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The Ancient Profession (LE port) 2023-11-14 Release 15

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This is a port from the SE version of The Ancient Profession and any problems with the mod you should first be checked in this topic dedicated to the SE version (It is quite possible that your problem also occurs in the SE version):


The description and all the information on how to start playing with this mod is at this link:





Hard Requirements (install them or it won't work)




KSHair for The Ancient Profession (LE port)



For @ruddycray SE verion and permission for LE port

The Dibella's Garden sign is based on resources from Jokerine's Misc Resources, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/801

Edited by killer905

What's New in Version Release 15


  • New Dibella's Garden quest: Who Sows Discord
    • Receive a letter from a courier after completing One Bad Apple
  • Audacity Killed the Cat is now available even if you turn Rudhiir in during Restraint of Trade 
    • Rudhiir must still be alive in your saved game
  • New MCM option to disable autonomous prostitute sex in brothels
  • You can now ask clients to go to your bed when working in an inn, just as you can in the brothels
  • Tlatha Alvaalu's dialogue has been revised to significantly reduce the amount of self-objectification she does, which doesn't really fit with the direction the character has evolved
  • The speech bonus for going through all of the dialogue options at the part during Solitude Prostitution License has been reduced a great deal, because with all the persuasion opportunities in the quest you could gain too many speechcraft levels all at once
  • The instructions for how to use the scroll in Where Spirits Have Sex have been updated to be clearer that you use the scroll after the ghosts have sex
  • Mages in Dibella's Garden brothels will now only send you to the Whiterun brothel at appropriate times in One Bad Apple
  • Discerning Taste will now end when all of the guests leave the brothel instead of requiring you to leave and come back
  • The Ancient Profession now sends mod events when an inn prostitution stops and starts
  • Bug fix: Fixed a lot of typos that I discovered after testing out the DBVO mods
  • Bug fix: Vanikseth missing his spells should no longer break his quests
  • Bug fix: There should no longer be a warning message that appears about your accounts when you join up with Benjen or Dibella's Garden
  • Bug fix: Persuasion dialogue options in One Bad Apple should now correctly give a speech bonus
  • Bug fix: Teleporting to Dibella's Garden and speed-running what you need to do there during One Bad Apple should no longer leave an objective incomplete
  • Bug fix: It should no longer be possible to solicit Madam Jerna for sex when she's away from the brothel during One Bad Apple
  • Bug fix: Dibella Sisters should no longer return to their normal dialogue until after the ceremony is over in Ordination
  • Bug fix: The final objective in One Bad Apple should now correctly display and complete
  • Bug fix: The Sybil's Homecoming will no longer say that Fjotra is being raped when she isn't
  • Bug fix: Getting fired from Dibella's Garden will now update everything it's supposed to about your status
  • Bug fix: You should no longer get messages about trespassing if you try to wait in the Inner Sanctum during Ordination
  • Bug fix: If Kleppr is dead, Frabbi should now correctly give you the letter he wrote during Restoring Faith, allowing the quest to proceed
  • Bug fix: If you are not currently working at Dibella's Garden during One Bad Apple, the dialogue prompt is now "But I used to work here" instead of "But I work here"
  • Bug fix: Gwynona will no longer report you for having sex in public if she witnesses you doing it
  • Bug fix: If you give a judgmental response to Janilla during her vision in The Sign from Dibella it will no longer fail and then display objectives that say the same thing
  • Bug fix: Audhild should no longer be selected as one of the girls for Dibella's Garden special jobs while she is in jail
  • Bug fix: Discerning Taste could not start if The Price of Love was running at all, but now it will only be blocked during a part of The Price of Love where the downstairs room in Benjen's brothel will be needed for something else
  • Bug fix: Windhelm Prostitution License as a Stormcloak will now correctly detect that you have rented a room after Julius asks you to
  • Bug fix: Corrected more floor gaps in Vanikseth's workroom
  • Bug fix: The Price of Love should no longer break if there are no FMM or FMMM animations available
  • Bug fix: Certain scenes, like the one between Calia and Kaladalf, should no longer break the quest if interrupted
  • Bug fix: The Defiler should now correctly skip over the scene if it can't start the animation for Corvus masturbating
  • Bug fix: You can no longer solicit Corvus during The Defiler
  • Bug fix: The Defiler now uses a method of detecting that the player is approaching that should be much less prone to mod conflicts
  • Bug fix: Only the hosting girl should now be able to stand behind the bar during Discerning Taste
  • Bug fix: Lesbian scenes would sometimes not use beds when an equivalent MF scene would
  • Bug fix: Senna no longer has dialogue to ask about what happened to Gwynona before the player knows that anything did after Ordination



Full details check on SE page here:


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