross. I didn’t notice it wasn’t working as it must’ve been like what I mentioned earlier and I was getting an XCross from some other modders animobject NIF with the same XCross registration name. However anyone without whichever animators pack that was would be left without any XCross object. Anyway hopefully now there’s an XCross for everyone and it’s the correct model.
  5. Is this in LE? Not sure if it matters or not, but it works on my end. I recently changed the registration name of the xcross animobject because the name was generic and was being overwritten by other packs using different style xcross. You can try rebuilding your animation registry or json or whatnot in the SLAL mcm. Lately I've just been running it through this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23316. Takes minimal effort. I don't actually play SE though so I don't know exactly how well it works.
  6. /╲/\( •̀ ω •́ )/\╱\ - wuv me desu. Not sure. Sliding around is almost certainly fnis related, but I couldn't tell you exactly how. Just thinking back to a scenario I may have had this issue, if you're using MO are you sure the it's using the FNIS correct folder? When I update an animation I also look to shorten it's name as I believe longer names/more characters increases the stress on FNIS. The bear and chaurus leftover files were ones I simply forgot to delete after renaming the new animation files. As far as I know they don't really do anything as FNIS doesn't register them if they're not in the behavior. I'll go ahead and remove them on my working update. Thanks, always like to try and keep things clean. Whoops, sorry. There's so much to mange when update this. Thanks for report, I've moved it with to be with his other buggy friends.
  7. Previews for the Human animations included in my SLAL Pack Billyy_Human, and Billyy_Furniture. Solo 1p: Pair 2p: Lesbian 2p: Futa 2p: Group 3p: Group 4p: Group 5p: Furniture: Invisible Furniture: Bound/DD: Cuffed: Yoke:
  8. Previews for the creature animations included in my SLAL Pack. Ash Hopper: Atronach Flame: Atronach Frost: Atronach Storm: Bear: Boar Riekling: Canine: Chaurus: Chaurus Reaper: Chaurus Hunter: Deer: Dragon: Dragon Priest: Draugr: Dwarven Ballista: Dwarven Centurion: Dwarven Sphere: Dwarven Spider: Falmer: Fox: Gargoyle: Giant: Goat: Horker: Horse: Ice Wraith: Mammoth: Rabbit: Riekling: Sabrecat: Seeker: Skeever: Slaughterfish: Spider: Spider Large: Spider Giant: Spriggan: Troll: Werewolf: Vampire Lord:
  9. Those are older animations in the 'original creatures' pack. Wolf rock animations also in there, but aligned for wolves at a larger scale in a time back before MoreNastyCreatures scaled them down to match standard dog sizes for animation compatibility.
  10. I'm pretty sure you're correct. It was just kind of wishful thinking on my part that it'd work, or that code might change to allow for external animations to be used. Regardless I'll probably remove those tags as I've not really had much luck with those filters anyway.
  11. I actually use the 'cuffs' tag for wrist restraints in 'cuffed' animations. Not sure if people have used it for those other bondage cuffs, I'd assume not as pointless indeed. It's my go-to tag to filter animations to wrist restraints, as using one like 'bound' will bring up other devices like yokes. I don’t really know how to tag for positions without having so many tags it becomes worthless. I usually try to make a position tag or 2 based on the female actor. (IE a blowjob animation with female kneeling and male standing I’d tag as ‘kneeling’ for female, but not ‘standing’, for male. I could be convinced to change. Lot's to try and cover here I'll just start listing some tags and why I use them. Seijin covered a lot of them and is correct on all that I saw. Behind – Not sure if anyone else uses that, but I almost have a specific position I refer to this as, which is when female is still standing on her feet, but is bent over with her hands on the ground and ass in air. So similar to doggy, but technically not really doggy. DomSub – I included these tags in my bondage animations in hope that DD filter would pick them up as it’s one of the tags they use afaik. No idea if it works. Doggy - I can change these to be 'doggystyle' as seems to be the trend. Frozen – Pretty overly-specific, I used it to identify my frost atronach and ice wraith animations where female is frozen inside ice, but that ended up being all of mine, and maybe most others for creature x female. Magic – Use for animations where I have magic effects. I feel it’s situational, but quite useful for wizards and whatnot. MovingDick – I can’t recall why I added this. I saw other packs with it so I did. I think someone has pointed out some animations I made didn’t have it though, so maybe people used it to find new ABC animations. Gangbang vs. Orgy – I recently tried to change the use of these tags. I dropped it from 3p animations and replaced it with threesome. Then It’s subjective but I decided to use ‘gangbang’ for 1 female and 3+ males, and ‘Orgy’ for 1+ male and 2+ females. Fingering - I use this when an actor fingers/cunt rubs another Knotted - I'm not sure how it's intended to be used, but I've just used it on any canine/werewolf animation where they stay inside for climax in any hole. Which is basically all of them except for some ora animations where knot doesn't go in all the way. Rough - Agree with Seijin here, that's how I've tried used it. Cage – An animobject tag I use at least. Use it for my Chaurus cage animation Eggs - implies eggs animobject are present, but not necessarily inside holes (IE my chaurus boobjob animation). Oviposition - I use this in animations where you can see eggs coming out of female’s holes implying she was bred. So not just something to slap onto any chaurus/spider animation. Xcross, Pillory, etc. – I name the specific animobject. Very useful for filtering to a specific furniture animation. I’m sure mods call on these too.
  12. Actually I think someone asked me to add those creampie tags too. While in most cases someone could use the 'vaginal' tag instead for the same effect, but technically those tags would just imply with orifice is used in the animation, but some animations may swap holes mid set. Also I'm sure some pull-out climax stages exist. Going from memory of something I recall reading years ago that Ashal posted, it has something to do with some kind of purity stat tracking in sexlab or something. Has no real benefit for sorting by them, but I could see something that tracks stats to maybe find use it in. Of course they could also probably just use a 'creature' tag for that as doing something 'dirty' with a human would probably be tamer than 'dirty' with a creature. I could be convinced of it's worth of removal.
  13. I'd be down for more streamlined tagging. Too bad I've already gone through so many only to do it again, rrrrrrrrrip. Have always wondered if I'm using worthless tags too.
  14. 1. I think the issue is there’s a disconnect between animators and mod creators in which we ‘animators’ don’t know what tags mod athors are looking for and don’t put much thought into it as it’s just not something we really consider. Creatures specifically I used to put far less thought in as their use in mods was limited at best, so specific tags weren’t really necessary. These days it’s less true at least. I’ve also not ever really approached about it as I only recall being asked to add in tags twice. First time was for the ‘blowjob’ tag, second was more recently for a ‘spitroast’ tag for group animations, which I’ve started implementing as well as trying my best to update all my animation tags. Creature1 stuff has been pretty neglected, but I can look into re-tagging it too at some point. Basically if someone pokes me to add a tag I will most likely do it (eventually). 2. Kind of seems like a situation where the outlier should have the new tag to be built around it? Redgifs a shit I guess. Looks like they're having issues with some new and existing uploads doing this.
  15. If you want the my older 'ceatures1' pack stuff then you'll want both. If not just v3.42. Correct. I animate the way I do for a number of reasons; - It's the style I like, I'm not a big fan of very aggressive rapey stuff, just my prefrence. - It's the style I've gotten somewhat competent to make. I'm no professional animator, I just picked it up as a hobby. - I'm more of a quantity over quality animator, and the simplified style that I'm versed in helps me pump them out at a decent rate while being fairly quality by Skyrims standards. - Sexlab and Skyrim in general are janky for this stuff as you've mentioned, and I kind of learned how to navigate it to avoid issues. One of the big issues is desync between actors in an animation. This can be most noticeable in animations with 3+ actors as there's a delay in the animation firing for later actors, thus leading to more severe desync. I try to prevent this by keeping things more simple for positions and not having any crazy large movements going on. - I stick with 5 stages (sometimes 6) for the most part as I personally find it a sweet spot of lasting long enough without overstaying it's welcome. Animations with 7+ stages somewhat annoy me when I get them in-game. Also allows users to roughly know when the climax is approaching. - I try to keep animations is roughly the same pose between stages so it 'flows' better. I've always looked at as I'm animating 'fucking' and not 'sex'. I pick a pose, and I 5 stages in that pose more or less from beginning to end (fucking). I don't like having actors flipping around rapidly between stages as they change positions (sex). As for tags I don't know what all they're used for, but I mainly include them to help users sort for a specific animation with sexlab tools. Also modders might code tags into their sex events. It's not perfect but chances are the tags are relevant for some mod. For example, 'blowjob' tag was specifically added for separate orgasm mod users as that's the tag it looked for for oral scenes afaik. I don't really like waving around numbers, but if I had to guess for me a full 5-stage animation from insertion to testing and implementation will take 8-10 hours. Though I've never really timed myself and rarely do anything like that in one sitting. The speed which we work may more be from how much time we dedicate to it, which I can tell you a large portion of my free time goes into animations.
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