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I : The First point

  • It's a quest mod, very progressive. You will get spells only if you learn them.
  • Forsworns have good and evil sides, like every one else. I like to be lore friendly has possible, so I implement some things people can find disturbing (cannibalism, human sacrifices, bestiality, rape, slavery). Few of my characters (Ravena and Rathi) are really monstruous. Some are cruels (Phage), or completely nuts (Ascula). I will had green warnings for the most disturbing quests. Don't drink it if it's not your cup of tea.
  • Cottage dialogue topic disabled, so Ravena quest cannot be triggered whithout console.
  • Want to support me? Visit my Patreon ! https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron

Current release : AFS redone 0.5

Future release : AFS redone 0.6



Ravena quest (you're a lot to ask it)
Small world
Small worlds LOD calculation (if you meet some problems with it, use the LOD caluclation option in the TESCEdit. I don't know how to do it...yet)
Last Quest : the Battle for Markarth
Rebuilt Rep missions
Squeeze trial of darkness (I can't repair it, so i'll just delete it and squeeze it in the quest. You'll face some monsters instead).
A small AFS2SideQuest with Ethrane
Replace a AFS5SideQuest



  • SexLab
  • Fuz Ro D'Ho. AFS is no voiced.

Recommanded mods :

  • More Nasty critters (Not a real dependencies, but the mod is better with More Nasty critters animations)
  • Deadly mutilation (Not a real dependencies, but the mod is better)
  • Dibella SisterHood (needed for Fjotra sex conversion to the old gods !)
  • Beastiality mods like Untamed. And I will not make pack spells. If I can, just a taming one and a quest with different levels for pet upgrading. Untamed is very lore friendly with Primal shamans.
  • The Dryad. For Primal Shaman outfit. www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/21458/?
  • Sexlab stories (the Kyn sisters)
  • Tribal Tattoos : http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/360-tribal-body-tattoos-unpunpbunpc7b-cbbe/
  • Other tattoos/overlays tribal themed


Conflicts :
- Sacrificial Spriggan. Not a real conflict, just not lore friendly.
- Forsworns have merchants (Merchants are still hostile towards the player)
- Devious Cidhna, if you kill Madanach !


Collaborations :
- AqqH for AFS1.48, AFS1.59, AFS1.60+ versions, scripts, hooks and tricks. Humongous tears of gratitude.
- Ashal for Sex ability script
- MyBrainHurts for Aliaises tricks
- Xluxlu for music.
- Vaukalak for Koldun ideas
- Lynx2k10 for Dryad and Koldun outfit and alpha testing.
- Alploochra for game design
- Nanachi50 for meshes armors patches.
- All the people who give ideas and tested the mod.
- All people given advices and tutorials : Veladarius, Jhonyred, and I think I forgot other persons...


How to use ?
- Loose version : Simple. Unzip the archives (you need th texture archive, the meshes archive, and the main archive), and copy paste in your skyrim data folder ZaForswornStory.esp, and meshes, SEQ, textures, scripts and dialogues view folders.


How to delete ?
Save when you're not in a mod quest or in a mod space, and delate all the files.




- Sometimes, NPC have difficulties to join their scene markers. Use T and wait/sleep one hour to fix it.
- You will find Thusnelda in the Sicambres Village.
- Ethrane, Katalia and Henrieta lives in the youngs cave.
- The virgin girl you need for Badycia lesson quest is Henrieta.
- However there is a SEQ file, you need to save/quit/load to get NPC dialogues of many quests.
- Debug, need a spell or something ? Use the AFSCheatChests. Theses chest are here for testers.
- The good wife for Brenus is Genserie.
- you cant escape/kill Ravena or Rathi. The end depends of your behavior as a pet.
- Ascula is really mad !
- Samarie is in the Forgotten valley.
- Vulkos move a lot. At a point of the quest, find her wife.
- Moira is a really future hagraven...
- Red Riding Hood dislike wolves, but like werewolves.
- the ways are in Badycia hands.


II : Short Description


How to start the mod ? Talk to an Inn keeper, or save Madanach from Cidhna mine. You'll be directed to Zenoby Iniatus, an east empire company executive, at Old Hroldan Inn. She's hiring mercenaries.
The mod is focused on shamanism/primal magic, and the Reach region. The mod is designed for female characters, for two reasons ; in the game, ALL forsworns shamans are women, and in lot of tribes, pretress were also women. Since AFS1.7, Men can be played, a Briarheart path is implemented.
Shamanism, druidism and primal magic are unwritted knowledge. So, your character has to learn it by talking with people who actually keep a practice of this magic : Forsworns. Why ?

  • The vanilla faction closest to tribals or celtic/germanic tribes.
  • They are underexploited.
  • They seems the faction the most closer to nature... so the most able to be set lore friendly for shamanism, bestiality and sex spells.
  • And I like forsworns !


Permissions :
You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. You're not allowed to upload this mod on another platform. Assets belongs to their original authors.


III : The mod :


Part 1 : Meeting a forsworn, and be accepted by them.
- Hired by the East Empire Company, you will have the occasion to save the life of a cute Forsworn, Katalia (let her be killed abort the mod).
- You will be tested by an another forsworn (Gleba). He will give you two tasks. After, you will blindfolded (just a moveto script for now) and presented to a forsworn leader.


Part 2 : Meeting the tribes.
In a new Small world, connected to some redoubts and outposts by 3 menhirs, you will meet some shamans. After a dialogue scene, you will join a tribe. And all forsworns will be going friend with you.

  • Two tribes (Marses and Sicambres), localized in my small world.
  • In AFS1.47, you will choose Kalydi fate : you can let her sacrificed, or you can save her life by arguing to Badycia. Disturbing quest.

Part 3 : a new shaman.

  • New Shaman 1 (Knowledge and Wisdom trials).
  • New Shaman 1 Vulkos (Wits trial : the No Heart Woman Quest (DragonBridge Overlook)).

Here, the core quest line is differenciated between Men and Women


Women will follow the Shaman Path. Men the Briarheart path (now mostof shaman tagged quests are available for Briarheart)


Part 2 and 3 : shaman initiation, and act as a shaman

  • New shaman 2 (animal sex).
  • Shamanic ceremony.
  • You will get the shaman faction, which unlock some powers and some quests.
  • Get your first shamanic spells. When you will ready, talk to Badycia to begin the Old ways trial.

Part 4 ; following the old ways.

  • The trial ; a short nordic temple with a interesting trick...
  • Three ways available : Primal Shaman (like call of the will mod planned : good behavior, friend with spriggans, tree protector, lot of bestiality... Ethrane will be initiated with you), Koldun (Why ? I love Tzimisces ! For resume, slavic stuff mixed with great ancients ones : cannibalism, human sacrifice, linked to nature but very less than Primal Shaman. Katalia is your friend) and Hagraven (I really need to explain ? Moira will be your partner)
  • At the end of the Ways Trial quest, you will choose one of the three ways, and be initiated.
  • Each way have her own Den/coven. So, there are a Koldun den, a Primal den, and a Hagraven Den.
  • You will receive some spells according to your way.
  • Kolduns and Primal factions. Friends with Wolves, Bears, sabrecat, spiders, giants, trolls. Koldun are friends with werewolves and neutral with spriggans. Primal are neutral with werewolves and friends with spriggans. Hagraven characters have the vanilla hagraven faction.

Men follow the Briarheart way.

  • AFS2BriarArmin : Armin will test your qualities as warrior and leader.
  • AFS2briarDrana : Drana have some tasks for you.
  • AFS4Briar : the awakening ceremony.
  • Briarhearths from tribes (You, Armin) will receive ability (one handed, sneak and light armor) and some spells (specially the unstopable one : more you kill, more your regen your life... only if you wear the briarheart armor).

Men and Women path joins at the beginning of AFS4LoreGrove. At this quest, Initiated NPC receive their gifts (Katalia, Ethrane, Moira).


Part 5 : For the Old Gods.

  • AFS4Qbegin : go into a a grove....
  • AFS4QWar1 : the first war actions, defend the Lost vale redoubt.
  • AFS5Begin : rally the forsworns
  • AFS5Oldgods1  : get the Old Gods upport
  • AFS5OldGods2 : mess between Ethrane and Katalia
  • AFS5Reach1 : war actions
  • AGS5Reach2 : war actions, hsotage exchanges (imperial side done)
  • AFS5Reach3 : who will be the new Carmin Eagle ?
  • AFS5Reach4 : the siege of Markarth (need to be done)


The Tribes and the characters (non exhaustive)


In the Forgotten Valley lives two tribes : Marses and Sicambres. Badycia, the shaman of Marses, will give a choice to the player : joining Marses OR Sicambres. Due to losses during the war and the fall of Markarth, theses tribes lives together in the forgotten valley. Marses and Sicambres are more religious than other Forsworns.


Marses are like every other forsworns, except they eat the flesh of their ennemies (like thenns).
- Marses have red facials tattoos.
- Main characters : Badycia (shaman, old woman), Katalia (future shaman, daughter of Badycia), Frisson (Koldun, she's not live in the village). Vulkos, a Briarheart (former leader).
- Related characters : Henrieta, a girl. The Red Riding Hood, Katalia cousin. Braith, a Marses man changed into a WereWolf. Styr, a cannibal forsworn from the DeepWood Redoubt. Gleba, a outpost guard. Brenus, a hunter who annoying women.


Sicambres are more close to nature than other Forsworns. They also practice human sacrifices, but not ritual cannibalism. Instead, they like to drink potions made with blood, herbs, and Spriggan sap. But they don't kill spriggans : they like them. Sicambres dont care to having sex in front of other people, and sometimes they have sex with animals. In fact, they believe Sex is important for Primal Magic (they call this Carnal rituals, or making the Link).
- Sicambres have green facials tattoos, and don't wear helmets. Sicambres womens are topless.
- Main characters : Armin (Chief), Thusnelda (shaman), Ethrane (Katalia lover, future shaman), Arlwyn (Primal shaman, she's not live in the village). Samarie, a Primal Shaman who prefer living in the woods.
- Related characters : Knyva, Thusnelda husband. Nagase, the executor. Muae, Armin's niece. Genserie, a watcher.


Forsworns Tribes have also some characters, and will have some quests.
- Chiefs : Sigorn (Briarheart, chief of Broken Tower redoubt). Rathi, leader of HagRock redoubt, and an incredible asshole.
- Shamans : Kartimandua and Constance, shamans of Lost valley redoubt. Phage, merciless shaman of Karthspire redoubt. Jainy Quinctilus, Shaman of Druadach Redoubt, and former guild mage member.
- Hagravens : Drana, an Hagraven, teacher of Phage. Melka, Hagraven. Moira, future hagraven. Ravena, a strange witch, who lives in a caban in the forgotten valley. Ascula, a mad witch, specialized in briarhearts.
- Forsworns : A Shocked Forsorn, who lives in Brucas Leap Redoubt. Yngride, an angry woman, expert with a bow (Red Eagle Redoubt).
- Koldun : Arachne, the spiders queen.

Shamans, Kolduns, Hagravens and Primal Shamans in the Forsworn society.
- Shamans are not just spell casters. They are also chief advisors, prietress, judges, and teachers. They have lot of authority on other forsworns.
- They wear special armor and jewels (I plan piercings) to mark their status. Except Katalia...
- Hagraven are witches, priestress of Hircine. Most shamans choose to become Hagraven.
- Kolduns are witches specialized in life manipulation and curses. Most of them are Marses.
- Primal shamans have a strong link with animals and plants. Most of them are Sicambres.


Side Quests

  • Tagged as "Forsworn"; "Shaman", "Koldun", "Primal", "Hagraven", "werewolf", or "Briarhearth". There are long, short, no sex and sex quests. "Lesson" quests are for obtaining spells.
  • Theses quests are independent of the core quests line, but have getinfaction conditions.


Side Quests :

  • AFS5KataliaLesson
  • AFS2SideQuestArachne
  • AFS2SideQuestBrenus
  • AFS2SideQuestCyrodil (in rewriting)
  • AFS2SideQuestEye
  • AFS2SideQuestHroldan
  • AFS2SideQuestPrincessWolf (need to add option for player to participate to sex)
  • AFS2SideQuestraiders
  • AFS2SideQuestRavena (need to be rebuilt)
  • AFS2SideQuestTroll
  • AFS2SideQuestVirgin
  • AFS3EthraneLesson
  • AFS3JainyLesson
  • AFS3KartimanduaLesson
  • AFS3PhageLesson
  • AFS3SideQuestGirlandWold
  • AFS3SideQuestJudgement
  • AFS3SideQuestLastWish (need to rewrite the sex script to make it male player friendly)
  • AFS3SybilOldGods (buggy, need a rewrite)
  • AFS3ThusneldaLesson
  • AFS4SideQuestArlwyn
  • AFS4SideQuetFrisson
  • AFS4SideQuestVulkos
  • AFS5HagravenHansel
  • AFS5HagravenVane
  • AFS5KoldunBadEye
  • AFS5KoldunWeddind (need to delete)
  • AFS5PrimalCave
  • AFS5PrimalHealing
  • AFS5SideQuestFalmer
  • and more....






What's New in Version 0.5bis


AFS3WaysTrial : trial of darkness unreparable : squeezed, replaced by a ltitle extension in the temple of trials.
AFS5Reach4 : beginning
AFS5SideQuests are now not restricted to Kolduns, primal, or hagravens.
AFS5KoldunVane : Vane will join the Marses instead Frisson.
Clothes for Henrietta.
Henrietta face changed
Vane will now sleep in the youngs cave when her quest is finished.
Muiri Lamie renamed Modwen. New face.
AFS5PrimalHealing : open to all shamans. Add a non sex way if you have the appropriate spell, or fail.


AFS2SideQuestPrincessWolves : add genserie dialogue option for player and moro sex
AFS2SideQuestPrincessWolves : add a warning and a abort option in Genserie first dialogues
AFS3SideQuestGirlAndWolf : I maintain Katalia, but she wants to stay virgin... so anal sex.
AFS3SideQuestGirlAndWolf : an option to avoid all sex (stay theorical)
AFS3WaysTrial : a new dragon to debug the dragon absence
Hagraven den : changing music
Root Gloves : changing the 1st person meshe
AFS_MUSTribesMusicType : removing the shaman ceremony music
AFS3WayTrial : bring in the main trial cell the darkness trial, need testing. Navmeshes the dark part
AFS5Reach3 : a small dialogue bug fixing
AFS3SideQuestLastWish : restricted to player female
AFS2SideQuestCyrodiil : done
AFS5Reach3Moira : done
AFS5Reach3Katalia : done
AFS5Reach3Ethrane : done
AFS5Reach3 : in progress
cradlestonetower exterior : cleaned
Some improves at Hagraven den entrance
AFS4Briar : done, including player spells (few of the hagraven ones, including blood cauldron)
AFS3SideQuestGirlAndWolf : a no sex shortcut added. No virgin blood granted.
Sybil for old gods : rebuildted : two ways : a bloody one with Phage, a sex one with Thusnelda.
New deer skull helmets for shamans (50% to get one)
Badycia specific outfit (old woman with young girl boobs... no way)
New face and outfit for Thusnelda
Sybil for old gods : Mena replaced by Hefid. Nosex ritual rewrite done.
Constance : new face
AFS2ShamanCeremony : Group teleportation marker moved below the player, closer to the clearing.

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